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30/03/2013 at 12:04
PP - Your clubmate doesn't look like he's working or he's just a low sweater . Is he the one that you beat? See you got the right side (chip) of 55 compared to Finchley.

Good for getting the long one done TR, even though you couldn't push it. This sub 3 train could be huge in 3 weeks time. If Dan gets his pacing wrong ;o) we could swallow you up too.
30/03/2013 at 12:16

Parallel lives, TR -- I have a sore calf patch too, though I'm not so worried about it as I had something in the same place before my last two half marathons and it seemed a bit peripheral to running (high up, inside of leg). And my plan was similarly to do 23M or something with maybe 6M at MP, but I too will skip the speed if it feels at all iffy -- tomorrow, or maybe Monday otherwise. Well done on getting through your last one unscathed.

I really like the last week of tapering, when I know it's time and I have no doubts about doing tiny mileage. But two or three weeks out, I never really know how much to slack off, and how much it helps. Very keen though to observe what LS21 just said -- far better to play it safe if in doubt, having got this far.

30/03/2013 at 12:19

TR - you're one of the most serious non-serious trainer I know Well done on yet another long run, you know it all pays off on the day...I'm going for my first long run tomorrow (oh, dear!).

PP - you're so not going to be shit on the day! Awesome racing/training/racing combination. You're in one to those fabulous periods when running is just great fun and PBs keep falling. So pleased for you...what are your A/B/C targets for 21/04?


30/03/2013 at 12:28

JH1 - Yeah, I got him back for the Kent County Vets XC -  a 2 secs sprint difference the other way.  Apart from lack of sweat, you can't hear him breathe or run either.  I'm beginning to think he might be a cyborg.  Just seen the chip time, I'll take that.  Po10 will use it so who am I to argue?

I think I'll record the BBC red button in anticipation of the sub-3 thread sub-3 train coming in en masse.  I think you should all hold hands - except for CRaB, we don't want an e-coli break-out.

CW - Also looking forward to all the taper-madness talk now. I'm in a lucky position of feeling ahead of the game so it's just a chilled feeling that I've got all the hard stuff out of the way and can wind down with lower mileage and a little bit of fast stuff thrown in. And try not to dip into the biscuit tin too often.

Coro - Cheers for the vote of confidence, much appreciated!  A/B/C - good question! I'm basically thinking sub-2:35 but I suppose 2:35.x would be a C target (sub-6m/m, big chunk off PB). Then I guess based on my prediction of aiming for ~1:16-1:17 at halfway, I really would be happy with 2:34 (B target) but possibly capable of 2:32/2:33?? If I see any splits quicker than 5:45 - other than going downhill through Woolwich - I'll rein it in, so I definitely won't be going any quicker than that!

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30/03/2013 at 12:45

Coro - I had to stay out there, if I went home after 4M of an intended 20M run my kids would call me a quitter for weeks ! I did indeed just think of it as time on feet. I wouldnt like to be in your low mileage quads if you do make the start line ! ha ha.

LS21/PP - ice, and hot water bottle, and cotton wool. Just as I celebrate no more 20M runs in training for another 9 or 10 months, Coro starts his 3 week build up !

JH1 - I'll be running scared then. I'll have non-one to run the early miles with, MtR is on the pies nowadays, Ode is in the 2:59 lollipop train and Nell has just popped one out so wont be running with me this time !

PP - good man, you seem certain of your pacing which is good. You need to get a Shire horse collar for that gurning though.

CRAB  Parkrun ? I hope you used the doggy poo bin !

CW - feels like a (campaign) wieght off my mind, still made me smile again, that it was cold out there in the wind again, and i bet the sun comes out in 3 weeks.

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30/03/2013 at 13:07
TR - it's snowing here again at the mo! Really, it is!
30/03/2013 at 13:29

Happy Easter all

The plan said I was doing the local "Rotary Quarter Marathon" this morning but I was undecided whether I should actually do it or not as since Wednesday's stop/start stomach troubled interval session I've had a couple of niggles, a noticeably tight left hamstring and a bit of tension in the right calf.

Anyway, did a long warm up to the start , paid my entry fee , pinned it on my vest and then decided to do another couple of miles warm-up before the start. Hamstring started to tighten up again so I thought I would do some strides to see how it felt. Started to have the "do I think it will be okay for the race' thoughts and was just about to go for it anyway when..............


I turned around and jogged home.

An obvious and ridiculously easy decision for anyone looking in on the situation but a bit of a breakthrough for me - wouldn't have been that long ago I would currently be nursing a broken hamstring after winning the very important "Rotary Quarter Marathon"

............hamstring already feeling better.


And in other news, received my latest batch of Fastwitch's through the post this morning. I had already decided on the yellow pair as my trainers of choice for the big day (for obvious colour matching reasons!) but it appears I now have to change my mind as I have a new "lucky" pair instead

(It appears Ben Fish works for Royles )


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30/03/2013 at 13:43

Marigold - Sensible stuff.  Minor technical question re: the Fastwitch.  Would I be right in saying that the yellow pair you're referring to are the same as mine, i.e. version 4, and in which case aren't they different from your new pair, being the version 5, which has a 4mm heel drop, which I don't get on with so much?  In which case, have you found much difference either way yourself, or is it worth considering if you haven't already?  Or am I talking nonsense?

...p.s. If the ones you've linked to were v4 I'd have to get a pair myself.  They'd match my shorts perfectly. 

30/03/2013 at 13:50

marigold - you donut.  You coulda come and screamed around the parkrun instead.  I'm sure LD would have recommended it.  1/4 marathon?  WTF?  Did I do half a 10k today?

LS21 - funnily enough I'm not convinced I'm a million miles away from that at the top end of my current fitness.  Don't intend to put it to the test though.  Not keen on giving them both a good airing.  Might just sneak the left one (my particular favourite - everyone has a favourite knacker right?) out a smidge and try and sneak under 2:50 but not if it's too big an ask on the day.

I was a good boy today.  I used the facilties along the Quay en route to the parkrun and laid off the garlic eclairs last night. Anyone else slightly disappointed in me like I am of myself?

MtR - highlight of VLM 2012 (just up from Ode telling me he'd seen Dan A hop the barrier at Tower Bridge) was you turning up at the GFA area after the on/off in the week leading up.  There was a tangible lifting of spirits and sense of excitement.  Surely 3+hours of abject misery and then a week of walking like John Wayne is a small price to pay for making a few of your mates happy for 10secs or so? Come on son don't be selfish. I'll buy you a salp up feed in the Red Lion.

As you were.

30/03/2013 at 13:56

They are all 5's PP with the 4mm heel drop

The "yellow' ones I refered to are these

(Perhaps a tinge of green in there )

I don't notice a huge difference since the 4's to be honest but I do get on well with the 5's

30/03/2013 at 14:16
Phil Pub - please, please, please do something about those shorts.
30/03/2013 at 14:25

MtR - you cant turn down an offer like that !

Marigold - good lad !

Did PP have shorts on in that photo ? I thought he was running in Orange Budgie Smugglers and thats why he was gurning so much ? The fella to PPs side had proper shorts on.

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30/03/2013 at 14:39

Think I'm going to tie myself to CRAB (not too tightly for obvious reasons) during VLM.  If I'm going down, then he's coming down with me.  At least last year's excuse was a good one (stress fracture).

Just looked up the other two sub 3 pacers. Both are teammates from Belfast who have done the job in the past (although one finished in 3.03 in 2011).  Sure you can look them up if you need to, but they look like they've got handy enough CV's in case one of us (ahem, ) struggles.

The nice people at RW have supplied me with enough gear from the German sportwear company to start my own store (oh, hang on a minute), plus a GPS Ironman watch that might have Coro struggling to work out what all the functions do.  Rapidly running out of excuses now.

Marigold - sounds like a classic case of pre-VLM hypochondrius maximus to me.  Who's to say though that you would have won the Rotary Quarter?  Just about to listen to your MT interview; better be good.

Likewise will be looking out principally for Marigold & PP's times first. Told my mate about the former's training schedule.  His response, "fck me, does he have a wife?"  Although he might have said "life"!    Jools' race I intend to witness first hand.

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30/03/2013 at 15:00

TR - Congrats on getting the last long run in.

PP - Great 10miler, you're flying at the minute.

Marigold - Very sensible decision!

I'm pulling together a list of races for the rest of the year. Does anyone have a recommendation for a quick HM in October or November? Races are looking a bit sparse up north, although there may be some still to be announced. The Great Birmingham Run looks a bit hilly, but on the same day it's the Palma de Majorca Half Marathon. I could be tempted by that.

30/03/2013 at 15:23
PP - Christ alive those shorts are hypnotic.
Marigold - sounds sensible.
TR - another one done and dusted, hope the calf improves.
LS21 - sounds like a wise decision
Nice to see Piscator popping in and sounds like things are going well.

I had a little flirt with the bench earlier in the week. For some strange reason my left ankle, inside left, became very swollen, absolutely no warning, 2 days of massage, ice/heat treatment and its gone and did a comfortable 7 miler at 2.25 pace with no reaction. Not sure what caused it, or whether it was a dose of the CW's but glad it's gone.
30/03/2013 at 15:30

Marigold, that's the most inspiring story of anticlimax I've heard all day. I have a touch of the CWs myself -- the tender calf patch is more so after massaging it -- and I've decided to can the long run tomorrow for safety's sake, hopefully to find it's fine for Monday. Have to be ruthlessly selfish at keeping the toaster hygenic at this stage in the game.

Yours sounds far more impressive SL, with actual real swelling -- glad to hear it disappeared again...

30/03/2013 at 16:22
Looks like parallel tales of common sense prevailing, with Marigold skipping the fractional marathon and Phil sparing his gurning candles (or is it matches?, I am forgetting the jargon) for the main event.

Seriously, I really hope the niggles reported by Marigold, SL, LS, CW et al are all between the ears.

And was that an early case of sandbagging, CRAB?

Long one planned for later. Looking cold and wet.
30/03/2013 at 16:23
Marigold - Surely the QM win is as good as a sub 2.18 at VLM. Right call, me thinks.

Feels like spring is in the air today. Even saw a bit of sun but had to get inside, in case I got burnt.
These babies arrived in the post today. Can't grumble at that price (free socks too) and with another 10% discount using athleticos11 they were almost paying me. Most importantly they're red.
30/03/2013 at 16:47
Andy D - if you want a flat fast half with decent field, get yourself booked in for the great eastern run in Peterborough.

SL - nicely done. I'm counting on you hitting the startline in top condition. Hopefully i'll be able to keep up too.

LS21 - belting time yesterday fella. Good work.

Nicely done from PP, and good run from your clubmate Stu too.
30/03/2013 at 17:14

Not too far to go now so I'll jump back in if nobody minds. Been keeping my head down this time expecting it to go wrong at any time but I'm still standing with the taper looming. Target MP has been 6.15m/m, same as last year when I didn't make the start so quite pleased to have got this far. Next to no racing except for an acceptable Bath HM with 78:31 which just about gives me an outside chance of 2:45 if the planets align on the day. My plan at the moment is to avoid any pacers and not get carried away.

Most of you are hitting the right numbers on here especially Jools, Phil, AL P, SL and Marigold. I suspect I may be seeing CRAB on the road at some point; bet you're nearer 2:45 to 2:50. LS21: you're in great shape with loads of miles; shame you're not joining us.

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