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24/03/2013 at 14:20

SL - if thats the hardest week you've done and it was 107M then that 10M has to be worth more than last years 10M. Its tricky to judge fitness though. I did 10M in a 14M av 6:15 as my last midweeker last year, this weeks 8 in 13 was av 6:38, so tons slower, but its still difficult to assess how far behind last years fitness I am in terms of race day goal times.

AW - well done, thats you pretty much  done and dusted, You are well placed for a decent sub3. 

24/03/2013 at 14:22

Jools - I'm outraged!!!! Is the ladies team 3 to score as I guess that could be one excuse as they had to give 4 of us £50 each........ even so - NOT ON

Nice long runs SL and AW....... qualty week SL, and yes - pretty dizzy.

Full details of one mans OCD obsessed running round in circles antics here in my weekly summary....


24/03/2013 at 14:24

..... I see I'm not the only fool around here, nice "laping" CW

24/03/2013 at 14:36

Only managed one lap in the freezing cold this morning, though it was 21.46 miles.

Last 6 attempted at mp (6:34, 6:42, 6:37, 6:30, 6:40).

24/03/2013 at 14:54

Marigold - cracking stuff ! 2:31 for a training marathon !!!!!! bloody hell, so approx 30sec/Mile slower than PB. wow, that'd be like me doing a 3:04 in training ! respect due there.

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24/03/2013 at 15:04
Jesus Christ. I read Charlie's Post and thought he was crazy, but then read Marigold's and realized its normal for these parts. I may run 5000 laps of my living room later today.

Actually I am stunned by your run Marigold. The HR trace shows you didn't do what i do on long runs which is stop periodically to pee, drink, eat jelly babies, find something new on the iPod without running into a lamp post etc. Hence the course you chose, I guess, as you can be sure of not being interrupted. Amazing.

Also nice long ones from Jools, AW, SL, and postie. I plan two if not 3 more long ones. Tapering only important if you have heavy legs. Will see.

I like the idea of your treddie session so much LS that I may have a go at it this week. I can see how it keeps you focussed, and the 2x component is a nice idea. My approach to date has been to use the treadmill for two sessions. The first is a flat out 5k, starting out at close to 5k speed and ramping up speed in the last k. The idea is to replicate the weekly park runs, which haven't reached Switzerland. The second is a deliberate solid and boring mp run, to get used to the idea of this pace. So I start and finish at more or less the same pace, with just a tiny bit of ramping up at the end. These have been 30-40 mins duration (except my hour on Friday) followed by a 10k jog.
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24/03/2013 at 15:10

Nice run postie!

Cheers TR/OS - It was always going to be a bit faster this time as it coincided with a mileage cut back week and also as I said in my blog - I'm actually already at race weight where as normally 4-5 weeks out I've still normally got 1/2 stone to lose!

And yes OS, no stops at all today. I did do some nutrition testing along the way though and ate 6 "Clif Shot Bloks" (strawberry) on route. They seem to be a cross between a gel and and a solid and they worked quite well for me. Took a bit to get the hang of chewing at pace but they seemed to go down okay. the 6 blocks were the equivalent of 2 Gels apparently...... I'm doing some experimentation for when I perhaps move up a distance with my racing and need to take on a bit more food

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24/03/2013 at 15:18

Marigold - maybe the change of schedule this year has done you good, looks like it so far. Looks like a few BAC sessions have done Al_P the power of good too, he smoked it round the Eastleigh 10k today.

I had 3 pee stops in my 23M y'day and I didnt take a drink with me, I was still processing the beers from the night before. There's not many runs that I dont stop to water the bushes.

24/03/2013 at 15:28

I guess I'll aim for it and just see how I feel on the day.  CW, my first marathon I did last year was 3hr 6mins but no where near as much training as this time.  Haven't heard of a champs start qualifier- going to look in to that now.

The Hastings HM is blimmin hard.  pretty much climbing until 9 miles against the wind which destroyed me.  Pushed it from there to the end and ended on 1:21:53. Very glad VLM is flat.

Good long runs ppl.  Kind of miss not having done one, mainly because I can't completely pig out for the rest of the day.

24/03/2013 at 15:33

Marigold: ladies' team was 3 to score.  Perhaps they're quite old-fashioned and feel that we delicate little girlies need to be rewarded for the arduous efforts of completing a half marathon??!

I hope that both Marigold and Charlie no longer feel dizzy...

From a rant I have seen on Facebook it looks as if the Southerns were cancelled, too.  Ballot for the Nationals, guys?

24/03/2013 at 15:33
Bah! Southern relays indeed called off, but didn't find out till the train had reached Watford, so cracked on to Milton Keynes anyway and did a 20 mile club run on snowy paths @ 6:49/m. I'm treating that as a bonus 20 miler, and legs feel shockingly fresh after a relatively easy week. So it's worked out quite well really!
24/03/2013 at 15:44
No need to look far if Cambridge ever wants a rival to Inspector Morse, Charlie. There's plenty of scope for a dumb Lewis-like side kick from here too.
24/03/2013 at 15:56

Wow (again) SL, that was a hell of  a week. Hope you get to taper soon...

Thought of you today Marigold as I remembered you'd be doing much the same run (by tradition). What a lightweight though... a marathon is 26.22M, not 26.21, and you only ran at ~9% slower than PB when my 2:53 a few weeks back was 7% over PB. I'll let you off though because apart from yours being a not-quite-of-this-earth training run, your non-pitstop strategy totally outclasses me -- probably something to do with my ridiculous dried fruit intake... (not on VLM weekend, obviously).

Sweedo -- championship entries explained here -- what they don't really explain is that it is technically the national inter-club championships, hence you absolutely must wear club kit, and you get to start just behind the elites. And the starting enclosure has more Portaloos than you can imagine. What's not to like?

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24/03/2013 at 16:20
Righto, I've decided if I want glory in a months time it's no more Mr Nice Guy.
I was flicking through that pile of adverts and dumbed down dross that masquerades as the London Marathon magazine.
It was getting me depressed. Firstly, my number. 31,000 ish. Why not give me a plaque to wear that says "this bloke is just very average" instead? I was then dwelling on my injury and was considering a cop out plan B, by wearing a stupid costume and setting a Guinness World record.

But then, I lingered awhile on the article by Scott Overall. I have to admit a shallow dislike to the bloke. He looks all wrong to me, always hated his name, another soft southern British failure. Anyway, this loon reckons you should stretch your exhausted muscles immediately after the race, and skip the post race pint because it'll make you more dehydrated. Typical, typical, typical nonsense - in my opinion, and I'm usually right.

It got me so angry that this underachiever will no doubt be 1st Brit home, and I'll be dressed as a feckin budgie.

So, I headed straight to YouTube: Botham destroying the Aussies, Ali knocking out Foreman, Leeds on that unforgettable night against Stuttgart. Some of the greatest comebacks ever. Do we also add Zatopek, rolling off his hospital bed to take gold? Of course we do.

So, that's it, Overall you baldie no hoper, I'm not just going to break 2:45 and claim my champs number back, not just going to be the first of us lot at the bar of the Red Lion, but I'm gonna feckin take you on birdcage walk and sneer as I do.

17 miles in the gym at steady pace this lunchtime. The boy is back.
24/03/2013 at 16:42

Dids.. the recalled chunky Kit Kats are nothing to do with me, I haven't worked there for years!  The one perk of the job in my day were 'solid' Kit Kats.  Once in a while the production line biscuit machine seized up and stopped dispensing.  While cries of 'bring on the biscuit mechanic' rang out, about 400 Kit Kat moulds full of chocolate were discreetly wrapped by the machine operatives.  All were distributed to fellow workers for their lunch break treat and a few went home for the binlids.  The chocolate in a solid Kit Kat tastes heavenly I can assure you.     Good to see you back in action BTW.

SL.. cracking tempo run & a tidy 23.5m today - with over a ton this week you deserve another curry!

Nice 23m yesterday TR, good long runs from PP, Jools, & AW too.

Mind boggling stuff, Charlie running lots of pieces of Parker's Piece & Marigold bombing around more than a little of Littledown.  Amazing stuff!

Jools.. I see the Parkrun was 20.01 so PP will be pleased!  Sounds like a great effort on that course.  Is the Ashton Court climb more SSS (short, sharp, shock) or LSC (long steady climb)?  I do a summer 10k which has 1k of SSS tortuous hill after the start then a very long, not as steep descent - the legs are like rubber at the end!

LS21.. good progressive treadie session there fella.  Nice way of letting off steam after the XC cancellation.

Headed out for 14m today but managed 3-4m before my hands started to turn numb in the windchill.  Retreated home & banged out the other 10m on the treadie while watching the World XC races on telly - similarly cold in Poland!  14m today gets me to just over 60m for the week.

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24/03/2013 at 17:23
LD. Inspiring fighting talk. Such an attitude is half the battle. But the other half is clearly hundreds of laps of a very small course without pause. So get to it.

Heading off for my 20 as soon as nippers are scrubbed and stories read.
24/03/2013 at 17:59

A 2.30 marathon in training! That's amazing!

TR - Yes pretty much done, just have to deal with the not running so much over next couple of weeks and avoid over doing it!

Nice LR Postie and PP, pity a lot of the racing has been canned today.

Good to see LD back in business.

Wardi - I've noticed once in a while you get the odd finger of a Kitkat which is solid, always wondered how that happened. Very nice though! Good run today on the treadmill, talking of cold, it was a bit chilly in Poland by the look of it!

Enjoy the 20 OS.

24/03/2013 at 18:04
Good fighting talk from LD!

24m at 7:09 for me, including first half of LM course. Bloody freezing. Lower back sore and hamstrings tender but I'm hoping that's taperable.

Looking forward to next week's MarathonTalk interview next week. Apparently some media tart . . .
24/03/2013 at 18:05
Wardi - is that how the "Yorkie" came about?
24/03/2013 at 18:05

Nice long runs this morning and well done on toughing out Hastings Sweedo.

Wilmslow Half for me today. Pretty windy with a tailwind for the first few miles and a headwind for the last few. In between it was all over the place. Anyway, I decided to make the most of the early conditions and start like a train. This left me knackered by 8m and hanging on for the last few into the wind. Result was a PB by just over a minute of 1:16:39. On the way I beat my 5k and 5m PB, 10k official split was 35:15 and 10m was 57:45. Happy with that considering, and I reckon there's plenty more to come off later this year.

Headed over to LD's neck of the woods after for roast dinner at the Met and a couple of pints of Landlord.

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