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31/03/2013 at 18:05

Sweedo - not doing VLM (wouldn't have run a marathon today if I was), but bodes well for the marathon part of the Ironman in 12 weeks.

ES - good effort getting that run done with a hangover, looks like you might not be as far from sub-3 fitness as you thought!

Sx9 - don't worry about struggling to do the MP miles, you're upping the mileage so it's not surprising that you're finding it difficult to hit target paces.

Shame we lost the Boat Race, but at least it was a clean race and the best crew won. Having said that, we were using a white boat, so that would have cost us a few lengths compared to their yellow. I don't understand why they haven't tried using a red one yet.

31/03/2013 at 18:06

LD - I just said something similar to the Mrs and she wasn't impressed with my opinion. The section where they made the presidents play dinosaur crazy golf was fairly cringeworthy, but the rest wasn't bad.

31/03/2013 at 18:22

Padams - cracking run, casual 2:49 off road after an inverse taper. Fancy a pacing job in  3 weeks.

Marigold - Tom Payne did Barca too, fair play to him. I dont see him runing anymore though, I was told be had retired.

MrB - still a pretty fast 22 even if it wasnt 24.

31/03/2013 at 18:29

At least it used to be fought out between proper children of prvielege in singlets as opposed to handpicked rowers in advertising suits.  Crikey when the chinless wonders with their huge inheritances sell their souls to the devil for money you know the world's a changed place.

OS - moi sandbagging?  You're closer with your opinion on Spartacus' cleanliness! All I'm saying is I may be relatively fit (judging by experience and recent telemetry readouts) but I won't be reaching for the kitchen sink. Don't have any real huge A races this year but VLM certainly isn't one of 'em.  Not sure how that equates to sandbagging as I haven't been making excuses and certainly won't be posting a better time than has been intimated...unless it's a mile or three short.

JH1 - Jees - they're a red card offence if I ever I saw one. As the inventor of red shoe speed it takes a pretty poor pair of scoobies for me to say that too!  They'll go well with an m-dot dressing gown and PJ's.  You gonna get the twatoo wiile you're at it?  Mate of mine loves Big Mac's so he's got the golden arches on his ankle.

A lot to lose little to gain from this point forward in terms of fitness.  Or vice versa in terms of weight.

Whoops - forget Padams.  As I said before your training pace is and always will be my heyday pace which is just on the shy side of reasonable.

As you are.



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31/03/2013 at 18:33

Home Run - think you've probably got it wrong about instant gratification. Thinking about it, I don't think any young kids would be under any illusions that to make it as a top sports person  requires a lot of hard work. In fact, they already work much harder in school/uni/work now than my generation. The reason why xfactor, masterchef etc is so damned popular is that the media (who only ever give us what we demand of them) have just tapped into Joe Public's preference for formulaic, non-challenging viewing. It's us, the average viewer, that want the instant gratification really. We have always had an insatiable demand for cheap thrills, pantomime villains and a sob story - but the days when the BBC ignored our baser instincts and instead gave us quality that we didn't really want or deserve are long gone. And there's always some mugs who will serve themselves up as fodder for the TV camera. So, 95% of the population are happy. 

A bit of glitz and glamour is no bad thing if you want to attract young kids to take up a sport. But athletics is presented as the likes of Helen Clitheroe puffing and panting round some cold, obscure and ugly cross country course, with Brendon Foster droning on. Most other sports have glammed up and moved on.

Even I would prefer to watch four plebs cooking for each other and holding up scorecards in a taxi to decide the winner, than a steroid-fuelled bulgarian chuck a feckin discuss.

31/03/2013 at 18:49

LS21 - 23M ? I thought you weren't doing a spring marathon ?

Dids - agreed, Come Dine with me will always be more popular TV than Athletics (or the Boat Race).

31/03/2013 at 18:50

PS, another afternoon of progress and frustration. Ignored the (worryingly sharp) pain and did 4x1.5 miles (out of a total of 11 miles). Hard work yet again to get some semblance of pace together, but managed to get close to half-marathon pace overall.... all the while expecting the whole muscle to give out at some point. but it didn't.... Couldn't do a proper warm down - had to get to the freezer quickly and get the frozen peas out.

Think I got away with it - Really want to do a 20 miler tomorrow.

31/03/2013 at 18:56
Lord Didsbury wrote (see)

Tmap - Clare Balding is fantastic but why oh why oh why oh why are they starting to show the women's boat race on telly now? (In fact, the women's race will be shown in full in a couple of years time). They have got equality just SO WRONG if they think that two lots of toffs in a boat is fairer than just one lot of toffs.

Heh heh!  Dunno - all of the best bits of the Olympics rowing involved the ladies.  I think the reason the coverage didn't annoy me this time was simply because Oxford won - I'm quite shallow like that.

31/03/2013 at 19:24

Brilliant stuff Padams, and can't believe you sauntered off before 2nd even turned up. Am I the only saddo who clings on for an hour to collect plastic trinkets to display in the downstairs loo?

ES -- I believe in cautious pacing, but maybe you could revise the target down another couple of mins...

coro -- keep it up, I'm loving the talent vs training experiment. You've just given us a big datapoint for "talent". Similarly with Padams come to think of it, given his limited running training (not sure if that's so true recently?).

Well done on the parkrun win Jonny. My (elderly) local parkrun PB is 17:01 -- annoying, isn't it?

LS21, Tmap, MrBoat, SX9 -- all solid long runs.

LD -- scary.

Rowing-wise, the most cringe-inducing thing I witnessed at uni was a weepy second-boat rower after a dinner with light blue ribbons pinned onto his jumper in the fashion of the proper Blues jumper he'd get if he had made the first boat... today's emotions might be about the outcome of the race, but a hell of a lot revolves around who gets in the crew in the first place; that's what they really aspire to, at least until they've bagged their seat.

Inside edge of my calf is still tender to the touch, but I tried a tiny jog while shopping and it seemed absolutely fine. I'll go for a run tomorrow and make up the content as I go along.

31/03/2013 at 20:33

Padams, CW - thanks! I was cautiously thinking that 3:05 might be within reach based on today's performance.

Having said that, my right knee is stiff and sore after today's run so I may have some toaster exposure looming. Rest day tomorrow anyway, so we'll see how it is on Tuesday.

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31/03/2013 at 20:49

TR - Tom was pacing the winning lady at Barca , that's his paid job now as part of the "Run Fast" team - he's a "Sports Manager/ Pacer"

He did retire after a bad patch of running once he went full time but has got his mojo back again now and enjoying his new job - you probably still won't see him around much though as he appears to be a bit of a globe trotter with the new job!


March Stats

540 miles (6:29m/m)  including three 140 mile weeks and one cutback week

2 PB's (both 20 miles)

Currently averaging 16 miles a day for the year at 1436 miles

31/03/2013 at 21:40

CW - they gave me the trophy/prize as soon as I'd finished, and took some pics, so hopefully I fulfilled my duties but I did feel a bit guilty leaving so quickly.

Marigold - just the 16M a day? Slacker.

OK, going to try to write a report now - got some piccies the Mrs took!

31/03/2013 at 22:56

Done! Report and pics on my blog.

Right, better go to bed - meant to be cycling early tomorrow (but will see how the legs feel when I get out of bed).

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31/03/2013 at 23:06
Padams. Just remarkable that you can knock out a run like this with no prep, and very nice blog.

Can't think why I would have any interest in the boat race. Encapsulates a lot that I don't like about British society, to be blunt.

22m slogged out this evening. Running longer and faster doesn't seem possible, but I guess it never does. Listened to Marigold on MT- despite a crazy set up, a very nice job.
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31/03/2013 at 23:31

Blimey that was a long read back - loads happening today!!

HR - top rantage, no doubt fuelled by ale!!   Decent 21 miler too.

Healing vibes to TB, Andy D and CC2 - still some very impressive runs recorded despite the lurgy.

Top monthly total from CW (bit disappointed you didn't do 345 laps of a children's playground while wearing a roller skate on your left foot though)

Top long ones from sportaloo, Al_P, ES, Simonx9, Simon L, sweedo, joolska, coro, Tmap, OS, LD and Mr B (sensible that fella  )

Superb stuff from padams - looking good for your ironing tournament.

AW - nicely done re the lst one. Take care in this final week now  

PP - from now on I'm going to refer to you as 'The 0x' cos every time you race your time finishes with an '0x' at the end. Nice pacing from you and the Lollipop tough. The Ox and Lollipop - sounds like a crap Wetherspoons in Sunderland.

jonny - nicely done at the parkrun. Out of interest have you ever done Hull (bit of a trek I know, but not too far). It's a bit quicker than York I think. Absolutely pancake flat and a bit more sheltered than York so not as windy. Also less twisty. I've only done it once and set a big PB there. Park really nice too if there's a Mrs Jonny and little baby jonnies? Really nice farm thing (with wallabies and llamas and usual items), lovely lake, nice cafe etc. In fact it's amazing such a place exists in Hull really....

Bet I've missed someone after all that - if I have then apologies!

31/03/2013 at 23:41

Anyway, as stated previously I did 23 earlier. On a hilly route. I struggled with my achilles, but it remarkably feels significantly better now than it did pre-run, so I'm not sure what was happening there. Cut back this week now anyway, so let the body recover a bit and absorb the training.

Good month for me with 363 miles. 3 races (one where I was still a bit pissed to be honest so we'll gloss over that one...) But then a new Half Mara PB (beating a time from 3 and half years ago!) and my second quickest ever 10k. So I'm doing ok at present. The best I've ran since Spring 2011

And TR - no wasn't planning a Spring Mara but kind of end up going out with my mate who is, so I guess I'm pretty much Mara training! Plus running long helps me deal with stuff on a mental level. My medicine/therapy I guess. However, I'll come clean here and admit that I have entered an off-road trail Mara (White Peak Marathon in May). A very personal thing TBH - when my brother was first diagnosed back in late 2007 I started running to cope with it. This culminated in me doing the White Peak in 2008 to raise money for the hospital he was being treated at. But then I got the running bug so have been at it ever since! Anyway since he died doing this race again seemed a good idea - to kind of close the loop in a way. I've not told anyone though - if training was going bad I was going to drop down to the half and nobody would have been any the wiser, so a bit sly! But I'm flying at the mo (well, for me I'm flying...) - so in for a penny in for a pound. Hence the 363 miles and quite a lot of long stuff. I've still got 7 weeks left too, so lots of time for a bit of toaster flirting

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31/03/2013 at 23:46

Cheers for the re-welcome.

CW: I saw you posting a weekly mileage of 80 miles, and did a double take. What happened to the old no weeks above 50 persona?

LS21: ton-up weeks, that's looking serious. You must be in great shape when you taper for a target race.

thanks also for doing the readback - I'll just second all your comments

Padams: nice understated marathon win

HR: there may be some truth there, but that was a bit of a rant. In many ways people work a lot harder now than they used to. eg It's no longer the case that a couple of bad A-levels or a third class rugby degree is a fine springboard for entry into the professions, look at graduate recruitment adverts from one or two generations ago and they look touchingly naive. It is also worth remembering that running good marathon times is a time-intensive activity, and the golden era of British marathon running was also the CRAB-in-the-toaster era for the British economy. How many of these times were run off soft and secure jobs that don't exist anymore? I like my running, but it is also a personal indulgence - as I think a wise soul on here said, your family don't ask you to do marathon training.

Speaking of that, I realise that a training bonus of having a young baby is that getting up at 5 with said baby wins sufficient brownie points to cash
in for a long run later in the day

My annual pair of shoes arrived in time to take them out today, the Brooks ST Racer 5 I've run in for the previous two years. I think they must be being discontinued as there only seemed to be end-of-line availability. Disappointedly they are in boring tennis shoe white rather than the fluorescent orange of the previous pair. 22 miles at 7:35 for 60 for the week and taper time, I have only had one down week in the last
twelve so pleased to be there.

31/03/2013 at 23:51
As I've been running, ive taken on the local "Charles Bronson in Death Wish" role round here of late. Targeting irresponsible dog owners and selfish motorists - especially if I'm limping and in a foul mood. (Admittedly, keeping well clear of anyone bigger than me, or nasty looking.)

My repertoire of deathly revenge includes shouting "w@nker"! at motorists who go through red lights, falsely accusing dog owners of not picking up their poo "it's a girl dog, Mate. They don't wee against lamp posts". And today, for the second time, a non-disabled driver turned out to be disabled.... "And What's it fucking got to do with you" he said as he displayed his sign.

The only one who's been banged to rights was a china man who splashed me with a puddle. I cornered him in a cul-de-sac that he turned into, but his English was piss-poor so I let him go before he could karate chop me to death.
01/04/2013 at 00:39
LS21 - your Achilles will be OK if it wears off when running. Gently stretch your calf - that'll fix it.

Piscator - Mike Gratton was a teacher who ran to and from work, Bill Adcocks was a pipe fitter who used to go to bed very early so he could run, Steve Jones in the army, Charlie Spedding a pharmacist, Ron Hill - not sure but he ran to and from work.... Not really unusual jobs these days, or ones that will have changed very much. I suspect a lot of people are just piss poor at finding time for running. It's very easy to say you are too busy, but most people will be able to run from 6am to 7:30am if they wanted to. Most people could run home (or part way home). It's also true that a lot of jobs are more flexible now - people could trade a bit of weekday time for weekend working.

I think wives nag a bit more, kids soak up more time and there's more distractions all round - but that's just a case of putting your foot down.
01/04/2013 at 09:03

Marigold your monthly mileage currently equals my yearly so far!

LD I agree the time is there if people want to make it what ever your employment, unless you're a submariner or somrthing.

Fimal proper LSR this morning with 11 easy and 10 at mp.
Splits for mp 6:34, 6:30, 6:28, 6:29, 6:21, 6:22, 6:35, 6:22, 6:27, 6:26.

205 for March at 7:05 average

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