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06/02/2013 at 18:51

Gul Looks like sub 40 is the target and attainable.

Ant Nice tempo session in terrible weather.

CB Great session. 20 miles is tough, especially after a hard tempo.

Jools I personally would look at the bigger picture. How much tapering can you do, what is the schedule next week?

My not drinking in Feb fell away today when it became a 4 o'clock, Champagne and cake finish. It is almost like I ran this morning because I knew this was planned. (This early drinking finish was not planned until lunch time today). However, I had planned on an early run tomorrow, this may be moved until the evening.

06/02/2013 at 18:53

x post Lumbu Welcome. We will require your running history. PB at different distances, current training schedule etc. Others will be able to offer better advice than me, but the more infomatiojn you can give us the better.


06/02/2013 at 19:01
Jools. I'd echo the others. You're experienced enough to recover even if you kitchen sink the HM. Not many of us get a chance for county colours. Just make sure you don't wear the rucksack spewing out your smalls

Welcome to Lumbu. Don't think 29 counts as coming in to running late! Some insight into back ground for the stat-crew would be good. I've run Edinburgh mara three times and numerous HMs over that course. Can give you plenty of insight if you want. I'm just doing the half there this year
06/02/2013 at 19:05

jools - cant see anyone picking a XC team based on 1/2 mara results myself, or at least I wouldnt. Not sure if that helps you though.

06/02/2013 at 19:29
Jools - how exciting to have such choices!

Ant - great 'I am the man' session.

Scoobs - champagne in the afternoon ... That's the life I want.

I'm joining Ant in that 'I am the man' also after tonights intervals tonight. Raced home from work to try and get at least the warm up done in the last of the day's light. It's freezing and windy here and I over dressed so there was a lot of faffing around in the first three miles, taking this off, putting that on. I wasn't in the right place because I couldn't decide if I was too cold or not and almost ditched it but instead told myself to do one of the 1.5m at HMP and see how it goes. Surprise surprise it didn't feel too bad at all so did all 4 with even pacing and right where it should be. Now need to bag my 10m at 4:30 in the morning and I'm laughing.... ahahah....
06/02/2013 at 20:01

Cheers Scooby and Fraz, thanks for the welcome. The more insight the better for me on Edinburgh Fraz.

So my competitive history is a little sparse - I can give you it in full actually:

- Isle of Wight HM 2012: 1:40:01  (this was after 3 weeks of training, before which I was one of the once a fortnight brigade) 

- Finsbury Park parkrun, Septemberish 2012: 19:20 (bit hilly mind)

- Regents Park 10k, October 2012: 37:57

Last week I ran 44 miles, including 16 miles at 7:50 mm. This was my longest ever run. I have been running in the region of 30 - 40 miles a week for a few months now, except December when my stomach went berserk. Since mid Jan I am roughly following a mix of  P&D 18 week 55 mile and 70 mile schedule. Um, I'm 6' 4", skinny, have played a lot of sport all my life, used to be a pretty decent cyclist, favourite band Kula Shaker.

One of those isn't true. 


06/02/2013 at 20:03

At least you did something Minni. I cam home to a warm tea and a cold beer. End of running plans for today

Welcome Lumbu, you seem to be making rapid progress but Edinburgh is quite tough and I wouldn't worry too much about times. Tackling on a marathon after a year of running is'nt the best plan, but too late for a change of plan I guess. Just aim to get round in a respectable time and focus on other (shorter) distances this year, e.g 10k and half marathon..  

06/02/2013 at 20:13
Lumbu - I've done Edinburgh twice and I must admit I find it quite a hard course. Although its billed as the fastest marathon etc it has some long stretches of boring miles, none of which are in Edinburgh! And it's always boiling hot. Others have found it nicer though.
06/02/2013 at 20:16
Joolska - go for it. Be a warrior/ess

Lumbu - starting at 0630 is actually the equivalent of a lie in for some round here.
You are half the age and already faster than many so who's to say you can't hit that target.

12m along the canal this afternoon. Felt like rubbish, struggling to get under 8mm, lost a lot of conditioning in 3 wks. Long road back.
06/02/2013 at 20:30
Welcome Lumbu! Kula Shaker indeed!! Hush

Some obvious progression in your times but I think OO is referencing the fact that your lower distance speed may not translate into a fast marathon without a fairly hefty endurance base built up through a sustained period of long miles. Of course you might have a natural talent for longer distances but you might be setting yourself up for a miserable last 6 miles. The sensible approach would be to run your first fairly conservatively, enjoy it and then build up further for a faster attempt next spring. But then again, who ever takes the sensible option?!

I've done Edinburgh twice ('twas my first and I had that painful last 6miles referred to above!). Don't like the course. Dull and not a psychologically easy run and always seems to be too hot. However I know folks who've PB'd there so obviously depends on your own preferences.
06/02/2013 at 20:50
Yes Poacher, but you've just covered 12 miles of it! Bet your next run feels much, much better
06/02/2013 at 21:11

Lumbu - welcome

some great running going on on tired legs, well done all

8.75m for me tonight at club run, was so tired last night that brought forwards my rest day... for once I listed to my body... may need to do that to protect it more...

Take care

06/02/2013 at 21:32

Lumbu - Welcome aboard. I would say that 3:10 is quite an ambitious target for a first marathon. If you lowered that to, say, sub-3:30 and tried to just enjoy the experience, you might find yourself pleasantly surprised. In any case, bear in mind that crashing and burning first time out would probably put you off running for life.

Jools - Yes, go for it. Plenty of time to recover for VLM.

Minni - You are, as you rightly point out, The Man. Mind you, I remember saying that to MsE and she didn't take too kindly to the suggestion...

Scooby - Is this champagne and cake business going to be a regular fixture in your house? If so, make up the spare bed, can you?

Poacher - You'll be fine, I promise.


06/02/2013 at 21:44

Welcome Lumba. Although you've only been running for 9 months, the endurance and mental toughness you will have built from cycling (especially if' you've been testing) will come in handy on race day. Consistent mileage and slow progression in distance is the key. Frequently new runners get too keen, carried away and end up injured. The running injury thing was certainly the hardest thing I found to get my head around coming from a cycling background. Nothing wrong with Kula Shaker. Are you really 6ft 3 1/2?

I didn't want to do the session tonight. Thought of abandoning before the start, stopped mid way through but then finished it off in style (with some good deep lung clearing coughing at the end). 5m at 6am will feel like luxury tomorrow (even in the bitter northerly wind)

06/02/2013 at 21:50

KR/MartinH - new car park signage down your way, I see  . . . .


06/02/2013 at 21:54

Ant, I crash and burn in most of my marathons (and certainly the first few) but it hasn't put me off, just made me more determined. Some good advice though- Slokey says it more eloquently than me.

Reading this thread shamed me into a late night effort. Only 3 miles before the stomach gave out, but I put in 10 hill reps as a punishment.

06/02/2013 at 22:16

Thanks all for the battle-won wisdom. I'm interested to hear people say Edinburgh is tough ( I feel for all the fastest in the UK bumf), and the idea that it's psychologically hard - I'm sure this is classic newbie talk, but isn't a mile a mile? None of us are in this for the adulation surely? 

I'm sure I'm not the first nor the last to find some modicum of natural aptitiude for running and immediately convince myself I can run a bloody fast marathon. I'm gonna see how I go in a couple of pre-marathon races - I'm doing the East London Half in April, and if I can go under 1:25 there I may start dreaming. But 3:30 does sound like it may be the way to go, although that does mean I am doing all my training at faster than PMP. Get me.

Final question to all you sages: I'm in Somerset near Glastonbury this weekend. Where's good for a run?


06/02/2013 at 22:17


06/02/2013 at 22:35

Welcome Lumbu, your pretty much the same boat as i was ,well your the same age for a start 29 yrs

I have done 3 marathons in 18 months with a PB of 3.29. thats may sound ok but this was off around 25-30 mpw. so with some good miles in your legs i reckon you could easily do sub 3.20.

I learned the hard way by skimping on miles and long runs and now im doing VLM in April with some good miles in the legs with proper training  ie 45+ mpw  and plenty of long runs.

Take the advice off the people on here as there are some seriously experienced runners.

Good Luck

06/02/2013 at 23:22

Jools - I once got selected for Notts on the strength of a 10k performance, so why not give it a go. 

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