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15/12/2012 at 16:11

Al_P: nice training. Yes the XTalon212s are precisely my favourites in the ice. I also have some 190s -- thinner sole, bit lighter, saved for races -- and some ?Mudclaw312GTX which are good for family walks, and I've run in those on ice too (not quite as grippy as the XTalons as they have a denser stud pattern, but harder-wearing).

15/12/2012 at 16:17

Wardi - bugger sorry to hear that

Al P - you're in good form at the moment clearly

LJ - good park run time that

Jools - thats a good morning effort

Decided to skip the xc today as my left leg just doesn't feel right for any kind of racing or hard effort. Ran yesterday and while it was ok it felt all a bit "forced". Woke up today with a fair old amount of stiffness in the glute/top of the hamstring so I decided there wasn't much point in forcing myself round a muddy xc route sub par and then get even more annoyed by no doubt adding more recovery time on - so defo the right decision. Back in the pool and an easy run with club planned for tuesday or midweek. It's boring being injured though zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

The mud on the xc route at Ally Pally was carnage. Didn't see AW after but I'm sure he'll concur that the hill was utter carnage, lol

15/12/2012 at 17:19

Funny you should say that LD. Just after the first mile I had to actually pay attention to what I was doing for a minute or so.

Ouch Wardi!!! I hope you're feeling a bit better now?

Ceilidh dancing barefoot Jools? Alcohol related perchance?

Nice target LJ. If you're already doing 10m+ like that the other day then it bodes well. I couldn't get anywhere near a straight 10m @ eventual target pace yet.

Al_P - funnily enough I was doing reps yesterday too. I've got a long-standing aversion to treadmills/machines in general since I was injured, so took the hit on the paces outside in the wind instead as I've had enough of 'exercise on the spot' to last me a lifetime. Nice reps.

Loads of bugs going around TR. Sounds like a 'good to get it done' session.

I had my first session since Berlin last night. The plan was 2 sets of { 1m, 3/4m, 1m } @ 5m effort - 3mins between reps, 6mins between sets. I realised during it that I was short on time, so ended up combining the second 3/4m with the 3mins as one longer rep, so it became: 1m (3), 3/4m (3), 1m (6), 1m (3), 1.29m.

I'd have been more than happy to have bagged a 5:36 average (making current 10k sub-35), as my first one, especially with the wind, so I was pretty pleased to average 5:25m/m for a total of just over 5m @ 5m pace. A better starting point than I can remember

15/12/2012 at 18:23

TR - Well done for hanging on through the bike session, you would have felt even worst if you'd bailed part way!

CW - Really looking forward to using the X-Talons in the New Forest, a couple of my club mates use them for on road as well as off road, and they seem to hold up pretty well. I'm going to reserve them off road use as much as possible though. I tried the Mudclaw 300s in the shop at the same time as the X-Talons, but they felt just too aggressive on the soles and chunky for my liking, more suitable for proper fell running I imagine. Thought about the 190s instead of the 212s but I seem to have a sweet spot in heel/toe hight difference of about 4-6mm, so the 190s are a bit on the low side for me. (3mm diff I think)

RS - Shame to hear you're still side lined some what, keep up the swimming, it got me through similar injury patches last year. Am I right in recalled that you were going to try some aqua running from an earlier post (not sure it was you, there been so many posts lately!)? If not I can recommend trying it, supplement your planned run with the equivalent time/intensity with a float belt, it feels weird (and looks weird too) but it's a brilliant alternative for keeping up fitness when on the bench IMO.

TT - I'm rubbish at fast stuff early AM, which was the only option on Friday, so that plus the threat of high wind and a deluge pushed me into the gym. I don't like speed work on treadmills (perennial fear of putting a foot wrong and shooting off the back!), but I think I do very well off it fitness wise. I've done work travel trips to a few places where indoor running is the only option and I always seem to come back a bit faster. Part of that is probably related to the fact that when away I have more time/freedom for running though   I also sweat TR-turbo-in-garage style, which gets annoying as it's hard to wipe from your eyes mid rep! Very nice rep work, you sound quick as ever 

15/12/2012 at 18:25

Jools - my bro is a semi regular at Ashton Court (although about 4-5 mins slower than you).  He assures me that the hill is worth a couple of mins 

Didn't pull up any trees in a disappointing parkrun today at Richmond, but I did meet Chrissie Wellington.  Which was nice.

15/12/2012 at 18:44

xc in the MET league today for me, as RS78 says it was carnage! It was really heavy under foot pretty much the whole way round the course, getting progressively worse with each lap! The hill that we had to repeat 3 times was the real big struggle for me! Found it really tough going today, not used to that kind of running at all.

Haven't a clue as to placing, but can't imagine it was great!

15/12/2012 at 19:32

AW - well done again mate, that was tough out there. The bloke who won it took the piss the speed he was going in those conditions

Al P - yeah I might try and do some at the pool down here in London but I have a feeling the pool is a shallowish depth the whole way along the 25m. I've actually spoken to my old boss at the gym I used to work at and for a small fee I can use the gym up the road while I'm back. So will probably try and swim in the mornings down the road at the public pool and do other x training at the gym in the afternoons. That'll tied me over nicely in the mean time.

15/12/2012 at 19:40

Charlie.. thanks for the X Talon tip, might investigate.

TT.. nice session there & very encouraging.

AW..  that xc sounds hard, well toughed out.

Jools.. good effort in the Parkrun, no flat ones nearby?  Nice 12m banked too.

Thanks for the good wishes.  Yesterday afternoon I felt like I was wandering around with a knife stuck in my side, very painful.  I cancelled a gig I was going to and decided to get the two buses home.  The first one which normally operates every 15 mins was 45 minutes late!  It was also cold, breezy & drizzling.  Finally got into York and my bus home from there was 15 minutes late - ever get the feeling it's just not your day?  Set off at 17:30 and got home at 20:00!  Couldn't bend down far enough to feed the cat!  Anyway, a mix of ibuprofen, lying on an  ice pack and a session with my ultrasound device did ease the discomfort somewhat.  Still a bit sore but mobility much improved today.

Went along to watch the York Parkrun today, very honoured to meet his esteemed excellency Lord Didsbury.  Good run from the old fella, I reckon he was about 6th when he went past at 2k but without giving too much away he managed to drag himself into a podium spot by the finish.  He did seem to enjoy the relentless flatness that is the York course!


16/12/2012 at 07:45

Wardi: I think the Little Stoke parkrun which has started recently (probably about 5/6M away) is pretty flat, but I'm now quite fond of the Ashton Court hill: on the way up it's a lung-busting strengthening exercise; on the way down it's brilliant for leg turnover.

I managed to exercise a certain amount of restraint and leave a party at midnight last night so that I could be up bright-eyed and bushy tailed to go for my 17M run and then go to an afternoon do in London.

16/12/2012 at 08:47

good to see that you didnt properly hurt yourself Wardi

Al_P - i have some super stylish Blisters stylie headbands for the turbo.

long run of 8M bagged , ha ha. Just about to leave for an U12 away game, I was running by 7:15, I'm not prepared to run at 6:15 on a Sunday at the mo in order to bag 16.

Edited: 16/12/2012 at 08:48
16/12/2012 at 10:07
Oh god, my head hurts from a night of booze on the Toon. Will be having a rare day off running today.
Enjoyed York immensely, and good to meet Wardi.
Think I'm going to try to get my 5k time down over the next couple of months. Ran well for 17.47, but convinced I must be able to get close to 17 mins. (Think my pb is 17.17).
It's my new goal in life.
16/12/2012 at 11:28

I was running by 8.30, which is sparrowfart for me at the weekend.  17 @ 7.51s (treated myself to a flatish route) done and dusted.

16/12/2012 at 12:26

Nice run Jools - sparrowfart? Am i missing something? Or are we just inserting random words in our posts these days?

Sorry for the absence from thread - wasn't Johnny one-posting..... we lost our internet connection at home for a week (dodgy connection) and I can't access this site at work so it was no dice.

PP - you seem to be flying along. What's your mara pb these days? Sounds like we do a very similar midweek mara pace session - I'm also trying to build it up from 10 to around 14 over the coming months. 

Zattu - sorry, never replied to your post from ages back. Sounds like 2.30 is a bit of a barrier at the moment - presume that's the target for Spring mara? I'll be joining you at Wokingham, though no idea yet whether it'll be a pb attempt or a mara pace run.

Njord (also from wayyyyy back) - sorry to hear about Njordette and that very annoying sounding guy. Glad things have improved since then. See you on the VLM start-line and in the Red Lion after....

Welcome CaroT.... and to whoever it was that was talking about trying to break the 80min HM barrier..... that one held me up for two years..... ran between 80 and 81 about 6 times before finally breaking through. The last one was 80.00 too - that hurt like a paper cut on the eye-ball I can tell thee.

Decent week's training for me, but holding back a touch at the moment with January peak avoidance very much in mind.


16/12/2012 at 12:28

Oh yeah - and Wardi, hope the knife in the side continues to improve....sounds horrendous.


16/12/2012 at 13:59

1. Really effing early. 2. An ineffectual or insubstantial person. Alternately, someone who is physcially slight or tiny.

-- not only did your (commendable) run qualify for meaning 1. Jools, the last alternative meaning seems to fit too!

Just back from an inter-club cross country, which went fine. The XTalon190s were jolly good, as there was a fair bit of bog where I needed some traction, but also some hard-packed paths and a little bit of tarmac. Had a bit of a dust-up with a clubmate who is quicker than me, but was (oddly) wearing spike shoes without any spikes in, and after surging back past me the first 2 or 3 times I overtook him he finally seemed to lose heart in his slippery predicament, so I finished ahead today. (He did the mile recently in 4:40.) Came 5th out of... dunno, few hundred I guess.

16/12/2012 at 14:46

Oh Jools I feel cheated now, I thought you had finished 17M already. I was finished before you even started, you cant claim 8:30 as Sparrowfart, even my 7:15 wasnt even though it was still dark.

NtS - good peak avoidance.

16/12/2012 at 15:26

Back out and running again this morning, seems like weeks since I have been out and it has only been 6 days! Managed an easy 9 to the river and back. Cold still not completely gone, but hopefully will avoid it moving onto my chest. Was mindful of peoples warning comments, so took it easy. 

Wardi hope you are feeling better. There is still a fair bit of ice on the ground in the NE and at times it feels like I am running on a treadmill, as it seems to be slipping on the spot and hardly moving at times.

Looking forward to tomorrow nights session at Penshaw Hill. One hour of full on hill running on steep muddy ground.  

LD maybe you might just have to stick with owning the age group categories. Possibly even accepting that as one gets older that desire to take down these types of daft youthfull challenges deserts one 

I am thinking of daring myself to run a 5km next year. Does anyone else struggle with motivation for running shorter races? I have still never run a 5km, and feel nervous about this short and possibly painful distance. I have felt less nervous preparing for an ultra. Going to get to the track in the New Year and try running some 800 and 1500 metree sessions to see if I can work out what my 5km pace might be. 

16/12/2012 at 16:53
I stand corrected. But I am having too much fun now. Chaffinchhiccup.

Nice effort cw - top 5% that - statistically speaking I think that's significant.

Tb - short races - I used to love em but then I used to be an 800m runner so 5k used to feel long and slow, now it just feels like pain from gun to tape (and not due to over-tight shorts...)
16/12/2012 at 17:20
TB - 5k is a good speed workout for any marathoner. parkruns have improved my running no end (mainly do maras & ultras) and I've done 67 (I think) in five years. Wouldn't push myself like that on my own.

Wardi - hope you are recovering OK. Want you firing by the Brass Monkey.

Long run today ended up being longer than expected. 3h10m with some hills too. No idea on distance but pace was steady enough. Feet up now for this evening's footie & darts. Can't be doing with the BBC awards show. Sue Barker makes me want to smash the telly in.
16/12/2012 at 18:48
Al - thanks, that was the fastest 10 I've done in training, didn't really have a target for the run apart from pacing the club mate for his tempo and I felt good at the end of that so decided to push on and see how it went. My "session" days are basically 10M with some kind of effort in and the overall time of them is gradually coming down. I saw you have similar aspirations for VLM next year, let's hope we still have them when we're on the embankment! Good session by the way.

TR - yes he let himself out but had left his mobile in the house so called in in the evening when we got back. I had just got back from a run and was putting LJ junior to bed whilst Mrs LJ went out to pick up a Chinese takeaway. The doorbell rang and thinking she'd forgotten her keys I answered it wearing nothing but my shorts to be met by a confused looking plumber, it was like the start of an 80s porn film although I should have been blonde with big tits...

Zattu - quick reps, especially for an unfit fatman!

CW and AW good XC efforts. Shame you had to miss them RS but probably sensible, no point in injuring yourself more.

DanA and LD good parkruns.

I joined the long runners today, did a muddy 20 along the canal, 7.35 pace and I felt good at the end so happy with that. Have been doing my long runs before breakfast so just some water to drink before, nothing during and have been feeling less and less hungry at the end so hopefully my body is learning to burn fat or something like that. I used to feel quite weak when I did this and even remember seriously considering eating some bread left out for the ducks and some grain that had been spilled by the entrance to a field on a couple of runs. Good how you get used to stuff.
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