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30/03/2013 at 21:14

Well that's possibly the longest read-back I've done, perhaps so much so that I don't have a shopping list of congratulatory epithets to post. Well done to those doing some brilliant training which, for most, represents the last stages before VLM. Some of you look to be in fantastic shape. Sorry to the few who aren't and who are facing dilemmas e.g. whether to run at all or not. I'm really looking forward to cheering some of you on, and meeting as many as poss in the Red Lion after.

I shouldn't single out LD but the pub where I'm sitting has had to put up with my laughter. I hope you duly despatch Mr Overthehill on the day.

Interesting couple of articles a few days back. The one on elitism in sport came to prominence for me the other day in the pub. It was the day of the England vs Wales match and beforehand Arsenal were playing. Their game finished and the pub emptied of all but a couple of their fans. As I was having a pee I asked a guy if he was watching the rugby and he said 'no can't stand it' before starting a tirade about how rugby supporters are w*nkers. Football, he said, is the working man's sport.

And now to Dan's blog ... hmmm. I think, if I may, that you're right to identify an issue but wrong about your solution. The media is the reason why we're in the shit we are in this country. Lardy layabouts sit on their sofas soaking up crisps and think that Mr Simon Cowell will instantly transport them to stardom if only he will recognise their innate talent. That's all that is required: media recognition.

F ucking bollocks. Pardon the french. It doesn't matter how naturally talented you are in anything you HAVE to work sodding hard to get to the top. And I'm afraid in my opinion the reason British running has largely disappeared into oblivion is that people don't know what graft, hard work and grit mean. I'm teaching kids many of whom seem to have no conception that you've got to pull your blinking finger out and work your socks off in whatever you choose to do, and preferably in everything you do.

You're right though that if the prizes aren't there, why should they? After all, if you can warble as uselessly as half the winners of X-factor and still land a million pound record deal why should you worry about the need to graft, graft and graft again? Yes, training 200 miles a week really hurts. But you might just reach the top of the tree.

We live in a country of masturbatory gratification. It's quick, easy and bloody sloppy.

This might get me my first moderated post but I believe it to be true so hopefully it will stand. 

21m done this afternoon after writing three new chapters of my book. Took in Tufnell, Regent's, Hyde and Battersea Parks. Now sipping Sussex Best. And Spurs won. Was it easy? No it was hard work, but I now feel damned good. Rant over.

31/03/2013 at 06:55

Happy Easter everyone

Marigold sensible running.

LS21 and AndyD well done.

LD good to here you are running.

Good sessions from Jules,PP,ES

Great long run from AL_P and HR.

After my 52 mile long run last Saturday, banged out 16 miles at average MP yesterday on an up and down path on an old railway line. More than happy as running the Ultra was a gamble and tried to protect myself during that run, for the marathon on 28/04/2013. Will probably concentrate more on speed for April than long runs Ran 253 miles in March.

The only bad/good thing this weekend was looking after my nearly 2 year granddaughter and her toaster of Hades. She had mixture of chicken pox and cold/cough and wanted to give out loads of cuddles! I have a sniffle this morning, which I am putting down to taper madness.

31/03/2013 at 06:56
The smell of taper madness is in the air...

Marigold - Sounds like a wise decision.

PP - Cracking 10 miler well done.

PP / Marigold - What is the difference between the Saucony Fastwich and the Kinvara? I run in the Kinvaras but have not come across the Fastwitch in SA. Looks to be similar shoes.

11.25 miles yesterday and another 12.5 this morning.
31/03/2013 at 07:48

Not really read back properly, but just wanted to say well done to everyone getting their last long runs done, and well done to Marigold for making a sensible decision!

Two decent rides the last two days (trying to make up for missed weekends!) - just over 4 hours on Friday and about 2.5 hours yesterday.

Just about to set off to the Northampton Marathon - very low key affair (probably less than 100 runners, 12 laps all off-road). I entered it a while back as it's local and thought it would be a good way of getting a long run done. Legs aren't feeling too sharp right now though - felt a bit 'lacticy' just walking up the stairs!

31/03/2013 at 08:10
Ah, the dawning of the final day of hard training, when we all put our feet up and count our blessings that the taper has finally arrived? Yeah right, us dunces in the remedial class are still here with a shit load of graft to contemplate. How depressing.
Was going to do more speed work yesterday, but hamstring was too sore really. Did a mega 3 hour calorie burn gym session instead.

Does anyone do "the plank" - that well known core strength exercise I see people do in the gym? I can only hold that for about 15-20 secs of moaning, shaking and wobbling. My weedy daughters can even manage a good minute. Am I abnormal?
31/03/2013 at 08:27
Dids - core work is over rated, or I'm just too lazy to do it, one or the other.

HR - couldn't agree more and nice 21. Last year I gave a talk to the local primary school ( the older ones) and the faces on the kids when I told them how much I train was priceless. They were even more disgusted when I told them it wasn't my job.

Padams - enjoy the marafun.
31/03/2013 at 09:14

Good long run Al_P and impressive hours in the saddle Padams, hope the low-key marathon is fun. TB -- if you can do 16M@MP, maybe your target should be a bit quicker...

HR -- don't worry, it seems the moderators are on holiday, Happy Easter all!

I'm taking a break today because my inner calf edge is now very tender to the touch where I was massaging it -- the muscle is kind of irritated. I'm strangely not too worried as that bit of muscle doesn't seem too involved in running, and the same problem disappeared OK the last two times even when I raced on it. Just being super-cautious. Shame though as it is a gorgeous, wind-free morning for a LR with MP here.

And that means I can report March stats: 292M @ 7:11/M avg, 10 rest days, 2 races (XC + HM, both went well), 2xLSR (30 + 27). Easily my biggest mileage month ever. If I'd done the long one today, it would have been 10miles/day average.

31/03/2013 at 09:16

The planks only good if its done properly, you see loads of people holding it for ages but a lot of them are probably using a load of other muscles primarily instead of the transverse abdominis etc as the main focus. Good exercise though!

Nice final round of long runs from TR, Al_P and HR and good sessions by plenty of others too.

Good luck racers today!

Hope the various niggles clear up and are just taper induced!

Just about to set off for a steady 13 miles. Looks to be a lovely day out there, wouldn't mind it being like this in a weeks time in Paris!

31/03/2013 at 10:41
TB - cracking MP run after your ultra.

I had 23m planned today which would have made 80 for the week and concluded a very satisfying week including a 15m, a 20+m, intervals and a 10k. Unfortunately though, an easy 10m yesterday morning which felt strangely hard preceded a day of feeling shit. And then during the night I seem to have contracted either cholera or dysentry. A day in bed beckons, and I might attempt it tomorrow instead. One positive outcome is that with the weight loss I have achieved in the last 12hrs, I've now revised my tergat to sub-2h25.
31/03/2013 at 11:39

Well done on the 23M Al_p you are well placed for a PB.

TB - I agree with the others you werent doing 16M of MP esp one week after that Ultra.

I like sound of Padams big weekend, inverse taper marathon !

Dids - abnormal ? no just weak ! I can do several minutes, but I'm all lean and mean.

Andy - hope you feel better soon

CW - very wise

I'm defo on the bench now, should be back to it later in the week though. Didnt get to run quickish in my 20 y'day but I did some intervals on the turbo earlier today, I'm sure that my aerobic engine wont know that I was pedalling and not running.

31/03/2013 at 11:39

Ah, the dawning of the first day of hard training. 22M done in 2:19, felt ok and picked up the pace a tad towards the end. March was crap, so nice to finish it off on a positive note. Lovely morning out there

AD - sounds nasty, hope the day in bed helps

CW - great training month for you!

31/03/2013 at 11:41
Happy Easter to all.

Lovely 9 mile progressive run this morning around the Cotswolds. A glorious crisp morning made the run far easier. Thought I was lost but found my way back, averaging 6.22 after a fairly leisurely start so pretty pleased all in.

Now where's those chocolate eggs....?
31/03/2013 at 11:53
Padams - just off to run a marathon...... have fun!!
31/03/2013 at 11:54
And I'm spent. 23m today around a very hilly glossop, not particularly quick apart from last 5k but finding it hard to walk so it's done the job. 325m for march.

Great long runs everyone, great work tb on a great run after that ultra- I wouldn't be able to walk after that. I'd agree with cw on your target. Hope that niggle goes cw.

Have ppl been doing much core work? I've been really lazy with it, lazier than stretching. Bit too late now I suppose.

Taper here we come
31/03/2013 at 12:40

20M @ 7.42m/m.  Taper madness can now begin

31/03/2013 at 13:08

Core work?  I gave up on it about three weeks ago so that I could squeeze in some more running. But I'm sure I'll get back to it for the summer of beach-body-building.  LD - The plank's probably overrated but I've got it up to five minutes before.  Shaking like a shitting dog, I was.

Right, the taper can definitely now begin.  84 miles for the week, with 45 over the past three days.  That's a record all round for me.  The last 13.1 (well, 13.2...) was composed of the Richmond HM which I ran round with our DanA in 1:25:03 or so, holding a lollipop stick.  (There was a balloon as well but it got popped by a sharp branch after about a mile.  D'oh!) This means we carried out our 1:25 pacing duties with elegant consistency AND I have another silly race time to add to the list. Yay! Good fun, I fancy doing more of that. (Race report: lovely scenic route but I've discounted it as a future pre-mara build-up race due to some rather non-PB running surfaces.  Tis distinctly "multi-terrain".)

31/03/2013 at 14:21

good stuff Coro, good sign that you could pick the pace up later too. You can still bag another 20 yet too, you wont be needing much of a taper.

Jools - thats another strong run, your long runs come in similar paced to mine. You are in good shape this year, just make sure that you stick with the lollipop all the way.

good to see DanA practicing his pacing even if he needed PP to keep an eye on him.

31/03/2013 at 14:59

Not sure if anyone else has been following the Anglo-Celtic Plate 100km this morning in Perth but  it's been very interesting. 3 guys faster than me over the marathon all debuting over the distance with varying results ( Tom Payn , Adrian Marriott and Dave Mitchinson) . Tom only one in so far in 7:25 which I'm reasonably sure will be a lot slower than he was hoping for.

Food for thought for when Marders and I step up and play PROPER Ultra runner

Coro - Quality run for someone who hasn't got the time to train!!

Padams - Hope the marathon went well

Core work - Do it when I'm injured in a vain attempt to turn back time and stop the thing that's already happened

This weeks weekly summary...... hanging on in there with a toaster exposed


Edited: 31/03/2013 at 15:00
31/03/2013 at 15:01

1.25.03???? No, no, no, that will never do if you're pacing 1.25. Did the runners not beat the carp out of you PP and DanA?

Despite missing a great chunk of fairly critical training over the last 10 days, I still limped over the 300 mile mark for March. It was a mixed month - a nice 10k PB in good conditions, a terrible run plagued by a stitch at the Inter Counties XC, a 20 miler with 10 @ MP and then a horrendous cold that wiped me out for 5 days and I'm on day 10 of coughing up my lungs. I did manage my 22 today (well, 21.5 due to factors outside my control) but didn't attempt MP for the 10k race at the end of it. I was aiming for MP + 10% but the downhill first mile meant I started a bit quicker, and I just kept getting quicker, even on the uphill sections. Passed MP at around the 5 mile marker and wound it up to the finish. It was about a minute slower than it would have been if I'd run the whole thing at MP and has at least restored my confidence in the distance, if not the speed. Coughing up two lungs now though.

31/03/2013 at 15:16

Last mile seemed suspiciously long. We put on a bit of a spurt to get under 1.25 which might have surprised those that were hanging onto us in the last couple of k's.

Will have a bit more in the bank hopefully at VLM.  Reckon Jools would have us up before the beak if we delivered her over the line in 3:00:03 

btw - Scott Overall turned up on the start line and didn't even win.  Only 1.12.  He's there for the taking.

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