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16/12/2012 at 14:46

Oh Jools I feel cheated now, I thought you had finished 17M already. I was finished before you even started, you cant claim 8:30 as Sparrowfart, even my 7:15 wasnt even though it was still dark.

NtS - good peak avoidance.

16/12/2012 at 15:26

Back out and running again this morning, seems like weeks since I have been out and it has only been 6 days! Managed an easy 9 to the river and back. Cold still not completely gone, but hopefully will avoid it moving onto my chest. Was mindful of peoples warning comments, so took it easy. 

Wardi hope you are feeling better. There is still a fair bit of ice on the ground in the NE and at times it feels like I am running on a treadmill, as it seems to be slipping on the spot and hardly moving at times.

Looking forward to tomorrow nights session at Penshaw Hill. One hour of full on hill running on steep muddy ground.  

LD maybe you might just have to stick with owning the age group categories. Possibly even accepting that as one gets older that desire to take down these types of daft youthfull challenges deserts one 

I am thinking of daring myself to run a 5km next year. Does anyone else struggle with motivation for running shorter races? I have still never run a 5km, and feel nervous about this short and possibly painful distance. I have felt less nervous preparing for an ultra. Going to get to the track in the New Year and try running some 800 and 1500 metree sessions to see if I can work out what my 5km pace might be. 

16/12/2012 at 16:53
I stand corrected. But I am having too much fun now. Chaffinchhiccup.

Nice effort cw - top 5% that - statistically speaking I think that's significant.

Tb - short races - I used to love em but then I used to be an 800m runner so 5k used to feel long and slow, now it just feels like pain from gun to tape (and not due to over-tight shorts...)
16/12/2012 at 17:20
TB - 5k is a good speed workout for any marathoner. parkruns have improved my running no end (mainly do maras & ultras) and I've done 67 (I think) in five years. Wouldn't push myself like that on my own.

Wardi - hope you are recovering OK. Want you firing by the Brass Monkey.

Long run today ended up being longer than expected. 3h10m with some hills too. No idea on distance but pace was steady enough. Feet up now for this evening's footie & darts. Can't be doing with the BBC awards show. Sue Barker makes me want to smash the telly in.
16/12/2012 at 18:48
Al - thanks, that was the fastest 10 I've done in training, didn't really have a target for the run apart from pacing the club mate for his tempo and I felt good at the end of that so decided to push on and see how it went. My "session" days are basically 10M with some kind of effort in and the overall time of them is gradually coming down. I saw you have similar aspirations for VLM next year, let's hope we still have them when we're on the embankment! Good session by the way.

TR - yes he let himself out but had left his mobile in the house so called in in the evening when we got back. I had just got back from a run and was putting LJ junior to bed whilst Mrs LJ went out to pick up a Chinese takeaway. The doorbell rang and thinking she'd forgotten her keys I answered it wearing nothing but my shorts to be met by a confused looking plumber, it was like the start of an 80s porn film although I should have been blonde with big tits...

Zattu - quick reps, especially for an unfit fatman!

CW and AW good XC efforts. Shame you had to miss them RS but probably sensible, no point in injuring yourself more.

DanA and LD good parkruns.

I joined the long runners today, did a muddy 20 along the canal, 7.35 pace and I felt good at the end so happy with that. Have been doing my long runs before breakfast so just some water to drink before, nothing during and have been feeling less and less hungry at the end so hopefully my body is learning to burn fat or something like that. I used to feel quite weak when I did this and even remember seriously considering eating some bread left out for the ducks and some grain that had been spilled by the entrance to a field on a couple of runs. Good how you get used to stuff.
16/12/2012 at 18:52

LJ - depends, he might prefer sausage to (fur) burger. Good one on the fresh air fuelled 20, encourages fat burning indeed.

16/12/2012 at 22:03
Jools - nice Sunday LSR, sparrows seem to like lie-in's round your way

TR - not sure I could live down wearing a head band for running in a public place!

CW - great result XC

LD - Well Park Run

TB - I find 5k's hurt and 10k's even more, but they are one of the cornerstones of improving speed and are worth their weight in gold for your performance.

18M done first thing (Can I take the Sparrowfart award, with a 6:45 start?). It was slow to start, there's a beast of a hill up out of Devon village I was in and took a few miles to warm up. The run had a couple of decent climbs and a good muddy off road section along the south west coast footpath. Finished off with 4 miles at target MP (06:00/ml) and an overall pace of 06:56/ml. Like LJ I'm doing my long runs off without eating much before hand, this morning it was one banana and a little water. I used to need a couple of gels on long runs and now I can run mucher longer without any carb intake and still feel strong at the end.
Edited: 16/12/2012 at 22:04
17/12/2012 at 07:38

I'm glad I've improved the thread vocabulary...  I'm standing by my point of view: having got to bed well after midnight, getting up at 7.15 was sparrowfart!

17/12/2012 at 08:21

Didn't go online over the weekend, you've all been busy! Loads of parkrunning and sparrowfart long runs.

Good weekend for me. Managed to not be too late to bed on Friday evening (office party), asleep by 1am. Got up at about 6:45am to have a bit of breakfast before running at 7:40. Got 22M done, mainly on-road, all with the rucksack.

Then 60M on the bike yesterday - lovely morning for it, some great views from the top of the Chilterns. Didn't feel great at the start, but by the end I felt quite strong, which is weird considering I haven't done a long ride for a few weeks and haven't done 60M for a few months.

17/12/2012 at 09:53

Al_P - I generally run to effort rather than pace, so I can accept a slower pace if I do a morning effort, but I do prefer to get the efforts done in the evening too when I'm more awake.

NtS - I'll see you at Wokingham then. I really should have nailed the sub-2:30 by now, but with the heat in the first race, and messing up my carb-load last time out..... C'est la vie! I think I've got a good shout at sub-2:25 at London.

Sounds like you raced well CW.

lol LJ  I do still feel unfit, but I reckon my baseline fitness has generally improved though, so unfit now comes in a bit quicker. I've been having asthma problems for a while now though which probably exaggerate the unfit feeling.

Nice long runs/rides over the weekend from many!

Looks like most are doing better than me with the Christmas party related sleep deprivation. I was so wrecked after a very late night Friday/early start and all day out with Jr #1 Saturday that I skipped my planned run on Sunday in favour of more sleep as I had another full day ahead (work, panto, shopping and birthday meal for #1 - left the house at 10 and didn't get back until after 8). Still managed 94m last week, so not too bad for now and within my target mileage range anyway. Still haven't run further than 18m since Berlin though, so should probably rectify that this week. Won't be today though as I was up half the night fixing work problems - luckily I'm wfh so can log off and catch up on some sleep soon!

17/12/2012 at 10:55

TT - I tried an insulated mug of strong black coffee in the car on the way to the gym for my AM treadmill session last week, it's about a 30min drive (on the way to work). It appeared to help as I got right into the rythem early on, warm up was still a bit sluggish though...I suppose that doing it on the 'mill helped, as once you're going and committed to a speed there's no turning it down IMO 

TR - Odd concidence, but I got a fantastic (!) set of fluro green sweat bands from someone with a sense of humour in our office secret santa present swap today. So I'm all sorted for my next hard treadmill outing without drenching the belt, just need to get a parper bag and cut a couple of holes in it now....

Padams - Nice Running/Biking over the weekend, 22M after the works-do it good going, guessing you went light on the alco-pops, or was it a hair of the dog effort?


17/12/2012 at 11:29

Al P - no, didn't really take it that easy alcohol-wise (probably 4 pints and 4 or 5 glasses of wine, no spirits though), but luckily I don't tend to get hangovers. As long as I get 5+ hours of sleep I'm usually good to go, although I might need a siesta in the afternoon!

ZaTTu - that's some good mileage considering how much other stuff you managed to fit in!

17/12/2012 at 11:36

TR - Grinding out twice the turbo session I've ever done whilst feeling poorly makes you double-hard. 

LJ - You seem to have stepped things up nicely recently. I'm also a fan of the pre-brekky 20 miler these days, a great confidence booster.  We could be running round together at VLM!

wardi - Hope you're feeling a little less battered now.  Oof!

NtS - Since my 2:44 at Paris I've only toed the line for a single marathon and that was Beachy Head (3:09 - a GFA qualifying time!)  So there you go - my mara PB is a little soft and due for a battering.  I put down 2:35 on the entry form but we'll see - April's a long way away. 

A fun-packed weekend for me with the Keny County V40 XC champs on Saturday.  Ended up being an epic battle between me and my club mate who trounced me the previous week in the Southerns.  This week we trounced all the oppo (40 secs gap to third at the finish) and slogged it out for the title.  I think I had a tiny gap at one point on the last lap but stacked it arse over tit going kamikaze down a muddy gully, which took the wind out of my sails somewhat.  We ran the rest of it together and it was neck and neck coming into the final few hundred yards, but the other chap had a bit more of a kick at the end.  So I was pipped to county honours by two seconds but a fantastic race.  We also won the team competition.

51 miles on the bike yesterday.  Glorious weather and mild enough to keep my fingers and toes happy, something of a miracle in December.  Club xmas parlauf tomorrow, should be fun!

17/12/2012 at 12:03

LJ & PP - Very early days still, but hopefully the 2:37ish is going to be do-able, will be good to have a few of us targeting the same sort of time...

PP - Great XC running, did your mud gully stack hold your clubmate up or was it a stuntman-style-fall-and-straight-back-up-again-like-nothing-had-happened affair 

17/12/2012 at 12:25

PP -- epic race, well done! Fine training from ZaTTu, Al_P & Padams too.

NtS -- OK it's 373 finishers now, so my 5th place is 1.3%! But of course the full spectrum of talent was there (albeit club-only).

Thinking of doing the Walsall parkrun when we visit the in-laws. Has anyone done that, and if so what's it like surface-wise (website says some grass, but I don't know if that is smooth and dry or boggy and knobbly, etc).

17/12/2012 at 13:29

TB I would agree with what others have said on 5k, ahort & painful, but ultimately a great boost for your training.

PP Sounds like a great race & lots of fun! well done.

Managed 14 miles at a brisk 6.58 average yesterday which is my longest for a few weeks

17/12/2012 at 13:42

My catching up with this thread has been a bit erratic - similar to my training of late. However, amongst the usual XC-ing and parkrun-ing.

Wardi - hope your side's better soon

DanA - nice long run - an ultra?

PP - Sounds like dramatic XC-ing

I've had a couple of trips upto the Lakes recently. Last weekend was XC at Kendal. A hilly little bugger of a course combined with 17m the day before saw me losing out to a few rivals I've been beating recently. Yesterday though was the Great Langdale Christmas Pudding 10k. It's undulating, but sticks to the valley floor so nothing hugely hilly. I took almost a minute off my 10k PB for 34:56 and 5th place. Ribble Valley 10k in 2 weeks where hopefully there'll be a little more to come.

17/12/2012 at 15:04

PP - well done on the XC, sounds like a fun race.  Are you going full on for VLM next year?  If so I'd have thought you'd be a fair bit quicker than me, you certainly are at the moment.

Andy D - great result from your 10k, the Ribble Valley one is supposed to be really quick so you've got a good chance of going faster there.

CW - I haven't done the Parkrun but the park there is flat so could be quick.

Al, Padams and Old No 7 nice long runs.

Zattu - 94 is a lot for a disrputed week, hope this week is a bit less hectic.

17/12/2012 at 15:33

Al-P - I sort of landed the right way up but Paul slowed a little to help me up.  We were still trying to make sure of the gap for 1st & 2nd.  Top team man!

CW - cheers.  Great placing from you at the weekend.

Andy D - Congrats on the PB.

LJ - Yep, VLM is a big target for me next year.  I've got a score to settle with that race (1 finish, 3x DNS) and besides, if we have a couple (but no more) of our big guns out I could be in with a shout of a team medal. Saying that, we could also have at least 3 guys in the 2:35 - 2:40 range so quite a bit of healthy rivalry going on.

17/12/2012 at 16:14

Crikey TT we have a similar target but you're why ahead of my mileage, are you doing Gloucester?

PP - Congrats on the XC.

AndyD - Nice PB.

Jools - solid Parkrun and good long run, I still haven't dragged my lazy arse to the Parkrun..

Ankle seems a lot better 12 on saturday then 20 yesterday at 6.40's and no reaction this morning, .

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