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22/04/2013 at 14:19

HW 755
Finish 555
+ve by ~1:30

Evidence of how sh!t most people are at pacing even when they obviously can run a bit (ie get to HW in under 1:24). FFS it's really NFRS.

LS21 - agreed.  My spectacklier blow up over the last 2.2k meant despite making zero effort for the eckythump style ministery of silly walks finish (with obligatory PP facials) I overtook 9 people.  Shocking stuff.

Guy here who ran his first marathon at Brighton is refusing to believe someone twice his age ran an hour quicker and isn't walking like John Wayne.  He thinks that's bad he doesn't realise how much better off I am for having lived through the Swap Shop, Rentaghost and proper Grange Hill era.  (I left out Jim'll Fix It on grounds of decency.)

As you were.

22/04/2013 at 14:29

By proper Grange Hill era I guess you're not talking about Justine Dean...

Edited: 22/04/2013 at 14:30
22/04/2013 at 14:31

Bloody hell, I didn't realise from Padams' earlier post that the elites hit half way in 1:01:30! A whole blinking group of eight of them.... surely they must have known they weren't going to maintain that?

I've heard it said many times that the elites have to race each other and stay with the pace, but surely that's bullshit? Run your own race and mathematically there's a great chance you'll punch above your weight on the day.... or even win it. Baldini in Athens being the best example I can remember of someone doing it with great success. A lot can happen over them last few miles.

22/04/2013 at 14:36

Ere, did anyone see that daft bloke who dresses as some sort of Irish priest and who rugby tackled the leader in the 2004 olympic marathon? He was dancing and jigging outside the FGFA entrance yesterday.

22/04/2013 at 14:39

Proper Grange Hill was Cathy Hargreaves ..... phooor wot a scorcher.

22/04/2013 at 14:53

I just saw Dids for the second time ever just now on the telly...lookin' good knowing Overall was already in the bag. Also heard Steve Cram making the once overweight Marigold sound like he was possibly going squeak under 3 hours and then have a cigar. He was right about the cigar anyway.

22/04/2013 at 14:54

LD - look at Kebede's splits. He backed off during the race after halfway. Was 49s down at 35km, 28s down at 40km and won by 29s. A good example of reading your body and not being afraid to adjust mid-race. He's probably my favourite current marathoner as he usually executes very well.

Well done Ode!

lol CRAB. Very good pic 

GP this morning confirmed the spinal misalignment, so that's a start. He also said the degradation over the last few weeks may be viral (or other) related, so Wednesday I get a barrage of blood tests in the morning, just before the initial osteopath assessment. Should make for a right fun day! He also is arranging for some physio to complement whatever the osteopath comes up with, so fingers crossed!

22/04/2013 at 15:25

WTF? What about Fay Lucas, Stewpot's Claire and especially Jackie Wright.  Come on sort it out. Ode wrong era son. Nothing outside the 80s allowed.  Are you that copper in Dids' picture?  He'd be about your age with that suggestion. Crikey you'd think that fork with the sausage on had never been seen!

Quote of the Day was from Mr B - 'Oh you're Dids.  I thought you'd look a lot...rougher.' Crikey son he's the wrong side of a badger's @rse as it is WTF were you expecting? Scruffy McGuffey?

As you were.

22/04/2013 at 15:33

Georgina Hayes for me, went out with Ant Jones.  (Same year as Zammo, Stewpot, Jackie Wright etc I think?)  Phwoarr!  Was a bit shocked to be served by her at Caesar's in Streatham a few years after her Grange Hill days!  My other classic GH meeting was Pogo Patterson at the 1982 South London judo championships.  He was in a higher weight category than me so I didn't have to fight him.

22/04/2013 at 15:53

TR.. nice summing up, balsa wood legs indeed!  You can borrow my purple ankle weights if you like.

PP.. congrats on a top run and team prize, nice top 10 vet position too.  Shame about missing the 2.34.56 but no matter!  BTW I can see some green stuff on that plate, don't be overdoing the veg this week!

Postie.. sounds like a tough outing but you still held it together for a decent time, nice one.

DanA.. sorry mate, very unfortunate about the fall.  The curse of London continues!

SL.. storming sub 2:30, great effort to run a PB at that level.  I was tracking you, looks like you had a decent ding-dong with Race Jase.

Coro.. astonishing time off the training you did.  Hope you can fit a bit more in next year.

Jools.. I was really rooting for you as the only girl on here after CC2 dropped out.  Gutted for you when your splits stopped appearing.  Consolation - one of my club girlies and training partner was going to go for a cautious 3:30.  I told her she was much better than that and aim higher, she duly obliged with a very evenly paced 3:19.  Chuffed too bits for her.

Ode.. that's a cracking run, 2:53 with a neg split!  Great to see your 'not slowing down' progression on the tracker. 

Thanks Ode/Crab, I missed everyone this year too.  My last qualifying time was 3:13 so I was 'relegated' to the green start last year.  It was full of old men & young girls as I remember.  I have heard there will be changes to GFA next time, the obvious anomaly does seem to be the 3:15 barrier for guys 41-59. 

I did have a look at Dull's Power of 10 page and it has been like the Marie Celeste since 2011.  Hope he's ok.

Dids.. make the most of your current glory, it won't last!  The sum total of 4 x V55's broke 3 hours yesterday.  Still, as Crab says - mustn't put the 'u' in can't.



22/04/2013 at 16:00

Some great performances yesterday, was nice to meet some of you in the pub afterwards too.  Commiserations to those who it didn't work out for.

My vote for run of the day would go to CW and it was great to see how happy you were about it afterwards.  Having seen the legendary USB enabled watch though I'm not sure Apple are going to be on the phone any time soon to try to get you to become a designer for them!

Got to congratulate PP and Al_P at the finish, you both had storming runs, well done.  Extra congrats for the team prize Phil, do you get the £££s or does it go into the club coffers?

CL, Piscator, Simonx9, Simon L, Andy D, MrB, Toro, Postie congratulations on the PBs and Simonx9 I'm sure you'll be able to go under 3 next time now.

SL, OS, CD, Coro, Ode, CRAB nice runs, all still pretty close to PBs too.

Dids - textbook psychological breakdown of your opponents, Overall and CRAB both cracked under the pressure by the looks of it!

TR - glad you kept the streak going.  You've helped a lot of others on here to hit their goals too (including me) which you should be proud of.

Tmap - sounds scary, hope you're feeling better today.

Dan - standing up all day at a trade show can't be the best preparation for running a marathon so not a shock you didn't finish, especially if you fell as well.

Marigold and Jools - gutted for both of you, you deserved so much more.  On a more positive note neither of you should have done too much damage yesterday so can you find another marathon in a few weeks (Edinburgh?) and get the times you're capable of?  I think this worked pretty well for Race Jase in similar circumstances last year.

Wardi - another good parkrun there.

Padams - good long run.

TT - good to hear you're getting some diagnoses and treatment support.

My day ended up OK, 2.36.45, 200th at halfway, 93rd at the end despite ~1min positive split and it was an 8min PB.  Race started off OK, had a slight stitch for the first few miles but I had the same last year and both times it was minor and disappeared after about 4 miles.  Saw Marigold's arse hadn't held up just after 5k and passed on my commiserations.  Got a bit weird for a bit after that as from about 6-10 miles I was feeling very strange - light headed, tingly and seemed to be taking very shallow breaths and I was quite worried I'd have to drop out.  Decided that if I kept running it may just disappear like the stitch and fortunately it did and by halfway I was feeling better.  From 16m to the end I was running alongside a woman who everyone was getting excited about and saying she was the first woman so she was getting loads of shouts of "come on girl!".  I see from CD's post that it was Hayley Haining and she was running very strongly and very consistently which definitely helped me with constantly pushing as I was getting very tired at this stage.  Was feeling shattered but told myself that my legs were feeling better than last year along the embankment and managed to maintain a decent pace, even if it was a bit slower than the first half.  Bit gutted at the end when I could see the clock and realised that I'd just miss out on our old club record (although I was 2nd finisher from our club anyway so still wouldn't have got it).  As always would have liked to have gone a bit faster but on the day I was happy enough.  All in all a great fun day out, I'll be back next year.

22/04/2013 at 16:12

LJ: great pb. You're right, it is a great fun day out. I was considering doing a different one next Spring but after yesterday I think I'll just sign up again. Still buzzing; and aching.

Cheerful Dave    pirate
22/04/2013 at 16:22

Very tidy indeed LJ.  An 8 minute pb is not to be sniffed at.  Looks like you were 30 places ahead of me the whole way.  Good to see you put HH in her place at the end too.

22/04/2013 at 16:32

2:45:49 for me which I'm really happy with as didn't really know what I could do.  Strangely annoyed that I didn't break the 45 mark even though I took 20 minutes off my PB.  I guess it gives me something to aim for on the next one.  Bad stitch for a couple of miles around 22miles which added about a minute and then couldn't push hard enough to make the time up.  

Well done to everyone else who got their well deserved times.  Where is the position data that you guys are looking at?

Looking forward to a summer of 5 and 10ks now

22/04/2013 at 16:41

It was great to see so many of you on the Embankment and again in the pub afterwards. I passed on my congratulations and commiserations as appropriate to all of you. Apologies to anyone I missed.

Watching from the sidelines is a lot less fun (albeit less painful) than running. Some things I noticed:

1. Some people look really shite but run fast. The mix of running styles at the sub 2:45 end is remarkable.

2. Mutai looked like a goner when I saw him, even though he was still leading at that point (39.5k).

3. Some of you looked very smooth when you ran past - notably SL, CW, Njord but most particularly Coro - who looked like he was out for a Sunday stroll.

4. Others (PP, TR, LD) looked slightly more ungainly - if still very effective

5. I hung around until the sub-3 pace group (minus Dan) went past. And the numbers seemed very thin.

I'll be back next year. The plan is 10 weeks of steady build up then a week off for Glasto then a 15 training plan for Abingdon.

22/04/2013 at 16:50

Bloody hell Sweedo, 20mins PB to get to 2.45, that's awesome.  You did a lot of hard MP long runs and they definitely worked for you, well done.

22/04/2013 at 16:53

CRAB - I think Mr Boat was obviously stunned by the smooth sheen on my magnificent quiff, that somehow* survived 26 miles in a bit of a breeze completely intact.

ODE - hats off to you for getting £79 for your medal. I've ballsed it all up and currently have a measly bid for £50 against mine. Impressed by your confidence of putting it up two days BEFORE the race was run!

* half a can of Boots own brand hairspray.



22/04/2013 at 17:29

MtR - I still amaze myself how high my arms are when running.  Seems to work though! Looking forward to seeing you get back to it.

Sweedo - Cracking PB busting!

LJ - Cracking commitment to keeping pace, considering how early you must have been having doubts.

Hmmm... wondering whether I should flog off my finisher's medal, since I'm getting an upgrade to a winner's medal.  

22/04/2013 at 17:34

PP - if you do, make sure you put a decent reserve on it and a decent buy it now. Not that I'm encouraging price fixing, but wouldn't want to see the market rate for these little gold mines to go down the swanny!


22/04/2013 at 17:48

LD - It's definitely a fair point and far more impressive than taking down me* and TwoThoups (geddit yet TT?).  One which I considered making myself yesterday - as I stood there rocking a bird's nest on my noggin marvelling at the perfectly coiffured barnet before me.  Something that wouldn't have looked out of place atop Gripper Stebson and which poor old Stewpot off the car insurance ads would surely give his right arm for these days.  No wonder Claire always wanted a bit of Banksie - even before the grafitti business took off for him.  Mind you now she's gone maybe his need for that right arm is greater than ever.

You may have noticed I've been a bit bored and easily distracted today.  Apologies.

* although I'm claiming foul play as I was looking for a knotted hankie and not really expecting you to have Greek(?) writing on the back of your singlet.  I'd have probably bid you hello if I'd have known twas his lordship before me.

As Stew were.

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