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18/06/2013 at 23:03

another race tonight, did the Vets AC 5 miler in Battersea Park. A bit of a muggy evening, but it'll be worse tomorrow! It's 2.75 laps of the park so a nice course and a nice event of predominantly (very) old competitors - plenty in their 70s some of whom were doing the concurrent walking race.

I did a 5 miler last month in 30:08 so I was running this as an opportunity to deal with some unfinished business - had to get sub30 although was secretly hoping to be nearer 29 than 30.

I immediately tucked in behind the guy who took the lead but it was soon clear he was aiming to be nearer 28 than 29. Anoither v45 soon appeared on my shoulder and I asked him what he was hoping for and he said sub-29 to my delight - that meant I could have someone to at least keep in sight and maybe even he might drag me to the low 29s. Unfortunately he went with the other guy at (for me) a very fast pace. So, as often happens, I was left to have a solo run - no-one finished within a minute of me either side.

First half was fine, averaging 5:56 - but it started feeling tough and I got progressively slower over the next two miles so that with half a mile to go I was bang on 6 mile pace and feeling fed up of racing, with the exertions of Sunday's 10k fresh in my legs I thought I was goping to blow it! Luckily I managed to rally and eek 13 seconds out of the last half mile to finish in 29:47. Phew, mission accomplished.

I had hoped to get 29:30 but pleased to go sub-30 and get yet another pb (starting with vlm that's 10 races of which 2 new distances and the rest pbs )

I need a break from racing now ...


PS If anyone in London interested in doing a flat 5 miler in Battersea, the next one is July 23rd.

PPS First two guys finished in 28:04 and 28:3x.

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18/06/2013 at 23:17

Hi all - Just popping in to say good luck to Padams - hope it all goes to plan mate and you hit those targets!

Anyway, best get out of here - I'm an Ultra runner these days - no right to be in a marathon thread

18/06/2013 at 23:22

Nice work Pi-Man, you seem to be PB-ing every page on this thread at the moment.

Great half by jonny, and sorry Andy D didn't get what he wanted at Freckleton.

Excellent pace on the 19 by Al_P, presumably it wasn't just running round in big circles with one leg shorter than another?

Belated congrats on the nomination for HR, that's almost as impressive as Dan A's darts feats .

Had an early start on Sunday to run Leg 1 of the Ridgeway Relay for the club, starting at 7:30.  11 off-road fairly hilly miles, including some hairy descents.  Got a bit of a shock within 400m as my pussy-footed descending off Ivinghoe Beacon resulted in about 15 runners pouring past me at once.  Bloody fell runners.  Anyway, I overtook them at the bottom of the hill again and brought the team home in 2nd place, averaging 6:04 minute miles, which is OK on that terrain.  Team ended up 7th.

Started marathon training this week, so first P&D session done today - 9 with 4 @ LT (5:48, 5:52, 5:38, 5:38 - slower than usual threshold, but my legs are still paying for Sunday).

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19/06/2013 at 07:52

Blimey, I'm honoured that Marigold reappeared to wish me luck! I'm sure people would be interested to know what you're up to, even if it doesn't involve marathons.

Andy D - very good point! I'll be trying to satisfy the thread title, but it's highly unlikely after a 6+ hour warm-up and running mid-afternoon in Nice in the middle of summer.

Had to come back into work this morning - hoping to get out of here to make the Chunnel in time!

19/06/2013 at 08:41

All the best Padams, looking forward to your report already!  You deserve a cracker after some great training & racing in the build up.

Nice 5m Pi Man & congrats on another PB.

Good pace off road Dachs, well done on the team podium place.

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19/06/2013 at 08:50

Dachs - I've had similar experiences with fell runners.

TT - I've gort leg of the cotswold relays, an 8 mile fell run near Lyme Regis then some HMaras in prep for Lisbon full mara.

Padams - Dont be shit.

Wardi - I think you may need to "man up" or find a fit girl to chase round  ;-)

Pi Man - another PB!!!!


19/06/2013 at 09:07

Good luck Padams, hope you get that target!

Like Marigold I have no right to be on this thread, but for different reasons!

19/06/2013 at 09:11

Well done Pi Man. It certainly sounds like a break from racing is a sound idea.

I'll second Padams' comment Marigold.

What pace/effort do you normally do your tempos at Dachs? If a sub-74 HM is your next target then I'd have thought about 5:38 pace would be spot on. Plus better to err on the side of a touch too slow than a touch too quick as marathoning is all about how efficiently you burn fat at target effort.

First fell run SL? I fancy giving one a try at some stage but I'd probably brick it on the descents. Are you going to take a trip to Maidenhead? Probably the quickest autumn HM in this neck of the woods I'd have thought.

coro - how's things with you? New job going ok?

12m tempo for me yesterday in a mildly progressive manner - 2m @ 80%, 8m @ 85%, 2m @ 90% (paces explained here if you're interested). The last 2m were @ 5:50m/m and a little easier than mara effort, so not too bad this far out.

19/06/2013 at 10:26

Great PB Pi Man

Padams have a good 'un.

Slowly returning to running and the forum. Running home from work tonight.

Starting a Lydiard/Maffetone training plan from Monday to see if I can get my aerobic base more efficient. Will post progress on how this is panning out for me.

19/06/2013 at 11:44

Padams - hope you have a good one and what SL said

Pi Man - Nicely done to get the sub30 5M PB. Definitely go easy on the racing for a bit now. You've probably harvesting as many PBs as you can for the time being, it'll likely be diminishing returns from now on if you keep racing frequently.

Dachs - Great relay-legging. No running circles on Sunday, but it was around a good portion of the New Forest 10 course. I wonder if I tried running with my eyes closed along a straight line if I'd always end up deviating to the left.... 

TR - Congrats on the cricket team making the county final!

TT - nice progressive tempo run, I could do with developing the knack of running to effort, recently I've been trying to wean myself off the obsession with pace....

TB - Good luck with taking the gradual aerobic improvement approach, will be interesting to see how it goes.

First 'proper' speed session of the summer on the track last night with the boys from Southampton AC, focused on quality of running with 4x400m off 1 lap walk/ slow jog recovery & 4x200m off 200m recovery. Legs were still feeling a bit jaded and tight from Sunday's run so i didn't have high hopes for any decent speed, so very pleased to do my first ever sub 70s track laps with 69/68/69/68 for the 400s and then 32/33/33/32 for the 200s. 3.3M warm up and 1.6m cool down.

19/06/2013 at 11:52

Pi Man - another couple of top races, you deserve a break now.

Jonny - well done with the big HM PB, sure there will be more to come too.

Andy D - decent run at Freckleton even if it wasn't what you'd hoped for.

Wardi - another good 5k time, some longer tempos should help your 10k time too.

Blisters - big effort at the HIM.

Padams - good luck at the weekend.  Qualifying for Kona must be tough if you're touch and go for doing it.

TT - big miles, keep it up.

TR - great news about the cricket, your lads are playing at a very decent level.

Charlie - hope the time off does the business.

Al_P - good track work.

Very little running for me at the moment, still restricted to 4M jogs and the calf is taking a long time to recover.  3 core sessions in the last week and a half now which has brought my average for the last year up to 0.0577 sessions per week.

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19/06/2013 at 12:24

TT - 5:38 is about right, it was the slower couple of miles to begin with I was meaning.  Looks like you're coming into excellent shape early on.

Al_P - speedy track stuff.  I'm yet to post a sub 70 400m rep.

LJ - keep at it, sure you'll be back stronger.

Best of luck to Padams.

Talking of weird physiological traits, on my one and only visit to the physio, he suggested that the injuries I was then suffering may be to do with my feet splaying slightly outwards when I run or walk, affecting my calf strength.  I thought that was just a natural feature of my gait.  However, I recently found out that when I was a toddler a doctor told my parents to put my shoes on the wrong feet for some reason (presumably a medical reason rather than his own amusement).  I bet that's why.

19/06/2013 at 12:34

SL / Jools - can you recommend a good sports/running physio in the Bristol or Somerset area?  Not for me, but for my brother who doesn't really know where to start on this sort of thing, and is unlikely to bother researching for himself.

Marigold is currently knocking out training marathons in 2.3x in building up for his 100k race in Denmark this summer.  Anything over 7 hours and he might as well retire and take up a proper sport like darts.

Some great running going on.  Pleased to see Wardi finding some speed over 5k. Must be the benefit of chasing those northern fillies round the racecourse.

Another 17 for me this morning (3rd since the SD marathon 11 days ago).  Very happy with the endurance at the mo, but think I might be found out by the steep ascents and high altitude of the mountains over the next couple of weeks.  And I seem to have put my lower back out by getting out of a chair.

Pass the Werthers Originals...

19/06/2013 at 12:53

Dan - Clive Richards at Oakspring in Clevedon is meant to be good. 

TT - I've done the race twice before and I'm currently unbeaten, the extra timber I'm carrying may inhibit climbing but I'll be flying downhill.  ;-)

Cheerful Dave    pirate
19/06/2013 at 13:58

Dachs, my youngest sister had to wear shoes on the wrong feet for a while as a toddler, to correct some alignment issues: before she was walking she was also put in shoes that were clamped together.  These days there'd be endless child physio sessions, back then they put shoes on the wrong feet  - cheaper and probably more effective.  Although if our mum had a pound every time someone on the bus told her her child's shoes were on the wrong feet...

19/06/2013 at 14:09

Good luck to Padams - I really hope the training pays out for you.

Well done to Pi on continuing to push out the pb's.

Went down with the lurgy before SD marathon, thought I had recovered, and running it seems to have prolonged symptoms (surprise surprise). This summer I really wanted to get a gap between my 10k and MP (not having worked on the short stuff before). Continued plodding recently whilst waiting for antibiotics to take effect. Fed up plodding so today today managed a 37:20 treadmill 10k in the middle of a MLR. That is my quickest 10k time, but really need to prove it in the real world; hopefully in July when I have some flat races.

19/06/2013 at 16:34

4-6 weeks out for me, it could be a whole lot worse, & rather it happened to me now than two weeks before the Marathon

19/06/2013 at 16:37

ST - 4-6 weeks? Bad luck. What's the diagnosis?

19/06/2013 at 16:51

Nodules on the upper part of the achilles near the calf which is the best part of the achilles to injure apparently, Left Calf badly inflamed / agitated as a result.

I had aggressive deep tissue massage on the calf which was very painful, acupuncture on the left calf & achilles as well, never had acupuncture before, but have to say I quite liked it, my lower left leg has blow up again, but feels like some of the tension is starting to dissipate, I think the girl did a good job.



19/06/2013 at 17:12

ST - Best of luck to you. I'm also out with an Achilles injury, but mine's mid-portion tendinosis (degeneration rather than acute injury) and will take longer to heal I think.

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