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05/10/2012 at 14:59

loving the logic Dids.  surely you can add in the beer you DONT drink when in full marathon training, offset by the extras in the 2 week binge post goal marafun, but it has to be net a gain there... well it does massively for me!  not to mention the food savings when in full i must lose weight calorie counting mode!  well Pug must save shed loads of dosh!

Forgot to say Congrats to Dachs too, top notch debut that.

i was also thinking TR - that in most marathons folks seem to actually THINK they can run much faster than they actually can, as those well trained (better paced) runners steam past them in the 2nd half....  but take your point about the mental aspect in general.

Hope u come right PP.

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Cheerful Dave    pirate
05/10/2012 at 15:07

By 'more sophisticated' I meant one that costs 40 quid rather than a tenner.  But if you've already got one for other reasons I suppose...

Mind you, one reason I don't bother wearing mine in races is that my old 305 weighs as much as my arm.  When it needs replacing, I'm not sure whether I'll downgrade to a 210 that does everything I use my current one for, or go for one of the newer ones that works when swimming as well. 

"If so, I'd guess it needs some sort of adrenaline rush to raise the pain barrier, rather than some airy fairy notion that you can simply beat the pain barrier if you just try a bit harder? " - well, I've twice suffered wasp stings while out training and both times ended up running my usual courses much faster than normal, basically race pace which I rarely get to in training. 

05/10/2012 at 15:27

Incidentally, the company I work for has chosen Shelter as it's official charity for the next year or so and they emailed round offering up some golden bond places for London. I offered to run for them on my GFA place and received a welcome pack today complete with 'training plan'.

It listed plans for target times ranging from 3 to 5 hours. All were based on 3 runs per week (intervals, tempo and long run) with 2 days cross training. Weekly mileage was identical on each plan (only the paces differed) and topped out at 33 miles. Clearly I've been wasting a lot of time and effort! I might email and ask if they have a sub-2:45 plan.

05/10/2012 at 15:36

Clams: lie on your side with you legs on top of each other and half bent (i.e. thighs and calves at 90 degrees to each other but thighs at 45 degrees compared to straight legs); engage core; raise top leg about 45 degrees.  You should feel this in your hip/glute.

Donkey kicks: lie on your tummy; raise one foot so that calf is perpendicular to the floor; engage glute; raise foot, keeping calf perpendicular to the floor, so that thigh comes off the floor.

05/10/2012 at 15:41
Andy D wrote (see)


It listed plans for target times ranging from 3 to 5 hours. All were based on 3 runs per week (intervals, tempo and long run) with 2 days cross training. Weekly mileage was identical on each plan (only the paces differed) and topped out at 33 miles. Clearly I've been wasting a lot of time and effort! I might email and ask if they have a sub-2:45 plan.

Here you go:

Sun - long run @ 7:15 - 7:45/m, max 20M
Mon - rest
Tues - intervals.  8 x 800, 90s recovery, each rep 2:40, max total incl. w/u, c/d 6.5M
Wed - x/t spin class
Thu - tempo, 6.5M incl. 4M @ 5:40 - 5:45/m
Fri - rest
Sat - x/t, zumba or body-pump

Total:  33M + 2 days cross-training.

05/10/2012 at 15:43

That's a real cut out and stick to the fridge plan that one.  I might sell it to RW.

05/10/2012 at 15:54

PP - Nice one. If I miss my target at Preston later this month, I'll give that a whirl for London. What colour shoes are best for zumba?

05/10/2012 at 16:01

Now you're asking.  I'm losing track.  Are we still on red or is blue the new red?  Maybe play it safe with a pair of these??


05/10/2012 at 16:16

Selbs - I guess the could go faster thing could apply more to shorter distances, but like Dids says it takes places like this to see that they could run quicker too. Most folks run slower at the marathon than they'd hope cos they pace it wrong, so maybe with better pacing and more self belief...........when I was at the IoW 1/2 recently a fella recognised me from the prize presentation when we were going back to the ferry, he asked me if I think he can run sub3 seeing as he did (something like) 3:11 at Brighton and 3:10 at VLM this year.......................I told him I can barely walk for a week after a marathon. 

05/10/2012 at 17:30

I wonder if it all goes pear-shaped if you do 2 spin classes a week instead of 1 spin class and 1 zumba class?

Phil: those trainers are minging.

Cheerful Dave    pirate
05/10/2012 at 17:59
Joules, I'm not up with the current lingo - is that good or bad? If they're bad, isn't that also good?
05/10/2012 at 21:17

Minging = horrible.  But seeing as it was current lingo when I was at uni in the late 90s it is definitely no longer current lingo!

06/10/2012 at 00:27

Is anyone else imagining how brilliant a Goth Olympics would be?

06/10/2012 at 10:14

Brilliant, as in hilarious, possibly. For the record there is already a twice annual charity football match at the Whitby Gothic Weekend where the Goths take on Whitby FC. I have no idea who wins. I don't do football. 

06/10/2012 at 10:55
I can proudly claim to be a first generation goth. My record collection boasts loads of Sisters of Mercy, Cramps etc. (in fact, I even own the Sisters first single - which will be worth a few bob.). Saw them a number of times, (local lads from Leeds) plus other Goth related bands such as Bauhaus, the Cult, the Mission, March Violets, Cure, Banshees etc.
I never went the full hog on clothes though. Unless you count the Leather jacket, studded belt, creepers, PVC tight black jeans etc! It was just another passing fad for me. I think the Meteors/Theatre of Hate psychobilly stuff came next.
No idea what Goth music is like now, although I saw the Horrors live a few years ago, who seemed no different than early 80s goth.
06/10/2012 at 11:17

I prefer the Bauhaus version of Ziggy Stardust to the original.  Does that count? 

06/10/2012 at 11:30

'jamming good with Weird and Gilly and the Spiders From Mars'..  classic stuff! 

I can imagine what colours the Goth footie team play in, but their away strip??

No-one seems to have observed that CC2's fishnet tights must have marvellous wicking properties!

Jools.. hope those muscle grumbles sort themselves out.

Selbs.. keep the faith fella.

Hauled myself out of bed for the York Parkun today.  Glorious sunny morning though this was my first outing in gloves since the winter!  Enjoyed the blast and clocked 20:19, think I was the first old codger.

06/10/2012 at 11:34

good work Wardi

CC - how about re-posting that other picture you posted before ?

3hrs on the bike for me today, add that to 4 hrs turbo and 3 hrs mountain bike and its been a good bike week.

06/10/2012 at 14:57

Which picture is that TR? There are tons on Facebook if anyone is really that bothered. I can be found in the Redhill Road Runners group as the only girl whose names both begin with C. 

Goth these days encompasses a huge variety of sub-genres. I love the 80s stuff, but I'm also a fan of SOME Industrial and EBM (kinda bleepy, almost like dance music but heavier and darker). I don't like bands who screech or growl or worse, hiss, rather than actually sing though. My first choice in music is probably glammie rock though. Late 80s/early 90s, blokes with massive hair, make-up and tight trousers..... 

In true goth spirit I shall be dying my roots tonight. There will be a photographer next weekend and I can't have my roots showing. 

Never let it be said that goths don't smile. We can certainly laugh at ourselves!

Edited: 06/10/2012 at 14:59
06/10/2012 at 15:00
Phil pub - yes, that counts.
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