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28/07/2013 at 14:57

Hill Shock Terror!

Day 3 of the difficult transition from the flat Manchester pavements to rolling Cornish hills. Today was Bill Adcock's classic training run from Polzeath to Delabole and back. 10 hard miles up, 10 miles of tempo blast back.... If only. I died so badly on them thar hills that I had Nowt left when I emerged from Spar at the halfway point after a desperate downing of lucozade.

10 miles of plodding on stiffening, lifeless legs. My mood worsened and I took to shouting at motorists who didnt give me sufficient room as i stumbled along and cursing the occasional small dog that ran across the road to snap at my tired ankles. 

i'd hoped for an average of about 6:50/mile but it was about 7:30 and I feel totally knackered now.

Anyway, after a few consolation bottles of lunchtime beer i realise it will all be irrelevant when, in just a mere 10 weeks time, the 2:35 barrier is broken and the local press will be camped outside my front door.

i just can't bloody wait.

28/07/2013 at 15:25

Well done, CC.

Nice training from TR and CW;  50 times up Castle Hill - jesus!

Dids: you would have loved today's race, I'm sure...  What doesn't kill you, etc.

Bath Running Festival for me today.  I ran what was called the half-marathon, but even on their own maps was well over 25km (15.5M).  With a little diversion added due to 3 of us missing a turning it ended up being 16.5M for me.  The hills were the toughest I've ever done, hence the time wasn't great (8.32m/m, anyone?).  Still, first lady and (I think) 12th overall, although seeing as the prize-giving still hadn't taken place 90 minutes after I'd finished, I gave up and came back to Bristol as I've got a bit of work to do!

28/07/2013 at 16:24

Very well done, Jools. (I had such a long wait for prizes at a HM last year that I did about 10M more to fill in time.) But 8:30/M? LD 7:30/M?? 9:00/M is the new trend, I tell you.

And well done on the PB OT.

28/07/2013 at 17:33

Nice effort anyway Dids, but what on earth are you doing in Cornwall??  Do they understand your accent?

Congrats on 1st on a tough course Jools, hope you get your prize eventually.  Did you manage ok with the water carrier?

Well done on the PB & sub 19 to CC2.

Crazy stuff at that hour Charlie!  Oh for the days when I was still partying at 05:30!

Nice biking/running weekend combo TR.  BTW 20 miles is a long way if you haven't done one for a while!

OT.. I did stalk your result last night & wondered if it was a PB, nice one!

My legs have been deadbeat all week, I can only assume they didn't like the 3 races in 6 days (Thurs-Tues) with a 16m run sandwiched in between.  Old age for you I guess.  Did a steady 17m today, got soaked 3 times in between sunny intervals.  I could hear the bands at the town's annual carnival all the way round, think I will get a bit closer to the action later with a beer or two. 

28/07/2013 at 18:13

TR - I am mate yes. Not really a triathlete so not expecting anything much, just thought it looked like a bit of fun, that's actually what got me into running back in November! Sub-13 would be nice (I'm a crap cyclist!) but not overly concerned with time, just want to get through it! That being said I'm really looking forward to it! I'm #99 if you want to track me next week!

wardi - Thanks yeah I held a PB of 17.39 from May, I ran a 17.35 last week in a 4x5k relay, and decided to break that Yesterday and hit a 17.27 so my 2.50 target at Chester seems realistic now!

28/07/2013 at 18:56

hmm sleepy weekend on the thread, seems to be quite a high % of CNBA around at the moment...maybe weather related? 

Speedy - Congrats on the marginal but a PB none the less, pdium and medal in the 5k

CW - heck, 27M and all that 'hill' running, epic effort!

TR - Quality weekend's worth of training there

OT - Nice 5k PB improvement in 10 days, ood luck in IMUK

Dids - That's a tough sounding workout!

Jools - Interesting 'half' you did there, well done for coming top lady 

Wardi - Well doen getting today's run in on grumbling legs, maybe time for a easier week?

Parkrun for me yesterday morning, was planning to do it progressively as it's a 4x0.75Mish course on grass. Wasn't very progressive in the end, and only managed a little worst than HM PB pace for 17:56 and 3rd place .

Today's run was planned as a bit shorter than recently (c.18M) but with 2x3M HM efforts with an easy 3M inbetween. Didn't go too badly, managed to average 5:54/M for the efforts and they were probably more like 10M race effort not HM.... quite a long way off my PB HM pace (5:40/M), work to do. Like Wardi I'm definitely feeling a bit weary after 3 60M weeks in a row (and my shin really didn't like the grass track speed session last week!). So going for a healthy cut-back week now leading up to a hilly half next weekend to try to recharge the batteries.

28/07/2013 at 21:00

Wardi - I have a perfect "Judd Painter" accent. (He's that old drunkard from Poldark - lest you need reminding), that's my secret weapon when getting nowhere with some yokel that's selling pasties.

Still can't believe it's only 69.5 days till I burn up the Chester Marathon. I was looking through the prize list earlier and reckon I'm due a decent wad at the end. If I settled for an age category victory I'd get a "limited edition hoodie".

there's a lot to be said for being a 2:35 runner.... Can't really believe its happening to little old me.

28/07/2013 at 21:04

Joolska - I would have hated it. don't suppose your run is on Strava for closer scrutiny?

28/07/2013 at 21:19

Jools - sounds like a tough race, it should do your legs good.

Warid - still putting in the miles, you've put in a solid block of consistent running. I've done a couple of 18s in the last 6 weeks, but 20 was still a long way. Hopefully I have less of a mountain to climb next January as a result of doing more regular long runs year round.

Oliver - All the best with IMUK then. Did you do the Outlaw recently too ?

Al-P - your shin seemd to still be an issue but you are able to run lots on it, so hopefully it'l come good.

after a big few days tomorrow is a zero as we are off to Horsham early for the play off day between the last 4 south eastish based teams left in the cup. The winning team of that play off is in the National finals.

28/07/2013 at 22:10

Problem with the calf is easing after10.88 saunter around leafier parts of town where I'm the riff raff so no eggs thrown at me yet. However, the achilles is feeling a bit tight still so some stretching needed.

29/07/2013 at 08:30

TR - Shin issue is still there, but doesn't interfere with my running in the slightest. Last week's grass track reps (in my Brooks Green Silence), seem to really p#ss it off, but only to the point that it was a bit sore when running Fri/Sat (but very sore to prod!). Maybe it was due to poor form due to doing speedwork on tired legs....

I'm on a once a month visit basis with the physio at the moment to try and get to the bottom of it. Done lots of speciifc core work, which hasn't improved things noticably yet. Got another couple of weeks of that and then I think he's going to look more at shoe choice/impact protection/orthotics. Personally I still think it's down to something in my biomechanics, so keep trying different things on easy/steady runs, like trying to point my toes in as my foot lands (they normally land pointing out quite a bit). 

29/07/2013 at 08:45

CC/OT - nice park run PBs.

CW - impressive/crazy as usual!

TR - nice bike/run combo over the weekend. Good luck to mini-TR in the cup.

Jools - given you positions, it sounds like that was probably a very good run on that course. And it was much faster than my average pace on Saturday (see below)....

Wardi - nice training/racing. I agree with Al_P that an easy week would probably be sensible!

LD - I love your optimism!

A full report from the Lakeland 50 will follow in due course, but to summarise, I surprised myself with 9:10 for 9th place (out of about 500). The last 15M or so were tough, particularly the downhills, but not surprising given I'd done no specific training for it. Managed to get slightly lost at one point but it only cost me about 5 mins.

Dan - Ben A won in a ridiculous time (new course record). Presumably he's well known in the ultra community?

Felt OK yesterday morning so went for a walk with the wife and dog up a fell which took about 2 hours. Descending from that was probably the icing on the cake and I now have the worst DOMS ever (not helped by the drive back in the afternoon). Oh well, easy week to recover then 10 weeks to Kona!

29/07/2013 at 09:05

Yay!  Not the slowest average pace for a race this weekend!  Well done, Padams.  Given how recently your IM was, even more impressive.  And Dids: no, I'm not a Strava user, so my very slow miles are hidden from public view!

29/07/2013 at 09:06

LD - what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

Jools - Great win, I've run part of the course and can vouch for it's toughness.

Padams - Stunning result, hope the DOMS clear up.

Wardi - more great miles and fair play for doing the race on very tired legs.

A "down" week for me due to illness but finished it with a 21 yesterday.  I need some of LD's optimism as I feel carp at the moment.

29/07/2013 at 10:07

Morning sports fans.

Dachs - already had to say no to MS. Same day as NF Mara unfortunately as I would have been well up for it.

Nice Padams.

SL - you've got 10? weeks still, so loads of time to get in good shape. I've come back from holiday with a bit of a cold, so know how you feel.

Some good training going on as always by the looks of it.

I was away in Salcombe for a week on a family holiday. Had a great time. Loads of relaxation and very little running (just 3 x 5m across the week). It was always planned like that as I wanted a little break before the last 12 weeks to Amsterdam. I've averaged just over 92mpw since I started back training properly at the start of April, so I figured this was a good way to break it up.

29/07/2013 at 22:39

Joolska that's tremendous with a 1st place. Don't know how you keep up your pace: you seem to be in Plymouth, London, Bath within the blink of an eyelash, whilst playing the violin and running. Top performance.

Padams another like Joolska that leaves my jaw dropping. Superb. Hope Kona preps continue to go well.

Some other good mileage being knocked out. Glad to see TT having a cutback week. Sensible guy.

TR fantastic to bash out a 20m+ Likewise SL, LD and great looking sessions from Al_P and Wardi

Speedy well done on the pb

Postie postie glad the calf is easing

Al_P think you're right re. the weather being an issue. On a personal note after my CNBA post in the middle of last week I gave myself a talking to, got an ultra short haircut and ended up with my biggest mileage week for two months. So who knows? If I can get some sort of schedule together for the two months I'm researching book 3 in Asia I may do Abingdon as a training run.

Edited: 29/07/2013 at 22:42
29/07/2013 at 22:52

HR - short hair cut = better performance ? Don't think that's caught on here before, but maybe it's time has come. don't see many Kenyans with mullets.

Speaking of shorn heads - i see Mo Farah didn't see his kids for two months so he can devote himself to his training. Hard to argue with results but personally i think he's being brainwashed by his nutcase of a coach. 

29/07/2013 at 23:07

Jeez that really is severe ... sort-of Maria Sharapova in reverse. 

There are mullets in Padstein harbour if I recall LD. Have you been tempted yet by his £10 fish n' chips?

29/07/2013 at 23:35

Al_P - hope it keeps improving then.

PAdams - cracking stuff again, you run well off minimal miles even in 50M races.

Dids - agreed, Mo needs to get some balance. He needs to run for 2 to 3 hrs a day tops and he can have the rest of the day off FFS as he gets paid to run !!!!!!!! Jonesy used to do the same miles and fix planes all day long too, and I can squeeze in 2hrs of aerobics most week days without even training in the evening. Mind you, that recent 1500m time makes you wonder why he's considering a rematch with us all next April.

We got our backsides kicked at the cricket, but our two county players were missing and one team had the Surrey captain and an England player. Nipper bowled well though.

30/07/2013 at 07:59

TR - unlucky in the cricket. Once you get to that stage of the competition there are bound to be some ridiculously good teams with England players etc. Must have been a good experience to get that far.

I'm still fairly crippled so won't be considering training for a couple of days yet. Plan is to get out on the bike at the weekend, but not bothered if I do nothing before that.

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