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30/04/2010 at 15:18

All the best on Monday Badbark!

 I am going to take a few more days rest then get back to running again. Immediate targets at 1:30 half and 40 min 10k. I will do 3:30 marathon but maybe not for some time....

30/04/2010 at 17:46

Glad to see, everyone hasn't disappeared just yet!

Good luck to you Badbark!

DB9 - exactly the same aims as me. After a shocker last Sunday, determined to get the marathon right but unsure if I can stomach another one this year - I have options this Autumn however. Think the 10k target will come before the HM but who knows - don't think i'll be doing another Half until Autumn however but have a few nice races on my list when they come around (Bristol, Birmingham, Bedford).

All the above is subject to getting back to fitness mind you - legs have been starting to get back to normal but have been eating like a monster lately (eating for the sake of eating springs to mind!). Will try a run at the weekend I think.

LS - you're not alone, you can join my club.    

03/05/2010 at 09:53

Hi all.. hope everyone is recovering well. Im having 2 weeks of running....enjoying cross training  instead,,,gym stuff and swimming. Playing a bit of badminton and tennis too... quite nice to have more time again!

 I went up to Lochness last year... I only did the 10k but friends did the marathon....undulating course but overall slightly downhill I think.

 I am going to focus on getting my half and 10k times down too before I start contemplating my next marathon. I suspect I will have to give London one more go next year though....

03/05/2010 at 10:34

Badbark, Hope today goes well / went well and that your knee holds out.

I have booked Bristol half for Sept as I ran it last year and really enjoyed it - atmosphere was great and route much nicer than silverstone.

Am contemplating how to keep up my fitness and improve my running for next years mara - guess the focus should be speedwork for shorter distances as i know endurance I can build up nearer the time. 

Very intrigued by the ultra distances but not personally contemplating it !

Hope everyone is nicely recovered. I ran yesterday and it was slow but good to be back.


03/05/2010 at 14:52
DB, did consider Loch Ness but after a bit of thought decided against it. If I could have got into the Edinburgh Marathon on the 23rd of May I would have had a good go at sub 3:30 then but to train for Loch Ness it would be like doing another 4 month program. Not sure my wife would agree to that, I think she might want to spend some time with me!

Going to focus on getting my pb's for shorter distances down this summer. Goals will be;

5K - sub 19 mins
10K - Sub 40 mins
Half marathon - sub 1:30

I'm already into the Great North Run (I know it's another biggie and not great for pb's but I should hope fully be starting from one of the front pens) and i've already stated marking down other potential races throughout the summer.
03/05/2010 at 16:31

Thanks for the encouragement peps, this is copied from the Northern Ireland thread -

I’m proud to report I completed the BCM in 3:28 which is a PB by 20 minutes. Thanks so much for C75 and Stuarty for the excellent pacing and encouragement along the way.  It was great to meet you C75 although frustrating to run behind you at times to see how effortlessly you run along at 8 minute mile pace!

I got to the start quite late so didn’t get meeting up with the pacers so just ran to my own pace for the first 10 miles, when I joined the group and introduced myself to C75. I really enjoyed running with the group and thought the atmosphere was excellent throughout. The only part of the course I really disliked was the lane along the side of the motorway. It was narrow and there was just too many slower runners making it difficult to keep with the pacers.

I was very pleased to find the first 22 odd miles comfortable but I did really had to work hard over the last few miles. My average HR for the whole race was 151 but the last 6 miles were 155, 157, 159, 161, 160 and 163 with an even pace. I’m 40 and my maximum HR is only 176 so I was above my 10k race HR by the end. I’m so glad to have got to the end without slowing and running an even split.

05/05/2010 at 12:59

Quick hello people...

Badbark: congrats on the PB.

Melissa: I've entered Bristol - may see you there... send me a PM nearer the time if you wish.

Ran last Sunday - 1st run post mara, legs felt a little heavy although leg speed seemed to still be there (if that seems plausable) - 4.5 miles done in 36 mins or so.

2 mara options later in the year, but I suspect i'll be doing neither and concentrating on similar goals to LS.

09/05/2010 at 22:04
Badbark,Dangerous Den many congrats, very jealous!

Well three days after London took off to Barbados, thoroughly recommend it as a post race treat Although the downside was that was unable to get to the internet to enter next years VLM

Got back last night so first run since London tonight. Felt pretty good and all injury problems seem to have disappeared.

Got a ballot place in the NYC Marathon which I'm thrilled at but like others am now focusing on 5K, 10K and HM pb's over the next 4 months. The goals are

5K sub 21m
10K sub 42m
HM sub 1hr 35m

First interval session tomorrow, well maybe?

Regards, CK

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