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06/07/2013 at 12:17

OT - That's one hell of a map reading error 

LD - Surely it was an ideal time to educate the young generation about the power of the elbow/calf spike? Or maybe you should have Budded him? 

Warm out there, isn't it?  Bewl 15 miler tomorrow. Am thinking of taking a Camelbak, but may well take a Camel. Might end up racing Omar Sharif.

06/07/2013 at 13:06

RP - I know mate 1 wrong turn and stupidly thought "ah yeah there's a road up here that connects the two" there wasn't...

07/07/2013 at 08:15

Just dropping in to say well done to Tim Bateson yesterday.  Fantastic effort in the heat on a challenging course at the best of times. 

07/07/2013 at 08:28

Thanks Minni The Chevy Chase is an awesome fell race and a credit to your club. So thanks to all the volunteers and marshals that make it such a great event. 

More than pleased to get a 25 minute PB. Almost 2 weeks ago thought I would not even be there to run this year. Already looking forward to next year as I know that I can take off another 30 minutes next year as long as I don't run a 113 miles as a preparations run! 

Also caught up with someone I had not seen for 16 years and delighted for him as he finished 3rd! 

07/07/2013 at 11:33

CL - let's arrange to meet for the August one

07/07/2013 at 12:14

Tim that is fantastic: many many congratulations. Huge pb.

Yours truly features in a big article in Fabulous magazine today, the award-winning supplement of The Sun on Sunday.

I mention this here because the front cover has Jessica Ennis, and as a friend pointed out it means the magazine features two great athletes 


Back in the real world, a gentle 5 miler to keep ticking over. Jessica would've wept at my pace.

Edited: 07/07/2013 at 12:15
07/07/2013 at 13:10

Brilliant TB, that's a massive PB for the course.

More mountain training for me today, with an eye to a BGR attempt now only 5 weeks away. 4hr10 time on the feet, including 1hr20 for only 5M in the chalk pit -- but as our MTB bretheren would say, that was a bit technical. To maximise the realism (and minimise wear on my XTalon studs) I went out of my way to run on rough grass verges instead of nice smooth tarmac whenever possible, and I ended up lashed by vegetation (and about 7lb lighter through dehydration). The Garmin only logged 25M but it was "worth" more with the technical stuff, at least compared to a normal LSR. Only a small fraction of the BGR test to come though.

Ironically I managed not to come a cropper for all that time of clawing my way up and sliding my way down precipitous chalky slopes, ahd clattering heel-first down scree now and then -- only to land heavily on my arm and leg later when I didn't notice a brick poking up on a tame woodland path. So I have some minor skin injuries... but hey, my legs are pretty good. I found a very tight stretch of muscle behind the top of my left fib (in fact I thought it was my fib at first, it was so hard) which I've broken down quite a bit the last two nights in wine-fuelled massage. The answer, this time? Hope so...

07/07/2013 at 18:43

Dids.. there's a 4ft 9" 14 year old who does the local Parkrun here in sub 19.  I agree, it's an outrage really.

Good long efforts yesterday Jools & OT, particularly in this heat.

Charlie.. excellent work in the chalk pit & elsewhere.  I take it the BGR looks like a goer at present?

That's a lot of miles on the steed TR, good work!

TB.. congrats on such a chunky PB, sounds like hard work.

My planned 16m was done in the heat of lunchtime due to guests staying overnight.  Had to re-route slightly for water via a petrol station which has a tap round the back.  This made it up to 17m so pleased to get it done.  Might refresh with a beerio later.

07/07/2013 at 21:39

8M including 3K at Stoke-on-Trent.  Paid for the heat and ground out 11.06, despite hoping I was in sub-11 shape, but pleased I managed a reasonable pace on tired legs.

07/07/2013 at 22:29

After 6 hours squished into a mini-bus yesterday for the journey up to Glasgow my legs didn't feel like they belonged to me today. While it was no doubt cooler up in Bonny Scotland than elsewhere it was still around 26 - 28 degrees, which was frankly a shock to the system. Plus I wore my spikes for the first time in a race longer than 1500. That's the list of excuses over with! 10.59 (ie 6 seconds slower than my PB), but I did win the B string race. I managed to escape having to run the 4 x 400m. Thankfully the next meet is here. Well, sort of. Our track is too crap so we have to go to Derby to host it.

07/07/2013 at 22:39

Did the local parkrun on Sat and won the thing in 17:09 ! Also set a new age grade record with that, so pretty happy... suppose I should try to hit the sub 17 next.

Gentle 10k this evening to chill.

Decent weekend of running in the heat everyone !

07/07/2013 at 22:54

Odd weekend, all I can see from people is short sharp pain up to 5K, and ultra-related dementedness, and nothing in between.

Good mile racing from Al_P and WardiWardi, that's a very decent pace you've pulled out there.  Al_P, you should be capable of well under 5 on your day.

Sorry Pi Man had a disapponting 5K, but that's the downside of making quick improvements - the day it doesn't go to plan you start to get paranoid you've plateaued, when it is in reality very far from the case.

Well done on the 3000s Jools and CC2.  Imagine having to travel to Stoke on Trent or Glasgow to run for 11 minutes. 

Charlie, 41 minutes running up and down stairs?!  Where do you find these stairs?  Is it a multi-storey car park or something?  And, if so, how do you block out the smell of piss?  Glad you survived your fall without further injury.

Dids, one of the downsides of parkrun is the possibility of being beaten by nippers.  I no longer go to Reading parkrun for fear of being beaten by some of Reading AC's fresh-faced speedy nippers, although they do tend to be a little older than 13.  They do have junior parkruns as well (my kids ran our local one today, my 4-year old managed to overtake someone to avoid last place in the final stretch), but you have to accept that now you're the greatest runner in the world, there's a target on your back.  Getting one over on you will give these kids legendary status in the playground, and may even contribute to them getting to third base with an actual girl.

TB - sounds like an excellent performance, particularly if it was in today's weather.

HR - well done on the growing fame...

I haven't posted for a bit, so I shall briefly update - Race 2 of the Yateley 10K series was on Wednesday.  Felt certain that I'd be a bit down on the first race as marathon training is kicking in.  Wasn't able to defend my win from the last race, but fell into 3rd pretty early on and stayed there, despite getting within 10 seconds of 2nd by the end.  Surprised to actually be quicker than my winning run last month, with 33:36, so that was quite pleasing, not too far behind the PB.  First time 3 have gone sub 34 in that series since 2009, so it was just a strong race that night.  Still in a position to win the series though, on equal points with another guy going into the final race.

Yesterday I incorporated a parkrun into my 10 with 5 @ LT, so 5.5 easy, parkrun @ LT (17:04, so a bit quicker than intended, but I had a lead so thought I should keep it, 2 miles @ LT (5:40, 5:38), 1m easy.  Quite a nice morning session.  16 this morning in dripping heat to follow.

Al_P, do you have a view on shoes for the NF10 next weekend?  Can't really remember the course, but plenty is on road I believe, so is it just a case of racing flats?  Guess the ground should be pretty hard anyway even on the off-road bits.

08/07/2013 at 08:28

TB - Well done on the massive PB.

CW - Sounds like madness but glad you came through it in one piece.

Jools and wardi - Well done on the 17's

TR - Nice bike miles.

I ran the west mendip way yesterday, 30 miles, around 4600 of climbing and starts in a place called Uphill, which sums it up really.  I was running with 2 others, one who wasn't particulalry fast so it took 5 hours, needless to say I was rather thirsty by the end of it.


08/07/2013 at 08:29

LD - unlucky, there are some annoyingly fast kids around. I agree that a bit of "jostling" might be a good plan for next time.

TB - well done, that's a huge amount of time to knock off in one go.

HR - sorry, I don't read that newspaper!

CW - sounds promising, I think! As usual, "interesting" training.

Dachs - sounds like you're going well. If the NF10 is the same course I did about 6 years ago, then I would just wear flats. There is some tarmac, but the trails are pretty smooth anyway.

17M easy for me on Saturday morning, before the heat got too bad. Legs felt a lot better. Then just under 60M on the bike yesterday with the usual group - good fun.

Last 10k of our midweek summer league on Tuesday - pretty sure I'm not going to run very well but never mind, should score some decent points for the team anyway. Then JP Morgan Corporate Challenge (5.6k) on Wednesday - legs will probably be even worse after Tuesday's race!

08/07/2013 at 09:31

Nice double TR.

Big!! race pb TB. Well done.

Nice parkrunning/long OT.

Well done on the 3k' in the heat Jools and CC2.

Sounds like a very good week all around Dachs. Well done. I still need to send you on those planned track sessions I was on about. I'll do it over the next few days.

30m in that heat makes you the second craziest person yesterday then SL (Marigold ran 50!). Well done.

I've got my long run to come in a couple of hours....... Plan is to do it on either a 3.5m or 5m loop so I can take on plenty of water. Bloody hot already!

Cheerful Dave    pirate
08/07/2013 at 09:53

Problem with juniors at parkruns is that they want to actually race it, and do no more than is required to win.  If a proper fast older runner turns up he's going to disappear off from the start because he's trying to run the best he can on the day.  That's fine, out of sight out of mind and all that.  J14 comes along, and he's sitting on your shoulder for 4.5k even though you know he's the local talent with a PB you'd weep at, and just when you're starting to think he's maybe having a bad day and you're in with a shout of a win he's off, with you trailing in his wake, demoralised and broken.

When it's this hot I prefer the bike, so yesterday I rode the long way home after watching junior in his first open water tri at Dorney Lake.  A bit of an eye opener for him, he had to be in the 11-12 race as he's 11 in October and with 140 boys in the lake at once it was a bit of a rough start to the race, but he made up some places on the bike & run and enjoyed himself enoromously.

08/07/2013 at 09:56

Morning morning, As Dachs points out, it's a bit of off-season weekend, but I doubt anyone would particularly want to be racing a marathon in this weather! Nice bit of track racing from Jools and CC, a good bunch of Parkrunning from SpirunLDDachs (+LT session) and OT. Great Chevy Chase PB TB! Nice long runs from SLPadams (+biking) and Wardi. Just read Marigold's blog, 3 laps of the Purbeck Hills must have been torturous in the heat! More mental cambridgeshire 'fell' running from CW  and good bike/run miles TRHR, also not a Sun reader, but nice publicity for you! 

Dachs - Padam's view is still true, racing flats are the best option for the NF10 course. It's mostly on gravel tracks which drain very well even if it's been hosing it down and there's a mile or two of tarmac as well. One section of track is a bit loose underfoot, around mile 8 or so (I think), as the track was rebuilt on the part after some sections got washed away during the winter. The new surface is quite rough and loose, so the grip is a bit rubbish, but it's probably no more than 400m long I'd say.

Big fat zero running miles for me at the weekend due to organising a Stag do in London, so did a solo 6x1M session on the grass track on Thursday, very happy to average 5:20/M. Did 3.5M easy to the track and 4 back for 14M total, legs were ruined when I got home, had to sit on the doorstep for a few mins before I had the strength to get up! 10M easy on Friday morning around the back lanes of Lymington with a few running mates. Shin was rather sore by Friday after a fair amount of high intensity running during the week, but it's a lot better after a few days off now. Out this morning at 7 for a very pleasent 8M run on forest tracks with 12x100m form strides to spruce the legs up following a heavy weekend!

08/07/2013 at 10:47

Rankings Update

Div 1 
01 2007 Oct 2:29:19 Berlin Padams
02 2007 Oct 2:41:45 Berlin CRAB
03 2007 May 2:44:51 Edinburgh Running Bhoy
04 2007 Apr 2:45:30 London Gatorade
05 2007 Apr 2:47:36 London Coronium
06 2007 Apr 2:51:10 London Gold Rush
07 2006 Oct 2:51:27 Cardiff Gobi
08 2007 May 2:51:50 Edinburgh Pugheaven
09 2007 Apr 2:52:13 London OuchOuch
10 2006 Oct 2.52.44 Cardiff Dan A
11 2007 Sep 2.53.04 Mablethorpe NDOW
12 2007 Apr 2:54:53 London Morris
13 2007 Sep 2:55:46 New Forest TippTop
14 2007 Sep 2:55:55 Wolverhampton Marshallini
15 2006 Oct 2:57:24 Amsterdam Mtriton
16 2007 May 2:57:53 Halstead Stet
17 2006 Oct 2:57:55 Cardiff NM2
18 2007 Sep 2:58: 04 Kent Coldfeet
19 2007 Apr 2:58:59 London Wyke Wanderer
20 2006 Oct 2:59: 08 Cardiff Andrew Yates 4
21 2007 Apr 2:59:12 London Njord
22 2007 Apr 2:59:16 London Dad Of Two
23 2007 Apr 2:59:19 London Mattster
24 2007 Apr 2:59:39 London Spence R
25 2006 Oct 3: 00:37 Luxembourg Anti Coach
26 2007 Apr 3: 01: 06 London General Grevious
27 2006 Oct 3: 01:29 Abingdon Dull Napoleon
28 2006 Dec 3: 01:50 Luton EdB
29 2007 Apr 3: 03:11 London Geewok
30 2006 Oct 3: 04:16 Cardiff goals
31 2007 Apr 3: 04:56 London PhilPub
32 2007 Apr 3: 07:32 London Joolska
33 2006 Oct 3: 09:14 Cardiff Odeon1085
34 2007 Apr 3: 10: 04 London RHG
35 2006 Oct 3:10:33 Abingdon Blisters
36 2007 Sep 3:12:10 Nottingham MattTheRat
37 2007 Apr 3:16:56 London Nichs2

They were the days aka How the Mighty Do Fall.  Reminded me we used to call padams Hezza on account of his Barnet too @;o)

As we were.

08/07/2013 at 10:56

Oh joy of joys I am finally confirmed as AFA. I can be a virgin London marathon runner at the 2014 VLM

08/07/2013 at 12:14

Wardi -- yes, I'm on for BGR until proven otherwise! Nice 17 BTW.

Jools -- that sounds very respectable on top of your recent training miles. But CC2 wins by getting below the round number!

Spirun -- congratulations (after what LD said, I trust you're an adult...)

Dachs -- yep, multi-storey car park. (My ideal would be to run continuously down an 'up' escalator without being told off.) And a very nice 10k there -- good luck with the series win.

SL -- wow, you outdid me easily with your 5 hours and genuine hills.

Good training mix from you too Al_P.

A few extra miles on the bike on my commute in today, but otherwise a rest day. My troublesome left leg is feeling absolutely fine. Bit of a twinge in the right now -- maybe just from falling over. I won't count my chickens until I feel like I'm back in a regular training regime though.

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