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24/01/2013 at 21:39

I forgot LD - he's a Mizuno man cos he's an ex-golfer so his shoes match his visor.

However, I'd ignore me cos I've been banned from doing a Spring Marathon by my better half. So I've entered thousands of other races on every weekend from now until 2036. Will be making a return for the 26.2 at Abingdon again though I think

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24/01/2013 at 21:39

well seeing as you mention it......................and whats with weighing them and then putting 12 stone (in my case) in them anyway ?

DanA - cheers, mine's a Fursty Ferret.....yum !

24/01/2013 at 21:42

Thank you, Wardi ;)

It's a cunning strategy, LS21: race so much and then presumably promise that if you get a marathon pass you won't race so much?  Mrs. LS21 is a lucky woman...

Marigold: spaniel fartlek - key to marathon success, hopefully.

24/01/2013 at 21:47

Nice summary LS

24/01/2013 at 21:55
Dan - Happy Birthday

Wardi - nice treadmill session yesterday

LS - Great shoe round up!

Dachs - Probably wouldn't recommend the New Balance 1600s for marafunning, bit on the minimal side (good for up to HM IMO). Still on the Adios mk1 for marathon (have a newish pair that get used for nothing else)

Plan for tonight was a fast progressive run up to an hour, pace from 6:20-5:42/M (basically a 'Coro 10' ?) Ran to the club and did 10M in just over 59min (av 5:55/M) starting at 6:17 and winding up to 5:42 for the last mile. Ran home as well for a handy 17.3M total (6:22/M av). Very happy with that
24/01/2013 at 22:04

I asked here before, and got some recommendations, but didn't write them down, and it would take ages to root back in the history of this thread.  Any suggestions?

Have a pen and paper handy next time?

As you were. 

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24/01/2013 at 22:07

Busy tonight.

Happy Birthday DanA

Dachs - I used to run in Hyperspeeds and my feet felt a bit tenderised after HM's in them. Much prefer Adios now. A bit more to them and they're narrow-fitting and grippy so feel really secure on corners. Although I see now LS has provided a much more in depth guide!

Al_P - Nice session!

I have a 50m commute when I'm in the office unfortunately, so only do doubles when I'm working from home. Did another 10 + 10 yesterday. AM was 8m/m's and PM was 7m/m's.

Edit - That makes it sound like I'll run 50m in but a 100m double is too much. For clarity, I drive.

10m with 4 tempo for me tonight. Couldn't get my legs going so the 4 ended up averaging 6m/m's where I would have liked 5.45's. Oh well, I logged it as an MP session instead.

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24/01/2013 at 22:12

lol CD! I have yet to experience the posh loos, so I'll tell you in a few months time if they are enough to swing it. Having said that though, if Nell is going to be on the same start as TR.............

Dachs - Just having a crappy day and blowing off steam. I think, even without having access to a track, or being able to partake in club events, it's still beneficial to be a member of a club, especially as I'm intending to race more this year. Plus the benefit of the VLM bus is I can hopefully make it to the Red Lion afterwards
Depending on what you're looking for in a shoe, have a look at the Brooks t7. They weight about 210g in a size 8, but are very flexible, yet at the same time manage not to feel flimsy. I think, within reason, the structure and design of a shoe are more important than the weight.

Poor CRAB Marigold  Though is does beg the question if you also clean up after him!

"so I wouldn't follow his lead (unless you're a spaniel)" - if intentional then very good LS21

Some nice faster stuff going on.

A slow 10m here this evening. Ankle was ok and eased off as it went on. Will try running a little quicker tomorrow maybe.

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24/01/2013 at 22:13
Happy birthday Dan - welcome to Vet-dom!

Shoes:Adizero Adios. Been wearing them for 3 years, still using the first pair, but have a few more, including one pristine pre-revision model still in the box. The first ones have done about 1300 miles and still look and feel as good as new.

Apparently, Adidas are releasing/have released (it was last summer when I was told this) a new shoe that is essentially the old Adios. No idea what it's called, because now I'm 48 my memory is fading.

Managed some snow running this week, but not as much as I'd like and didn't manage a long run last weekend because of it. Need to do more, but work has been busy this week, even had to spend a day in Coventry. Joy.
24/01/2013 at 22:15

wardi - i could bore for england on the subject of rising london hotel prices. I started on Crowne Plaza and now can barely afford Travelodge. Last london hotel i had was from Laterooms and included the last occupant's finger nail cuttings on the bed side table.

OS - it really is a case of getting used to doubles. try running ridiculously easy in the morning (Herts pace if you like). you'll struggle to get, say, 90 miles/week in off single runs.

CRAB - you are insane. Loveable, but mental.

Charlie - spot on. A running club gives you the potential for friendshiop, but only on YOUR terms. Why is there a need for a running club? As Zattu aludes to, they just waste your time. The people who organise things are no doubt a mixture of well meaning people, those who crave some sort of power and those who just need something to occupy their time. But running is a solitary sport and needs competition not some fuzzy, warm busy-bodies doing nice things.


24/01/2013 at 22:15

nice to see TT getting off the temporary bench.

there's some fast and long running going on at the mo, I'm so far behind some of you folks at the mo.............just the way I like it, although probably a bit further behind than usual !

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24/01/2013 at 22:28

LS21 - I have a mizuno driver (the head is made of plastic) that I got second hand in the late 70s when they were an unknown company. If I replaced it with a metal big bertha I would probably gain 30 yards in distance, but I'm an awkward bugger  and only play once or twice a year. So I grin and bear it.

24/01/2013 at 22:35

Al_P - Wanted to go and check out your quality run from tonight on Garmin Connect but even though we are "Connected" it says ".....only shares some information publicly" and I can't see your activties in a list like I can with others I am connected with - sort it out!

24/01/2013 at 22:44

As you mention Golf - In this school photo, you'll notice a famous scottish golfer on the second row. I'm the next row row down with the stupid hair next to the bloke with the afro.



24/01/2013 at 22:46

second row from the back of course.

25/01/2013 at 00:20

LD - In fairness pretty much everybody in that picture has bad hair

OS - That sounds like a great setup.  I've experimented with my gym but the trainers haven't a clue.

Mr B - Got any races planned?  If so I may turn up at one with your jacket.  If not it might be a little past time that I took a trip out your way!  On the training front my current theory says that I would ditch the V02 max stuff from their plan and focus more on paces closer to race pace.  One of these days I'll get fit enough to actually test out a theory myself!

Wardi - On re-reading my message I sounded a bit accusatory when I was just curious - I know that you're generally unflappable but just in case.

TR - Finger crossed for you

DanA - Happy Birthday!

Zattu - Sounds like you're going well all things considered.  What stage of  your plan are you at right now?

Al_P - Nice 10 miler

LS21 - Quality!

I've managed to pick up the cold that my eldest has been spreading around - straight to my chest so I'm backing off.  Still doing the 1 mile per day minimum but there may be a few more of those days than I like

25/01/2013 at 07:08
Marigold - Dug into the Garmin Connect settings, so it's now sorted. Odd you have to change the privacy settings, as all my uploaded activities are publicly unlocked by default. Here's the direct link to last night's run
25/01/2013 at 07:47

Clearly: I'll try and test it for you if I get that far. If you do get down this way you could give it to Simon or Steve; they only live around the corner from me.

25/01/2013 at 07:58

Dachs inadvertently raises an interesting question re you Jools -- is there any basis in fact, performance wise, that puts women's veteran group boundaries 5 years earlier than men's? I remember seeing a curve of world-class male performance that did show an inflection towards decrepitude at ~40, but I don't remember seeing an equivalent graph for women...

LS21 has me in one! Not sure if you meant I take the knife to the soles of my shoes or my feet, but in truth it's been both...

Answering you TR, a little weight at the end of your foot (which you have to repeatedly lift, accelerate, and decelerate) is equivalent in terms of increased effort to a much greater weight carried on your body: e.g. maybe 100g on your shoes would be like carrying another 1kg on your belly. I tried to do some estimate of that effect once but it needed too many hand-waving assumptions.

5th commuting double is on the cards for me today. If I do at least 5M on the way in, it will be a 60M week with no proper speed training. Will that give me a "big junk miles" reputation after all these years? Err, maybe not.

25/01/2013 at 08:22

Top marks to Wardi for the punnage.

LS21 - good memory, I am a Saucony man (and not just because I get them half price through the tri club). Haven't done a marathon in A5s, but am now doing most of my training in them (partly because all my other shoes wore out and the tri club haven't put an order in recently), so would definitely give it a go. Might even use them in the IM.

CW - I've never understood why women's vets start at 35 but men's at 40. In my experience, women in their late 30s are closer in speed to younger women than men in their late 30s are to younger men.

10M last night, mainly on snow, including a 30min paarlauf in the park with the running club. Didn't push it too hard after a couple of fairly hard days (and still less than 2 weeks since the ultra).

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