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25/01/2006 at 18:39
Kidney failure is a life sentence
Life for end stage kidney patients on dialysis is a never ending round of regular treatments, drugs, hospital visits and complications.
Life expectancy of a dialysis patient is severely reduced
Even if one is lucky enough to be well enough for a transplant-and fortunate enough to obtain one-these do not last forever, and do not necessarily lead to a normal life, nor a normal life expectancy
I work at first hand with kidney patients, and for the last 3 years have run for Kidney Research UK
This funds quality research into the causes and prevention of the progression of kidney failure to end stage-and dialysis

Your support would be greatly appreciated


25/01/2006 at 18:45
Hi guys
I'm running the FLM for the National Autistic Society. My eldest son (9) has Asperger's syndrome (an autistic spectrum disorder) so that's why I'm doing it . I ran FLM for them in 2004 and it took me nearly 6 hours (it's a long story!) so I'm aimimg to finish raher sooner this time, but I'll finish it whatever!
So many good causes, so many dedicated runners. How do you choose?
25/01/2006 at 19:52
Hi All,
I'm running my very first FLM this year for Asthma UK. I'm sure we all know someone with this distessing and, sometimes, devastating condition. I mean, where would we be without a good set of lungs? As runners/joggers/walkers we wouldn't even get off the start line. So please think about those unable to run themselves and sponsor me through www.justgiving.com/tracyballarini. Thanks
27/01/2006 at 23:38
Hi there,

My first FLM this year too! I am hoping to get round in less than 4 hours for Helen & Douglas House in Oxford.

The hospice cares for children and young people with terminal diseases and provides respite for their families.

I am hoping to raise a minimum of £1,500 which can pay a staff nurse for about 6 weeks.

To sponsor me or sneak a peek at my training diary check out


Good luck to all my fellow charity runners!

28/01/2006 at 18:55
My first FLM this year too! I am running for the MSRC. My mum and sister both had MS. I lost my mum 2 years ago and sister 3 years ago. The MSRC does a fantastic job providing an excellent source of information and access to trained counsellors. I am turning my grief into something positive and hope to raise £2000. Help me support others with MS.


many thanks
28/01/2006 at 20:19

If 95% of what we learn comes through our sight and hearing, can you imagine the life of a child who is deaf and blind?

More than 23,000 people in the UK are both deaf and blind.

My name is Sgt Taff Tanner, of 600 Signal Troop, and I am based at Basil Hill Site in Corsham. I am going to be running BOTH the London and New York marathons this year in support of Sense, one of the UK’s largest charities supporting the 23,000 people who are deafblind or have associated disabilities.

Sense is one of the UK’s largest charities supporting children and adults who are deafblind. The charity provides specialist information, advice and services to deafblind people, their families, carers and the professionals who work with them.

All sponsorship raised by undertaking these events will go directly to Sense.

To assist me to undertake these events please contact me on:

Mob: 07871 342914

Email: Taffysheep@hotmail.com

Or alternatively:

Log on to www.justgiving.com/Taff_Tanner

Log on to www.justgiving.com/Taff_Tanner2

For further information please visit the Sense website at: www.sensemarathon.co.uk
30/01/2006 at 14:11
Hello everyone,

I'm running FLM 06 for The Prostate Cancer Charity.

My Uncle is terminally ill with the cancer and my Dad is currently undergoing treatment for it. As you can imagine running is keeping me sane through this!

Please dig deep and sponsor me at


Thanks a million.
31/01/2006 at 13:50
I’m running the London Marathon in aid of the British Heart Foundation. My Dad died of a heart attack over 40 years ago, when I was just a kid of seven. I'm 48 now, and still miss him. Any money that I can raise so that other little boys don't have to live their lives without a dad, will be money well spent!!

I have an on-line sponsorship page on the BHF web site which can be accessed at: http://www.bhf.org.uk/sponsor/nickcook.

I’m also writing a training diary which can be viewed on my running club’s web site at http://www.windlevalley.com/



31/01/2006 at 17:05
Hi there!

As you will probably be aware I have (perhaps insanely!) signed up to do the Flora London Marathon in 2006. This to me would be a huge personal challenge and achievement (all going well!) but this also gives me a brilliant opportunity to give something back to the wonderful people at Macmillan Cancer Care.

Each and every day 739 people in the UK are told they have cancer. More than one million people in the UK today have had a cancer diagnosis, and more than one in three will be diagnosed at some time in their life. Unfortunately in July 2003 my mum was one of these people and she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was operated on and underwent a gruelling course of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. For months she felt quite ill and could not work but I can happily say she has now been given the all clear for the second year running and is doing well.

Following her diagnosis, during and after her treatment the Macmillan nurses were her constant support. As a family we felt pretty helpless as we weren't really sure what we could do to help and just wished we could take away mum's pain. The Macmillan nurses provided a fantastic service and support at the hospital but were also available around the clock to offer support, advice or just a friendly voice. Their approach involves caring for the whole person, not just treating the disease. They took into account not just mum's medical needs but the also the social, emotional and practical impact that her illness had on her day to day life. This support was also opened up to members of my family which was very comforting to us all. In short the work that these people do is life-saving (or quality of life saving!) and I feel that I must repay them for all they did for my mum and if by running for a few hours I can repay them something it would mean a great deal to both me and my family! But.... to do this I need your help! Please, please sponsor me to run the London Marathon. I don't care how much or how little but please help me to help this wonderful charity! Macmillan needs you! So please sponsor me now!

Many thanks for your support.

Kerry Moore (dessie_82@lycos.co.uk)
01/02/2006 at 17:20
Hi there !!

Working in a Military environment, I have had my arm twisted to run on behalf of the Royal British Legion (RBL), in this years Flora London Marathon (FLM). This is my first marathon.

The purpose of the run is clearly to raise funds for the RBL, hence I have created a web-page to support the fund raising. Please take a moment to look at either of the links below, and please distribute these links to any others who may wish to support the RBL.
Logon here: https://www.bmycharity.com/daz1927
OR here:

Clearly, any donations for the RBL will be gratefully received.

This charity is unfortunately all the more relevant at this moment in time with the latest news about more troop deployments to Afghanistan, and the ongoing conflicts in Iraq.

Many thanks for your support and for viewing my entry.
02/02/2006 at 13:40
My friend Andy Clarke is doing the Paris Marathon and then the London Marathon which are two weeks apart (I think) he is raising money for Unique which is a charity for children with chromosone disorders.

He is a really nice chap a good laugh and always celebrates in the Old Shades after London and swears he will never do it again so to complete two in such a short space of time is a credit to him he always raises money if he can through his running please support him through www.justgiving.com/andrewclarke
03/02/2006 at 14:23
Hi. I'm running the FLM for Action On Pre Eclampsia. Pre Eclampsia kills between 600-1000babies every year and 6 women. This organisation promotes and educates on pre eclampsia and gives advice via helplines also offers befriending service for people affected by pre-eclampsia. I only started running a year ago and cant run as often as I would like s I have a 3yr old nad a 2yrold. My web page is
06/02/2006 at 18:02

I'm running the FLM in aid of Cats Protection. CP do a great job of educating adults and children on the care of cats, helping with spaying/neutering, rehoming abandoned and lost cats, and giving pensioner cats to the elderly for company.

Please support their wonderful work by sponsoring me at www.justgiving.com/jalbrow

I'm hopeless at running and am currently on crutches suffering a torn ligament - it's going to take me ages to finish so all support makes each painful step worthwhile!!!
13/02/2006 at 18:01
I am running for WellChild for the second time, the UK’s children’s health charity, which has been working to improve children’s health for more than 25 years.

Today there are 15 million children in the UK. More are surviving chronic illness than ever before. Their need has never been greater.

Please support my effort by sponsoring me at www.justgiving.com/charlottetmarathon

Thank you so much!


ps brilliant idea...
16/02/2006 at 12:32
i'm running this year's london marathon to raise funds for the meningitis research foundation as my 1 year old daughter spent a week in hospital being treated for suspected meningitis last august.

i would greatly appreciate any donations at

many thanks

17/02/2006 at 12:04

I am running the FLM in aid of the Alzheimer's Research Trust in memory of my mum. Here is her story:

In 1997 my mother, then aged 81, had a series of minor strokes.  Shortly after that we started to notice behavioural changes notably memory loss and confusion over everyday items.  We thought it was just old age finally catching up with her.  Then she started wandering and had violent mood swings.  Although she already lived with us it became obvious that she couldn't be left alone for long and so I left my job to care for her.  The next few years saw a gradual decline into the blackness that is 'vascular dementia'.  My normally placid mum became violent and aggressive.  She had psychotic incidents where she would see imaginary people (children hiding in her wardrobe, Russians sitting on the stairs, women stealing her clothes) and she would shout at them and sometimes throw things too.  She was so convincing that we used to go and check that there wasn't anyone there!  When my sister died 4 years ago mum did not know who Judy was or that she was her daughter.  The moment 2 years ago that I realised she no longer knew that I was her daughter was a terrible time for me.  In the last 2 years that she lived with us, life for us all became almost unbearable as she needed 24 hour care - she couldn't be left alone at all because she would either wander off or hurt herself, she never slept for more than 30 minutes at a time during the night, she became incontinent and incapable of doing anything for herself.  Finally my husband and I realised that we could no longer provide her with the care that she needed and she went to live in Castlemaine, an EMI Unit (for the elderly menatlly infirm, where Harry and his team did a splendid job caring for her.  There she lived a zombified existence unaware of who she was, what she was or where she was.  It was heartbreaking.  She died last year, the day after her 89th birthday.

Thank you for taking the time to read mum's story. Any help would be most gratefully received.


Thanks and good luck to everyone,
19/02/2006 at 14:42
Hi All,

I am running the FLM this year for the first time. After many half marathons I have finally decided to take the plunge! I am running for the Lions Hospice. They are a wonderful charity that provide a loving and caring environment for people with terminal illnesses. It is like a home from home and people there can behave just as they would at home and their dignity is maintained at all times.

Unfortunately I have had relatives and friends in the Hospice and what they have done for them is just wonderful. They also house day patients with life threatening illnesses. It costs 2.2 million pounds per year to keep it running and only 17% comes from NHS Trust funds. They would love more beds in order that people can live out their last few days, weeks or months with dignity but the up keep is just too vast.

I have to raise £1,500 which seems small in comparison to the 2.2 million required each year! I am hoping I can raise a bit more than that so if you can or would like to please sponsor me at:


I felt inspired to add this post as I have just finished my longest ever run - 18 miles and I did not stop once!

Thanks for reading,
21/02/2006 at 14:46
Hello everyone!
On 8th April 2006, i will be swimming a 5000 metre swimathon in aid of Breakthrough Breast Cancer.
My target is to raise £1000 & i still have £320 left to get + am desperate to scrape this together!
If anyone can be persuaded to contribute to this worthy cause that would be fantastic! either via myself on email or at www.bmycharity.com/5kswim

My laps will be counted by a professional lap counter, + i will be aiming to complete sub 2hrs30mins (fingers crossed) all in front crawl.
02/03/2006 at 16:31
Hi all,

Another one new to the FLM! I have completed a half marathon before but decided to go all the way and run 2 halfs followed by the London in the space of 6 weeks. I am raising money for Macmillan Cancer Relief (reg. charity no. 261017) and my target is £1700.

Macmillan Cancer Relief helps people who are living with cancer. In the UK, over a million people are living with cancer and one in three people will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime. As well as taking action today to support people with cancer, Macmillan is shaping the future of cancer care. Their increasing range of services, including Macmillan nurses and doctors, cancer care centres, a range of cancer information and even direct financial help for those who need it most, is funded entirely through the generosity of their supporters.

Please help me to support this worthwhile cause by visiting http://www.justgiving.com/CarlyJ or email me for further details.

Many Thanks.


03/03/2006 at 19:48
This year I am running the London Marathon for UNICEF UK. The 26.2 mile course will be a huge challenge, and it would really help me along the route to know I have your support. If you would be interested in sponsoring me, you can do so in a secure and convenient way by clicking on the link below. I am training hard and aim to finish in 3:30 min my fastest time is 3: 47 so I am aiming high.

The reason I have chosen to run for UNICEF is that they help some of the poorest children in the world to have a better chance in life. I was helped in my choice by Jessica, my daughter, who after visiting and helping in Malawi, decided to become a midwife; she pointed me in their direction after reading a BBC article see : http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/4529686.stm

Please consider clicking the 'sponsor' option and paying straight away, this will make it easier for me to raise vital money for UNICEF, than if I have to chase you to fulfil a pledge after the race (when I will be taking a well earned rest!). Any funds I raise will go towards UNICEF's 'Unite for Children, Unite Against AIDS' campaign. www.unicef.org.uk/marathonsponsor

Every minute of every day, a child somewhere dies of AIDS and another four young people become infected with HIV. A staggering 15 million children have been orphaned by AIDS-related causes, and are often left in the care of grandparents or older siblings, who themselves are still children.

* £1.88 provides the drug Neviraprine to a mother and baby in India to help prevent the mother-to-child transmission of HIV

* £14.00 Helps UNICEF identify one child in Mozambique or Malawi who as been made vulnerable or orphaned by AIDS and enables UNICEF to provide asic health care, food, school uniform supplies and psychosocial support to one f these children

* £50 will supply teaching kits for eight schools to reach thousands of students with HIV/AIDs prevention messages

Over the next five years UNICEF aims to reach 80 percent of mothers and children most in need of support, but we can only achieve this ambitious goal with the help of people like yourself. Please give generously.

If you would like to come along and cheer me along on race day Sunday 23rd April, UNICEF has a central cheering point, please let me know if you are interested in coming along.

I would appreciate you c.c. wondrk-marathon2006@yahoo.co.uk with any message you send so I can keep track and follow support. I am aiming to raise £2,000 and need therefore , 200 sponsors @ £10 or 400 @ £5.00.

Kind regards

Derek Austin
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