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22/09/2013 at 18:43

Hey everyone – hope you’ve enjoyed the nice sunshine.

bufo - tidy hilly run that especially with the faster bits thrown in.

Lev_ - thanks  for that breakdown of your taper. Very useful.

Jools – Congrats on the personal course PB at the relays and the weekly mileage certainly confirms the calf is functioning as it ought to. (reading further) Especially with another solid long run in the legs today.

Wardi – Yay! Huge congrats on the parkrun PB.

CW – Super second place today and your comment regarding calves adjusting to speedwork hit home a little as that is one thing I have certainly increased in recent weeks. Many thanks for the best wishes also and comments re: my questions which I go into a little more below.

CC2/Jimbob – enjoyed the exchanges. I had forgotten how frank CC2 can be at times.. loved the bollocking J

Selbs – Small steps forward are still steps in the right direction right? Best wishes for the back problem.

TT – Congrats also to you for the win in my back yard (originally from New Forest). Sounded comfortable dare I suggest? Must be a great feeling winning a race like that.

So, advice on the 12 @ MP a week out duly noted and as it happens the 20 planned for today (2 weeks out) turned out to be 18 as I had had enough. Fridays 10 with 8 @ MP and yesterdays road relays in Blackpool were major factors in my decision not to run on for another two miles. I think this is what they call listening to the body?

The calf held up well although grumbles at the start of runs and fades after I’ve warmed up.

Road relays went very well and really gave me a lift. I think I said I was dumped into the vets team but upon arrival at Stanley Park was informed I had been re-promoted to the D team!

A very twisty 4.1 mile course with a couple of little undulations which I managed to run in 24:26 which averages out at 5:57/mile which I was very chuffed about as I wasn’t passed and took quite a few people down. Happy days.

So, I’ve decided to run the 12 a week out with no more than 6 miles @ MP as per the advice here. Much appreciated guys.

Looking forward to other reports from today…

22/09/2013 at 18:52

SJ: with a wife, 2 daughters and a lady boss, I'm used to getting a good serve off members of the opposite sex! I know my place .....

22/09/2013 at 18:57

TT -- fantastic! And not even an all-out effort. Apart from the great half PB, that has to be a highly encouraging marker for the marathon.

Tough long runs there SJ, postie, CC2 & MrB (to go) -- don't worry, the taper will take care of everything :- ) And anyway, doing them after some fast stuff (nice one in the relays SJ) is going to have some effect. I have noticed feeling amazingly defuelled just by doing a parkrun at the start of a long run, so I dare say it has some effect the next day sometimes.

And thanks for the abdominal cramp advice TT/Jools/CC2. I think I'll experiment with a sports drink breakfast for the GER (I remember now how you go for a liquid-only breakfast TT). Bit worrying that it seemed slightly tender along the scar line of an exploratory appendectomy I had when I was 15... really felt quite peculiar with it for a bit this afternoon, though it has faded now. I Googled a little and found a paper about one runner who had it fixed by detaching bits of connective tissue that were hitching his intestines to the cavity wall. Nice.

22/09/2013 at 19:45

Cheers all.

CC2/Wardi - a nice piece of glass. It makes a nice pair with the one I have from the full 5 years ago

HR - actually looking back, selbs suggestion surely has some merit (red dirt/smog).

CC2 - it was a bit warm/muggy at times today. As long as you put in the requisite effort on both counts I'm sure times are irrelevant as far as next week goes. I usually have at least one stinker of a run during tapers.

sj - I love running in the NF. I've never had a bad race there - first sub-3, a mara win and a half win I would never class a HM as comfortable, but there was a little bit left.

CW - yep, coffee and water, or coffee and PSP22 if it's a marafun. If you had an exploratory appendectomy then it's not unexpected that area of tissue would be weaker, and therefore the sorest part. I wouldn't worry about it; if it were adhesions you'd have felt it long before now. Today certainly puts the thinking of 3:30/km in a more favourable light.

22/09/2013 at 20:04

Photo of the glass please TT!

22/09/2013 at 20:08

CC - good arrows (at Jimbob) that made me laugh !

well done to Podium topping TT, excellent.

2nd place for CW too, not enough for breakfast - to cause those issues ?

I had a solid day. The lake was misty and it was taking ages to clear so the swim was delayed and then shortened a bit (so they could see the swimmers), but the new bike route was a bit long (57.5) and the run was 14M so they were both long, shorter swim which meant I was out the water in 24min (so ~10mins too short) with the run to T1 and T1 taking me about 4min, pushed the grifter pretty hard and then ran pretty well. the new course was hard and the out and back run was pretty hilly. JH1 did pretty well, so I was pleased to only be about 15 or 16mins behind him. The grifter is still giving a bit of time away to the speed machines, but reckon I gave a decent acount of myself. 30th overall and 2nd V45 (so I made a podium today too), a proper athlete showed up and was 3rd overall and 1st V45, so no chance of a numpty like me winning with him there.
Usual achy back on the bike (probably a few reasons why) and my feet got a bit beat up on the stony paths. Came pretty close to breaking the no walking rule on some of the hilly trails today.

JH1 made a podium too !

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22/09/2013 at 20:22

Top stuff TR congrats sounds an awesome effort.

22/09/2013 at 21:23

Jools - Great run at the relays and a solid come-back long run today

Wardi - Congratulations on the Parkrun PB

HR - Impressed with the 23miler in KL, when I was there a few years ago I wouldn't have even considered running given the humidity, luckily I wasn't running back then... Sweating blood? That's a new one, maybe something to do with the heat and lots of bloodflow in the capillaries near the skin surface trying to expel heat? Heard good things about those Asics shoes btw...

Selbs - Shame about your back, hope it clears up quickly and you can get on with the return to fitness. Well done on the Parkrun PB none the less.

CW - Good solid 10 result and well done on the podium

Mr B - Nice 20M

TT - Already said a big well done on email, but I'll say it again, awesome result today in the NF HM. You looked in supreme control at c.11miles. For everyone else here's a short video of the half start

CC and Postie - Don't worry too much about the odd off-run, it's come good on the day 

SJ - Great Relaying too

TR - Nicely done for getting the top 30 and on the Vets podium

I had a good run at the New Forest Marathon training-wise and iced it off with 1st place too  Only did a short 1.3M warm up (after a 3M bike from home to the start) to loosen the legs up. From the gun one guy went off pretty quick, but I'd quizzed him about potential finish time and was pretty sure he wouldn't hold it. Made me run a bit faster than the planned 6:15-6:25/M for the first 11-12M as I stayed in touch. Passed a very relaxed looked TT going the other way at mile 2 and exchanged some words of encouragement  The athmosphere on course was fantastic, helped by being local and knowing all the bike marshalls! Ran a mile or so with the early leader around mile 13 and then he admitted he couldn't hold the pace and let me go to follow the timing van. I was feeling comfortable so kept up the ~6:10 pace. Things never got particularly hard, so although I was going a bit fast I felt it was ok in the context of Frankfurt. After the last big hill at 23 miles I did try upping the pace to more like PB pace, but it definitely required a bit too much effort, so backed off again. Crossed the line in 2:41:38. Now have a nice glass trophy, a plate for also being part of the 1st male team and 2 locally made trophy mugs (one for each catergory).

Rounded off the day with 25min water-running and a good stretch in the steam room to loosen things up 


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22/09/2013 at 21:37

AL_P- i saw that result earlier, cracking run esp as a training race. How many weeks until Frankfurt ?

22/09/2013 at 21:45

TR, JH1 -- spendid, very well podium'd, many congratulations. Did the longer bike/run and shorter swim play to your strengths TR?

After I crossed the line in the Cambridge half, I said hello to my wonderfully supportive family, shivering in the sleet, and then said "now... it's all about London" and bu99ered off for a few extra miles. So... how's about Abo now TR?

Likewise Al_P, we don't often get outright marathon wins here. Very nice. That's a hell of a training run

22/09/2013 at 21:53

CW - not sure, even though I'm a weaker swimmer I didnt want it be shortened I signed up for the full distance, although last yr it was too long so I did extra then ! I was pretty uncomfortable by the end of the bike, but biked strongish though. The extra run mile probably did me a favour...............pretty sure that Abo is a no, I pushed myself hard today, my body is a bit battered. I'm taking an easy week,  I'll enter the Solent 1/2 tomorrow which is 3 weeks time, that will be a Gosport range finder.

22/09/2013 at 22:09

Fantastic stuff TR. Well done! Perfectly understandable re: Abo too.

Al_P - likewise congrats again. That was a very impressive run. Recover well and absorb it and you'll smash Frankfurt in 5 weeks time. The marshals were brilliant today (as always). Shame about one of the locals. I very nearly got hit by an a-hole in a pickup during the race who wouldn't wait 2 secs to turn into his drive (I literally had to side-jump to avoid him).

CC2 - I'll try in a minute, but it's only half as impressive as Al_P's

22/09/2013 at 22:11


23/09/2013 at 03:32

Al_P just outstanding 1st. You made it sound comfortable. Bloody brilliant as Ron Weasley would say.

TT that's a superb 1st place and time. You are on top form.

TR top tri work. That's a great V 2nd and another podium. Top top stuff!

The Jimbob and CC2 nice racing. CC2  it may just come right for the HM  anyway. A week is  a long time. Re the blood it would be a hell of a party trick  

Selbs - very sorry to hear about the rhomboid issue. Golf doesn't sound the best thing for it?

CW superb 2nd on the course. Grim about the cramps.

postie postie thanks re the Asics Gels (Al_P too). Like CC2 yours probably just all the training in the legs?

SJ good call on the 20 I reckon

Has JH1 posted? Congratulations anyway: superb

Mr Boat: hope the 20 went ok?

TT/Selbs: Kuala Lumpur is smog and red dirt free. There's just one other possibility but more another time.   What a great series of fred results this weekend!

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23/09/2013 at 06:47

Well done TR!

23/09/2013 at 07:10

Big congratulations to TR and Alfantastic podium places for the thread!

23/09/2013 at 08:45

Al_P: Great training day there; they don't come much better.

TR: Glad it went to plan for you. Great effort for a decent overall finish position too.

SJ: Nice training, the taper will help.

Glad to say that my knee appeared to be ok during lasts night's 20. Did feel leggy for the last couple though, probably due to 3 85 mile weeks on the bounce. Start to taper a bit now with 71 planned this week.

23/09/2013 at 08:56

CW - nice podium. That race brings back good memories for me as it was my first ever race win! I was shocked at the time as I was expecting some low-50 runners but I won in 56:xx.

TT - very nice, a PB and a win! Sounds like there's a bit more to come as well, so looking good for the marathon. I think you'll be moving above me in the rankings!

Wardi - impressive improvement in one chunk. I've seen that quite a bit - people get "stuck" at a certain time, and then when they do beat it, they smash it and that becomes the new level.

HR - never heard of sweating blood, but doesn't sound good at all! Be careful in that heat/humidity.

TR - great stuff, another podium. Your swim seems to have improved a lot, good to see the dedication paying off.

And well done to everyone at relays (Jools, CC2, SJ and others I expect). Probably missed loads of people, sorry!

I had a solid weekend. Saturday I did nearly 70M over the Purbecks (hilly) at a good pace - felt like I was really struggling towards the end but good to see I was still maintaining about 21mph on the flat sections.

On Sunday I met up with a fellow threader (can probably guess who) for an easy hour on the bike, then up to Aldershot for the relays. Bumped into PP who told me the time he had just done in the vets race, so that became my target! Happened to be the target I had already set of 20 mins. Managed to (notionally) pip him by 4s in 19:56. Reasonably pleased with that considering my legs felt pretty dead beforehand, undulating course, and it was surprisingly warm.

23/09/2013 at 08:59

Nice 20 Mr Boat, glad the body held together.

Bravo TR, 2nd V45 is good work, posh new bike for Xmas?    Pleased to see JH1 had a good day in the sun too.

Blimey Al P. that's a storming training run.  Congrats on the win, looking very good for you at Frankfurt.

23/09/2013 at 09:48

Thanks for all the great words of congratulations guys 

TR - 5 weeks to Frankfurt, definitely feeling more optimistic about my prospects now.

Padams - Great effort in the relay leg given all that biking before hand!

A few footnotes from yesterday's run; the weather was pretty much ideal with no wind at all, moderate temperatures (although the sun can out at the start and things threatened to turn much warmer, it disappeared again never to return....) and I ran on a full set of gels, pretty much the same as an A race (1 every 4-5 miles). Post race weight was around 5lb lighter than first thing in the morning, and that was after having lunch.

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