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05/11/2012 at 18:36

flipping glad I'm not doing the NADbuster then, esp given my ability to get lost/fall over/crash my bike. I thought transition was always a bog anyway !

looks like AL_P had a good race y'day after employing the inverse taper strategy this week

5M, 1.5k, 6M. Cant remember running more than 5M since the Solent 1/2, so I did 6M on the journey home just to prove that I can still run further than 5M. 

05/11/2012 at 19:00

[accidental duplicate deleted]

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05/11/2012 at 20:00

Blimey a deluge of post on here since yesterday. Will have a proper read back but on placement at the moment so loads of stuff to sort. Noticed Padams with a storming run at Stevenage!!

Outpatients musculoskelal today, hydro pool tomorrow, orthopaedic wards from wed. Mainly observation 2 week placement but mentor tried catching me out today on anatomy and succeeded, ha......but commended on a couple of occasions. Interesting bloke with loads of theories around practise so enjoyed the discussions.

Knocked out a 16 yesterday. I don't necessarily feel like I'm getting much much quicker on those park runs even if I am faster but I definitely feel a bit stronger on long runs managing a higher pace easier.


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06/11/2012 at 10:21

Njord - my company have a base in Mumbai, so I have occasionally thought about trying to do something similar for that. With it typically being a week or two before my birthday there's also the added benefit that I could tie marathon recovery into that. Maybe for my 40th in a few years...........

CW - I ended up with aching knees and pure white hands for a couple of hours, but other than feeling cold for most of the rest of the day it wasn't too bad after the initial hour or so.

RS78 - that sounds like just the feeling you want to be getting for marathon training in my book.

Getting back to proper training this week after 3 weeks of taking it easy. Looking to up the mileage this time around compared to Berlin, so yesterday was a slow 7/10 double, then a slow (slippery) 15 into work this morning, and hopefully somewhere between 8-10 on the way home, possibly with some shorter efforts thrown in, and then, all being well, my first 20(+) since Berlin tomorrow.

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06/11/2012 at 17:38


time to jump in properly now having had a 2 week break from Abingdon. Still toying with the idea of attempting sub 2:45 at some point next year.

Having taken note of the advice already given I think that I have a workable plan to fit a 15 midweek long run into my week, thiugh it will take a fair bit of orgasnisation as I don't fancy running that far with a backpack. I think speedwork will remain as tempo runs and marathon efforts in my LSR's.

Managed an 8 easy commute this morning, 7:10mpw average, though I may have raised some issues with my left leg so will aim for the same again tomorrow and reassess.

06/11/2012 at 18:16

RS - nice, I'm with TT, bodes well if you feel strong on a 16. I was only thinking the other day that 3hrs on a bike is now shelling peas when it used to wipe me out for a while (cos it was a rarity rather than the norm).. Although I'm pretty sure that a 16M run would wipe me out nowadays, Given 5M being a standard run length at the mo.

Was questioning if I fancied the first proper cold turbo of the winter this morning, but like most things it was fine when you get going. The MTB commute afterwards was a bit of a chilly one too. 

06/11/2012 at 20:27

CW - well done in your race too mate.

Zattu - blimey thats pretty impressive going mileage wise

TR - you'd like the weather up here for cycling, windy and fecking cold. Mind you do live on the coast but i think the wind off the north sea up here has a certain degree of evilness to it I'm going to knock out a few of those 16-18s before Xmas I think, good base work and all round fitness/strength. I was pretty tired when I sat down after that run but felt fine after a cup of tea/some grub.

I've got a 10k on sunday which will be my first in a Heaton Harriers vest and a good day out I'm sure. The race proceeds go to the Royal British legion as far as I'm aware so a good cause all round. Not so great are the conditions as some of it is on the park run route I ran on sat so will be a fair bit of slipping about I think. Aiming for a sub 36 but very questionable I can run it on that route. Give it a good go though. Going down Boro to see a mate of mine end nov/early dece so will give the Albert park run a go which is meant to be very fast. (someone on here was saying it was quick too) NE xc champs in Hartlepool on Dec 8th too, christ that'll be bleak and cold, haha

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06/11/2012 at 21:05

RS - no thanks, cycling is miserable in the cold cos your extremities get too cold. Running keeps you warm, you just need to dress to beat the windchill. I remember being out early one Saturday last winter doing a 20 and a mate was out early in his car and saw me. He told me later that I must be nuts as it said -8 outside temp in his car. That run probably came in handy during my Sept 1/2 IM !

06/11/2012 at 21:47
Evening all, been lurking for a few days, busy weekend and hectic start to the week at work

Njord - loved the report, it was a bit tricky to work out whether you were being serious to start with!

RS - well done for still putting the effort into a windy and muddy Parkrun

Wardi - nicely Parkrun too for a sub 20

Joolska & LS - Top National XC legging

Padams & CW - congrats on the HM wins, inspiring stuff

B_Kins - Nicely done on the club county XC champs win

Generally jolly good running from everyone else, especially given how nasty the weather was on Sunday, which brings me on to my exploits..... Got woken up in the wee small hours of Sunday morning by the sound of the heavens emptying their contents outside, this didn't bode well for the Lordshill 10mile race later that morning. Had a fairly decent race, it had enough flooded sections to feel like a steeplechase at times. Managed 57:39 which is technically a PB over the Great South Run the previous weekend. But I'm fairly sure the course was short, my Garmin came out at 9.88ml and the starter said the course had needed to be changed slightly because of some of the flooding ( I couldn't work out where though). Anyway it was a good race and managed 12th overall in a Hampshire Road Race fixture.
07/11/2012 at 09:05

Al_p - good ran that. On a much windier day than GSR with sections that needed wading (as far as I read anyway). Also read that the finished was moved cos it was supposed to be on grass that was now underwater. You wouldnt have been much slower than your GSR time anyway.

managed to hit 85% HR on the turbo this morning for the scheduled 10mins, I cant do that very often in the mornings.

07/11/2012 at 09:52

TR - Cheers, there was one section which was about 50-60m long that was fully submerged to over ankle height and we had to go through it twice at about 3 and 6 miles, not only very hard work but also left my feet numb for a good few minutes afterwards! Where did you read about the race? The Lordshill 10k finish was into the car park a final right turn, through a storage yard and on to the finish straight (on playing fields, I assume the water logged bit) but I don't know if they use that bit for the 10 mile race. We just finished back in the car park where we started on Sunday, which is also what the course measurers map suggests. The starter did say the course had been changed and wouldn't be officially measured as a result, but it's still gone up on Po10 as a full 10mile. When I measure the route we ran on something like mapmyrun it comes out at near as dammit 10miles (+/-0.02mile or so). One possibility is that there were several longish underpasses on the course where we crossed the M27, they caused sudden pace spikes on my garmin data, does anyone know if that could that throw the distance out on the watch?

07/11/2012 at 10:11

If you lost signal then the Garmin will assume you took the shortest distance and may undermeasure.

07/11/2012 at 10:28

Al_P - on one of the other threads, possibly the Middle Ground one or Stevie G's one. Pretty sure you lost a grass finishing straight. Glad I wasnt there, I dont like getting cold and wet, even with a wettie on !

Cheerful Dave    pirate
07/11/2012 at 11:22

Al_P, it could be that, or sections of the route with a lot of trees, or buildings, or sharp corners - lots of things that increase the GPS errors.  I get that sort of variation with my garmin on routes I run every week.  If Po10 are happy with it as a 10 miler then congrats on your PB.  1s better than mine!

07/11/2012 at 13:08

Al-P - sounds like a great run in those circumstances/conditions, congrats on the PB.

TR - sounds like a decent effort on the turbot.

I had a lovely run at the weekend, started off in the rain, ran to the bottom of Cheddar gorge then all the way up to the peak of the mendips where the rain turned to snow!!! 5 miles of constant climbing.  18 miles in total.



07/11/2012 at 19:27

SL - top work, that trumps my runs up Col Du Portsdown.

07/11/2012 at 21:09

Al_P -- wow, tough race, well run. I don't want to worry Padams but the only time I've had to run through long tracts of (literally) icy ankle-deep water was in the C2C!

Splendid training going on too, especially your gritty session SL.

postie -- I commute a lot with a rucksack, including a once-a-week 12-14M am and then 3M pm return home, during marathon training, and I'm used to it. I even do speed work wearing it, though obviously it slows me down a bit. I make it quite minimal though (usually weighs 2kg or less). I've an Inov-8 Race Pro 22 (?) from a few years back and I get on well with it.

08/11/2012 at 14:34

Did someone mention the Frankfurt Marathon?

Done it twice, and did a couple of 2:42's there, so will naturally have only nice things to say about it. 

However, it is a very good one. Well organised, not overly big, well supported and the course is OK (passes through a few little villages, very flat, mazy run through the city at the end). Easy to pick up your number and get a hotel near the start/finish. They organise sub-2:45 runners to have their own drinks on tables on the course, which was cool. Easy transport from the airport etc

The finish into that dark sports hall is a bit wierd and, I thought, a bit dangerous as they shower the finish with plastic petals. Too slippy for my liking.

Frankfurt is a bit drab though. A nice old bit, but the rest is mainly concrete. Does that matter, when you can find a decent pub and a huge German sausage? Possibly not.

08/11/2012 at 15:26

Some good doubles and distance done by ZaTTu this week and long runs from RS78 and SL.

A good result and PB by Al_P in your 10 miler too.

A mixed week for me so far. I've had a real lack of mojo this week, just haven't felt up for training so much. Shelved a reps session on Tuesday after the first one and generally felt tired on all other runs. Did manage to do 6 x 0.45M efforts today off 60 sec recoveries, pretty pleased they all came out at around 2.28 (5.25m/m). Just got a nice new pair of luminous yellow Fastwitch for racing which I tried for the first time today, felt good, and felt quick.

Got a 25 miler with my other half planned for the weekend and also XC on Saturday, so hope I'm feeling a bit more with it by then!

08/11/2012 at 15:42

CW The pack I run in with usualy weighs in at around 4Kg hence the need to reorganise a bit. Still anythings possible if I put my mind to it. runnings taken a bit of a back seat as my left ankle and knee are still a bit dodgey post Abingdon so will try again next week.
Just changed to an OMM 20 which has nice handy pockets for keyus etc and holds more than my old Mizurno but sits higher up the back for the waist and chest straps.

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