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28/11/2013 at 19:43
Thinking of going to York on Saturday and taking on Wardi. More news as it happens.
28/11/2013 at 19:58

TR - AG?  Nah, did you miss the bit about me being a national champion?  Kent AC, first team, me third scorer behind a couple of 2:17 runners!  £233.33 each.  Ch-ching!


28/11/2013 at 20:06

PP - ah yes, I remember now, I thought you won an AG prize for a while there.

28/11/2013 at 20:10

Would definitely be a nice aim for future VLMs.  8th V40 this year and hopefully haven't peaked yet!

28/11/2013 at 20:55

Nice one PP!  ..& best of luck with the cold cure & the continued foot recovery.

Cripes Charlie, you seem to get more niggles during downtime than when you're in full bore training!  I had piriformis trouble on and off a couple of years ago but it gradually disappeared in it's own.

Good mixed doubles from  TR & PP.

Bad luck Al P, hope you can get back to it soonish.

Blimey Dids, if you're thinking of coming all the way to York to take on this even older codger CRAB must have you quaking in your Lawrence Ripples already!  You're on fella, after all I know the course better than you do!

10m today inc 7 x 1k @ av 6:18 pace with 500m recoveries.

Just booked my VLM room, Premier Inn at Southwark Borough Market.  Close to London Bridge station so handy for a ride to the start. 

28/11/2013 at 21:04
??50 on the CRAB/Leslie Phillips double please Mr Ladbroke. (Even at 8-1 on - given it's a given.)

As you were.
29/11/2013 at 00:27

Wardi - this is all depending on Er Indoors ability and desire to get out of bed early on saturday. At the moment, she's not keen - but maybe if you send me a good photograph of you in your smoking jacket?

Otherwise, it'll be a midday arrival there, in the company of my daughter blathering on about the wonder of bloody rowing, before going on a wild night out with the "lads" in .....yes.....the epicentre of cool and excitement.....Harrogate. Woopydoopydah!

29/11/2013 at 00:35

Also Wardi, we stayed there once (well, a few times actually) in that Travel Inn, but this time the air-con had bust and it was so hot in the room that my dairy milk completely melted.

Lenny Henry would not have looked so smug in that room I can tell you.

29/11/2013 at 00:42

Not impressed with my amazing feat of running 10 miles with legs more useless than Stephen Hawking's and still breaking 3 hours then Crab?

Oh well, maybe, I should have bottled out like your fellow southern soft ballet dancers? 

Read my lips - I will not be limping in around 3 hours in April mate, I will be fucking leaving Kenyans in my wake. I won't be leaving you in my wake, cos you won't ever be in my wake. In fact, if my wake had a wake you wouldn't even be in that.

29/11/2013 at 00:43

PhilPub - that ribbon will go nicely with your shots.

29/11/2013 at 04:55
Joolska wrote (see)

Padams:  I saw him in Frankfurt and he hadn't had the best few weeks going into the race.

Gorgeously restrained of you Jools One tough Kiwi.

Wardi long time no chat. Nice reps there. And well done on the hotel. I'll be in Guildford so I might train in from there (40 mins to Waterloo) on the grounds that my own bed is better. Not sure. You will have the fabulous Borough Market for some serious post-race nosh if you fancy it.

TR that's superb re. the 1st prize. Thoroughly deserved. Damned brilliant: well done buddy.

Luke - nice work. Good mileage and speed combinations.

Dachs - your Barcelona anecdote makes it sound as if Mr Overall might be back in a bit of form?

Bufo and Toro - nice reps. TR too on yours.

Padams - another doing great rep sessions.

Al_P Oh no. At least you've got a diagnosis and you seem to be on the way to recovery.

CW I always had you down as an injury-free runner but as PP says, well done on the trophy. I'm with you on the +ve split issue. The feeling of merely hanging on after mile 20 isn't pleasant.

PP sounds like a bad cold and maybe the ease back has done you good by the sounds of the stronger run. LD will be pleased you returned to the fizz to make sure. That's awesome from UKAA. 8th V40: top work. My big aim from Feb is to try and get into top 10 V50. Probably unlikely.

I'm in the midst of a house move this week but am still doing tomorrow's 10k @ Battersea. Scaled back the training yesterday and today so will see what happens. Not feeling confident of getting anywhere close to the 36' right now.


29/11/2013 at 07:49

Simply abiding by netiquette - Marders doesn't really post on the thread any more so it's not my information to share.

29/11/2013 at 08:13

PP -- v. impressive letter and medal there. They'd definitely go on the wall in my downstairs loo trophy grotto if I could only match your success!

Wardi/TR -- last night I had a touch of gripes on the outside of my lower leg too. And it got worse after a day of driving and sitting on conference chairs. So I think it could well not really be a running problem per se at all, though maybe running prolongs it. With my geeky science background, I take some pleasure in perhaps finding a grand unified explanation -- looking back, the foot trouble appeared simultaneously with piriformis tightness/back of thigh troub. My sis (GP) also said sciatica tends to just go slowly with time. Anyway, day off today (though it's feeling better already).

And I'm posting uncharacteristically before work because I just had to share this gem with anyone who's done or thought about doing the Bob Graham Round, from the fell runner's forum -- "if Hitler did the BGR..." -- and I'm guilty of several charges it levels:

29/11/2013 at 09:05

CW - Haha, great Hilter clip

Wardi - Nice set of 'k reps, the proprietor (my brother) of my usual digs for the VLM weekend has moved, but thankfully he's even closer to the tube in Ealing now shame they did want a place a bit nearer to Blackheath, but not moaning for the price ....

26M on the bike this morning to work, found a much better route across the Forest which involves no roads routinely used by heavy goods vehicles, so it was a much more pleasant ride than previous commutes! Also I've finally finished a Frankfurt highlights vid, a link to it can be found on my blog, not the most riveting thing to watch, but I think it gives a nice impression of the race for those here planning to go for the first time next year.

29/11/2013 at 09:11

I read a bit on twitter about Marders "situation" and was surprised he even bothered trying to run in Frankfurt...fair effort that, and then to do the time he did a few weeks later was v impressive.  But come on HR you can't go handing out plaudits like that willy nilly, especially now he is not even a kiwi anymore.  It's hardly in the realms of Dids amazing feat of running 10 miles with legs more useless than Stephen Hawking's and still breaking 3 hours, (especially now he is not even a kiwi anymore).

Nor is it quite up there with this tough kiwi.

"Shelford made his Test debut for the All Blacks later that year against France in a 19–7 victory in Toulouse, and then was a notable victim of the infamous "Battle of Nantes" in the second Test. Roughly 20 minutes into the match, he was caught at the bottom of a rather aggressive ruck, and an errant French boot found its way into Shelford's groin, somehow ripping his scrotum and leaving one testicle hanging free. He also lost four teeth in the process. Incredibly, after discovering the injury to his scrotum, he calmly asked the physio to stitch up the tear and returned to the field before a blow to his head left him concussed.

So is the Dids v CRAB smackdown going to be WAVA rated, surely someones got a bit of an age advantage judging by the bands CRAB likes/hangs out with?

still suffering at this end with niggly injuries (opposite (Posterior tendon) one to Al_P, caused i think by trying to run more on my mid foot/toes to prectect my dicky knee and then upping the miles too soon i guess).  But my slipped disc and nerve damage is slowly coming right (prob a bit like the sciatica comment from your doc CW).  Starting to think i might be able to run a bit next year, here's hoping.  Just need a patient build up i'm on the day on day off 20 min jogs again for a while until i can do more.  Vague thoughts of Edinburgh, if only because if i leave it any later, i won't make London marathon again until 2016!!  Can't bring myself to actualyl enter it though given my track record of DNS.  e.g.

So another 10km entered and not raced is about to pass this weekend, and then probably another one in 2 weeks.

Nice training from lots of the usual folks. Congrats on the prize TRPadams will be nice to se what you can do if you have another proper crack at a fast road marathon.  Good luck weekend racers.

29/11/2013 at 09:59

Bloody hell Selbs  I feel ill from reading that. Are all Kiwis made like that? You're right, just seen his transition to Brit is complete. Hadn't realised until now that he has tweeted all about his injury from the cycling collision, so it's in the public domain. Fantastic 2:18 comeback at Florence.

p.s. Did you choose the phrase 'willy nilly' deliberately, or was that one of those delightful brain tricks?! 

Edited: 29/11/2013 at 10:41
29/11/2013 at 13:30

I read about Shelford before selbs. Nuts! Glad to hear things are coming around for you. I believe Edinburgh is almost full btw, so you will need to make your mind up quickly.

Cheers for the hot melt glue info CW. Fingers crossed your niggles continue to dissipate!

Nice repping Wardi.

Good luck for the 10k HR.

One cheek firmly planted on the bench here. I stumbled on a bumpy unlit pavement whilst running home Tuesday night, and in the process of stopping myself falling have damaged my knee - not dissimilar to when you see somebody land awkwardly after a jump.

It is apparently a partial tear to the quadriceps tendon. Like muscles it can range from a strain (slight tear) to a complete rupture (which I obviously don't have). Waiting to hear from the doc with next steps and what, if anything, I can do in the meantime, but hopefully it is just at the strain end of things.

It sounds like it could be anything from a few more days to several weeks. I'm hoping the pain is just because anything hurts if it's torn, even if it's only a small bit. Luckily I started treating it straight away (ultrasound as well as the usual RICE protocol) which will hopefully have sped things up.

At the moment, simply lifting my leg or bending the knee though (obviously) painful is manageable, which is apparently a good sign, so fingers crossed!!!

29/11/2013 at 13:35

Sorry to hear that, TT.  My mild calf tear needed about 7-10 days no running and then a gradual build back up over about 3 weeks.  And Frankfurt didn't go too badly 9 weeks later

29/11/2013 at 13:44

That's two fred victims of the dark this week  Good luck you two and safe running everyone.

29/11/2013 at 14:26

Unlucky TT. There are some very bumpy pavements around here (particularly the road I live on unfortunately), with paving stones sticking up, so I've been careful recently, although inevitably I will fall over at some point.

Steady 9M or so last night with a few faster sections with the running club. Tri club dinner tonight, but hoping to get up for the usual 8am long run tomorrow!

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