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28/02/2013 at 11:29

Dids - hope it is nothing that a couple of days drinking can't fix, keep the updates coming though please!

Who's OS? I think I must've accidentally blocked him/her - any ideas how to see who you've blocked (should be no one) and what to do to unblock?


LJ - well done on making Feb your biggest mileage month, not even a leap year ... 215 for me, ideally would've matched the 250 for Jan. You are quite right regards rest, did slow 6 & 4 yesterday but should've rested in retrospect ... I am having rest day today, maybe tomorrow too. Quads much better but calves tender, especially the one I don't have an Achilles issue with, don't think it's quite an injury, so hoping one or two days off should let it recover. Rest days are such a pain, especially when you feel you've already lost ground on where you want to be .... boiler's packed up so just had to go off in the car to get a replacement fan (that's an air-movement-device rather than one of LD's Canadian devotees) - got jealous of all the joggers I saw, where's their sympathy?

Got a 20mile "race or pace" thingy at Putney Bridge on Sunday which I should probably ditch but doing it with a couple of mates and reluctant to bail. And I'm nice round no. 50.  Hoping to run in the 7mm pacing group ie. MP+10s, was thinking of doing last few at MP, but will be happy if I can stick at sevens the whole way.

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28/02/2013 at 11:49
Hamstring - no miracle cure from God. got a hot water bottle on it now. Woke up with it still sore, but no pain when walking. So all-in-all I'm guessing it could be a few days out. As im ill today (not a hangover!) then it coincides ok. Still hoping its cramp related.

Don't really get the difficulty of doing a mini-taper. As an example, run hard mon- thurs and get 60 miles in, ease off and do, say, a 7 mile megaeasy run on a fri and 5 miles mega easy on Saturday, and then a 10K Sunday race. That's still going to be an 80-85 mile week. Plus, you'll be kicking ass the early part of the following week.
As PP says, focussing on one marathon race has its pitfalls if it goes tits up.
28/02/2013 at 11:51

Phil - nah, just noone ahead of me.  Has happened before.  I remember once a race where Padams & I were no's 2 & 3.  Didn't know him at the time, but thought he looked a far more likely candidate for someone who might have made the podium the year before.  And another time I recall overhearing someone say to their friend "I bet he's good" before the Kingston marathon as I was warming up with no. 2 on the front. I wasn't 

28/02/2013 at 11:59

Dan A - shame I'm not there to bump you down to no. 2!

PP - I saw you asking questions about Dambuster on "another website"! Chris D and Alan M will be good competition, and unfortunately Chris D won't have pre-qualified as he didn't race in Nancy last year (he was there but was ill). If you can beat Chris D you would beat me - we're always within a few seconds of each other. Cracknell won't be a problem - you'll be much quicker than him on the run.

LD - sounds like it is recovering OK and you'll be back soon. I agree about the mini-taper - I don't see any problem with that. I always have an easy day on Friday anyway, so it's only really one day which is compromised. Worth it to get a good time and to give you an idea of what shape you're in.

If I manage 12M tonight (which is the plan) I'll hit 150M for the month which is fine for me in a short month.

28/02/2013 at 12:05

found it in settings, I was accidentally ignoring OS - sorry, especially as I was missing your witticisms and, in particular, your sage advice: 

OS wrote (see)
Simon. If you want to get injured, running doubles is an excellent way to do it. You describe being tired, so doubles are the last thing you should do. Rest and recovery is a key part of training. 


28/02/2013 at 12:18

LD - I hope the hamstring clears up soon.

12.5M with 6M @ LT on the treadie for me last night, and that was fkin hard!

I am definitely sold on the benefits of chocolate milk as a recovery drink. It tastes nice enough at the best of times, but after a hard run, it's like flippin' nectar!

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28/02/2013 at 13:03

LD - sorry to hear about the hamstring; maybe asking for a miracle from God is a bit rich after what you said about his envoy in Rome a few weeks back Or maybe you've got a different God? Anyway, good job you're combining the injury and illness together as this is a much more efficient approach. I've got a bad cold (shakes, sleepy etc) and haven't run for a few days, I blame the lack of sleep and too much time in germ filled metal tubes at 37000ft - if only I had an injury as well then I would feel better about not running!

Good luck to those running Bath....I predict (not hard!) some fast times. 

28/02/2013 at 13:13
LJ - you may be right, I may have been too black and white on the subject of doctors. However I think your average hospital doctor is under a lot of pressure. In the good old days a hospital was somewhere you had your tonsils out, your arm put in plaster and queued furtively in that special outpatients ward round the back, dreading the inevitable pain coming your way. You didn't mind waiting a few hours and eating shit food because thats what happened in hospital and you only went twice a lifetime. Today, people seem to expect that every rare thing will be researched and treated, that if you've neglected your body you'll get bits of someone else's, not have to wait, and eat in style. And it's a political football. What a complex, demanding world.
28/02/2013 at 13:38

Sorry to hear about the number of niggles coming out of the woodwork.  Hopefully just minor blips for all, e.g. ZaTTu, Dids, Al_P, JH1.

Excellent running at the nationals by both CC2 and PP, impressively high placings for both.  PP, I believe memory loss is a real bonus after any time spent in Sunderland.

Nice exceeding of expectations on the 10 by LS21, and shame that Wardi had such an odd one, but sure its just one of those things.  Not sure I need to say much about Marigold's casual 15:01 parkrun.

Good long running by those too numerous to mention, although props to CW for that session, it made me feel sick just reading it (and that wasn't all to do with the prose either ). 

Al_P, I run to and from work with an OMM Ultra 15 rucksack.  Fits fantastically, feels really light and comfortable and never had any issues.  The one thing is I need to remember to tie the zip together with the little toggles, having on several occasions looked back to see my packed lunch bouncing merrily back down the hill.

I was in Cornwall last week, where the winds were pretty fierce, so I pussied out of anything bar limited easy running.  Made up for it a bit with 10x800 last night averaging 2:37, blew some of the cobwebs out nicely.

Speaking of running to and from work ... Like Dids with his Biggs, I have decided I need a nemesis.  I have settled on someone in my office I know only as the 'Phantom Defecator'.  Every day, if I am remotely late running into work, I can arrive with 100% confidence that he will already be ensconsed within the only shower cubicle in the building, leisurely relieving himself.  He will not choose any of the other, empty toilet cubicles, for reasons I do not understand - perhaps he likes to swing his legs around in the larger space?  Anyway, I have to stand/sit there, listening to his unnecessary grunts and moans (come on man, it's not childbirth!), and his tearing off of (and I am not exaggerating) about 15 sheets of toilet paper, for reasons unknown, for a considerable period of time before he finally decides that his fun has come to an end.

All of which means that my supposed 'easy' runs to work are often faster than the likes of Mr McMillan would suggest, in a bid to thwart the Phantom Defecator for another day.  If I get injured, I'm blaming him.

28/02/2013 at 13:45

We have one of those in my office, Dachs.  Ours wasn't that great about ensuring the facilities were left in a pleasant state, either, so the shower/disabled toilet cubicle now has a keypad to which only the favoured few have been given the code.

Cheerful Dave    pirate
28/02/2013 at 14:01

Dan: ah, the Kingston marathon, there's a blast from the past.  My first one and my first sub 3 were both there.

28/02/2013 at 14:31

Dachs - Ha!  I used to have a work colleague who was renowned for marathon sessions in the conveniences but it never affected my training.  (Mainly because I didn't train at the time cos I was too busy being fat.)

Dan - By some strange spookiness, the only time I wore race #2, I came second.  And I was chicked!  What are the chances?

ES - 6 miles tempo on the treaddie would do my head in.  Good work!

Padams - I've been doing all the usual stalking of previous years' results, entry lists and cross-referencing Po10!  My conclusion is that automatic qualification will be tough-but-doable.  Worst case scenario, I'd fancy my chances on the roll-down process.

28/02/2013 at 14:32

our office landlord is a nice bloke, but prone to OCD and moments of extreme anger. He has pinned various notices around the place, including this in the gents cubicle:


28/02/2013 at 16:25

LD - That made me laugh! I'd question the wisdom of replacing curries with All Bran though - I would have thought the effect of both of those is largely the same

Cheerful Dave    pirate
28/02/2013 at 16:28

Dan & PP, curse your fate-tempting skills.  Guess who's got to live up to the expectations of #2 at the nadbuster on saturday?

28/02/2013 at 18:07

Dids - illness and a hammy, you copped a hit in the toaster after all.

DAchs - ha ha, everyone has to take a dump, even the queen !

made me laugh that PP has been trying to work out who his opposition is and how good they are.

28/02/2013 at 19:04
Good to see that others share my pain. Notes like at Dids' office have gone up at ours too, but unfortunately without any of the wit.
28/02/2013 at 20:07

Dachs/Dids.. when I had very sore ribs the Doc gave me some Tramadol pain killers.  His recommended dose of 3 a day sent me to sleep and bunged my tummy up good n' proper.  Just make sure your 'phantom defecators' get the same dose and Bob's your Uncle!  BTW I reduced the dose to 1 a day and just put up with the pain the rest of the time.

Dids.. enjoy the rest and hope leg and fever recover quickly.  

ES.. nice work on the treadie.  I find the treadie more bearable when I'm doing a bit of quality on it, the time seems to pass more quickly than when I'm doing a steady run.

15m+4m double today.  Cracking day of sun & blue sky up here so couldn't resist going out twice. 

 This morning's run was part reconnaisance to find a new 10k course for my home town's event which is part of a summer series of 6 races.  Despite the fact that we have never had anyone injured, killed or lost in 20 years, the highways people were wagging their fingers at us for a 1.5k section on the 'old' course which is slightly busy on occasions.  Rather than argue the toss with them we measured a new and rather more pleasant route which is about 2/3rds off road/farm tracks without getting involved in any mud.  Job's a good'un.    

237m for Feb.

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28/02/2013 at 20:16

My German visitors are gone so I'm once more free to catch up with the thread and won't need to be at work at 08:30... having missed my weekly med-long run, I'm thinking of coalescing it into my weekender, by setting off super-early tomorrow and doing a Fri LSR commute in. Which will make for a ridiculous mileage week, but setting the scene for (wait for it TR, nice training BTW) a mega-taper for the HM next week... which is an A-race, if only because it's in my home town, everyone will either be there, asking about it afterwards, or perusing the local paper for results. So to avoid hurt pride, it's got to be good! And I'm totally with PP on wanting to pick up some additional races now and then as "targets of opportunity" if the marathon doesn't work out -- shame to waste all the big training otherwise.

LD -- good luck. I'm utterly with you on the drinking beer and massaging the muscles while watching telly gambit, which sorted my calf out last time; sorry it didn't do it for your hamstring, or at least not completely.

Al_P -- I have an Inov-8 Race Pro 22 rucksack which I use all the time and get on with really well. (I never use the water bladder, which was awkward.) I even do speed work en route to work with 2kg in it, of course. Their bumbag, however, jounced around and mysteriously rotated until it was over one hip, so I barely used it.

February stats: 254M @ 7:13/M avg; 3 training runs of 27M+; one race, 15M technical PB (first time at that distance). And that's a record monthly mileage. (Second was the August I was doing BGR sections.) But still 7 rest days!

28/02/2013 at 20:20

X-post: nice double Wardi, and Dachs -- why not wait for the phantom to emerge and try explaining that the cubicle is special and you need it? Or if there are plenty of other cubicles, bend the ear of your HR people to say it has shower-user priority. Or go for some regular clandestine sabotage of the WC so it's generally unusable and the phantom has to menace somewhere else... (cling film jape?

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