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18/04/2011 at 22:11

Passed Mike the sportsreader off Breakfast News on BBC, he looked very cheerful! First few miles went as planned, just realised how muggy it was. Never a good sign.... gels were planned for 10, 16 and 22 miles. Don't remember merging with the Blue Start but there was lots of good-natured booing when the Red Start people appeared! Started on the water at 5 miles, early but it was getting hotter and the sun has burned through. Sip, pour over head, sip more, pour down my back, sip more, pout the rest over my head....ah, that's nice! Up to 10 miles was on target (3:25) but hot, legs were telling me they didn't want to do a marathon but they were still moving nonetheless. Gel time, more water, loads of people cheering my name. What a good idea putting my name on my vest. 11, 12 miles, isn't Tower Bridge soon? Oh it's round this next corner... more cheering my name! Crumbs it's hot... HOW LONG is Tower Bridge? Has someone puched the button and it's going up? Where's the middle? Is it going to go back down again? Oh it was this point last year when I was having a bad time.... nearly done Tower Bridge, not long to go til we see the Elite men at 22 miles. I think the gel has kicked in....

Still on target, look, there's 13 miles! Bang on target! I can't keep this pace up though, why oh why do I insist on doing two marathons in a season? Why? Why? Where are the men on the other side of the road? There's none there.... oh look! Bikes! The lead car! And there he is, the first man! Mutai! A huge cheer went up from us runners on the 'other side'.... he was going so fast, he must have been 800m ahead of the next man (also going rather alarmingly fast) Where's Lemoncello? More to the point, where's 14 miles? Oh no this is the nasty bit from last year, the tight bit of the course with the nasty food smells that made me feel really really sick, and yes, there's more nasty food smells. Who on earth is having a barbeque? What's wrong with them?! I feel sick... ugh.

14 miles passed, carry on running, carry on running.  Bottle dodging, sticky floor where lucozde has been spilt, people dodging, but more people cheering my name, keep running!

15, 16 miles. Time for a gel? Yuk no, I still feel sick. But I should have a gel, I'll need a gel soon. I'll have one at 18 miles. More water drunk and poured over me, oh that felt so good! And the showers, do no stop in the showers or people will crash into you! Keep running, keep running, keep running. I'm slowing down, my legs are hurting, why do I do doubles?! 3:25 ain't happening, who cares. Just keep running.

18/04/2011 at 22:17

come on!

18/04/2011 at 22:21

There is NO SHADE on this course. Where is Canary Wharf? I can't wait for Canary Wharf, there'll be shade there. More people shouting for me, folks telling me I'm looking good! Haha, pull the other one love. I forgot Canary Wharf last year but I'm going to enjoy it this year as there is shade glorious shade. Look, there's a big TV screen! Look, there's me smiling and waving! I can't be doing that bad if I can manage a smile... but I've still slowed down. Who cares, sub-3:30 probably won't happen but who cares.

OH NO, but I've arranged to see OH at about 1pm at 25 miles! He's waiting for me! He'll be looking for me! He's going to be so disappointed... oh no, what am I going to say? Don't start walking now, you'll be even later. Have a gel, you've only had one. More water, more cheering. Smile at the people shouting your name, show them that you appreciate it. How many more miles to go? 8? I can run 8 miles, easy. Keep running, and there'll be only seven miles to go.

19, 20 miles. 20 miles! 10K left! A 10K race! Ouch, the thought of a 10K race makes me wince. More water, both down the hatch and over the head.  I'm pleased I put that suncream on.  Loads of people walking now. DO NOT give in, you'll never start running again. It's fine to run slower, just keep running.  WHY do I do doubles?! 3:30 is definitely not happening. More people cheering my name! How many roundabouts and twists and turns do they want us to run around? Do they not know how much it hurts?

Surely 21 miles is coming soon, then it will be 22! You'll see the poor souls at 13 miles.... There it is in the distance, 21 miles! Press lap! Yes! 5 miles left! OK, 5.2 miles.... Oh it's so, so hot. But keep running.

18/04/2011 at 22:33

Where is the bit where we see the other runners? I can't see past the crowds, is it over there? Where is it? There they are!  The band in the middle of the road is cheering them all on, telling them they're halfway... - WHAT?! halfway? Oh no, what would happen if someone shoved my over to that side and I got caught up in the crowds running in that direction? I'd have to do 13-22 all over again! Move over to the other side of the road, don't trip anyone over, don't fall over any bottles, but I can't risk getting put back to 13 miles, I can't!

23 miles! This is a long bloody road. Where is the river? Surely the river is soon? Where is it? I'll feel so much better when I can see the river and the wheel and Big Ben. Oh no, it's the dreaded underpass! My watch is going to beep at me again and say I've lost signal... well of course I've lost signal, I'm in a chuffing tunnel.... how many men are having a wee? Seriously guys, it's only a few more miles to hold it in! Us ladies don't have the luxury of a stand-up wee, oh I couldn't think of anything worse than having to squat down for a wee now, I'd never get back up. My legs hurt SO MUCH, why do I do doubles? Look, light! The end of the underpass! And 24 miles! 24 miles! 2.2 more to go! Come on, listen to all the people shouting your name again. How deep are the crowds? I hope I can see my poor boyfriend... oh no, he's probably looking for me now.

A man asks, 'Who's enjoying themselves?' and even though I'm not really, I say I am. He's running his 50th marathon, 11th London, and he is swearing he'll never ever run another. He'll never run again! He HATES this job! Where have I heard that one before, I bet he has at least two more lined up. Will I do another? Oh crumbs, I've already entered New York so I'll have to. Where is 25 miles? Where is my poor boyfriend? He said he'll be on the right opposite the Eagle statue.... not there yet, need to go under this bridge first. My legs really hurt. KEEP RUNNING, do not stop running, all these people cheering your name will be cross and shout at you to start running again. And that will hurt more, you know it will.

18/04/2011 at 22:56

Oh, OH, the H4H cheering crew are at 25 miles aren't they? Make sure you smile and wave and look like you're enjoying yourself. Am I enjoying myself? Well, I'd rather be at a barbeque or sat down or something, but apart from my poor legs hurting it's not too bad. I think. Oh look, there they all all! They're screaming support for me! Smile, wave, clap as you go past! Oh they're marvellous!  Don't start crying in front of everyone... Where is OH? Loads more people shouting my name (at this point I was going past my poor boyfriend who was shouting and pointing a camera at me, he had to practically hurdle the fence to get my attention) There he is! SH*T I didn't see him, smile, give him the thumbs up and keep running.

Oh no, now there's nothing else to keep me going, there's 25 miles, press lap, still go 1.2 miles to go. 1.2 miles! Keep running! Do not walk! Big Ben is getting closer! There he is, turn right! Birdcage Walk! All the trees! More cheering!! Smile back at the people shouting your name, they love it when you do that. What's that sign up ahead? 800m to go! That's half a mile! Two laps of a running track! Keep going! I am going to finish! It's not what I'd aimed for, it's not a PB, it's not even a sub-3:30 but damn it, it's going to be sub-3:35. That'll do me nicely. Beat last year's time. Just don't start walking. Why are people walking now? It's only around the corner. Look, another sign! Is it 400m to go now?? Is it? What is it? Oh no, 600m to go? That can't be right! I really might start to cry if this carries on... where is the 365 yards sign? We're turning right again, one more turn to go and we're on The Mall and the finish will be up ahead... there's the turn... AND THERE'S THE SIGN!! The beautiful 365 yards to go sign!! Pres lap you silly girl....Where is this man in front going?! Run in a straight line you muppet! I can not weave any more! There's the finish! How far away is it, have they moved it back? Which of the three should I go under? Which way? Raise your arms for the cameras and try to smile!! Yippee! It's the finish! Press stop!! Oh my poor, poor, poor legs. Ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch. Up the ramp to be de-chipped, say something taht made the women cutting my chip off lauch, thank them, ouch ouch ouch hobble down the ramp, get my medal, thank another woman, thank a few random runners around me - OH - what time did I do? 3:33:39, I'm happy with that. Oh crumbs how much do my poor legs hurt? Goody bag, more thanks, what in this bag? Ooooh a mars bar! Where are the baggage trucks? HOW LONG is The Mall? I need my bag... it weighs a tonne! Where is my chocolate milkshake? Ugh I can't drink it just yet... Go to the tree that I've arranged to meet OH at.... there he is, he looks very happy to see me!  I really need to sit down on the grass.... eeeek I don't think I can!

Of course he wasn't disappointed. Why would he be? He saw a few poor runners ahead of me at 25 miles collapse.  He helped me sit down, I drank my milkshake, laid in the lovely shade and talked about the race. He then helped me up again and we headed off the the charity post-race reception where I nearly started crying again. 

Suffering rather horrendous DOMS today, no running this week! Marathon #11 done and dusted, lessons learned from this one - if you insist on doing doubles, expect to be in alot of pain!

Last year's two spring marathons were London (3:38) and Edinburgh (3:46) This year was Barcelona (3:29) and London (3:33)  I am getting better, I honestly don't know how on earth some folks like 100 marathon club girl at the start do so many, but I'm only racing against myself and I am getting better.

I wonder if the guy from 24 miles will stay true to his word?

18/04/2011 at 23:07

O4S  I do like to be thorough...

Hope you're feeling better soon Spoons, you did right to reassess your goal in the heat. Too many folks not finishing yesterday - nice sub-4 though! Perfectly executed!

Go Mr P! Cracking time, faster than last year is always a bonus.

JR I'm so happy for you, you nailed your target time!  What a way to make a marathon debut, you should be very very proud of yourself.

Sorry for any typos in the last few posts, trying to type fast, and sorry for the length! But I have always liked to write and hopefully some of the incidents will ring true with the rest of you

19/04/2011 at 06:40
Carrot - excellend report well done.

I got to around mile 25 and had to sprint finish. There was no way I was going to finish in over 4 hours
19/04/2011 at 07:05
Carrot - fantastic report!! Well done on another excellent race. And judging by the improvement from last year to this, next year's double should be around 3.18 and 3.24? Nice!

Howey - wow, fantastic time and great pacing throughout. I also went through 8 miles bang on the hour, but couldn't quite repeat that for the next 8! You really held it together well. 3.15 definitely within sight.

JR - double wow for you! What an incredible effort...just amazing. What's your next target then?

O4S - 5th place is terrific. Well done, and big well done to Mr O4S. And thanks for the stairlift comment - LOL!

My legs feel surprisingly good, quads just a bit tight but nothing too bad. Might go for a light run tomorrow, if I have time. Or if not, it'll be Friday.

What races do people have planned? I have a 10 miler in May, but nothing booked apart from that. Not sure about the next mara - will get my GFA application in for VLM but slightly tempted by an autumn one...although I'll wait to see how things go over the next month or so before I decide.
19/04/2011 at 07:38

Carrot:  Add half a minute to all your times and you might be writing my report [so thanks that saved a lot of work].  I specially relate to the narrow roads. heat and FOUL smells after turning of the Highway, that was when I started to feel a bit queasy and I'm sure the smell was the catalyst.  I made Mr O4S put his name on his Macmillan shirt for the first time, he was a bit nervous having always thought it was a bit naff - but he absolutely loved it and is sure that got him in under 4 hours

Training tip to all

An ultra running friend of mine [also doing the 100 mile event in May] came first  in M60 in a time of 3hrs3 mins, having won the same category a couple of years ago in sub 3.00.  The weekend before London he did a 26 mile off-road event on Saturday and a 35 mile event on the Sunday - so much for programmes and taper advice!   Do not try this at home children...................................

19/04/2011 at 08:47

Yes, names on shirts are a big help. Especially in those last few miles, just hearing my name shouted all over the place. I even got an "oggy oggy oggy, Anne, Anne, Anne"!!

So tapering is for wimps then O4S?

I'm quite looking forward to seeing the photos, especially over Tower Bridge...normally I forget they are there, but this time I made an effort to smile and wave for the camera, so I hope there is a good one for me to keep as a memento (for an exhorbitant price of course...!)

19/04/2011 at 09:03

I kept hearing shouts of "go Jon, go". It took me miles to work out that they weren't shouting at me (no name on my vest); someone close to me was runnng with their name on the vest. Should have been obvious but the mind is fuddled.  

I liked the underpasses - nice and cool.

Well done O4S - certainly not 2O4S, but 2xO4S !

Great result Howey - I liked the hugs bit. I think if I gave anyone a hug they would have arrested me for assault as drenched in water from squirting the water from the bottles and from sweat. Even my socks were wet through.

Well done for posting the report TT. Some races just don't work to plan no matter how hard you try. Don't give up; take time out and recuperate.

Club run for me tonight. Gentle paced hill run - actually probably closer to hill walk I suspect.

19/04/2011 at 10:01
Freemers  I am definitely in the wimp category.  He did e-mail me after doing the two events and said he wasn't sure how it would affect his marathon!
19/04/2011 at 11:56

Carrot - cracking report and amazing effort. i now realised that running back to back marathon is a tough ask - so hats off to you.

Freemers - I'll have to think about that - i play other sports (cricket & hockey) so don't have a massive amount of time but i'd like to dip under 3:10 for a GFA spot. Need to find a autumn marathon as me and heat don't go well together. Did not enjoy the hours of cramp on sunday!!

Keep going everyone, thanks for all the advice along the way.

19/04/2011 at 16:44

Hi All,

Thought I would check in on how london went and whet my appetite for next year!!!-brilliant write ups and fantastic times-mine in 5 weeks but def not on course 3.30-3.45 would be nice!

Well done all and those that do-enjoy the rest!!!

19/04/2011 at 16:49

Great report Carrot.Longer than the race.

I've got the Sheffield half in a couple of weeks.I once ran 1.31 many many years ago and now i'm hoping to beat that.Looking back on previous years i usually run my best times a few weeks after the marathon so it should be possible.

Todays been the first one back at work and it's a massive anti climax.No cheering crowds,no music blaring out along the route and not a sniff of a medal.

Oh for the time i was famous ish.

19/04/2011 at 19:51
Freemers wrote (see)
Carrot - fantastic report!! Well done on another excellent race. And judging by the improvement from last year to this, next year's double should be around 3.18 and 3.24? Nice!

DO NOT tempt me to do another two!  I can't!  I won't!  There's only a week between Brighton and London, it would end in tears... although I could always return to end of May Edinburgh?....

Are you doing Edinburgh brimps? Not long to go til taper time!!

Sheffield sounds good Howey, especially after Sunday's performance.  Sub-1:30 all the way

20/04/2011 at 08:54
Gentle 8 miles in the hills with club last night. Felt much better at end than the start and walked most of the ascent. Bit different from London. Hill fog, drizzle and 10 deg. Most refreshing.

Edinburgh also a great marathon (when they don't have their water bottles stolen the night before). Done it 7 times now. Can be very hot or cool with sea breeze. Just as flat as London but certainly not as busy.
20/04/2011 at 20:55

Day # 3 of no running. I did originally plan to have a week off, who knows if I will last! Lovely weather outside tonight (I'm not running but I did go for a little walk out) - about 15C, not much of a breeze... chances are I'd be too hot if I'd have been running!  Legs are still are bit not-right, mainly my quads.  Back to work today, although only got tomorrow to work then it's a nice four day weekend!  With no running.  Or at least, none before Saturday

20/04/2011 at 22:30
I plan to go to our group tomorrow and have a nice jog and chat, then I'll have a go on the trails round here on saturday morning.  Hope to get a 13 miler in the weekend after and then work on speed for Chester Half on 15th May.
21/04/2011 at 08:28
Carrot- yes,it is Edinburgh for me. Hoping it will be cooler than it is now as hard work last few days doing the miles!! Got warm up marathon in 10 days that I will use as training run. Then taper time!!!
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