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30/12/2012 at 22:03

Good running by all in rather shit weather.

My first Marathon paced run today based on effort (Heart rate), 17 miles with 8 at MP. The MP miles averaged 6.54 min/mile pace at a heart rate of 155 which is a little below my VLM average heart rate. Legs felt a little mashed at the end and it certainly didn't feel 'comfortably' hard, although heart rate was telling me otherwise, so I'm not kidding myself I could hold this pace for 26 miles at the moment. But it is 14 secs per mile quicker than the same run at the end of last year, so a nice place to be at this stage.

Total mileage for 2012 = 2218 Miles

2 PB's VLM 3.1.40 and Wokingham HM 1.23.14

1 MV40 Trophy.

Onwards and up for 2013.



31/12/2012 at 06:35

Ant - hope you have a blast at the San Silvestre today.
DS2 - nice base-building.
SJ - that sounds like the first half of Douglas Adams' definition of flying; throwing yourself at the floor and missing!
Joolska - excellent LSR in atrocious conditions.
Lorenzo - 'time on feet' is good!
Poacher - nice XC parkrun!
OGL - great news and good to hear from you. Yes, 10k is right. My PB is 40:59 set earlier this year. Sub 40 is achievable, but not a cert, I would say.
Blisters - 3h20m!!!
Scooby - yes, any sign of niggles and cut it short, I'd say. Or as you did, give it a miss!
Martin - good 16 miler there.
AR - crikey - hope you're OK.
Keir - I think that might just catch on. Does the person with the highest score take the other garmins?
RFJ - good parkrun.
Poacher - great mileage there. And a fabulous interview, which I finally heard most of on Friday.
Minni & Speedy - well done battling it out on the coast there; sounds horrific
OOlg - have fun on Skiddaw.
SBD - clocking up some good mileage again now.
Moof - very tidy MP run and nice stats.
8 miles this morning, without looking at the watch. I must have been doing slow running too long as I was aiming for a nice and steady effort but turns out I was somewhere around MP, averaging 7:17 m/m.
Stats for 2012:
1500.72 miles in 201 hrs 59 mins 19 secs giving an average pace of 8:05 m/m.
Several parkrun PBs, one magic mile, 1st race for 2 years and a 10k PB, so not a bad year's work.

31/12/2012 at 07:32
Gul, excellent 2012 stats, and I'm sure there was no doubt you would end on 1499 for the year! Must check out what I did - I will leave it two more weeks when my running legs are officially one year old.
31/12/2012 at 10:16

Where did those MP sections in long runs come from so early ? are they in PnD already ? if I was to try for 8M at MP effort I'd probably croak it at the moment. I'm still chugging along at about MP+90secs on all of my running.

31/12/2012 at 10:32
TR- the MP runs do start pretty early in P&D, but they are fairly infrequent. About one every three weeks, 8,10,12 and a 14 at MP in a long run.
In fact PD just has one fast quality session a week, either a tempo, some v02 reps or a MP run.
Just as well really as my legs do feel a bit shagged today.
31/12/2012 at 10:32
Yes TR, week 2 introduces a lengthy bit of MP into the run - 8m in a 16m run. 3 weeks on from that and a 10m out of 18m LR is included. Not too bad if run by effort, but running based on target pace would hurt

Otherwise the first 6 weeks are fairly steady running with the odd stride and LT run
31/12/2012 at 10:39

Well PnD know what they are talking about, I bet the 10M in 3 weeks feels a lot better after another 3 weeks training. Its a good session to have bagged so early so moof's 6:54s is a nice confidnce boost with 16 weeks to go.

31/12/2012 at 10:46

Gul - great summary of recent posts!! Well done for breaking through the 1,500 mile mark. 

TR - no long stretches at MP in my training programme yet!

Managed 9.5 miles this morning with the middle 4 miles at 6:50 average pace. As I've been struggling to get below 7 m/m for any length of time, I'm happy with that. 

Brings me up to 1,450 miles running for the year, along with 1,768 miles on the bike.

Average pace (for the running): 8:08 m/m but there's a high percentage of long runs and trail runs in there (44% of the total)

2 PBs during the year: 5K (19:18) and 50 miles (7:44). Not sure what this says about the focus of my training!!

The "oh bug*er" moment of the year: finishing 6 seconds outside my PB at VLM

Targets for 2013:

- sub 3:10 at VLM
- complete (and enjoy) the Magnificat bike ride (125 miles)  

Better head back to preparing the food for a family NYE get together - decided to go with a Mexican theme: chilled avocado soup followed by mole poblano. Yum yum!!! 

31/12/2012 at 10:49

Good to see lots of good running here over Christmas. Last week was a come back from injury week for me, 20 miles with a 10 mile "long" run on saturday. Pain free achilles now, so fingers and everything else crossed as I start P&D's sub 55 plan today with 8m inc 4m at threshold. 

My stats for 2012: 1200 miles (my highest after a slow start) with 10k (41:44) and HM (92:11) PBs.

Plans/hopes for 2013: A lot more miles, PBs at any distance, but in particluar: HM (Reading, target sub 90). And Milton Keynes mara - perhaps wildly optimistic aim of 3:15 (2 weeks out with injury hasn't helped my confidence) but let's see ...

31/12/2012 at 10:57
LR- may be worth dropping the LT run and just concentrate on getting the miles back up if you're just getting over an injury as may do more harm than good. No need to rigidly stick to the plan, maybe do the LT run at the of the week if all has gone well.
31/12/2012 at 11:03

That’s a good 5k to start the campaign RFJ. Will you be doing those regularly to assess progress?

No Fleet HM Lorenzo, but from memory Amy did it a few years ago towards her 3.30 VLM build. Not sure about categories – time / age based?

Well done on ticking off the longest LSR in a while OGL. Sounds like conditions were tough.

AR – It will be interesting to see how you do ‘off piste’ as it were. You made such good progress this year you obviously are doing something right. Any reason why you are not following a plan but wll be covering the key sessions?

Nice pace over an undulating course yesterday Blisters. I think you are right, an Ultra would be the best place for Garmin Top Trumps™. I bet those 100milers would just fly by!

Scooby, it is a fine balancing act. Apparently the mind is connected to the body somehow, so lack of motivation could be as much about your body wanting more rest. With CNBA syndrome, it is hard to know whether to push on through, hoping it will pass or give in to it, have a break and come back fresher and keener. I think ideally you would find something else to do to maintain some ticking over fitness.

Well done Poacher. Just 51miles to do today to make a nice round 2200!

I am jealous SJ. I’ll do an IM one day. What is your focus for each 10wk block and what will be you max weekly hour budget?

Tell us more about those Frisky cows Minni!

Very impressive annual mileage there Speedy. No wonder you have continued to improve this year.

Sound like delightful in-laws Ant. I hope you bang a few cupboard doors on your return.

That sounds pretty hardcore OO. Looking forward to a detailed report tomorrow after you have recovered from Frost-bite!

You’ve done well to get your mileage up to respectable levels quickly SBD. Speed doesn’t matter at this point, but keep on building that base. Are you stretching / coring as well, or just taking a more cautious approach this time?

Very impressive run there Moof. 8m @ PMP at this stage, as Fraser said last week, hints that MP might be a bit soft!

Sounds like a good running year Gul and you are in an injury free position to build over this next year. Still not considering an autumn marathon?

Good to see you are back from injury LTR, but take it easy over the next few weeks on some of those P&D sessions. Better to run them a touch slower for a couple of weeks rather than get a return of the injury.

31/12/2012 at 11:44

Just a delurk to wish all best wishes for the new year. I hope that everyone stays fit and acheives their targets.

Had a slight recurrence of the psoas tendonapathy so have taken it easy for a few days. Strange that it came on a rest day a day after a 4m recovery run. I will resolve to pay more attention to my core in the newyear.

Happy partying all

31/12/2012 at 11:54

 What are your plans in the New Year Kier.

Thats mighty unlucky Mennanias- take it easy.

Just 2 miles for me today- saving the legs for the big one 2moro.

Meanwhile dishwasher has flooded my kitchen in Keswick- £300 bill to fit a new one       

31/12/2012 at 11:59

Go easy Mennania.

Lorenzo wrote (see)

Other than VLM I haven't got any races booked for next year - anyone out there done the Fleet Half (in mid March) as a pre-London tune up race?

I've entered Fleet HM.  Not run it before but I used to live close by so have always wanted to do it.  Everything I've read about Fleet is positive - it's not pancake flat but it's not overly hilly either.  There are only 500 of 3,000 entries left so book early to avoid dissapointment!

Keir wrote (see)

Are you stretching / coring as well, or just taking a more cautious approach this time?

I've always stretched religiously but struggled to get to grips with the core work.  I'm sure core work would help but it's not high on the priority list at the moment

31/12/2012 at 12:42

Menn bad news about the injury.

OO Good luck tomorrow

Gul Impressive year stats

Moof Nice MP session.

I am currently on 1639 miles for the year. I may do tomorrows 11 miler today as a test for my shin, plus I can over do it tonight.

31/12/2012 at 13:38

Keir - as you will see form my stats I like my parkruns, to the point that I see it as a vital part of my training now, and have he option of our local boggy one (like XC) or can opt for speed at 2 other local parkruns at Newbury or Southampton.

My stats for 2012 and dreams for 2013

Total Miles 1830

1 injury - Jan / Feb (carried forwards from 2011) Hamstring Tendon Tear
1 Operation - Jan Feb - Bladder works

51 parkruns, as mannaged a couple of doubles and extras on bank holidays etc

29 Races from 100 meters to Thunder Run (36.9m)

2 PB's 1:26:00 (Half Oct 2012) and 1:23:565 (Half Nov 2012)

Targets for the year were Sub 85 for Half, TICK and done.

Targets for 2013

1. Marathon PB
2. Get to and stay under 11 St 7 Lb
3. Take what I can, leave nothing behind.....
4. Probably more Tattoos........ (PS dont tell the wife...)

Take care and Happy New Year, may it be blessed and enriched throughout

Take care

31/12/2012 at 13:59
I've finished just under 2100 for the year.

For those of you in the NE I've heard on the grapevine that there is going to be a new road marathon run in North Northumberland in October. Point to point and quite flat. Might be worth considering.
31/12/2012 at 14:01
RFJ- the newbury parkrun is my local one and only about three miles from my house.
I would like to incorporate it in a decent Saturday training run but unfortunately I work most sat mornings so a parkrun is the most expensive free race I do! So I've only run it 3 times.
If I ran it a bit more often I would invest in some trail shoes as I struggle a bit on the hardcore compact stone trail in my road shoes, particularly when its wet. Which is all the bloody time!!

Nice mileage Minni.
31/12/2012 at 14:01

Moof, Keir, many thanks for the eminently sensible advice, but I posted and went out straight afterwards. Hopefully no damage done (seems OK so far) and tomorrow is a rest day - because it is new year's day, not because of the plan. Felt tougher than I expected, but it has been about a month since I last ran at tempo pace. Hmmm, but you are right, I must continue to be a bit cautious as I build up again.


31/12/2012 at 15:32

Moof - I think I have done Newbury about 6 times since it started.... yes can be slippery on the gravel, but still a fast course... Will you be there tomorrow, 10am start... thats after the 9am start at Andover for a nice parkrun double....

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