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25/09/2013 at 12:05

Good luck with the ankle, postie. And gaining those places in the relay has to be good, Dachs!

My legs have proven far more knackered from my 10M race than Al's have after his marathon. I started in a very cranky 9:30/M style yesterday, but gradually loosened up to finish close to 7 m/M by the time I'd done 12M -- it's as if the DOMS gradually wore off. Except today I was creaky again, avg 8:15/M for my 3M commute -- maybe not long enough to loosen up this time. Normally I'd do a big MLR with speed tomorrow, but I'll just do something steady instead. There's just a touch of specific tightness on my R hamstring so I don't want to push it anyway.

25/09/2013 at 12:12

Feeling decidedly achy and leggy today. Calf feels sore still and a little discomfort when putting pressure on the leg in general. Therefore I've had a couple of days rest to start this week. Will go out later to asses the situation. 

Went along with my son to a demo his Taekwondo class were putting on last night. He was thrilled I had 'binned off' the running club for him (didn't tell him I wasn't going anyway ) I ended up involved in the demo (egg'd on by my wife) and paired with another 'dad' doing kicks and punches. This fella had steel-toe-capped boots on (straight from work I assume rather than a botha-boy) and was going for it BIG STYLE.

Even though I had a pad on I have a bruise and swelling on my arm. I mean, seriously?? I tried to duck out a little and hint at having had enough of that but this guy was relenetless. 

That's karma for kidding on to my son I was there for him and he came first etc etc... 

25/09/2013 at 12:15

CW I know that feeling. You're on great form at the moment, so prob wise just to ease back v slightly.

Postie Postie oh lord. However I concur with Padams. It's amazing how quickly the ankle can come back. Seriously hope for a quick return and I think you may be surprised.

I took my first rest day for five weeks today. I tested out the Asics Gel Lytes yeaterday (beautiful but scarily unstructured!) and then today coincided with a move to my first air conditioned room in Asia. Adding those two together I just felt my body was long overdue a breather and I feel so much better for it. I was absolutely cream crackered: just hanging. It's at that point now where it's almost just fine tuning and letting the body get ready.


25/09/2013 at 16:22

postie - that sucks. How is it today?

Joolska wrote (see)

Hope the ankle heels ok, Postie.

Intentional pun or not Jools? Nice reps.

And likewise sounds like the reps went well Mr B?

I've swapped my rest days around and taken today off. I had initially planned a track session this evening, but the blister that appeared quite early on Sunday is still quite sore and must have been making me compensate during the race as my right quad has been tight (though improving). I figured it was just as easy to take the day completely off, continue to work on the quad and give the blister a bit longer to clear completely, as I have the opportunity and no point running the risk of further damage this close.

I saw a picture from the finish line ( and thought I looked quite knackered, but was reassured when a) I saw I looked no better 3m in  ( and, b) remembered I did push hard over the last mile+.

25/09/2013 at 16:51

Howling typo, sadly, TT - but perhaps I shouldn't confess to that!

25/09/2013 at 17:28

Think that I was over wussing yesterday as the ankle is feeling a lot better today. Back at work tomorrow and will try a gentle jog Friday if all goes well.

25/09/2013 at 17:36

Postie great news on the ankle. Hopefully a couple of light days will see it getting better. Very easy to go over on it again just after it happens so please do take it easy.

Lots of great running from everyone (myself excepted). Still can't even decided what trainers to buy these days, never mind what speed I should run at! Hoping when I do eventually by my first ever pair of racing trainers for HM and Marathon distances that they are going to inspire me to run a bit quicker.

25/09/2013 at 17:59

Great news postie.. 

Jools - far too honest of you. I would of run with that one! 

I do believe I forgot to congratulate the podium-ites from the weekend. Hats to off to you all. Enjoyed reading about the successes. 

8 miles at lunchtime because I thought my day was slowing down work-wise. Only to return home and see several missed skype calls from HQ in Sweden. A panic on which had me berating myself for taking a lunch break and going for a run. Anyway, managed to delegate that task just now so can relax and reflect on the session earlier. 

Legs feel leggy and the right one in particular seems to be taking a fair bit to warm up. In fact the first few strides are quite uncomfortable. My form returns by the time I've got to the bottom of my road and although its there as an ache I am not too distracted by it. Strange one. So strange in fact that I am doing some stretches (I hardly ever stretch) and have been on the foam roller (I never use my foam roller) as I can feel a tight spot in the centre of my right calf. I also invested in some raceday footwear so hopefully the transition into some more cushioning should help too. 

25/09/2013 at 20:47

Your legs feel leggy saintjason? Surely that's a good thing? I worry when my legs don't feel like legs.

25/09/2013 at 21:28

Postie - Good to hear the ankle is probably non-Marathon threatening 

Dachs - Nice effort from a tough position in the road relays

TR - What was the target pace you're thinking about for the Solent half?

Jools - Nice reps, known fact that brighter/sparkly make you go faster...

Wardi - Nice bit of doubling

HR - Sounds like a good move

SJ - Karma indeed!

CW - The legs will come back, on that topic I surprised myself today (see below)

After Monday's unexpectedly good post-marathon run, it was down to earth with a bump on Tuesday, with a decent bit of DOMs developing in my quads. Tuesday's run was a slower 7.2M@7:40/M. Quads felt better today, but an easy 5M jog first thing today proved to be even harder! But then things improved this evening with 8.5M@7:00/M, it started a bit faster, but slowly down towards the end as my legs fatigued pretty quickly still.

Looking at my training plan, I've realised that I hadn't scheduled any easier weeks in between the Maidenhead HM and marathon taper (5wk), so I've decided to make this week a cut-back week and then have a final 2 week push before tapering for Frankfurt. Also have a busy weekend ahead with travel and family stuff which will make any longer runs a bit tricky.

25/09/2013 at 21:58

SJ - well done on the kicking to impress your lad.

postie -  good to see that you are ok already.

Al_P - very wise, Sunday was bound to catch up with you a bit. No pace aspirations for Solent, more effort based aspirations really, aim is to push myself a bit and see what that effort level returns. Hope to knock a bit off last years 1:21:0X. Are you running it still ?

Swam at lunch (30x50), which went ok and my legs feel much improved, might don the trainers for 5M tomorrow lunchtime instead of a swim, I'm giving myself a break from early doors training this week.

Edited: 25/09/2013 at 22:11
26/09/2013 at 05:00

My Macbook keyboard has been fixed for £70 by a local Malaysian so I've finally been able to read back and type with a modicum of ease. Congratulations once more to the podiumites.

Mr Boat - glad the knee was better. Whoa didn't realise you were also hitting 85mpw's. Serious stuff

Postie postie very good news

Padams - nice biking and relay work.

SL - that looked like a good weekend's work. Bravo.

JH1 - that's a great effort at the Forest, and if you are serious about tri work then good you've spotted where to work. Great 3rd place though: another fred podium.

PP - excellent relaying and I'm delighted to see you are keeping up with the food posts. Life wouldn't feel right if you neglected this.

Spirun - superb. That's quick!

SJ - haha that made me chuckle

TT - nice mileage and pace

Dachs - nice catching up in the relay all the same. Great news on the shoe colour. Must say I'm delighted by the garish looks of my new Asics. And the laces are fluo yellow which must add a few seconds per mile.

Joolska - great to see you are back to it

TimB - hope you can stick it and make the right choice on trainers.

Felt fantastic from the rest day and have been celebrating with a 14m double today. Legs feel fab again. I was a bit mashed.

26/09/2013 at 07:23

Quick (silly?) carbo load question from a cold Berlin (though it looks like Sunday will be sunny).  Does received wisdom go for the 10g/kg bodyweight for each of the 3 days before (i.e. from today) or just 2 days before?  I want to keep Saturday lighter than this as I remember feeling a bit bloated last time around - CW has the good idea of approaching the day from the perspective of keeping glycogen stores topped up rather than adding to them - but even if I do that, 10g/kg for both today and tomo feels like an awful lot.  The majority will likely come from adding PSP22/a sports bar every 3 or 4 hours, which should give me 300g carbs in a day.  But even though I went very light on carbs on Mon and Tues (though didn't manage to shift that much weight - grrr) I'm still minded not to overdo it so much today and then hit the 10g thing properly tomo.  Or is that silly?  

I'm probably overthinking things, but it beats worrying about the classic taper cold, which I'm just going to assume will shift by Sunday...

Sorry for the self-centred post - some great stuff going on and will read back properly later.  Meanwhile, my friends have just returned home with a veritable basket of bread rolls so perhaps I shouldn't worry about being without carbs today!

26/09/2013 at 08:16

Lev - I've never really thought about it that much. I eat a lot of carbs anyway, so the taper + normal eating probably effectively results in a "carb load". I just try not to eat too much the day before the race, especially after lunch.

postie - good news!

Al_P - a cutback week sounds like a good plan.

TR - 30x50 sounds pretty mind-numbing! I guess you can tick them off fairly quickly.

We restarted our Wednesday evening "pursuits" session last night now it's dark again. 2x20mins (rather than the usual 45 mins straight), and my lap times were a bit quicker than last year, so that's good news. Mind you, I was on my nicer bike, so that would have helped.

26/09/2013 at 08:59

TR - Yup entered for the Solent half, planning on doing it at target MP (or slightly faster, depending on feel/conditions). Our club half champs too, but doubt there will be much competition for that . Good pool-work.

HR - The wonders of a good rest day (and a nice hotel room?), nice double, it that 2x7m or 2x14M, the former is go going but would be super impressived by the latter!

Padams - Great speed session on the bike, are you still on for Kona?

Lev - I do the classic 1 day carb load, based on about 12g/KG. For VLM this year I did v low carb, high fat for Monday-Thursday, lost a good few pounds and then started back on carbs on Thurs evening (but not going over the top). For VLM in 2012 I struggled to get the carbs in on Saturday, due to bloating, but this year cracked that problem with more easy to digest stuff (Torq energy drink/flapjack/bananas). Note I seem do have a very compliant/efficient digestive system, I eat a decent bit on race morning too (banana, medium bowl of porridge, maybe a flapjack), but it all has to be in by at least 3 hours pre-start. What works for you is largely a matter of experimentation.

26/09/2013 at 10:07

Al_P - yep, no reason why not! Haven't done all the training I would ideally want to do for an IM, but the A race was in June and this is all about the experience (and holiday!).

26/09/2013 at 10:14

Al P.. a couple of gems from one of the German elite runners on the Frankfurt site, lovely translation..

'This is very basic: Please don't wear the shoes you wear for the marathon for the first time. This will not end good'.

and on tapering..

'Your main work is done. The last months you really grinded away'. 

That's why you need a cut back week then, too much grinding!

26/09/2013 at 10:45

lol Jools. I admire your honesty

Great news postie. Always the case that every twinge in the last few weeks means there's a bit about to fall off

It sounds like you're back in good form Padams.

lol Wardi

Rest day yesterday and some work on the quad loosened it up a treat, so this morning I made up for missing yesterday's track session with some quicker road running. 9m with 1/2m (2:29), 3/4m (3:53 - uphill for the last ~200m), 2m (10:35), 1/2m (2:29). All (relatively) controlled. Blister is still a little tender, but manageable.

I've planned a surge long run for Saturday am, so hopefully the blister is ok by then to allow me to put on my racing shoes (they're stiffer around the heel than what I was wearing this am).

26/09/2013 at 11:33

Wardi: I had that email from Frankfurt, too.  I loved some of the translations.  2.5 more weeks of grinding, it would seem

26/09/2013 at 11:38

Wardi - Damn, you've sussed me out there  Looking forward Frankfurt, going to be a bit of a whirl-wind euro road trip, Thursday ferry to france and drive to Brussels, Friday/Saturday in a place called Darmstadt (about 30mins south of Frankfurt) and then back to Brussels on Sunday evening and home on Monday. Also looking forward to the chance to stretch my car's legs on the Autobahn (not that it's that fast, still fun to find out how quick though), but must remember to lay off the Belgium beer until the return visit to Brussels!

TT - Good speed on the road there.

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