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17/02/2013 at 19:14
Great effort mennania, you too OO.

Nice 21, SBD.

For a sub 315 thread, there are a fair few on the cusp of sub 3. Just shows what dedicated training can achieve. Although let's not count the chickens just yet.
And for those about to have a tilt at sub 315, all down to getting out there and putting the miles in.

This thread does inspire me.
17/02/2013 at 19:42
Edited: 17/02/2013 at 19:43
17/02/2013 at 19:54
RFJ - that sounds like a nightmare. Hope junior RFJ is feeling better now.

OO - Fantastic report, and the Sergie Bubka course PB shows you have still got it in you.

Menna - brilliant 1min PB. It doesn't seem that long ago when I joined this thread and you were injured for a long period. Must have been great to pick your way through the field
17/02/2013 at 20:14
Superb racing AR. Think you're being modest. Looking very possible for 2.50 or less. Well done

Jools. Very admirable pacing and control. Keep your nerve

Top performances from OO (I'm discovering fir the fort time the effect of 'proper' hills on training paces), Moof and mennania.

Good 21 from SBD

Don't be hard on yourselves Ant and Scooby. Bad days make the good ones sweeter

As has been said all very imoressive stuff

Another gorgeously scenic but hilly monster 16 from me. Looking forward to see how this all works out when the number's pinned on
17/02/2013 at 20:31

After a busy working week and Mrs H's birthday yesterday I've only had a very quick skim read so apologies for not mentioning many.

Really good to see you back up to 14 miles Birch.

Scooby - Tough run with all of those turns.  Just remember race day won't involve a 72 mile week.  Well done.

Ant - If you are having a tough one then a fast finish shows that there is still something left in the tank.  No need to panic.

Very well paced racing Jools.  A massive confidence booster to be overtaking everyone towards the end.

Also a massive confidence booster AR.  2.50 is certainly possible from that result.  Just look after yourself.

OO - After driving around that area on hols last year running that is mightily impressive.

Sounds horrendous RFJ.  Pleased you are both ok.

Excellent PB Mennania.

Just 14 miles with 7m at ave 6.36 pace yesterday and a short recovery run today bringing up a 31 miles cutback week. Need a tougher week next week.

17/02/2013 at 20:49

Thanks all, for your comments - very much appricated... it was only at 7pm too....

Great PB Mennania
good runs Martin / Birch
Nice one Jools
Ant and Scooby, the the hard ones that make you tougher and where we learn more about ourselves.
SBD - 21 is is always a nice tick in the box
Frazerelli - 16 good miles
Mike - we had a few out there today, gutted to miss but ended up probably having a better run day for it....

17/02/2013 at 20:56

Big day for no particular order
AR we knew you were quick but that is really impressive. 2.49.XX?  Excellent work
Joolska very nice pacing, if the miles at a comfortable sub 3 pace feel good it's a decent indicator of where you are headed
Ant - not your day but nothng to lose lose confidence over.
SBD - you are coming back to form very quickly it seems, no doubt the product of plenty of unglamorous hard work
RFJ - as has been said, there are meatheads out there, easy to ignore except when they target the family. As Kenny Rogers put it, you have to know when to walk away (and when to run)
Scooby - track marathon could be your ideal race? Good win for Liverpool too.
Mennania - a minute off HM PB is gold dust, puts you well in the sub 3 frame, very nice.
Birch - good miles, being so patient must have been maddening but you are back in the game. Can't believe it's almost a year since the incinerator. 

OO - excellent work, Honister is bad enough in a car, just getting up there on foot at any pace is impressive
Good work Fraser, also Lumbu

My spring training is now officially pants. Went out to do 20m today and binned it at 11, knackered and nowt in the legs. Can't see where a decent run is going to come from and have agreed to go back to Africa in March so VLM is looking like a slow bimble. On the plus side, being the last to arrive at Chandos will mean someone else has got a round in...

Lots of good summaries posted today, Gul will have nothing to do when he logs on at daft o'clock  


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17/02/2013 at 21:26
Lumbu - you should come and run around here. 1000ft in a long run would be quite flat! I'm sure Fraser will agree?!

Congrats on the pb Menn, especially after starting from the back.
17/02/2013 at 21:59

A Super Sunday for the thread, with great racing and running from so many, I'm glad Poacher got in there first and mentioned you all. OO, Moof, Mennania and AR, take a bow.

Incidentally, Poacher, what are you playing at? You know very well that it's my job to be Thread Moaner.

Thanks for all your words of consolation, btw. Here it looks as if I'm winning:


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17/02/2013 at 22:08

Brilliant PB Mennania, but I think you should say what your stopwatch actually the said and not gun time as it was faster. That is more a true reflection on your time today! Great to meet up with you at the end and catch up properly. I was convinced you had sped off at the start, but you looked really relaxed at 7 miles when you went past. Looking good for London !

Wrexham half for me today too. Didn't know what to expect as this time last year I'd done 2 weeks more mara training. Thought I'd start off at 6.40 pace and see what happned. First mile went by in 6.15 and (as always) felt relatively easy! Got into a bit of a train by mile 2 (6.25) and felt comfortable so stuck with them. The miles went by and I was looking for about 33 minutes for 5 miles and went through in 32.31. Was still feeling good at 7 miles (45.38) when Mennania "floated" past and eeked away slowly. Tried to keep up with him and kept within 50m for a while, but knew he was on a mission!

I got to 10 miles in what would have been a PB of 65.15 and started to realise that a PB of low 85 minutes was on the cards. Then we took a turn and the wind kicked in. To be honest there wasn't much shelter on the country roads and I think the wind and a bit of lactate acid started to kick in and my mile pace started to drop (athough percieved effort still felt the same?). A bit of a spurt in the last mile and 0.1 at the end I managed to get 1.26.34. If I had been able to keep my 6.30 average pace I would have got a PB. A bit disappointed, but at the end of the day not a bad time for this point of training.

Lesson learn is  need to do more midweek long runs with a bit pace mixed in. On reflection I think this is what was missing today

Sorry for long post!

17/02/2013 at 22:18

Mid week long runs- same problem for me KR.

Oh my lord some great effort and reports on here today. For those who didn't quite meet there hopes today there semm to be al the right lessons learned. Plenty time still to get there.

18/02/2013 at 06:50

Birch - good to hear you're still progressing.
Minni - another LSR in the bag - well done.
Lorenzo - hang on in there. It's not easy resting! Was younger Lorenzito running or watching the XC with you?
SJ - great news.
OO - nice parkruns by the OO family.
SD - that's still a good session - especially on the end of a 72 mile week!
Ant - sorry you didn't have a great day. Hang on in there - after a few more weeks and a taper it will be a different story.
PMJ - nice 16 miler.
Jools - great race - sounds like you had a ball!
AR - very impressive race too.
CL - great confidence boosting finish to your long run.
Blisters - April is most definitely in the spring! Good luck.
Moof - excellent run to finish a tough week - well done.
Speedy - that will do very nicely and will stand you in good stead.
OO - congrats on the PB! You certainly had to work hard for that one. That course sounds scary.
RFJ - sorry to hear about you and your son. Hope you're both OK after that horrific experience.
Lumbu - good running.
DS2 - have a nice time in Devon.
Mennania - congrats on an excellent PB - could have been phenomenal on the right day!
SBD - that's a great mileage for the week and a cracking LSR. Looking very promising.
Frazer - all that hilly stuff must be doing wonders.
Martin - hope you and Mrs H had a good weekend. Here's to a tough week!
Poacher - now you tell me!
KR - nice report - agonisingly close, but great race none the less.
Feel like a bit of a wimp after reading that lot - what a weekend! Well done everyone. Just 5 slow miles for me to start a cut-back week.

18/02/2013 at 07:24
Gul - well done. That was a hard session getting everyone in to one post!
18/02/2013 at 08:28

Check out those thighs on Ant - are you Chris Hoy in disguise ??? Looking like something of a giant next to those Spanish types !

Great running KR - those last few can kill in a half if uphill or windy eh

Have a nice easy week Gul

18/02/2013 at 10:35

Just wizzing through sporting a shiney new PB.....  

Can't stop, will give details later.

18/02/2013 at 10:39

KR - don't apologise - we like long reports  - good effort, as well, 1:26 bodes well.
Incidentally, I'll be down your neck of the woods on Wed - daughter's 21st b'day, we have celebratory lunch planned. 
Poacher - yes, nearly a year - I see they had a metre of snow last week !! 

18/02/2013 at 12:30

RFJ Terrible incident. I hope the family are feeling better.

Menn Excellent PB

AR Stonkingly fast time

Jools and Speedy Very impressive progressive.

OO Sounds like a great run/time on a very tough course.

KR Great report. We all enjoy reading the reports

Ant As others have said, 5 weeks on the back of a taper will be a different story.

Lots of other great runs over the weekend.

Reflections from yesterday. I need to race more often. I believe that is why I dropped during the 15th km, over an hour at that pace for the first time in two years. I am frustrated that I couldn't keep pushing during the last few km, I felt if I pushed too much I would stop all together. To quote a sage "Trust in the training". I have better endurance than any other time (shelling peas), I just need to believe in the speed endurance.

1:30:30 is my second fastest half, again due to lack of racing.

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18/02/2013 at 13:33

KR- Nice to catch up yesterday and nice report .

Thanks for the congrats and encouragement from all, the 1.23xx  has focussed me onto a sub 3 attempt but I wonder do I need to shift upto the 55-70 to give it a proper chance? I have been following a hybrid recently.

You guys may remember I had a VO2 and LT test a few weeks ago? They predicted my HM time range based on the tests as 1.26-1.28. Kind of helps put the accuracy of the scientific tests info into some perspective(personally at least). I retest on March 18th so will see what they come up with then.


18/02/2013 at 14:36

So what Fraser is saying is that he's been staring at Ant's thighs...

1.23 is probably just about on the cusp for a 2.59 mara.  Of those who have gone very close either above or below 3h, what HM times and mileage levels did you have? Personally I had no real chance of sub3 until the HM time came down from just over 1.24 to just under 1.22, but others are much better converters. Mennania do you think you can do it with a 1.23 or do you feel the need to shave a little bit off your HM?

Happy day, on strike so used the time to find a horse farm giving away free rotted manure - got at least 300 litres in the back of the car, very fragrant.   Smells better than running kit anyway.

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18/02/2013 at 15:44

Hhmm - that will be Poacher talking horsecrap again

Last year was:

1/4/12 Reading HM 1:28:10   --   10/6/12  Wales Marathon 3:02:10

16/9/12 Maidenhead HM 1:22:09   -- 24/10/12 Leicester M 3:04:34
                                                       31/10/12 Abingdon M 2:59:26

I was improving quickly between Reading and Wales, and shortly after Wales I ran 1:25HM

For Leicester & Abingdon I carried a bit of illness and injury into the races, so my quess is that provided I get to a marathon healthy, I would want to be in 1:24 ish shape for a flat course to have a good chance of sub3

Mileage for wales Marathon was around the 45m mark, Abingdon it was closer to 60.

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