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28/12/2012 at 19:37

Jools- nice one, club sessions on holiday Fridays !

Al-P - hope that the ITB issue heals quick. havnt been in the lido for a week myself and wont be back in there until I go back to work next Weds. Indeed I'm doing plenty of aerobic base whilst I have a nice block of time each morning, hopefully it will set me up nicely, a 12, 15, 13 and 13 in the last week should do my running legs the power of good.

29/12/2012 at 10:26

just me banging on the drum ?

2hrs more on the turbo, I think I'll be glad to get back on the 5M commutes and lunchtime swims !

29/12/2012 at 11:46

Well, that was a 19 miler on knackered legs to put hairs on your chest (if only I wanted them!).  Conditions were windy, wet and altogether vile.  Took 4 attempts to get the front door open when I got back because my hands were so bliddy frozen.  I enjoyed the last 5 minutes simply because it meant the run was nearly over...

Nice training, TR - you're making the most of your holiday to train!

29/12/2012 at 11:55

Hope everyone had a good Xmas.  I have been lurking on here for sometime since coming back to training.

A.W. Nice run at WA - I did 37:22 but should have pushed myself harder downhill as my friend managed 36:53 after leaving me there.  Was v.wet though and we recorded it as slightly long given the new routing.  I still took 2:39 off last years' time and I am in the form I was in 4 years ago at my peak. 

Given that 10k time I cannot justify my non posting much longer as I am probably in Sub 3 form and have a ballot place at London. 


29/12/2012 at 13:10


Jools - christ you've been knocking out a fair few miles recently!

TR - good aerobic stuff again, you must be in decent shape at the moment.

5m this end, average run. Strange one, I don't have any pain or indeed severe stiffness which is affecting my gait but I'm not running that fluidly at all, very laboured today. Still I did some stretching when I got back and single leg squats and strength/flexibility seems ok. Think I just have to get the running legs back, 6 weeks of not much running is a decent while I suppose. No pain so no reason not to run but 10-12 tomorrow will give me a better idea about things.

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29/12/2012 at 17:07

Jools - I agree with RS, great mileage going on there. Nice one. I'm only training once a day so am making the most of the chance to bag 90mins to 2hrs of aerobics every morning. Should set me up well, it has done the last couple of years.

RS - Hopefully the 12M will go ok, do some laps so you can abil if you need to. I have a tight hammy still, but its all easy paced running so low stress. NOt sure where my running sits at the mo, I have the untapered Autumn 1:21 and 61 to my name, but am a bit behind on where I would usually be mileage wise. I have a 10K in 3 weeks (although I think the fixture list will prevent my attendance) and another 2 weeks later that will give my something quantifiable. Given enough long run time I should be able to bag another 2:5X.

29/12/2012 at 18:45

Jools -- impressive again. You're really putting in the training these days.

AW/Toro -- I'm staying with the in-laws outside Wolvie and intended to enter the Wheaton Aston 10k, but it was full. Just as well, as the drive up here on Boxing Day messed up my tetchy lower back, which is annoying. Anyway, welcome Toro, and brace for questions about domestic applicance colours and German shoe manufacturers, or something like that.

My back isn't too bad, but I couldn't have raced, and so didn't bother with my backup plan of (non-)pot hunting in the Walsall parkrun today either. (Your time was mighty quick given the wet LJ.) Tantalisingly I need only to cover 13M in the next two days to make it 2000 for the calendar year... A light jog seemed to help if anything this morning, so I might well do that still. Cambs county champs XC a week today, so I hope to be on for that at least (performance no doubt affected by extra food and wine and lack of training).

30/12/2012 at 11:23

CW - bad back ? when did that happen, last I remember was the 20M after the bone deposit rest days. Was it the 20M that flared the back up ?

16M here. Thats the last run for December bagged, ~161M for the month, wanted to be closer to 200, but the recent double digit runs should have toughened my legs up a bit. I need to get up and over 200M for the next 3 months now though.

30/12/2012 at 12:30

TR -- bad back was probably from skimping on my usual morning exercise regime on hols, and slumping in random chairs (I have a kneely chair at home and work) -- driving for 3.25 hrs without a break seemed to do it. Running gently seems to loosen it up usually, but running hard can aggravate it. It's just overwrought muscles getting a bit spasmy, nothing serious probably. Anyway, it did loosen up after starting slow today, so I ended up bagging a somewhat progressive 18M (13M@7:15/M, 5M@6:45/M) which will do me. Big drive again tomorrow though. And no run tomorrow I guess so...

... here are my stats for 2012:

2005M @ 7:08/M avg (~239 hr), 195 MCal burnt (that's a lot of purple Quality Street); or an average of 5.5M a day in 39 mins and 530 kCal (~2 Mars bars).

336 runs logged (including trifling warm-ups before races etc), and given my penchant for commuting doubles that means a lot of rest days.

19 races, 3.5 PBs (first ever mile, HM twice and 0.5 for equalling in the mara), 2 wins (both HM).

Also a few new pairs of shoes, a drawer full of dodgy race T-shirts and a lot of blister plasters consumed...

Happy New Year everyone! And my resolutions... well I hoped to break 2:40 for the marathon, 1:15 for the half and 34 mins for 10k in 2012, and only managed the HM target. For 2013... well bettering 2:42:38 would do me nicely, and at least securing sub-2:45 again; I'm learning that 2:40 is actually quite a lot harder, and I ain't getting any younger, but who knows.

30/12/2012 at 13:55

CW - 18M means that it cant be a big issue then. Tricky one setting time goals as you never know what the relevant campaigns will throw in your way. I'm going along the lines of committing to the amount or training that I think I can manage and then seeing where it gets me swim, bike and run fitness wise.

30/12/2012 at 15:06

Other bad back news.. (glad yours seems better Charlie) ribs seem to be improving.  Gritted my teeth & bashed out 7.2m on the treadie earlier with 5 x 0.5m @ 6:18 pace.  Managed the full set with only minor grumbles so happy with that.

In other news I will be boarding the Schnellbahn to Frankfurt next October to join Njord & Al P (from memory) for the marathon.  Post race rehydration should be fun with Njord in attendance!

Nice long runs CharlieTR & Jools.  I'll be happy when I can get one done in comfort!

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30/12/2012 at 15:56


Wardi - glad the ribs are improving!

TR - 16 is decent for base building

CW - atleast you got through the 18 today without too many issues

11m for me this morning. Nice to get out and about but my running is all over the place. No pain but tightness/awkwardness in both glutes/hamstrings and my stride feels all over the place. Call it runners intuition but running when you feel like this is only heading for further injury of one sort or another. Taking a few days off or the rest of the week then will stick to short, flat runs until everything feels normal again.

30/12/2012 at 16:00

A belated Merry Christmas to you all. Looks like marafun training is starting in earnest, good to see Racing as well...My last race was some event in London last April. Did my first run 17M since that race this morning, a pleasant (if slightly windy) 20M, thought I would find in tougher than I did especially with the last 10 into a headwind. Travel and family stuff means I can't make any of the pre-VLM HM, so I've been lucky enough to get an elite place at the Pasadena HM in LA in mid-Feb to coincide with a work trip. Two races a year is enough for anyone!

Hope those on the bench find themselves off it quickily. Just a gentle reminder that VLM is still a 1/3 yr lots and lots of time.

Happy New Year to all, I hope you get the PBs the training deserves in 2013!

30/12/2012 at 16:16
CW - Decent last run of the year (by your standards) and nice stats, quite similar to mine (just reviewing it on the Garmin site). Hope your back recovers soon from the Christmas assault.

Wardi - well done for the grin and bear it approach on the treadmill! Nice to see another forum bod on board for Frankfurt 2013 I've got a couple of mates who are signing up for it too, but it'll be their first marathon...

TR & Jools - good quality mileage runs

Toro - Welcome, good to hear you're ready to tackle the sub 3 marathon. What are your times like at longer distances (10M,half etc..?)

Went out for the 1st time in 3 days today, plan was to start easy and see how my ITB held up. It generally felt pretty good, just to odd twinge. I got a bit lost so the length went up to 12M (I was planning to do something like 7M+7M today) @ 7:03/M. ITB was fine when I got back but has got a bit sore since, wish I'd brought the foam roller with me to Yorkshire! Hopefully will be ok tomorrow, but this might have been the last run of 2012...
Cheerful Dave    pirate
30/12/2012 at 16:45

17 miles for me this morning, a bit of a random route around some of the local commons.  It included a rarity for me in a long run, a couple of miles at MP when I was following someone along a track and was working hard to keep up with him.  Good day to be out though, and I missed the rain too.

Good to see Coro popping in.  Elite racing eh, whatever next?

30/12/2012 at 17:37
Another long un today. That's 92 for the week off one run a day. Most miles have been 6.30 ish - much quicker than normal, but I have a knee that is painful at a slow/steady pace so not much option.
I would guess I have averaged about 4 pints of lager each night too - only stayed in twice in the last 10 days - and it's all been very easy apart from today.

Started on the hills today. Did about 7 or 8 surges up substantial hills around Stockport. Grim area generally and I got lost and did a couple of miles on tiring legs.

Anyone else getting a bit sick of Olympic adulation? Hijacking every bloody TV show. I see the para athletes are now having a moan at not getting enough knighthoods. Ideas well above their station that lot.

Righto, back to Seb Coe's book. It's a good un.
30/12/2012 at 18:20
LD - looks like we've had similar weeks, 95 for me all off singles 3x 20 in there and a 5@5.18 which was comfortable.

TR nice to see your running legs coming back.
Jools- top training.
RS - hope things clear up
Wardi - hope you continue to recover from your fal.
30/12/2012 at 18:31
Al_P - I have 2012 HM of 1:29:58 and 65 min 10M so nothing spectacular but also first time I've been able to string some training together. I am in much better shape than last year. I completed Edinburgh in 2011 in 3:24 off 5 weeks trg and 1 18 mile run following a 1:40 half off no training. I am not underestimating the challenge and tried training for sub 3 in 2008 but got hit by a car which cut short that attempt. Nothing broken but ruined a good build up. I am doing a lot of cross training with triathlon and iron distance possible this year (big 30 looms). My HR data from training at the moment is far better than last year or 2008.

I am going crazy with my wife still at work (she started at 7 and again tomo)! Looking after nipper so can't train yet. May jump on turbo or get up at 4 for 90 min run tomo, although I doubt it. I'll prob just call it a rest day!
30/12/2012 at 18:52

Final week of faffing about with 17ish this morning. Once the kids go back next week things should be easier.Now where did that plan go....

30/12/2012 at 18:53

RS, Wardi and Al_P rising from the bench

RS - short frequent runs are a good idea

Dids - that a lot of ~MP miles in a week, your legs must be nice and tough

SL - 3 x 20s in a week, and I was pleased with a couple of 13s and a 16 !

Toro - 4am run would be a bit mad and a good hour earlier than I've ever run at.

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