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20/02/2016 at 19:42
See you tomorrow Dan. I am pacing 1.21

TT - look up Gorrick and Southern xc if you want some mtb races.
Cx - summer series in Newbury then Wessex league in September

I was 8th overall and 1st vet at an off road duathlon last weekend. My ankle did not like me afterwards.

Hi all.
20/02/2016 at 22:23

Cheers Gobi; I'll check it out!

Padams - I can see that when I'm actually fit and heavier due to muscle (as opposed to now when it's fat) that I might not lose much, but I can't see that I'll get quicker. Never say never though.

Good luck RS!!!

Up to Wednesday my week was going good, but then some house issues Thursday and Friday meant I had to work from home and wait in for deliveries, so no opportunity to get to the gym, and only fitted in 1 x 6m run Thursday. At the end of my Friday am run I got a stabbing pain in my quad that I thought had eased by lunchtime, but ended up in an aborted run. A couple of hours of intermittent foam roller usage and I managed an easy 5m in the pm, but then again this morning it was the same. At that stage I clicked that I'd been so busy with the house that I hadn't realised my back was fully locked out from hip to neck and I was having some of the other symptoms I usually get when my hip goes out.

Luckily I got into the chiro who worked out my psoas had been spasming and that had pulled the hip, causing everything else to lock out. Several adjustments, and a psoas release later, I'm still stiff, but pain free (ish), but at least I'll get to run my first road race for 7.5 months now.

See some of you tomorrow!

21/02/2016 at 06:48
Best of luck to Ryan - go and smash that pb! And DBS
21/02/2016 at 07:00
I've been really calm all weekend until now!! At the stadium waiting to drop my bag off. It's quite cold which is good - hopefully won't get too warm later on.
21/02/2016 at 11:50
2:34:22 - very, very happy! Didn't go with the elite ladies and it was the right decision.
Full report to come as I have to get to the airport for a 1640 flight!!
21/02/2016 at 12:41
Awesome! Look forward to the full report.

Gradual improvement for me: after last week's mp effort being a piss poor 6.39s, Wokingham gave me a chance to try and put that right. 6.30s up to 10 miles (65 dead!) but a strong headwind cost me 28s in the last 5k. Still, felt much better than a week ago. Just another 10s/mile to find...
21/02/2016 at 14:24

Brilliant result RS - so thrilled for you and can't wait for the report.

Nice run Jools - conditions sounded pretty nasty. In a way I was glad I didn't end up doing it.

Well, decision made here. MRI result was good news really - no stress fracture, no muscle or tendon damage, just some relatively minor bone bruising in the pelvis. Odd for a runner, but prob caused by muscle tightness pulling on the attachment (which could also explain referred pain down thigh to knee). Unfortunately for whatever reason it triggered issues and is taking ages to clear up. So my coach and I decided to control the injury rather than be controlled by it - yes, London's still 9 weeks away, and yes I've got decent results from XT-led training in my past 2 marathons, but given it will prob be another fortnight till I run, jumping straight into heavy sessions isn't going to be a good idea. And I don't want to stress my body too much/do another 3 runs/week plan for the sake of maybe another 225 or a tiny bit quicker. Better to ditch it, avoid the necessary month recovery afterwards and focus on blitzing Berlin in the autumn, with some half marathons/shorter stuff over the summer. Nice side benefit is that I no longer need to do quite the absurd XT volumes to keep my oar in with the marathon potential. Not that that makes it any less horrendous dragging myself there. Still, hopefully only another fortnight...

Cheerful Dave    pirate
21/02/2016 at 15:19

Great stuff RS, that's an excellent result.

Sounds like good news of sorts Lev - at least a decision is made, Berlin it is.

Good to bump into you Jools, even if it was in a loo queue!  Decent result there.  The wind didn't do me any favours either.  I had a decent start, maybe a bit brisk but OK.  I was in a decent group after 3, with MsP amongst others.  Unfortunately they picked up a bit and I dropped off the back just in time to turn into the headwind at mile 5.  Running solo into that was a bit demoralising and I was finding it very hard going, but picked up a bit after 9 and got to 10 in 59 dead.  The wind from there on though was pretty bad, maintaining any kind of pace was tough going and I did get a case of CBA near the end to be honest.  Still, home in 78:2X, slower than I'd have liked but if that's what I get on a poor day then I can live with that.  Onwards and upwards!

21/02/2016 at 17:09

RS - top stuff; well done.

Lev_ - sounds like the right decision. Is the plan now to use the extra time to improve your ability to absorb the impact of a gradually increasing volume/load?

CD - I think that [slower than I'd have liked but..... can live with that] is probably going to be the reasoning of a lot of people today. That 6th mile was nasty, as were the last 3-4.

Jools - 9 weeks, 10s/mile. Piece of cake for you!

Wokingham HM for me today too. As I said, no real idea what shape I was in. I said last week that if I'd had a good week training this week and the weather was kind then I thought I might have a chance at sub-75. I didn't have a good week and the wind was rank.

Simple plan was to run it as I ran the last xc race - go at what felt just the wrong side of hard right from the start, take as much pain as I could and see what happened. Through the first mile in 5:33 (flat/downhill in fairness). At 6m I was 4s under a sub-75. At 9m I was 2s under. At the finish I was 42s over, so I lost 11s per mile in the last 4m+. A lot of that was the wind but part of it was not having strong enough legs yet. I had pins and needles in my left foot to deal with too which didn't help. On the plus side I felt ok aerobically, so that's something.
All in all, to come in with 75:42 in those conditions was a good result (compared to the 75-ish guess, rather than my pb). Some miles either side to make it a 20m made it a solid day's work.

Edited: 21/02/2016 at 17:16
21/02/2016 at 19:23

Amazing run Ryan. Look forward to the race report.

Sounds like tough conditions at Wokingham. Well done to all who toughed it out.

22/02/2016 at 07:54

Ryan - fantastic result! Looking forward to the full report.

Lev - sounds very sensible and I'm sure you'll smash Berlin.

Jools - sounds like good progress, I have no doubt that you'll continue in that direction.

CD - sounds like a fairly solid run. I guess MsPP had a decent run then if she was ahead of you.

TT - I'm sure that would have been sub-75 without the wind, and then considering your back problems the day before, that sounds like a good run to me.

That wind yesterday was pretty horrible so well done to all of you who raced in it, that must have cost you a fair chunk of time. I went out on the bike with my mates - haven't been on the bike since NYD, felt decent for the first couple of hours but then really struggled for the last hour.

19M on Saturday with the club - pretty slow (8m/m average), but had a rucksack with quite a bit in it and just wanted to get an easy longer run done.

Edited: 22/02/2016 at 07:55
22/02/2016 at 08:38
Golden Boots wrote (see)

I think I will head for a week, and can get it for £310 with avios, but hoping to wait for a BA sale and maybe pick them up for hopefully around £340-50 and save the points... fortunately we have ages to wait!


Ryan Snell wrote (see)
2:34:22 - very, very happy! Didn't go with the elite ladies and it was the right decision.
Full report to come as I have to get to the airport for a 1640 flight!!


22/02/2016 at 08:50
Nice to see some familiar faces yesterday.

Wind was nasty. I was pacing and like others

5 seconds up at 5 miles

On target at 10 miles

54 seconds lost in last 5km.

She still ran 1.21.5x

Good luck with your marathons.
22/02/2016 at 09:13

Padams – they are some storming mile reps. 

Great run RS. Again, it really is thoroughly deserved.  Looking forward to the report.  (Though I have seen some impressive preview stats via Strava).

Lev – sensible decision and a good long term perspective I think, and hope. 

Nice improvement Jools.  ...If you can knock of 9s per week until the race you’ll be in a great position.

Good run CD – well toughed out and also a good one from TT too – good to see you back on the roads.  The conditions sound tough though!

Another zero mile week for me.  I haven’t ran for two weeks now and still can’t shake the horrible deep chesty cough I have picked up.  Still, blood tests today, so hopefully some insight soon (I don’t hold much hope).

22/02/2016 at 09:42

I agree on the sub-75 Padams. Definitely. I could probably claim a weight adjusted pb too, so I'm 'pleased' with it Never mind running in it, being on a bike in it must have been nasty!!!

bains - it could be possible you've gotten yourself over-trained a little and your immune system is suppressed. Rest fixes most things, but fingers crossed for the blood test results.

Cheerful Dave    pirate
22/02/2016 at 10:01

padams - re MsP: yes, she did, but I'll leave it to PP to supply details.  Suffice to say she almost claimed a much bigger thread scalp than mine!

bains - what TT said.  Rest is good and once you're over it you'll come back stronger.

22/02/2016 at 10:23

Ryan – Fantastic running again and very well deserved going by your commitment to training. 7 minutes really is quite an incredible amount of time to knock off in a 4-5 month period. Looking forward to hearing the report.

Lev – Tough decision to make but hopefully avoiding those mega XT sessions will be good for your long term mental well-being!

Sounds like tough conditions at Wokingham, well done to all that took part. And well done to Gobi for still managing a solid pacing job. 

Bainspj – Sorry to hear the chest issues continue. I had to stop running for almost a year back in 2013 due to chest problems, not fun. Hope it clears up soon.

Not a particularly eventful weekend for me. Another cross country training session on Saturday, 8 x 1km reps on a waterlogged and boggy park (perfect training for the Nationals!), all in the 3:31 – 3:36 range. Then 16 miles on Sunday at 6:50’s. Easy runs now until Saturday.

22/02/2016 at 12:19

Ryan -- huge congrats, what a result! I trust you'll remain boyishly overexcited for at least a week.

Jools -- nothing you can do about a nasty headwind. Nicely done.

CD -- with your _seniority_, the wind, and being early in the spring campaign, I think that's rather good. MsP easily beat me the last time we met. I knew she would, but she wouldn't let me swap places with her at the start to gain a row which she deserved!

TT -- also a fine run, given all your recent woes, and that pesky wind.

Welcome back Gobi and congrats on the vet honours in that duathlon.

Lev -- yes, hope it is some comfort to have settled on what to do. Recover well.

bains -- hope the blood tests reveal something treatable!

I am suddenly much more optimistic about the Cambridge half next week. I've been so ploddish since Christmas, and a bit heavy to boot. But my weight seems to have dropped a couple of pounds quite quickly (it always does eventually), and yesterday I wasn't ploddish at all. I tried my traditional pre-HM run of 6x(1M @ 6 m/M, 1M @ 7 m/M) round my park loop, which was comfortably hard, and as the GPS pace was a little pessimistic the true paces averaged 5:56 and 6:53 -- despite a stiff wind and three right-angle bends in my loop. That puts me in similar territory to last year, when I came in just under 76 min. I feared much worse (truth will come out in the race of course).

My legs felt OK today but my head says it is time to stay fresh and get tapered. Fortunately a dentist appointment forced me to bike anyway. I won't be doing any doubles this week, just a series of increasingly short tempos as I do before a marathon.

22/02/2016 at 12:24

I'm starting to feel smug that I only lost 28s in the last 5km now

22/02/2016 at 13:55

Hey Guys - made the trip down south to reintroduce a good friend to running again and get involved in the Wokingham HM too.

Was looking at the start list and 400pl had 80 or below times predicted!?

Had a great race - best race I've ever had I would say.

Took a double espresso Sis gel between 10k and 12k which seemed to work wonders for the second half.

Took almost 3 mins off my PB finishing in 1:22:02 - had no idea I was so close to 1:21 otherwise would have done a proper sprint lol.

I didn't think the wind was too bad considering apart from 18-20k and the last little drag up the hill before the finish.

The course was quite sheltered in most places by the hedgerows.

And its pretty much pan flat all the way round - none of those slight inclines were hills

Only lost 5 seconds on last 5k - was a nice feeling to go past 20 or so runners.

No excuses for a sub 3 at Paris now although only done one proper long run so guess that should be where the focus should go for the remaining 6 weeks. Thoughts?


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