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06/10/2012 at 17:55

Lord Dids, that made my day. Love the hairdresser who got sacked and the trainee nurse. The interviewer was completely out of his depth and seemingly horrified that everyone bought their clothes in charity and second hand shops or made them themselves. I still do that sometimes. I wasn't doing it in 1984 though, I'm afraid I'm too young. 

06/10/2012 at 19:17

Wardi, I was scanning barcodes at York Parkrun today - shame I didn't get to say hi!  Bit involved when everyone starts coming through.  Great run, btw.

Doing 'strides' to keep the speed in form nowadays, last medium-long run tomorrow - a week before Liverpool. I feel like my muscles have been a bit low on glycogen over the last few days, but I'm reckon it's probably a good thing before I supercharge them next week. Running such short distances (6, 4, etc) slow, it doesn't change the workout. 

Hope everyone has a good long run tomorrow, if it's on your schedule!!

06/10/2012 at 19:48

CT.. I was the first wrinkly one to finish   I had a FLM 'finisher t-shirt on, not that you would probably remember of course!  Good on you for volunteering.

Dan.. cracking long run, must be nice to feel the wind in your hair again after that pesky calf problem. 

CC2.. yes that's the fella.  He once ran the first 5m of the Hull 20 with me then shot off into the distance to do 15m @ MP!  BTW I do like the expression ''I'm afraid I'm too young'.

07/10/2012 at 10:24


Wardi - nice running, well done in park run

Dan - your friend as been up to a new challenge:

TR - how far do you go in 3-4 hrs?

Just a very easy 30 mins here, lovely morning. Been run down with body ache etc from a cold since wednesday so just taking things easy. That 30 easy mins seems to have blown a few cobwebs out though.

07/10/2012 at 12:43

CC - fittest you've ever been is good, hope it converts.

DanA - cracking long run, great to see you back there.

RS78 - very wise. I did 57M in 3:06 y'day. ~45M on a rolling route and then some hill reps to finish. I'm hoping to keep regular 3hr rides in through the autumn/winter, but will have have to retreat into the garage when it gets too dark and icy early doors.

easy 8M earlier, back wasnt too bad, should still be able to do my 1/2 next Sunday, no fast running until then though.

07/10/2012 at 17:51

DanA - Nice long run. Sounds like you need an egg timer and a yard stick.

Finished off marathon training with 70 for the week and a good weekend. 15 yesterday including the first Mid Lancs XC League fixture at Burnley. It was a bit soggy underfoot, but the sun was out for most of the afternoon so it was quite good fun.

Followed that with 24m this morning averaging 6:57m/m. Felt good and it was perfect conditions - cold, clear and still.

Feet up now for the taper.

07/10/2012 at 20:40

Evening all.

Wardi - I remember it well, most enjoyable 20M race I've ever done, but the best bit was definitely the first 5M I ran with you. Well raced at the Park Run mate.

CC2 - we've chatted on a couple of occasions, think I might have posted some inappropriate comments on your facebook pictures in which you were sporting some rather fetish-oriented gear.

Edited: 07/10/2012 at 20:41
07/10/2012 at 21:08
Did Congleton Half today (1.25 - pleased with that, means I'm thinking in terms of sub 2.50 in Athens in 5 weeks time).

Anyway, loads of runners there from my club - must have been on a recruitment drive from the local Darby and Joan clubs, as the new members were very old.

Made me realise that I don't have to renew this year, as I've lost my London Champs Start place. So, that's it for me and them. The final race as an attached runner.... Fittingly Lady D found a black bin liner hidden behind the bins last month. It contained my "2010 Road Race Champion" trophy, that hadnt previously been handed over. Will treasure it, along with all those golf trophies I won when I last unlucky enough to be in a sporting club. Don't mind the people, but when they dictate what is sartorial elegance, it's never going to work is it? Yeah, like why should I run in their crap vest in a race I entered and paid to run in? Barmy.
07/10/2012 at 21:17

Marmite, you wouldn't be the first or last to do that!

Lord Dids, I take it there's a back story to the club thing?! Personally I am proud to wear my club vest in races, but I don't *have* to wear it. You get a discount on race entry for being a club member though. 

08/10/2012 at 00:39

Never fully embraced Goth-dom, although I was a fan of early/mid 90s industrial - Ministry, Front Line Assembly, Die Krupps, Prong, Front 242, plus various German bands of varying degrees of stupidity.  I remember being on a coach with all the Goths from Swansea (who, as you might imagine, have more reasons to be miserable than most) to a goth club night in Cardiff, and me and the driver were the only people without make-up.  I was the last to get off the coach, and the driver looked at me with a great deal of relief.

Back to training for the first time since the marathon today.  6 miles in the evening plus a one-mile race with my 5-year old this morning (his first ever race, very proud - didn't walk once).

Dan A - nice long run.  If it was only 22, maybe you only struggled in the last 4 then?

Wardi - nice parkrunning, getting closer to 20...

Andy - that's a mammoth weekend!

LD - nice half.

08/10/2012 at 08:05

Nice training AndyD.

I'm a training hermit and would probably have Unattached Harriers as first claim like TR were it not for the egotistical lure of a champs start at VLM. Having said that I had fun running (and having a bit of banter after) a club-only cross-country yesterday (~5M in 28:41 for 15th place out of a few hundred, respectable if not scintillating, and my team won). It's been nice to do the odd track race and Xmas party, too. I certainly don't get back the GBP50+ annual subscription by savings on race entries though.

With a warm-up and cool-down it was about 13M yesterday, and this week I'm tapering for the GER, which I'm treating as an 'A' race even if I'm not really in peak form.

Cheerful Dave    pirate
08/10/2012 at 09:57

I also ran a half yesterday, the Badger Half which is mostly hilly, mostly sticky & rutted off-road, the sort of course I don't usualy get on with but it's local and it was a nice day.  Finished 4th just inside 1:24.  Apparently the winner was around 8 minutes down on his flat half times so based on that I'm fairly pleased with that a few weeks after IM.

Saturday was a little easier, CD Jnr was running his 50th parkrun and it was my 100th too.  I ran with him because I'd promised him ages ago that he'd get to his milestone first, which he did by a second!  Wet & muddy around Banstead after the rain but he got close to his PB, and enjoyed himself in the process.

08/10/2012 at 10:02

A little report from me after the weekends event.

Round Ripon ultra 35, Now in its 3rd year and after being dominated by Ripon runners since the outset it seemed like a good idea to have a go. 
The weather over the last few weeks has been very wet with localized flooding along the banks of the River Ure which the route follows closely for the first 15 miles heading upstream to Masham. Much talk was on the course condition due to being largely off road, Mud was expected or even flooding! But by and large it was pretty good. Hackfall woods were quite muddy but it never really dries out in there at the best of times. The course leaves Masham towards Ilton, then Dallowgill, Grantley, Sawley via footpaths and even a little tarmac it wasnt too bad either, Yes there were large puddles, Lots of slippy mud and it certainly became more undulating. A perfect summer and dry autumn would have helped with the times perhaps. But the mixed muddy terrain helped make it a great event on what was a perfect autumn day. What also surprised me during the recces was how much of the course i didnt know [im local]  It really is beautiful to run through and i urge anyone interested to pick a section [or all of it] and go run it. Fantastic route!
New Course record was created by Robin Carter in 4.46.04
I did 5.40.35 coming 10th.
Certainly the toughest event i've completed. My longest run to date. My emotion at the end truly showed how tired and happy i was. I think it put to bed some of the demons of my failed bgr from last year. I needed to finish this to reset the head from one of a long distance failure! Im pretty pleased, first objective was to finish and then look at the time. I hoped for 6 hours so smashed it 

Looking forward to Snowdon now, last long run done and now get some speedwork and marathon pace stuff to concentrate on before leeds 10k. 

Not had a chance yet to read all your weekend goings on but im sure i will be impresed as always.


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08/10/2012 at 11:40

CD - that sounds like a great run on that course. Well done to you and CD jnr too on the parkrun milestones.

CW - £50+ membership fee? Ours is £12.50 and for that you get the track sessions, two handicap races a year, summer league paid for (seres of 10k races), about 15 XC races paid for, entry into various relays paid for, subsidised social events etc. Fancy joining?!

Nosemi - well done in the ultra, sounds tough!

Nice training/racing by others too (TR, LD, Dan, Wardi). Not a bad effort by Killian as well!

16M for me on Saturday morning, and 53M cycling on Sunday morning. A very relaxing weekend apart from that - sat at home quite a bit for once, and had an 'end of season' curry with all the cycling guys and partners, which was good fun.

08/10/2012 at 12:04


Nosemi - blimey, that does sound tough

CW - I'm getting a pair of these: Tried the X Talon 212s but didn't like the fit. These 300s have got a little bit more in them for protection on the fells but are still a souped up lighter, racing version of the older version which probs suits my build more. Out of interest what size do you wear in relation to other trainers, they seem to be quite a big fitting. Trying on a 11.5 and 12 later on.

Padams - nice running/cycling combo

Lovely day up here again, might do something short later after Uni. Starting to feel better again but not quite there.

08/10/2012 at 12:15

Padams - good work there, got to keep ticking over ready for the IMFrance build up. Back in the lido yet ?

CW - you should join PAdams club for that money esp if you dont intend on attending anything. Joining a club just for the apparant prestige of a Champs start made me laugh though, shocking behaviour  - yellow card !  I'd rather stay unattached harriers myself. Not that I'm fast enough anyway.

My back feels like its improving off less running, so next Sundays 1/2 should be ok, might beat 1:23 for once, depends on a proper or inverse taper I guess.

08/10/2012 at 12:25

NOSEMI -- cor, what a feat. Sounds thoroughly satisfying.

CD -- that sounds like an excellent time for the course.

Padams -- wow, you certainly have better value there with your club. They're talking about raising the cost of ours! Maybe all the throwers jumpers and what-not make it more expensive (it's a general athletics club). I know there's a virtual internet-only club too (UKnetrunners?) which would be an alternative... but then I have got to know a few people now.

RS -- just had a peek at yours (MudClaw 300) on the Inov-8 site -- I see the stud pattern is very reminiscent of the classic Walsh PBs, which I've never had but sound promising. In general I've been happy in quite big sizes of Inov-8s (usually a 10, whereas my ordinary shoe size is maybe 8.5 or 9), but I get most trainers in 10s. I've worn quite thick SealSkinz socks in the fell shoes so it's good to have some room. However, the X-Lite 155s were like clown shoes in 10 -- I ended up with 9.5 but 9 probably would have been fine. Odd that.

08/10/2012 at 13:40

CW - yes, if it's an AC that would make it more expensive. Even so, ours is still the cheapest I've heard of, and we still make a decent profit most years.

TR - yes, I swam last Monday and will probably swim again tonight. Nothing major, just about 50 minutes with the club (we now have one 90 minute session, most people just do part of it). The first time I went I was pretty rubbish but felt a bit better last week - did a few 400s in about 5:50. Still got lapped in the last one!

08/10/2012 at 15:05

Afternoon, Been offline for a few days so just playing catch up a bit....

Nice half efforts from Lord Dids and CD (congrats on the double family Parkrun milestones too!). Great ultra result from NOSEMI, 35 miles would be hard enough without the mud....

Not a lot of running for me (read zero until today), figured that it's my left soleus that's not happy. Went out for my 1st run since a week Sunday today, felt ok to start with but after 1.5ml could definitely feel soreness in my lower calf, so stopped and walked back to the office. Not feeling too bad now, and I can do calf stretches without any problems, so guess it just needs another day to two to fully recover . I'm entered in the same half as TR on Sunday, but will have to wait and see how I'm feeling by then. Doubt it will be a full on race effort (unless the calf perks up by the end of the week) and I don't want to risk re-injuring it and damaging my chances of doing the Great South. So might just go along for a training run instead (shame as it's our club half champs too)

08/10/2012 at 15:56

Al P.. hope that niggle clears up soonest & wishing RS78 a return to fighting fit as well.

Andy D.. another cracking weekend's training, hope the taper goes to plan.

Marmite.. good to see you popping in, any major races planned?  If you fancy another crack at the Snake Lane 10 the entries are still open (just!).

Nice half mara's from Dids & CD, congrats to CD junior as well.

Good effort in the XC Charlie.

Nosemi.. fantastic achievement in the ultra, it was a cracking day for it which must have helped a bit.  I haven't heard of most of those villages either!

Padams.. still a decent weekend's output there, a well earned rest and curry I'd say!

I was marshalling Sunday morning at the Bramham Park 10k/5k which is in aid of CRUK.  My club measure the course, build the finish, do the results, provide the marshalls etc.  Wall to wall blue skies so a perfect day for it.  They usually raise about £5000+ so a worthwhile day once a year.  I have run it a couple of times and it is a lovely mostly off road course.

I ran back home from the event with a few muddy loops thrown in to take it up to 11 miles.  A la Padams a nice curry with mates last night to finish the day off. 

Very foggy here this morning so had to cycle to work lit up like a christmas tree!


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