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04/09/2009 at 16:38

I must get some work done, but couldn't help noticing that someone has started a thread about Marigold!


04/09/2009 at 16:44

Drifter – cheek bugger. The down side of having no body fat is feeling the cold. I wont be donning shorts between about Nov and April. The legs feel super light when you don the shorts again in the spring.

Jools  – very wise.

S J- no idea on VLM hotels, I drive the 100M on the day to Blackheath.

Final night down the cricket club for the summer. I get some time back after this weekends matches. I make it that theres then one week til they start playing footie more.

04/09/2009 at 16:46

I like to think I'm wasting my nephew/niece's inheritances.

Anyhoo, good luck to weekend racers.  I need to go and sit far away from a 'puter for a bit or I'm never getting out of work today.

04/09/2009 at 17:08

My name is marmite and I have the same problem as marigold........That's still a helluva session that you posted the other day, wind-assisted or not. When/where are you planning to return to racing?

Great to hear that things continue to head in the right direction.

Welcome back LD. 22lbs??? Seriously?

I'm waiting for RW-H's update too and really wish him the very best. It's all gone very quiet - anyone heard anything?

If it's of any comfort, I had a "hernia" a couple of years back that eventually cleared up. So it was obviously not a hernia in my case, but rather more likely a core muscle that had been pulled in some way. Think it's possible that you're experiencing the same sort of thing. Fingers-crossed it's not the genuine article.

Thanks for your words of encouragement/support. I definitely do tend to err more on the side of caution these days. If I feel tired going into a session, I'll usually test the water, but if I'm obviously too tired to complete it without having to hammer myself then I'll bin it.

Awesome run mate - superb!

Sorry to hear that you've had to bin Bristol Half, think you've made a wise decision though.

You're flying mate. Absolutely blazing down the come-back trail. Great run.

Wrapped up the final mile reps session for the Berlin campaign lunchtime today. As alluded to above, a couple of the reps were wind assisted but for my sins I did the third one into a stiff breeze. Ended up with 5:15, 5:11, 5:17, 5:13 off 3 mins recovery. Did a VO2 session on Tues, one of only two that I'll be doing pre-Berlin. Ran 5 x 3 min off 90 sec. Within a minute of starting the first one I immediately remembered why I hate VO2 sessions and why I *never* enter races of less than 5M. Did 5k @ goal marathon pace on Weds evening. Finished the 5k and burst out laughing as it seemed like an absurd pace to attempt to hold for 2h 30min. Think it's good to be able to find comedy in ones training

04/09/2009 at 17:33

wtgy - the van is in fine fettle (having just sailed through her MOT) However, Mrs SJ wouldn't go a lot on it as the in-laws are also coming down to support/sample London's fine fare. Besides I just booked the Premiere Inn at Tower Bridge - Cheapskate that I am

Jools - if it makes you feel any better - I just got another camera  - I like a bit of photography but Mrs SJ can't quite get her head around why I'd want so many cameras when I can only use one at a time. Talked myself out of an iPhone the other day as well. Oh yes - I like my gadgets. Its what consumerism is based on isn't it? Consumption of pointless techy rubbish that enhances our lives not one jot!

TR - definitely a fringe benefit of living at the wrong end of the M27 I guess  

marmite - Tidy reps there there mate - on the wind down now then for Berlin? 

04/09/2009 at 17:59
marmite - good sessions (a lot more than I'm doing). Don't worry about the pace, MP should feel far too fast at the moment. After the taper, a number on and a group to run with it should feel fine (that's what I'm hoping anyway!).
04/09/2009 at 19:26

Dull>CW I meant to say your Icelandic mate from Halstead, Oskar, was almost 2 mins ahead of me at 40k in Reykjavik, and finished nearly a minute behind me at the finish...........and I though I was struggling on the run in.

Ah, that's true to his form! He looked pretty serious at Halstead though I eventually passed him at about 20M. Despite losing 2.5 mins in the last 6 miles myself, he ended up 5 mins behind me -- he must have had a totally miserable last 6M.

After a 3-day calf rest I ran to work today (7.5M) and decided that was kind of OK, though hard running still wasn't on, but things were worse on the way back and I did the most direct 3M return journey in slow peg-leg style minimising calf loading. Just feel stiff rather than acutely injured. Dreams of grandeur in 9 days at Grunty Fen (using new long-striding style) are in jeopardy now, and I'm well overdue for a 20M+ as Abingdon prep. If I don't do some long runs soon, I'll be like Oskar and conk out dramatically at 20M in the marathon...

Edit: nice race HH, you'd have left me for dust if I was there!

Edited: 04/09/2009 at 19:54
04/09/2009 at 21:14

HH - great progress.  Can I have 16:15 for my club 5,000 please?

CW - good luck with the calves.  Quick-step for Grunty fen?

mmm...marmite - cheers. Glad I'm booked in for a check-up now so that I'll know one way or another.

8m off-road with no complaints this evening. Easy pace with the exception of a single uphill effort - saw a fella on a mountain bike heading up a hilly track and couldn't help myself. Gave him a 50m head start and beat him to the top. Yay! 

More importantly, some vital statistics I measured today: 
Step rate (~7:00m on the flat) 176-178
Thigh 56cm

Do2    pirate
04/09/2009 at 21:59

Hi All,

Just popping in with an update - been a bit mad round here with one thing and another.

managed 20 this arvo by taking time owed back after working last night - 7:20 pace with my club mate thats now running Abo.

Am heading for my 2nd 70mile week in a row, after never having topped 60 before in any one week. No wonder my legs hurt and I'm tired.

May take the kids to Westonbirt Arboretum and then race the 10k tomorrow, then working Sunday through to Tuesday - but I've been asked by one of my customers to take my running kit so we can get out for a run - result!

Managed a couple more marathon paced sessions too - up to 9miles in one go, but nothing as impressive as some of the efforts being put in I see!

Good luck to anyone racing this weekend.

Edit to record 57cm thighs, and what I've always thought of as 90paces per minute at most high training and racing speeds ( I guess that translates to 180 if I count each foot rather than a complete "cycle")

Edited: 04/09/2009 at 22:03
04/09/2009 at 22:07

PP - good news and well done on beating the mountain biker (always good fun)

CW - Take it easy and I'm sure you can still make Grunty Fen in good shape. You don't want a windy day for that race, it is very exposed. Did I ever tell you the story about how I came 2nd in 2007 GF race but still became a nation HM champion - no, good as it is very tedious.

HH - excellent 'not racing' 5k, returning to very good form. PS - I enjoyed your Bolt/Bekele post over on the 'other site'.

04/09/2009 at 22:50

59.5 cm thighs to report partly due to having not run for 4 weeks and resultant spin classes in the gym.

 Nice one on beating the MTB'er PP even better on the no complaints. Planning on an easy 20mins myself tomorrow before the thighs get out of control.

04/09/2009 at 22:51

PP: I'm really hoping that my calf stiffness is similar to what happens to my quads after the first unaccustomed mountain run on a holiday -- and that they'll be up for more once over it. Long steps or bust!

coro: I ran GF last year when it was mercifully calmish, though hot. 1:22 then, after 1 year's training, but I'd be very disappointed with that now. Haven't heard the story I think (but vague memory of remote island race??).

Edit: it strikes me that none of this elite crew of athletes (quite) have thighs as big as recommended by that study... are we supposed to be measuring round both legs at once, or did the subjects reported eat a lot of pies despite their improved health outcomes?

Edited: 04/09/2009 at 22:55
04/09/2009 at 22:54

marmite - hope you nail it.

DoT -  nice miles

PP - quickly back to, Injury worries over, wish my foot got better in 3 days.

My eldest was picked by his team-mates as player of the season at the cricket awards tonight, that should do his confidence the power of good after last sundays showing. My 8 yr old  asked me why some of the kids in his age group won a trophy over him when he's better than them, sadly he's too young I think, his time will come. Hes playing in a match with the U13s and U15s tomorrow. 

04/09/2009 at 22:55
Havnt measured my thighs yet ! Could be a high score!
05/09/2009 at 01:57
Get in!!! Won the 2nd tournament at Poker night.......£75 Thats quite a lot of money for a part time lazy postman

05/09/2009 at 04:08
Marigold - no stopping you at anything!!!!

Jools - the fun is being able to spend YOUR money how YOU want.

Just after 5am here and I'm awake BUGGER !!!!!!!
05/09/2009 at 10:44

where Gobi?

did my longest run since May this morning.  15 miles at 7:36.  Can't say it was easy.  knee held up. lots of other things sore.  my brand new fast cadence running style is hammering my hammy's (trying to run at 180 cadence, as opposed to the 150 i was at) so i need to stretch and strengthen those a bit.  happy that ITBS wasn't too bad though

Good luck weekend races.

Blisters    pirate
05/09/2009 at 11:38

I suppose that even Gobi's allowed a holly-day now and again.

I wouldn't get too hung up about the thigh thing. Just look at the (lack of) legs on the East Africans next time you line up at the pointy end. Personally, just thinking about measuring the tops of thighs gets me all excited. Especially Jools'.

la la la

Righty ho
A slow 21.7 miles this morning 3 hours 17 minutes including a short scenery break. (TMI)
I guess that I can't expect fireworks from 3 consecutive runs. Last night was 11 miles at 7:30, happily toasting along, knowing that it was a bit quick, but I was having fun. This morning's run was just a happy sunny morning outing to be honest. A nice cold bath and get the day started.

05/09/2009 at 11:42

Morning all

Scared to read the thread at the minute, what with suggestions of counting cadence, which has always been around the 180-190 mark for me (sure short legs help with this figure though ). And as for measuring my thighs, decided against that one given some of the other figures that were coming out, don't want to know I am a bad health risk!!!

Loads of fantastic training recently, particularly last weekend with the long one (internet died for the whole of last week so am a bit late on this one). Am especially liking all the tempo pace and distance reports recently. I think I have really been lacking this type of training recently, so all your reports are motivating me to bring them back into my training.

 Hopefully see a few of you at Bristol tomorrow. And all the best to BR & Hilly for tomorrow.

05/09/2009 at 11:45

Bit late, but can't resist a list.

Autumn Marathon List

Wolverhampton - 6.09.09
BR - 2:52
Hilly - 3:14

Nottingham - 13.09.09
Drifter - 2.59

Berlin - 20.9.09
kinaseboy - 2:55 (or bust!)
marmite - 2:29 (or ker-BOOM!!!!!!!)
Coro - 2:29
CD - 2:35

New Forest - 27.9.09
TippTop - training run, looking for position rather than time.

Eden Project 11.10.09
Stuart Little - No idea, but I suspect 3:xx

Leicester 11.10.09
Ode - 2.44.59 (1.22 hw no matter how I feel!)
BR - 2:42

Abingdon - 18.10.09
CharlieW - 2:52:00
Dull - 2.59.59
Hilly - 2:59.59
TippTop - hopefully quicker than last year's winning time.

Dartmoor Vale - 18.10.09
grecianred - 2:59 (not so much or bust but 'or v disappointed'...)

Beachy Head - 24.10.09

PhilPub - 3:10

Dublin - 26.10.09
paul the builder - 2:59
JAP - 2.39

Dorset Coastal Trail 7.11.09
MtR - 3:59

Gower Coastal Trail 5.12.09
MtR - 3:29

Luton - 6.12.09
TippTop - for position hopefully......
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