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23/01/2013 at 12:03

Like Clearly I left the rain jacket off for last night's session, and was suffering badly from the decision by the end... downwind on the prom was ok, but the upwind reps were nasty! Still managed to averaged 5:32/M for the 6mins and 5:08/M for the 90secs. Felt mildly hypothermic on the way back to the car. Definitely a session that will make others feel so much better! Good to meet you CRaB, apologies for inflicting shoe chat pain on you (but you did ask what I was wearing and they were red ). Session sandwiched between 6M & 8M easy on Monday and today.

Welcome to Simon - Would only agree with the sound advice you've had despensed so far...

Good treadmill session from TT, double day from Wardi, a lot of quality canalside reps from AW, well done Jools for getting the run in (the weather seems to suit running in circles at the moment!) and TR hope your knee recovers soon.

23/01/2013 at 12:43

Blimey, I bet BAC didn't know what had hit them when the Thread turned up last night.  Sounds like lovely weather - we simply had heavy snow, albeit it didn't settle too much.

14M for me in said snow this morning; slipped at 12M and left hip/glute tightened ominously (could only jog home) but nothing is sore when prodded and it feels ok after a decent stretch so touch wood no damage done.

Welcome SX9.  Nowt to add to the sage thread advice dolled out so far.

23/01/2013 at 12:53

Welcome to the thread Simon. I am following a similar plan and mileage. Given the inclement weather, I am  struggling to meet my mileage plan. But I am trying to make sure I run at least 55 miles a week during January.

I only ran one HM last year at 01:25, managed to bag a sub 3 of that. Hoping to do more speed work  this year and try and push closer to 01:20 or below for HM. Not a clue if this is possible as I have not been running for that long, despite being an old(ish) fart and a Granddad

I find this thread scary and inspiring, as you get people suggesting times and mileage rates that currently feel beyond me. But it as only 3 years ago that I set of my first 10km hoping to run it in under 45 minutes, who knows what might be possible with some more structured training than I have followed so far.

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23/01/2013 at 14:33

Things hotting up on the Strava Worldwide Run As Many Miles in January As You Can challenge.

I am currently ranked #14 in the whole world. Yes, the WHOLE WORLD!

Unfortunately I am behind some American bird who grinds out 18 miles a day @ 9.50/m pace. (Clearly she needs to get some housework done). There's a bloke from Herts in 3rd place who is also getting loads of miles from a crap pace.

However, the person in the lead (who hasn't actually run since Sunday) has done a massive 483 miles in the last 23 days at an average pace of about 14 min/mile. He's a aged vegan.

Not that I'd wish injury on anyone, but I hope everyone above me gets injured.

23/01/2013 at 14:51

LD - Maybe you should email Strava and seek clarification on what pace constitutes 'running'. If you can't beat them and they haven't got the misfortune to get injured, get them DQ'd on a technicality.

23/01/2013 at 15:29

LD - I agree with Andy D. You might as well log all the walking you do (probably not far off 14 min/mile) and then you can probably get near the lead. Who's this bloke in Herts? I can go round and nobble him if you let me know where he lives.

23/01/2013 at 15:38

So "walking" my dogs does count after all then. Great news 

Unfortunately LD, I am over 800 places behind you so far, so short of logging more of my runs and actually doing more runs I am going to have to hatch a machiavellian plot to claim my rightful place!

23/01/2013 at 17:47

Ben Walsh from Welwyn -

however he's just been over taken by some dude called John gorzynski from a place called "Potters Bar" -

He's done 392 miles this month (to my 272) very slowly! Ave of about 6.5 miles/hour.

Southerners for you.

The other brits above me, but not by much, are a bloke from Scotland and a bloke from Cumbria - they are slow, but respectable.

Large, gap behind me to the next brit.

I think you are right about lodging a complaint. It's the modern way isn't it?

23/01/2013 at 18:28

Dids - you need to get on your bike like the rest of them, and take your Strava App on your train rides etc

Nice of CRAB to let the BAC boys train with him, wouldnt have fancied it much myself, the ride home y'day eveining through the freezing rain and slush was right up there in the most miserable times ever spent on a bike (Septembers 1/2 IM was up there too).

6M in the scoobies at lunchtime, knee ached a bit but no where near as bad as it hurt to make me stop last Monday. Will have to wait and see how it feels tomorrow and whether I can start building it up again. Hope so as I'm just over 100M for January and a long way down Dids mileage rankings ! Good job I need a 2:54,6,7,8 and 9 to complete the collection.

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23/01/2013 at 19:28
Clearly. I go to an organized session in the work gym. Having overcome my misgivings about such places in the last year or so I am now a regular. It is very well structured and managed and I don't need to think- left to my own devices i would just give up and go for a run And it is only about 40s walk from my desk. The standard of the instructors is extremely high and most folks there look like they are heading off to the olympics. I have been doing this now for about 15 months and feel a huge difference. I had a series of knee and Achilles niggles for about a year and a half and after a lot of physio concluded it was all in the core and peripheral muscles. A lot of core sessions and more body pump than I care to remember and I am pleased to say I am running pain free. I plan to keep this up.
23/01/2013 at 20:42

Dids.. no harm in thinking wicked thoughts.  Folks who can take ages to run a long way slowly must surely work part time, which is clearly cheating and not in the spirit etc!

TR.. grim cycling!  Good to hear the knee has improved. 

Jools.. good miles on a weekday, looks like you survived the tumble.

Al P.. cracking pace on those intervals! 

No chance of a Bournemouth Prom stylee love-in up here, too icy underfoot & no other takers!  Hopped on the treadie for 7.7m with 6 x 1k @ 6.18 pace.

24/01/2013 at 07:40

Sorry Dids, I don't know those Herts guys. The first is from Coro's neck of the woods, so he might be able to accidently trip him up one evening for you.

TR - well done for surviving the conditions. Hope the knee feels OK this morning.

Spinning for me last night, with about 20 mins easy running beforehand to warm up.

24/01/2013 at 09:34

10M into work this morning taking in everything from totally ice-free pavements to the Clifton Suspension Bridge Ice Rink to 6" of snow on top of the plateau in Ashton Court.  Hip/glute still a bit stiff from yesterday but loosened off so a bit more stretching required, methinks.

24/01/2013 at 10:23

Significant development in my running life as I become a V40 today.

Seems to be that low-key pot hunting is no easier as the codgers are as quick as the youngsters these days.

Back to my carpet slippers and tartan travel rug.

(to paraphrase the great man)

As you Wer(thers Originals)

24/01/2013 at 10:59

Happy birthday, DanA.  I become a V35 next year...

24/01/2013 at 11:18

Happy birthday Dan, welcome to the club!

What's going on in Hetfordshire then?  Lots of people running very slowly for a very long period of time... has the transport system shut down?

I'm beginning to get to grips with "threshold" on the bike I think.  Nudging up the resistance on my 2 x 20mins session yesterday (equivalent to ~260W @ 100rpm apparently) I managed to get HR up to a giddy 158, which is still short of marathon HR but felt hard enough.  Missed my evening run and drank beer instead.  Long tempo this evening,2 x 3.3M loops starting @ MP and see where it takes me.

24/01/2013 at 11:26

Happy Birthday Dan.

Jools - more good runs, hope the hip is OK for Sat.

TR - likewise, hope your knee is improving.

LD - good effort on the Strava rankings but that woman is spending nearly 3 hours a day "running" so that's pretty hard to compete with if you have a job. 

OS - what is body pump?  Are you allowed to do it in the gym?  I used to do a good core routine that only took 15 mins, was really tough and did work but I've been lazy recently and have been telling myself that picking LJ junior up must be good enough.

Welcome to Simon, as others have said, your half time will probably come down with the current training and then there's no reason why you can't get under 3.

Sounds like it was a tough session for the BAC group, good to hear Clearly is still at it and good speed from Al P (and I'm assuming Marigold!).

MrB - great long run, you must be in decent shape.

TT and Wardi - good treadmill sessions.

This week so far has gone Mon: rest (achilles), Tue: 4M slow (test), Wed: 10M and 5M with similar planned for today.  My achilles is still a bit sore but OK whilst running and it doesn't seem to aggravate it so fingers crossed I can join Marmite, Jools et al at the Midlands XC on Sat.  On the 10M yesterday I was actually just going to do 6 but it started feeling better so I went across the fields in deep snow and then ended up on some clear road so decided to test it with some faster running.  Was only going to do a couple of mins but it felt good and ended up doing 1.75M at a decent lick (5.47 first mile, 5.33 pace for the 0.75).  That will have to do as my speedwork for the week.


24/01/2013 at 11:30

PP - good tempo plan.  If you do 2 whole loops it will take you back to where you started .

24/01/2013 at 11:49
DanA - happy birfdi. The vet 45+ is piss poor round here. I'm convinced they've all taken up cycling.

Starting to feel like a lot of the zip in my running is waning. Will probably see the month out (as I can't let these slow running southerners get the better of me without a fight) then have a few days break.

I'm also starting to feel quite skinny with no noticeable speed increase.
24/01/2013 at 12:13

Many happy returns Dan!

LJ and Jools -- nice training once more.

Glad the knee's improving TR (aw keep it up and you can be Nervous Nerys too...). Doing any one-legged, heel-elevated squat exercises to strengthen the patellar tendon?

4th consecutive commuting double for me today; if I do tomorrow as well, it will be the first time I've ever run to work every day for a week. A lot of minimal 5k trips though, as my ankle was still niggly yesterday at least, but it should be a 60-something mile week, which is big by my own Southern standards (outside Herts). Overdue for some quality though, so next week should look different after the thaw.

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