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25/11/2012 at 10:58

Glad you got on well with the shoes, RS. I've got Roclite 312 GTX (for family walks/rocky adventures), XTalon 190s (for XC/multiterrain races) and as-yet-unworn pair of XTalon 212s to replace my retired (now stud-free!) ones for mixed terrain training and icy commutes, which I bought using race voucher booty. I've got on well with all of those. However, the Road XLite 155s were too thin for my feet and don't have good grip either, so I'm sticking with the off-road offerings. I looked into the Borrowdale fell race as we turned up in Kewswick on the very day of it two holidays in a row, so I saw you need to qualify to enter. For me though it wouldn't be worth trekking to the Lakes from Cambridge to do a race. (What's "AL"?)

First 20M for ages today, and felt like it too -- a rather laboured effort, with the wind blowing me all over the place. Nominally "light fartlek" but "mixed pace long run" (MPLR?) would be fairer. Overall 20.2M @ 7:18/M with 16 stints of higher effort (some short sprints, some single miles).

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25/11/2012 at 11:46

Jools - I've had the odd dodgy neck that affects me for varying amounts of time.  No idea what causes it other than possibly sleeping awkwardly.  I do appreciate how even running at an easy pace can be difficult though; I abandoned a track session only a couple of weeks ago because the jog warm-up was too uncomfortable.  I recommend wine.

Re: HM/marathon pace relationship.  I have to go back 4 years for a direct comparison = 28s/mile, although I was running to a target at Paris and could've squeezed out a couple more minutes perhaps.  If I can convert my HM pb to within 20s/mile I'd be looking at sub-2:35, which would be very nice indeed.

Nice to meet CL and a few other familiar faces at the South of the Thames XC yesterday.  I probably wouldn't have turned up at all if it hadn't been a team race - had a dodgy night's sleep and woke up with yet another head cold, but felt OK in the body and chest was clear, so turned out and actually had a decent run.  15th overall, and 6th scorer for the club, which meant I was part of the ''B team'' that came 3rd in the team competition, behind the front 4 in 2nd. Had a nifty finishing spurt as well, making up one place on the final descent and clocking a 5:40 split for the last mile.  Still feeling snivvly today but managed a very easy paced 15 miles this morning.  Pub roast to follow.

25/11/2012 at 12:10


CW - most races in the lakes are A category (I think) and that relates to the height gain per km or something. They're then divided into short, medium, long distance wise(S,M,L). Medium races are about 9-11 miles I think and long races like Borrowdale are 17 miles. The race I'm doing on the 9th is a "BM". To enter the long lakes races I think you have to have raced a couple of medium races somewhere atleast. The Fairfield horseshoe next May is an "AM" and has been recommended to me as a good entry race. Yeah wouldn't be worth the travel from where you are. Nice 20m by the way.

PP - good xc/15m combo

25/11/2012 at 13:17

Good work there PP

CW - up to 20M again already

Wardi - shame that your streak of strong runs ended, temporary blip no doubt.

Pretty achy and tired so I wasnt really up for the Hayling 10M trail and road race today. but pinning a number on always seems to help, although my legs havnt run fast for a while.  Anyone that found GSR windy should have been down here today, I thought I was going to need a chin strap for my running cap. 2M inland, 2M back down the Hayling trail which was pretty muddy and slippery, then up and down the seafront. 61:22 for 10th place, 1st pikey and 3rd coffin dodger. Won some prize money that I gave to the SPO, I cant be having that given how hard i try to maintain my numpty amateur status.

Safety pins are going away til the Stubbington 10k, my tight hammy was tighter than I'd like by the end. With a few more miles through Jan to Mar I should be ok to keep the sub3 streak going.


25/11/2012 at 14:16

Thanks for the explanation, RS. Good weekend for you too PP.

TR -- ain't that 3 mins off your cherished soft 10M PB, despite the gale? And prize money to boot -- nice one. You must actually be on pretty good running form (shouldn't be surprised with all those training run/swim/run trebles etc.)

25/11/2012 at 15:04

CW - despite only doing 5 or 6milers recently (although some are 5 and 5 commutes) it does seem that my fitness is good, I've been working hard on the turbo a lot though so that probably transfers. My 64min PB still stands as my road PB, today was a road and trail race !

25/11/2012 at 16:53

Congrats on the podium & prize TR, hope the SPO spends it wisely!

Nice 20m Charlie, though it's not like you to be niggle free.  Surely there must be something aching? 

Good work at the XC PP, particularly as you're a bit off colour.

15.4m done today.  It rained heavily from 5pm last night to 8am this morning, as a result my usual country lane route had water where I've never seen water before!  Managed to get my feet wet 4 times in floods on-road so I wasn't going to risk going anywhere off road!    

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25/11/2012 at 16:58

Nice podium TR! What does the P stand for is SPO?

25/11/2012 at 20:37

Nicely done on the podium and pb TR! Bodes well.

Sorry to hear the neck is no better Jools.

Nice repping Al_P.

Cracking running Padams.

Nice xc-ing PP. Congrats on the team medal.

93m for the week for me, which was pleasing, especially given what I've got on at the moment. Feel a little less fat, unfit and slow than at the start of the week. Nothing special during it, but did finish off with a 4m tempo this morning @ 5:51 which was a little quicker than I expected.

25/11/2012 at 20:40

anyone read a book called "Running with the Kenyans"? worst book ever. Boring, zero insight into his chosen subject. Written in the present tense, so irritating to read. Don't add it to your xmas list.


25/11/2012 at 20:50

CC2.. SPO = Sports Prevention Officer!  BTW I found this little gem in my collection of 45rpm singles - one of my desert island discs and surely one of the Goth culture's finest moments?

TT.. good mileage clocked - you should be able to fit into your jeans again now!

I'll knock that one off my list then Dids!

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25/11/2012 at 21:50
Lord Didsbury wrote (see)

Anyone read a book called "Running with the Kenyans"? 

I read it recently. Very promising subject matter but I found the the tone throughout 'odd'. Before you brand it the worst book ever you should try something by Dean Karnazes.

Not much running done this week but did the UKA cross challenge in Liverpool yesterday as it incorporates our mid lancs league fixture. Very muddy and managed 170th overall, but 18th (I think) place in our league so happy with that.

26/11/2012 at 06:52

Not had time to read back all the way yet, but from what I can see there's been some good performances with XC, also nice PB and prize for TR.

Lack of time sums my last week up, got my key sessions done, but not a lot else this week. A nice 8 with 4 tempo miles on Tuesday, a few 800 reps on Thursday and a longer one yesterday. So kept myself ticking over.

This weeks looking a bit better, so hopefully get a little more in.

Have a 10k booked for the day after boxing day so that's my next planned race, going to do a club XC in a couple of weeks too.

26/11/2012 at 07:05
Some nice trundling this weekend - esp TR - always nice to make the podium and to get a bit of reassurance that you're where you wanted to be preparation-wise.

Sorry to hear the neck is still bad jools - sounds like a (hopefully small) lay-off is unfortunately on the cards. Any progress this morning?

Chivalry isn't dead eh wardi - or was the purchase of aforementioned mince pie a sneaky attempt to get him to put on a few pounds...... Devious

Al-p - cheers mate - what colour vest were you - trying to work out if we ran together at some point.

I managed about a hundredth of padams mileage this weekend but I'd always planned to have an ease down week after gosport. Marathon training starts in earnest tmrw. I am following a fairly radically different plan this time around. More on that later but for now let's just say that I had come to the same conclusion as dids a little while back - 45 sec is a ridiculously poor conversion and though I am totally willing to admit that I not an out and out Mara runner there must be some type of training philosophy that works a bit better than the ones I have tried so far (inc church of hadd)......
26/11/2012 at 08:02


TR - well raced esp if some of it was trail.

Andy - well done in the xc

Zattu - 93 miles!!

Wardi - solid (as ever) 15 miles

Weather is atrocious up here today, maybe an excuse to give myself another day off and rest the hamstring. Might go out for a trott later on and give it a good stretch after. Bit like TR it feels far tighter than it should do so an easy week of running/rest is probably called for. I'd like to aim at Albert Park parkrun in Boro on sat which is a fast one but we'll see. Need the legs to be 100% for that fell race.

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26/11/2012 at 08:06

Wardi - still a solid 5k and as you say, you can always try again next week!

Nice XCing PP and CL (and Tmap) - I'm guessing it was pretty muddy given the recent weather!

CW - I assume you're joking about the course record. The guy who set it last year is ridiculously fast, something like sub 7s average for the whole distance! I'd be happy with sub-6, and I think the record is 4:5x.

TR - great run, still counts as a 10M PB if it's an official race (properly measured)! Sounds like you could comfortably break 60 in good conditions at the moment.

Andy D - I'm guessing there were a lot of top runners at that XC? Don't get me started on Dean K...

I decided against XC yesterday - legs felt a bit trashed, and it's a league we're not particularly bothered about. So just the usual Sunday morning ride - only 3 of us this week, probably due to the overnight rain and wind. Conditions weren't actually too bad - fairly gusty and a lot of debris on the roads, but fine apart from that.

26/11/2012 at 08:40

Padams - 28miles, holy smokes.

Wardi - Nice parkrunning and LSR.

TT - Back at it with a bang.

CW - Great 20.

Jools - hope the neck improves.

LD - I've read that book and I agree with your summation.

TR - nice podium finish and winnings, shame you didn't make it to Downton although you didn't miss much (apart from the free soup and roll), similar to last year but without Piercy to push me along.


26/11/2012 at 08:45

Padams - Yep, it counted as qualifiers for the European XC Championships so lots of quick runners travelled for it. The fella who usually wins our fixtures was 57th overall.

TR - Missed it on my previous skim read but well done on the PB & prize money.

26/11/2012 at 09:18

CC - "prevention" as Wardi said.

SL - top work, I saw the results.1:13 again in worse conditions (?). A stronger field but no-one fast enough to race you.

Padams - I checked my watch at 2M and it said 12:00 so I did wonder, but after a few miles of wind mixed with the trail I was a minute over sub60 pace. So I decided to pass the time by chasing a few down instead. Will scrape over the 100M for the month, but need to do better for a few months.

NtS - will be interested to see how you go this campaign. I used to think that you could do with being a bit physically stronger/tougher, maybe some long hilly runs ? and hill repeats ?


26/11/2012 at 09:36

TR - Nice podium result at Hayling, well run and a prize to boot See you at Stubbington in January...

SL- Congrats on the win at Downton  but not much competition by the looks of things.

Wardi - Well Parkrun'd in cold conditions and a good long run given the weather!

More winter XC goodness from PP, Tmap, CL and Andy D 

CW - It's good to get back to running longer, but you forget how much energy/effort is required to do a high quality long run, I guess it'll come back pretty quick though...

NtS - I was in a white/green New Forest Runners vest, you probably went past me somewhere in the first few miles after I set off a tad too quick!

Ended up not running Fri/Sat (did an hour in the gym on Friday though instead) and headed out on the club run in the New Forest yesterday morning. I got there early and did a couple of laps of the enclosure next to the carpark to rack up 5ml before the club arrived. Legs weren't feeling on fire so decided to keep it to a proper LSR and enjoy the run. Had a pretty mixed pace group so it was quite pleasant. The forest was extremely wet and muddy though, which made it heavy going at times and a good stength workout! Did 17.9ml (av 7.22/ml) in the end and the rain held off until the last 500m 



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