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24/08/2009 at 08:18

Well done to everybody who ran at the weekend, i had a horendous 10k race yesterday and did a rubbish time which i will not post due to the pace police. Mentally i am not with it at the moment, gave up really after 4 miles and jogged the last 2. I have been off it for the last few weeks, i am having a horendous tme at work where they are not making redundancies but forcing people out by any means they can which is legal and i have 6 weeks to save my job or look elsewhere! so i have decided not to run Abingdon and let someone else to have it. I could still run it but i would want to race it!

If anybody is interested then let me know and i will draw out of a hat!! Hopefully you will allow me to post as thyey a pool of knowledege here which you could not find anywhere else, i  will concentrate on having a good XC season so to speak.

24/08/2009 at 08:41

Hail Hail

Blimey - busy weekend for Fred.  (not Mr Flintoff - he did pretty much bugger all).

Congrats and comiserations to those who deserve them.  Notable mention to Dull.  Enjoy the rest of your break and safe journey home.  Remarkable that there were enough Serpies there to even make up a team.

Joolska - no problem.

RWH - steady tiger.

Resounding tummy problems yesterday cut my LSR by more than half.  Still managed to bag a ton for the week.  Not in TT's camp, but still a solid week.

24/08/2009 at 09:01

Alehouse - accept your points about FF based on personal knowledge.  How did you feel when you found out he'd missed the Ypres trip due to a hangover?

Marmite - a nice list but we could equally list half a dozen or more top marathoners who weren't there including world record holders, London Marathon winners or anyone who has broken 2:05.  You would expect it to be the fastest World Championship marathon really on that course.  And you say about the organisers assembling the field.  I'm surprised that in the World Championships the organisers have to go out and tout for business or even lift a finger to get people to run.  I would have thought the big city marathons operated like that but in the World Championships people run to represent their country and for the honour of being world champion.

Do you think there was a stronger field than FLM?

To draw an analogy I'm sure you'll appreciate - it would be like watching the England cricket team without Strauss, Prior, Swann, Pietersen and Anderson;-)

Nice controlled HM btw.  Did you run it to perceived effort?

GR - your HM pace is very close to your general training pace.

Zenith - keep as much evidence as you can in case you can take it to a tribunal at a later date. 

24/08/2009 at 09:22

BR: agree with your views on the Flintoff/Ypres trip...very thoughtless, but unintentionally  I believe. At some point he will grow up!

With regard to World Maras, for me the real disappointment was the lack of GB competitors who, as has been mentioned, could have gained invaluable experience of a major champs: somewhere I have seen statistics about how athletes are much more successful at second and subsequent major games, although this could be put down to 2/3/4 more years of training towards peak performances.  

24/08/2009 at 09:44

Sounds really well run mmmm...marmite congrats.

GR - still sounds like u are on target for sub 3 though if u listen to the advice of MTR etc... on getting more endurance work in.  good luck with the sore toe.

chins up Z666 sounds like a tough time.

on the coming back from injury chats and how quick etc. to get back to mileage since a complete break of 5 weeks and much interrupted training prior to that has been 11, 10, 11, 22, 23, 30, and this week MIGHT be 40.  I checked my HR stats from the BB half yesterday against comparable stats from earlier in the year.. and i've dropped back to the same level of fitness i think as i was around the start of April, which was when i first tried to start training again following a cortisone injection for he ITB so i have a LONG way to go to get back to fitness of last year or even May/Junewhen i broke down again.  on that note i am NOT going to think about doing Luton either and will just try to get back to some consistency in the hope of a marathon either ealry next year, or more likely Edinburgh in May.  i need to learn some patience.

i'm also getting fat from too much beer over past few months, but that will inevitebly drop off as i start to increase the running again (i hope!) so not too worried there.

24/08/2009 at 10:59

Was disappointing not to see any Brits in the marathons. Firstly because they would gain experience (as already mentioned), and I think more importantly, we're not providing much incentive for good club runners to push on, as they probably think there's no chance of them ever getting a GB vest.

Haven't had time to read back, but saw some good HMs by marmite and JAP, and I notice marders did pretty well in the same race (top 6 contained 3 fred runners!).

I did the National Triathlon Relays on Saturday (500m swim, 15km bike and 5k run, but with a rest in between each while your teammates compete). Then a training session yesterday which started at 6:40am and finished at 1:30pm, consisting of a total of about 80M cycling and 14M running.

24/08/2009 at 11:15
On the World Champs marathon: looking at the results I couldn't help noticing that in the women's event France, a country very similar to the UK in wealth and population size,  entered 5 people who ran between 2.42 and 2.54.21 (for comparison, 15 British women including one V50 ran faster than that in the *non-elite* part of the FLM). Do different countries have widely different selection policies - is it only the UK which operates on Paula-or-bust?
24/08/2009 at 11:29

Yup, we base athletics around clubs in this country then don't send a team.  Even if we'd been 10th or something it's still something to take away, like when your club is 10th or even 20th in the Northern Road Relays.

Thinking more about the men's marathon - it was a bit like watching Man Utd reserves vs Chelsea reserves in the Carling Cup- you know objectively they are fine players but they're not the A team and it's the same old teams / same old countries in the marathon.  At least the women's field had a better range of nationalities from around the world to spark some interest.

24/08/2009 at 11:38

Yeah, I don't see why the UK team couldn't have done what Canada did - sent a bunch of youngish guys without too much marathon experience to get their feet wet. They ended up 11th (and beat the USA - woot!).

GR From what I recall your HM was a solo time trial so based on that 1:23 isn't too bad (especially if you are in the south, it was hot yesterday). 

24/08/2009 at 11:39

Hail Hail

Not sending a team is ridiculous.  How else are our elites (or those aspiring to be elites)msupposed to get the big race experience?  Mass participation races are completely different from elite only races.

20M done and dusted at last - supposed to be progressive, but the tummy problem yesterday meant that I hadnt eaten properly last night, so 7M @ 7.15s, 7M @ 6.45s, 6M @ 7.00s (struggling to hold on, feeling weak).  Didnt help that I swallowed a bee/wasp at 18M and it stung the inside of my throat.  Antiseptic throat spray has kept the discomfort down to a minimum.

24/08/2009 at 12:24

BR - it is close to my 'traditional' training pace but i've slowed it right down trying to build the old stamina and hence, if anything it was a struggle running sub 6.24 pace!!

 KB - it was a solo affair and quite tricky to keep going given how crappy i felt.  i'm in devon, it was extremely humid and sweated buckets but it wasn't unbearably hot.

24/08/2009 at 12:27

Hi All,   I posted a bit before FLM last year, but had to pull out a month or so before..since then with taking time to get over injury, being busy with work / family etc..running has taken a bit of a back seat but am starting back this week with aim of Great South Run in October / Gosport half as immediate aims..then VLM next year with goal of 2,45....  so nowhere near fitness / form of rest of you at the moment..struggling with 6 miles at the moment!!  hopefully that will change over the next month or so..

 on the subject of not sending a team...completley agree we should send younger guys to get experience etc...otherwise where is there to progress too?

24/08/2009 at 12:38

>Didnt help that I swallowed a bee/wasp at 18M
Ouch!! Well done on getting the LSR done.

mmmm - nice run. I think we are going to be much closer on 20/09 than you suggest, hopefully we can push each other on.

Agree with comments re selection policy for WC marathon. Where is the incentive for our 2:18 - 2:25 runners to push on for the next level?

I managed to get out for my LSR this morning - 23M offroad @ 6:14 avg pace. That is 3 x 23M runs done in Berlin prep (I only managed 1 x 20M and 1 x 18M for FLM '09 build-up). No serious problems with my ankle which is good.

Glad to see my RW forum activity ranking has dropped from 5th to 2205th (Padams is highest ranked at the moment).

Edited: 24/08/2009 at 12:49
24/08/2009 at 13:41

Coro - apparently I'm ranked 17th now, despite not logging on for several days and not posting much recently! Seems to be a completely random list.

Nice LR by the way (intentional omission of the S in LSR!).

RB - unlucky on the bee/wasp. I got stung on the inside of my lip when running in France a couple of years ago - I imagine being stung in the throat would be much worse (and quite dangerous!).

24/08/2009 at 14:58

Coro: You are running well when your ankle lets you. Bodes well for Berlin.

RB: Ouch. I had a wasp sting on the lip a coupld of months back. Hurt a lot for a few days. At the time I was very grateful I'd not swallowed it.

GR: 1:23 on your own is fine - more than fine. I did 1:23 at Bristol HM last year, backed it up with a sub-3 at Abingdon 5 weeks later. Doubt I could run 1:23 on my own.

Zenith: Possibly a sensible decision, although I've found running to be a great stress relief during bad times at work.

RWH: Don't jump ahead of yourself. You still need a firm diagnosis and treatment plan. In the meantime, enjoy the last few weeks of the holidays.

24/08/2009 at 15:42

marmite - your description of BB sounds all too familiar to me from 2 years back. Nice run. How much quicker do you think you would have been if you raced it?

gr - I had problems with ingrown big toenails when I was much younger and eventually had to have some kind of 'op' where they had to open back some of the flesh around it, cut it somehow and I've never had a problem since.

zenith - tough luck on the job front. I know how hard it is to enjoy your running when you're not enjoying work, but cannot even begin to imagine how tough it must feel with your current situation. Fingers crossed it works out well for you.

Nice work on both the LSR and the ton-up RB

Nice long run coro.

Thought it made a pleasant change for Foster to be having a go at the selectors instead of whinging about the lack of talent...... hopefully he's not the only one who starts to have a change of perspective!

24/08/2009 at 15:45

Hail Hail

Managed to nip out and see Mrs RB and she gave me an antihistamine which has defintely helped.  Luckily, I hadnt actually swallowed the wasp, but spat it out (and fell all over the place) after it had stung me.  The back of my throat is pretty swollen and sore but the meds are helping.

Feeling drained right now (not cos of the sting although that doesnt help) as thats 120M in 8 days, and 16 days straight which is the most consistent I've been in ages.

coro - flipping fast.  In the words of a great man...... NICE.

24/08/2009 at 16:11

I'm having a really good day!

First my Head has agreed to fast-track me with immediate effect for school management training. Was very warm about it/me ... and he's paying!

Second, Arsenal football club decided not to charge me for 4 tickets all to do with helping a lad out who has been to hell and back. Good on them: very impressed (and it saves me 140 quid as I would have bought the tickets).

And third, the NHS have just come up trumps. Saw the GP. It was our locum. Impressive. Good chat. Gently prodded suspect area - still hurts. Immediate x-ray referral. Was given a choice of 3 clinics and I chose the local one if they could see me quickly, with backup to others if they couldn't. They can: 9.15am tomorrow. GP was in no doubt about what to do if SF is confirmed: she said 'you're a serious athlete so I won't refer you to an ordinary orthopaedics, we'll put you straight through to a specialist in athletic injuries and physio rehab.' Our friends over the pond may sometimes snipe at our system but on an occasion like this I reckon that's pretty damned good. Will keep you posted!

BR I'm stumped. Ports, but something more .... ?!

 EDIT: Can anyone who's experienced SF just remind me again what I'm looking for on the x-ray. Apparently I get to keep a copy! A thin black line? It's 5 wks since first noticed the pain so presumably some calcification if it's a SF?

Edited: 24/08/2009 at 16:34
24/08/2009 at 16:28

RB and TT - fantastic mileage.  It all seems so easy and controlled sitting from the other end of a computer screen (stings excepted)!

RWH - is that the NCSL course?  I'll give you some special training on dealing with awkward Union reps who know the rules and procedures better than SMT

The ports are all twinned with Hull.  I think Alehouse alluded to it.

Coro - another great run.

TR - hope you've got your kids names down for a decent public school.  It gives you a 5/6 chance of getting one of the England batting berths at present.  Alternatively a fake South African birth certificate will soon give a 4/6 chance.

24/08/2009 at 16:34
BR - so very cynical. Can we not just be happy we won the Ashes ?
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