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11/06/2006 at 23:29
Whatever god answered my prayers when injured to get me to the start of the FLM was very generous, especially giving me such an unexpected good time in it, but they're having a laugh with me now. Every time I start to feel like a marathon runner again I have a silly accident. A few days ago I had a Dull moment of not lifting my feet enough and tripping into the road. Although the car whose front bumper I had a close-up view of was stationary at the time it still shook me a bit. Today I was running along the canal under a bridge and I hit my hand on a railing. It's very swollen and wouldn't stop bleeding without being glued - I believe the modern alternative to butterfly stitches(?)

JEJ - I think I ran past you today, in Narrow Street at about 9:15. Before others think I'm showing off, the person in question, JEJ or not, was only walking. I guess that concludes my JEJ stalking! Sorry that I didn't stop, but I felt awkward asking someone if they "were JEJ". The further on I got the more I thought that it was you, and wished I'd stopped, although an increasingly extreme U-turn would have been required. Also I wasn't at my best licking the blood from my hand every few metres or so!!
12/06/2006 at 07:07
RB - Sensational, very well done.

MG - A very well done to you to.
12/06/2006 at 07:51
RB Sensational? Not 'arf pop pickers. You didn't look it in Paris but after yesterday's performance given the conditons you sure you don't have any African heritage? Togo, Ghana, Angola, Ivory Coast - you see the theme you get to participate in the World Cup too if you pick one of them.

JEJ Not in 10k shape? So you won't break 33 minutes then. Not worth the petrol money IMHO.

SeshIII completed this time with a nice bit of cloud cover to avoid the furnace like conditions of Saturday.

W/U @ 12km/h 136bpm
10 Miles @ 14.4km/h = Cardiff Ave Speed ~6:42per mile
Mile 1 148bpm
Mile 2 153bpm
Mile 3 156bpm
Mile 4 158bpm
Mile 5 159bpm
Mile 6 160bpm
Mile 7 162bpm
Mile 8 162bpm
Mile 9 164bpm
Mile 10 164bpm

So still about the same drift between miles 3-10 whatever the fck that means. Can I stop yet? (Please.)
12/06/2006 at 08:27
Ok the mystery guest @ Edinburgh was indeed myself - sure that was pretty obvious anyway. After going public and humiliating myself at London with 3.10, I made a late decision to enter Edinburgh and do it on the quiet to see if that made a difference.

Not enough it would seem, but did manage a PB of 3.02.01 (unofficial) - a PB of about 5 mins.

I recorded all the split times, but then pressed the wrong button on the watch at the end and deleted them all. But I do remember

10m - 1.04
Half - 1.25
16m - 1.44
20m - 2.13
23m - 2.35

Struggled from 16m onwards, but still hanging in at 23 and sub-3 should have been on. But it was mostly uphill for the next two miles and my legs had taken leave of my body and I was shuffling along at 9 min/mile. Was the hills, rather than the heat that did for me. That plus the p!ss poor preparation and lack of talent/quality training due to recent injury.

Final summary - 6/10 must do better

Good to meet up with RB & the family of Bhoys. The lad's getting too good for this thread. 2.47 should tranlate into a 2.42 or better on a cool flat course in the autumn.
12/06/2006 at 09:19
Well done RB - I reckon that's worth about 2:44:21 in better conditions.

Nice one on the pb, MG

CY You got me scared now - first drafting me for the entire London marathon (again, without introducing yourself), now this. I was also 'running' up the canals yesterday morning - tried to get out early but it was already too hot, hence succumbing to temptation of a lucozade at that shop in sLimehouse and walking for a bit to drink / let it sink in. I was then lurking around the estate agents just off Narrow Street (still flat hunting) before tackling the last 2 miles at pace... Next you'll be telling me you live around there?!

Crab right now I doubt I'd get close to 34, but aim to start upping the mileage from the end of July which I hope will have similar effects of improving speed endurace as last time (eg being able to run close to 2 x back-to-back 5km pbs).
12/06/2006 at 09:29

dan a,
getting closer!...a bliddy good time in the conditions

13 miles total for me last week

cycle time trial 51:14....i have two huge black eyes after my fall last week
12/06/2006 at 09:58
quick posty from me as I'm travelling (exotic newcastle this week).

Crab, stop moaning keep it up, that last one looks good, temp clearly has a big influence, plenty more in the tank, still only ~6 bpm drift there. Next stop 14.6 :-D

Good to meet you on sunday JH1, I tried looking out for you again, but failed.

Winsdor tri went well, 2:21 (10 mins faster than last year), 154th out of 1533, would have been alot better but my swimming is cack. It was pretty hot, but good practice for Germany which won't be cool. Won't steel JH1's thunder but fck me he swims like a fish.. did manage to pip him on the bike though ;-) ah, my small victories these days..

well done RB !!!! bloody great run ! Did I win the sweep ??

DanA, good result, nice bounce back ! keep plugging away, but FFS, why not try going through 1/2 way @ 1:28'ish !!!
12/06/2006 at 10:24
CM - did try for 1.28 splits but the mile markers were pretty useless, so just ran as I felt rather than on the clock.

Mile 10 - 11 took over 8.5 mins, so I panicked and speeded up. Then mile 11-12 took just over 3 minutes - not sure whether I should be contacting the IAAF, but I fear that the markers were just placed on convenient lamp posts rather than in the correct spot. Several occasions of the chalk mile marking on the road being 500 yds away from the luminous mile marker board; made running evenly a bit tricky.
12/06/2006 at 10:41
Hail Hail

I believe Odeon wins the sweep predicting 2mins slow for me, and 2mins fast for MG aka DanA. Still no idea how he did himself though. So sorry CM, but no bag of jelly babies for you this time around!
Have to agree with Dan that the mile markers way WAAAY out at times. The first 6 were fine, then they sort of lost their way ending up between .15 and .25M out. At least thats what my 205 was saying. Dunno how accurate the finish was cos I'd lost the signal and it never came back. So much for new technology.
The last 3M were little bu**ers - mostly uphill all of them. Not too hard, but enough to sap what energy you had left, and slow you down a fair bit.
I reckon that on a REALLY flat course, and in good conditions, yesterday's performance would equate to at least a 2.42, and maybe less.
12/06/2006 at 10:57
Time for another sweepstake for the next installment of the JEJ Monday evening 2M race section of my 'brick session'.

I'll try to replicate the hard cycle prior to the race, and also run the same 40 min steady as I did prior to my effort last week. 10:38 to beat.

JEJ - 10:26
12/06/2006 at 11:07
Morning all,

R.B-Well done mate,great'll soon be enjoying the posh toilets on the championship start!

Dan-congratulations on the p.b I'm sure you'll nail the autumn mara.
Did you see Barney do the power yesterday,i was surprised Taylor missed three darts at the double but the 97 finish under pressure was a bit special.

Crab- Keep the tests going , i might have a go at a couple myself.
Do the neighbours complain about the noise of the treadmill or is it your heavy breathing:o))

C.M/JH1- Well done at Windsor,it certainly was a nice day for a swim!

12/06/2006 at 11:09
Morning Jej sorry x post

12/06/2006 at 11:15
CY Dulwich 5km entered. I ran a 10km there a year ago and managed 39:15 (bless) - if it's a similar route & wouldn't describe it as 'flat' - but then for that race I set off too fast which probably made the smallest incline feel like a mountain. Have you run the 5km there before?
12/06/2006 at 13:18
Just got back home. Well done the RB and Dan. Think Im 4/4 for the sweep as I was most optimistic of all for my own time 3.21.

Went round in 3.19.52(Unofficial) on a target of 3.20. Absolutely ecstatic given the conditions. Most things went ok. Ran on pace (7.36) or very slightly quicker the whole way. 1st 5 miles I ran with a guy aiming for 4 hours (Crazy). Didn't have technology for splits but these are times I can recall:

10m 75.30
hm 1.38.30
20m 2.30.30
22m 2.45

Having speeded up between 18-22, really struggled over the last 4 miles much in the same way as Dan.

24 3.01
25 3.10

I tried to speed up in last mile as knew it was gonna be close and got cramp after 400m which went after slowing down. Into the park and knew I would need a sprint to make it. As soon as I sped up the pain left the legs and I felt very comfortable???
Overtook about 20 runners in last 400m to make it by 8 seconds.

Absolutely chuffed to be the proud owner of the wooden spoon!!
12/06/2006 at 13:20
Sorry been eating my words together with some humble pie this lunchtime.

Seriously cannot believe the marathon times set by RB and DanA in the Edinburgh sunshine. Shows what I know about running in hot weather, but
I suppose we are all built differently, and some can take the heat whilst others cannot.

No excuses, but the two of you are seriously good, and I suspect, that had you been running in FLM06 type conditions,
we could easily have had a sub 3.00 or better for DanAand a sub 2.45 for RB

Still no sign of odeon, I hope he got around OK.

NDO Great 10k time. Don't forget to log it onto the Serpie results database. I always try to stick my good ones on there, and then checkout my WAVA graph. Wouldn't be without it for the world.

BruceyB Nice to see you. To see you nice. Good to see you've opted for Abingdon. Didn't he do well ladies and gentlemen.

12/06/2006 at 13:23
Forgot to say PB by 1h 10 mins.

For future sweeps, I was a commuter cyclist doing 100m per week until 1st March when I started training for Edinburgh. HIghest mileage 56m (4 weeks out) up from 40 the week before. 1 long run of 22, then 18.5 then 16m.
Total 3 month mileage 304.

Learned an awful lot on this forum in that time which will change approach for Cardiff. Eg 90m per week, more long runs, and 1 week less taper as felt fitter last week and panicked I was losing fitness!

Thanks for all advice.
12/06/2006 at 13:23
Crumbs. Even odeon got a PB. Superb run mate.

I'm off now to sit in the corner with my dunces cap on!

Dull and a bit thick too
12/06/2006 at 13:26
Well done Odeon!

And NDO it appears?
12/06/2006 at 14:39
Hail Hail

Thanks Dull. It's great to receive a compliment from your holiness.

Well done Odeon! Glad to see that you survived unscathed, esp after what a lot of us would probably term "inadequate" training in the lead-up. It goes to show what your potential is.

Now then. Serious decision making time. A flat fast autumn marathon please. Berlin, Cardiff, or Abingdon. Pros and cons from all those experienced please. And any other suggestions gratefully received.
12/06/2006 at 14:40
Hail Hail


100 up!!!
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