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18/02/2016 at 15:22

Great to see you enjoying the training TT, looks like you might make a spring marathon after all 

Sorry about the constant illness Bains, hope you can get back to full health soonest.

PP.. good to see you've recovered from a niggle, nice track session there!

Charlie.. the legs don't lie I guess, I feel very heavy legged for a day or two after a long run/race - I just accept it at my age!

Padams.. very fine sub 5 reps indeed! Agree with you about the weather today, nice blue sky up here too after 15 hours of rain yesterday!

First outing for the sunglasses in a long time this morning, lovely day for a 15.5m MLR, race on Sunday so kept it steady at 8.30 pace.

It's the Snake Lane 10 up here on Sunday, 2 days ago they were forecasting 23mph winds and 45mph gusts!  Today this has encouragingly been downgraded to 11mph winds!  I hope similar glad tidings happen for those of you Wokingham bound.

Edited: 18/02/2016 at 15:23
18/02/2016 at 20:47

Lol Wardi. Fingers crossed!

Padams - you would have missed it, but I'm done with targeted marathons. I realised when my hip/back went a couple of weeks ago that I didn't have a target that made me want to stick to just the 1 or 2 targeted marathons per year - when I started running I set a target of sub-2:30 and I've run it 3 times in a row now. So I'm doing stuff like the ultra, weights to bulk up a little, mountain biking because I'm considering seeing if I can get good enough to try some cross country bike racing or, possibly, cyclocross, and, just generally, trying my hand at anything that takes my fancy that I might have put off in the past.

18/02/2016 at 22:31

Wardi - At this rate conditions on Sunday will be perfect.  

TT - I'm liking your approach at the moment. Get yourself down to the velodrome to get the cycling legs in shape!

I had a bit of a multi-sport session this evening, that is to say a tempo run with a cycling warm-up and cool-down at either end.  Now that I've got a bike that I'm happy to leave locked up out of my sight, I might make a habit of this; Battersea Park is a favourite venue for "tempo Thursday" training for some fast Serpies and various others, and I met a couple of club mates there tonight for a 10 mile "marathon pace" session.  I should've known that target "MP" would be 5:43/m (they're both looking to improve on low-2:3x times from Berlin at VMLM...) and I was pretty sure I didn't want to, or could even manage, 10 of those three days before a HM, especially as they went too quick anyway!  I managed 6 @ 5:40, so an extra mile further than last week's tempo run on the track, at exactly the same pace. (Plus 20 miles cycle round-trip.)  I'd say it felt somewhere between MP and HMP, maybe closer to HMP if I'm honest, so maybe I'm looking at 73:xx target for Sunday, plus whatever the Pugometer says for wind.  

19/02/2016 at 08:28

TT - yes, sorry, completely missed that! I expect you'll have more fun with the new plan - focusing solely on a marathon can be exhausting physically and mentally, as you're continuously worrying about doing the right sessions, hitting the right paces etc. Mixing it up is a lot more enjoyable and you might find that you actually get fitter that way anyway.

PP - impressive just to keep with them for 6M, especially with the cycling beforehand. 73 sounds about right for Sunday's pace, but you might find a bit extra in a race.

Wardi - nice midweek mileage. Hope the weather holds for Sunday!

9M for me last night to make 15M for the day, just steady (about 6:50s).

19/02/2016 at 10:37

PP - a road duathlon at some stage might be a possibility, which if it was the case, getting a road bike and going down the velodrome might be an idea, but for now I'm happy just going out and getting muddy. Planning a couple of trail cycles with different people too, some of which involve stopping for pub lunches; I could get the hang of this cycling lark
Nice tempoing! Your unfit is still a good notch above my unfit so I expect you to be well up the road from me on Sunday.

Padams - all round fitter, yes, but I'll undoubtedly be carrying more weight/muscle, so won't run a marathon as quickly, whatever about anything shorter.
I totally agree on the mental aspect of solely focusing on marathons, particularly as I never spent any time even focusing on even shorter distances. When I was younger I used to do a bit of everything, so I'm just going to enjoy getting back to that. Will hopefully even do some field events in the Vets League later in the year too and see if I can get near my younger marks

Yesterday was a bit of a bust though as the house threw me (hopefully) one last curveball, so I had to settle for just a 6m last night as my daily total. Today is a bit up in the air too, but did manage a very easy 5m this am, and will do a hills+stuff session this afternoon, hopefully leaving enough time to fit in a weights session before cinema this evening, so still keeping a decent load going.

19/02/2016 at 10:45

Padams - Snap! 9 miles at 6:50's for me too yesterday, but only to make 14 for the day. Part timer.. We do have a floodlit track a few miles away but Glasgow Warriors (rugby) share the ground and unfortunately they are doing rather well at the moment so, as they make Glasgow Life a lot more money they get priority on the venue. We've given up trying to get access to it so just use the nearby track that's rather basic.

CharlieW - Have you ever tried a gentle 20-30 min spin on the turbo on the evening of a race/hard session? I found it worked well to help prevent the legs from seizing up when I was marathon training last year.

PP - 10 mile tempo on a track sounds brutal! Well done for lasting 6!

19/02/2016 at 11:43

TT - I wouldn't rule out the possibility that you get quicker (or remain about the same) at marathon distance with a bit of extra weight. Maybe unlikely, but possible. I'm not convinced I would run much faster at a lower weight, despite being very fat for a sub-2:30 marathoner. Plus I'd be fairly miserable (and Mrs Padams wouldn't be happy!).

Alan - pleased I did that extra mile at the end yesterday then to beat your 14! I might not run today though as going to the cinema this evening.

19/02/2016 at 12:35

PP -- fine tempo sandwich there. I wouldn't dare do that 3 days out from a target HM though -- I fear it would impair my race a tad. I'm a taper softie, though.

AlanB -- no, I've not tried a bit of bike later in the day specifically, maybe I should. I draw a distinction though between obvious DOMS, and this separate sensation I can get later where my legs just feel powerless and my breathing (but not HR) is oddly high for a very lowly pace. I suspect trying to run hardish on legs that are still a touched DOMS leads to that longer-lived ploddish state in some manner, though. But it's unpredictable.

Another 6M plod commute this morning, anyway -- will be a 70M week approximately, albeit mostly very low quality!

19/02/2016 at 12:49

Life has been a bit hectic of late, so ended up swapping training weeks around on the schedule, to take my cutback week this week.  Late nights work-wise both Tuesday and Wednesday to deal with an urgent hearing on Thursday.  Urrgh.  Thankfully the hearing went extremely well, but I was so clucking knackered last night my 9M run was at 8.20s which felt like 6.20s!  Hoping that a decent night's sleep tonight will revitalise me...

I've just about kept up with the thread, and will keep an eye out for Phil on Sunday at Wokingham.  Nice mile reps, Padams.  Perhaps the clothes hide things, but I'm struggling with the idea you are fat.

19/02/2016 at 13:27

Anyone doing Wokey and aiming for 1:16 / 1:17 pace?  I'm going start at that pace and see what happens? As I don't measure or time any of my runs it's hard to say whether I'm in that sort of shape, but feel pretty similar to last year so fingers crossed. 

Cheerful Dave    pirate
19/02/2016 at 14:46

I might end up there Dan, but I won't be clock-watching, going on effort and trying to find a good group to run with from mile 3 or so.  Might spot you before the start, but I'll be looking out for the bloke who always finds himself right on the front but is perhaps dressed for being out on the course longer than, say, marigold.

19/02/2016 at 15:33

Been watching the 1985 London Marathon today on youtube. Brits were 1,2, 3, all under 2:10. Where did it all go wrong?

Off to Stansted this evening for an early flight to Seville tomorrow morning. No taper issues and feeling pretty good. I have discovered that there is a group of elite Spanish females runners looking to get the qualifying time for Rio - 2:33:00. They have pacemakers and I'm considering setting off with them. It's 5 secs a mile quicker than planned but I could just tag onto the back, get a free ride and not worry about pacing? It feels a bit scary but also like an opportunity too good to miss.

19/02/2016 at 16:30

Dan - You might be quite close to MsP.  She's good at pacing, not so much as a wind-break though.

Looks like a good fred day out then.  See you there also, Jools and CD.

*edit* Ryan - Sounds like a cunning plan to get some Spanish TV air-time to me.    Good luck!!

Couldn't resist using another window of nice weather, so 27 miles on the bike this morning. Definitely not textbook taper behaviour but I've got bit of a what-the-heck attitude to Sunday's race, and just enjoying mixing it up a bit. Sort of new bike syndrome as well, although I've already done 700 miles on it.

Edited: 19/02/2016 at 16:32
Cheerful Dave    pirate
19/02/2016 at 17:12

Ryan, cunning plan, but be careful, I'd put money on them pacing the first few miles at 2:31 or so pace.  It's do or die for them with Olympic qualifying at stake, a few are bound to get too excited even with pacemakers.  Good luck though, sounds like fun!

I was tempted to get out on the bike this morning as well PP, but then it started raining so I went for a swim instead.  New bike is nearly done though, I picked up a lovely titanium frame on ebay a while ago and now it's just short of a chain and bar tape.  Worth taking time over though.

19/02/2016 at 18:23

Ooh, Ti!  What's the make?  I wanna see pictures when it's done.  My bike material collection has been changing recently; just sold two carbon bikes in the last couple of weeks (road/track) to finance an aluminium one (all Planet X).  The road bike is now redundant and I don't get down the velodrome much these days (having tried to sell it to TT!) Plus the steel one which is a permanent fixture. The only titanium I own is a bottle cage. 

19/02/2016 at 19:17

My Airborne bike is a titanium frame CD, about 10 years old.  Much kinder on bumps than other bike frames in my limited experience.

All the best & tons of luck Ryan, hope you get a nice fat PB for all those miles you put in.

Padams.. there was a guy on these forums some years ago (Mike Boucher I think).  If I remember rightly he was a sub 2:30 runner, 6' 5" & around 14 stone plus.

20/02/2016 at 10:08

Good luck Ryan S. 

PP - think MsP has an improvement trajectory that surpassed me some time ago. Quite a deep field of female talent this year by the looks of it. 

Cheerful Dave    pirate
20/02/2016 at 12:44

It's a Wittson frame, PP.  I've always fancied a nice Ti bike, carbon is very bling but doesn't have the same permanent elegance of a well-made Ti one.  Nice ones are usually in the very silly money bracket, but Wittson were putting some of their one-off frames on ebay.

I think MsP's trajectory will surpass many of us, Dan.  I'm going to have to stop myself using the words 'Mrs Pub' as she sprints past tomorrow.  Not that I've ever met her, but I know what the back of a Kent vest looks like!

20/02/2016 at 17:42
All eating/drinking is done and am safely encamped in my apartment for the evening. I have noticed on the start corral info that there's a group of 300 or so people in with the elites - not sure who they are but I know there's prizes for locals so may be it's them. It might make it too difficult/risky to get to the elite ladies and their pacemakers but we shall see.
20/02/2016 at 19:21

Have a great race Ryan. And good luck to the Wokingham crew.

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