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26/02/2014 at 11:53

TT - not you as well. It feels like that room in Indiana Jones where if you tread on the wrong square you fall through the floor! People are going down all around and I'm just hoping/praying it isn't me next! Get well soon everyone, and wash your hands before pressing the submit button

26/02/2014 at 12:01

SL - I had sympathy for a split second about your lurgy, then saw the 2 weeks in Barbados and suddenly that disappeared!

Tmoth - I've tended to find the Yasso thing would give a slightly faster marathon time than realistic. It might be a reasonable indicator with a relatively short recovery.

bufo - I ran 68:50 once, and I don't remember ever running a full set of km reps averaging 3 mins or lower. Your tempo runs also seem to be faster than mine were back then. Having said that, I tend to race much better than I train - on club nights I seem to struggle to keep up with certain people, and then beat them fairly comfortably in a race.

TT - sorry to hear that. Seems like anyone with kids is getting ill at the moment. As you say, not a bad time for an easy week or so before a decent chunk of hard training.

26/02/2014 at 12:28

Healing vibes, as ever, to the benched/lurgied.

I'm stil agonising about shoes. Looking back in my training log, I blistered last year in my MRC1600 in the Cambridge half, when they only had 100M on the clock. So maybe getting a new pair wouldn't help much. The more squishy reported feel of the Adios Boost might help avoid blistering, but I'm still put off by the 220g weight. Then I got excited by Nike Flyknit Racers until I read about the arch support (I hate that) and relatively large heel drop. Also looked at Saucony Grid but the soles still appear to have those little oval holes which trap stones really badly.

I may buy some Adios Boost and then do a training run where I alternately do intervals in those or my existing MCR1600 to see how they compare in feel and pace. If the Boosts are slow but hopefully comfortable, I'll put it down to experience and leave them for training.

8M @ 7:33/M en route to work, quads still stiff going down the stairs. Blister wound a bit niggly but not too bad. I'll just try and bag plenty of steady miles this week.

26/02/2014 at 12:37

Afternoon everyone

Sorry to hear more folk are being struck down with this bug/virus/cold. I can't seem to shake the last bit of it off myself. I've had a really bad headache pretty much permanently for the last 5 days or so. So I'm just ticking over with the easy stuff for now (8 on Monday, 10 last night - both around 8'00 pace). Hopefully it will clear up soon.

Al_P - good stuff re the pool running. Should hopefully keep your fitness ticking over until you're back properly.

wardi - strange one at Snake Lane but you def did the right thing. Just see it as a decent long run as part of the VLM prep eh?

Great sessions from Steve6 and bufo (at paces that are totally alien to me!) Nice midweek longish one from joolska too

CL - I'd missed your post before. Google 'Walt Reynolds ITBS Special' and check out some of the videos on youtube (it's a difficult exercise to describe, so seeing someone perform it helped me). When I had ITB trouble a few years back that really helped. Might not work for you but worth a try eh?

Tmoth - I think the Yassos are a very good session, but not that good at indicating your Mara time. I'm with padams on that one. I think it's far easier to run say 10 x 800s in 2'45 than it is to do a 2'45 Mara. So do the session by all means, but don't get too giddy if you do em in 2'50ish or whatever!

26/02/2014 at 12:44

CW - re the Nike Flyknit Racers. If you buy from Nike direct they have a 30 day refund policy, so in theory you could order some, try em out for a few runs and if they're not for you send them back to get a refund. They even pay the postage! Just a thought

26/02/2014 at 13:02

TT - sorry to hear that, I was looking forward to seeing what you were going to pull out of the bag.  Eastleigh aside, have you got any more pre-Edinburgh races?

Wardi - shame about the race, but good to keep it ticking over with a long run instead.

Tmoth - Yassos aren't up to much as a predicter unless you really convert well up the distances in my view.  I could happily crank out sub 2:35s or, on top form, 2:30ish, as a standard 10 x 800 session without being capable of anything like that as a marathon.  And that's with 1:30 ish recoveries rather than the much more generous recoveries that are part of a Yasso session. Take with more than just a pinch of salt.

26/02/2014 at 13:32

People dropping like flies round here, wishing quick recoveries to all illnesses, ailments and injuries!!!

MLR of 17 miles done this morning. Had myself a massage yesterday which seems to have loosened me up nicely. Felt nice, relaxed and easy at 7.23 a mile average. With the 2 races I have coming up this week is likely to be my biggest mileage wise as will implement a slight taper for my half next week and an easier week after to recover.

26/02/2014 at 13:42

lol LS. I like the analogy.

Indeed Padams; the timing could be worse, as frustrating as it is. It's a long time since I had a standard cold so as long as there's the same gap to the next one I can't complain too much.

Dachs - Maidenhead and Bracknell.

Yassos are, if you think of it, basically 5km pace reps (hence why recovery is supposed to be the same time). I remember them monitoring it at club a few years back and it seemed to be that adding 5s to your Yasso time was more accurate (i.e. a 2:35 Yasso set = a 2:40 marathon).

Cheerful Dave    pirate
26/02/2014 at 14:00

Just to be contrary, my half mile reps (as close to 800m Yassos as I get) are a bit slower than I'd need to predict marathon times.  These are also on road rather than track which would be a little bit quicker, but I don't convert down very well.

They're a good session, but I wouldn't alter my marathon plans if my reps got faster or slower.

CW, didn't you once go out with odd shoes on, to make a direct comparison?  That's the kind of attention to detail I like!

26/02/2014 at 14:51

I'm with CD.  I don't do 800s very often, but doubt I would manage a set at under 6m/m, certainly not flying solo.  Although in fairness, 5k pb pace is currently 6.09m/m, albeit p!ss poor in comparison to 3k pb pace (5.46m/m) and HM pb pace (6.23m/m).

26/02/2014 at 19:53

We have been doing 800s at closer to 10k pace or a bit faster (5:40 to 20)

26/02/2014 at 20:03

Cold is very 'coldy' today but did an easy double and felt pretty good actually so I think Sunday is back on. Oops. All very best to everyone else sniffling and worse. 

Meanwhile did anyone else catch the stunning sight at dawn of the crescent moon and Venus? It was one of those blow-me-away running moments. Magic.


Edited: 26/02/2014 at 20:04
26/02/2014 at 20:10

Hmm, that'll teach me to make confident predictions about getting a training session in of an evening. Still working.  Humph.

26/02/2014 at 20:47

CD -- yes, I did a race in odd trainers to assess blisteryness!

Nice pic HR, but I fear I missed it for real. And the weather looks absolutely pants for a long run tomorrow...

Thanks for the further shoe tips. Still haven't ordered any.

26/02/2014 at 21:13

Evening all,

Bedders – nice MLR, well done on nailing MP. I managed to hold MP for 12 miles yesterday, which was a first! What time are you aiming for?

TT – Hope you get fighting fit soon. There is an interesting article about the balance of training and overtraining in this month’s RW magazine. Main advice is around good fuelling and getting a healthy life/training balance, so nothing too groundbreaking there!

CW – lots of steady miles on blisters doesn’t sound fun – hope your feet recover soon

Tmoth – I have never done yassos so can’t comment – but some good advice above - good luck!

AW – great MLR, it sounds like you are having a nice run-in to your 2 races – all the best!

HR – nice double and good to hear Sunday is back on the cards. Yes i saw the moon/Venus – i actually thought it was a bright star when i saw it!

Rest day for me today – as i was also working from early to late, so I can sympathise with Jools, although a rest probably did me good! Good excuse to get a good session in tomorrow J

I did 7.5m tempo on Monday + 2.5 steady warm/cool and 12m MP medium run yesterday. Not quite sure what i’ll do tomorrow / Friday(!) Any suggestions??

Parkrun + additional miles on Sat and last long run this coming Sunday.

26/02/2014 at 21:39

Wardi -- I'm looking again at the Nike Lunaracer 3 (not the Flyknit Racer), as giving a cushioned ride with low weight and heel-toe drop. One thing I'm worried about is that some people mention good "arch support". But I don't like anything pressing up underneath my arches. Do you find they do? [Sorry go keep agonising!]

26/02/2014 at 21:56

CW - I've just bought some Lunarracer 3s. No arch support that I noticed, but the shoes feel quite spongey. They feel very cushioned for a racer. You feel a bit detached from the road surface type thing. I like the cushioning but I imagine others wouldn't. They also seem to come up a bit small for info. I had to go up half a size to normal, and even then the shoes are very snug. I'm thinking about swapping them for another half size up actually. Hope that helps a bit!

26/02/2014 at 22:19

Sports Shoes doing a 20% off everything on line deal at the moment for the next 5 days - code - RN314 Thought I'd share. 

Hope the ill and injured get a break and get back to full health. Easy week for me after that fell race and a solid fell training run Monday In the lakes. Weather amazingly didn't completely chuck it down the whole two days in the lakes. Turns out 244 ran that race in sat, more than I thought. Cross country on sat.

Edited: 26/02/2014 at 22:31
27/02/2014 at 00:16

CW.. agree with LS21 - my usual Nike size is 11 but I need a 11.5  with the Lunar Racers.  Never noticed any arch annoyance (which was more noticeable in the Zoom Streak model in my experience).  The uppers seem wafer thin on first acquaintance but I haven't had any disintegrate on me yet!  Never had any blisters or bloody toe nails with them either.     

27/02/2014 at 08:03

Cracking, thanks RS78! Nice shiny new Asics DS Racers on the way! They're red, thats worth a few extra seconds surely!?

Nice chunk of MP by the way TS.

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