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29/01/2013 at 14:49

15M for me; ended up averaging 7.58m/m but it took a while for the legs to get there - the first 4 miles were like striding through treacle (although obviously easier than Saturday's XC exploits!).

29/01/2013 at 16:11

Some nice work on those workouts AR and Ant

Lunchtime - my last campaign was littered with workouts like that and I went on to get a PB by more than 9minutes.  As long as you're not plodding, you're progressing

I generally just use resting heart rate as a measure of fitness.  I do have a HRM for my Garmin but rarely use it.

8 miles at lunchtime at 7:42m/m and feeling much better than my last run.  In fact I could have happily continued if I didn't have work to do.  The target this week is to go for a 16m LSR and get the volume up to 50miles and so get to a normal training load.  It will all be fairly slow though


29/01/2013 at 16:45
Lunchtime. I've had plenty of sessions like that. We all have. Imperative that you file it away and move on. Don't let it spook you. Threshold running terrifies most of us and it all needs to right on the day to pull it off

Great work Ant. I'll eat my shorts (granted they are rather skimpy but less than palatable nonetheless) if you're a "one pace wonder"

You'll still be recovering Jools. Good work to do 15 on a school day

Sounds like you're def going inthe right direction Bikeit. Keep your nerve

Come on Minni - JFDI

Couldn't face another session in the wind and rain today so hit the treadmill. 8 including 4 @ MP (6.30). Felt ok but I sweat like a little piggy on those darned things. Cardio respiratory system felt quite controlled though
29/01/2013 at 17:30

Well done all for keeping at it through all the best the British weather can throw at us. I think we get off pretty lightly down here in the South East so I can't complain too much but 21 miles in the snow on the beach minni Much respect, especially on picking yourself up after the tragedy last week.

Keir - been following your 2:50 thread so you seem to be holding that cold at bay. Your running tights seem to be more in danger of the elements than you!

Frazerelli - can't say I blame you about using the treadie. I think I may have been in there a couple of times recently if I hadn't given up the gym membership.

Bike it - building the mileage up nicely!

Being 5 weeks behind most of you (ie the VLMers) it's been good to see how you are all coping with it as you enter the critical 8 week period. Good luck everyone.

A steady 9 miles for me at 8.19mm which is pretty much bang on aerobic pace for me. Realised I must have worked quite hard at Sundays race as the DOMS had definitely kicked in this morning and the first three miles were much as Jools described above. The wind was howling and I felt like binning it but hung out there.

Should do 62 (ish) miles this week which will be a weekly best for 19 years. Be interesting to see how I cope with it.

29/01/2013 at 17:55
10 miles for me this morning, including 5 at 6:5x pace (i.e. about HMP for me). Felt a tough session but pleased to have got it done.

Hotel tonight so faced with the prospect of a dreadmill session tomorrow morning. Bah!
29/01/2013 at 20:52

Gul I hope the rest day has helped with the calf.

AR and Ant very pacey sessions indeed.

Jools Nice MLR bagged

Frazer I also sweat like a goodun on a threadmill, I have destroyed a mp3 player in the past, due to "salting" up. Nice session

Minni ?? Did you get it done?

Lorenzo Nice tempo miles.

Lunchtime As others have said, these things happen. Clock the miles and move on.

2 weeks ago, I couldn't manage 2.5 miles at PMP (6:51 miles). Last week I accidently ran 7 miles at MP. On the back of my tumble on Sunday, travelling yesterday and birthday party last night. I woke this morning, still with bad shoulder pain, still with a tight lump in my right thigh and excessively tired (I am blaming jet lag).

Schedule tonight was 10 miles with 5 tempo. Due to all of the above, plus first day at work in 5 weeks, I had to force myself out, just for a bimble as I was in no state for pace. Once out I decided to go "comfortably hard" and see where that put me. Any way the scores on the doors. 5 miles in 32:01. New PB and consistantly consistant pacing. Whilst I was working progressively harder it was never lung busting and always felt controlled.

It is strange this running lark. I am obviously a warm weather runner.

Edited: 29/01/2013 at 21:16
29/01/2013 at 21:32

Scooby - You are, as I believe the modren vernacular has it, "on fire".

Lorenzo - I'm not surprised you found the session tough - great work there.

Good midweek miles from Jools.

Frazer - There must have been smoke coming off that treadie after you were done with it.

DS2 - Where and when are you doing your marathon? 62 mpw is pretty high mileage if you're so far out.

29/01/2013 at 21:43
Scoobs - I know I'm going to get stick for this but yes, I ditched it. Just felt too tired. But I replaced it with 9 miles on a hilly route in the howling wind and since I did 3 this morning that'll be nicely for a 12m day. I'll do the intervals another night.

Some great runs going on:

Jools 15 - day off or before work?

Scoobs - nice surprise there.

DS2 - all looking good for you.

Fraser - that's the very reason I hate TMs, all that sweat. Not ladylike.

Lorenzo, Ant - good runs banked.
29/01/2013 at 22:09

Quick pop in for me....

all hands to the pump with work etc and then club meetings...

Did get out for a good hard session tonight that took me past 200m for the month, 15 mins easy (1.91m) 3 x 10 mins kenyan hills (1.44m / 1.45m / 1.47m) off 90 sec rec 15 min easy (1.94m) 8.70m in total.

Take care

29/01/2013 at 22:13

Pleasing session tonight in a stiff wind (but at least it blew the rainstorm over us fairly quickly and dried us all off before the last rep!) 8 x 0.55 miles in 3.21, 3.16, 3.15, 3.15, 3.16, 3.15, 3.15, 3.13. Felt great and was keeping up with two folks who are normally a little way ahead. 

30/01/2013 at 06:49

Ant - nice one! Good to hear it boosted your confidence.
JD3 - bottle on standby! BTW I'm not doing a spring marathon either. Good running this week.
Keir - hope the cold is on the way out.
Minni - I'm going to have to catch up that missed session for Jantastic now! Postponing intervals is in at the moment.
Jools - good running on what must be very tired legs.
Bike It - good target. Keep it easy.
FW - good dreadmill session (if there is such a thing).
DS2 - good luck with the high mileage.
Lorenzo - come on; forget the dreadmill and get out there! Great HMP session yesterday.
SD - where did that come from! Excellent.
RFJ - good Kenyan hills session.
Speedy - impressively consistent reps!
No niggles with the calf yesterday, so headed off to the park and did 5 x 1k with 300m recoveries this morning. Aiming for 10k pace, so somewhere where around 4mins per rep. Pacing not great, but got there in the end (3:44, 3:51, 3:50, 4:01, 4:01). 8 miles in total and all seems fine.

30/01/2013 at 08:51
Things picking up nicely for most folks. Nice to see.

I managed 2.5 yesterday and foot felt great but then was progressively worse through the day until limping around last night. Feels fine this morning though (#irritating)

Anyone heard from PMJ recently? We have been decidedly stats light recently.
30/01/2013 at 10:57

Some good running sessions going on. Gul, glad to hear the calf held up and you had a good interval session

SJ #irritating. Injury I picked up in Sept comes and goes as if just to warn me who's in charge. #irritating little sh1t.

Still continuing with 3 runs a week, with an occassional 4th thrown in. It means I have been mixing / amalgamating some sessions, and most have some quality element to them. Today was a 14mile medium long run, with 7 at threshold pace which turned out at an ave 6:20 min/m. As it was done at 6am I'm not comfortable running tempos in the dark so turned to the gym again.

I'm getting a bit embarrassed at the amount of sweat generated on a treadmill. First case of nipple chafing for 2013 done & dusted!




30/01/2013 at 12:12

I only managed a 6 miler last night. Wish I could pop a mid week 15 miler Joolska- especially at that pace. I'm away in Birmingham this w/end to will miss my Sunday run and have to settle for 40 miles this week.

Pink parkrun in prospect this w/end- we may need some photo evidence round the patch....



30/01/2013 at 13:21

Horrible run this morning for me. Went to park to avoid dark roads but this was a mistake. It was howling on top of the downs and since my planned 14 miles was to include 13 laps of a 0.9 mile loop I had to contend with a headwind countless times with no shelter. Didn't help that I was feeling very tired and not one step of it felt remotely enjoyable. Anyhow, kept thinking about people on here who have run in much worse these past couple of weeks and hung in there. Felt a bit better in the last 4 miles at MP+10%. Ended up with 14 @8;15mm.

Glad it's D&D and looking forward to a gentle recovery run tomorrow!

30/01/2013 at 14:15

First run of the year in shorts for me. Fantastic to not have to wear running tights.

10miles average 8:03 round a 1.7 mile loop - 8:30m/m into wind and 7:30m/m downwind a bit like DS2..

30/01/2013 at 14:15

To avoid repeating what's been said - Ditto on what Gul said....  well done everyone

Special mentions must go to:

Well done for geting out there DS2 -  remember that we sometimes do it for the enjoyment of the bigger picture - the singularity sometimes is less than fun...

And to Jools too - getting some good mileage in recently, and on tired legs too.

I've had an interesting week or two. Busy times at work last week led to a lower than usual total heading into the weekend but I figured that I'd be OK with a good session on Saturday and and 18m on Sunday.

But... the remainder of my household have been down the last week with a bad cold/virus and I thought that I'd escapsed, heading out for saturday there was nothing in my legs (coupled with dodgy gut) - proposed session was canned for a plod home (5m total).

Sunday ( and this is where I think the viral thing took it's toll) ended up again being a canned session after 12m. I made the decision while out there as my pace dropped from a steady 8:20 m/m early on to a miserable 10: xx for the last mile - this coincided with a loop past the house. Needless to say, I took the easy option and went for a cup of tea and a rest.

To add insult to injury I took a big fall on our decking on Saturday night trying to secure/lash down the fence in the storm. Stepped backwards, tripped over a plant pot and landed square on my back/backside. Bruised coxis made for a painful run too.

40 miles for the week. This week will be better.

30/01/2013 at 14:20

The traumas we runners endure for our sport! Lovin the heroic stories of determination

30/01/2013 at 14:24
Seems like Tuesdays is a big day in most people's week! Just to pick out a few:

Lorenzo - good 10 miler with HMP miles. Never an easy session.

Jools - 15m midweek is some going. Good pace too. Are you following P&D 70m plan by any chance?

Speedy - nice consistent reps

Also-Ran - wow. I couldn't race 7m at that pace let alone at 6am as part of a 14 mile training run. Do you already have a sub 3 to your name?

DS2 - those runs count double in my book. They are the ones that make race day enjoyable

I set out at 7.30 last night to do 11 with 6 at tempo pace (which I am currently viewing as 7m/m pace). About half a mile in I knew I wasn't up for it so decided to swap it for Thursdays 13 miler at an easy pace. Thoroughly miserable experience in the wind and rain and disappointingly slow to boot (about 8.50 pace). Not helped by the fact I hadn't eaten for 7 hours and was carrying a back pack.

Pressure now on to get the tempo run in tomorrow morning. I'm finding the faster paced sessions a real struggle at the moment.
30/01/2013 at 14:27
FINgers - x post. Ouch!
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