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24/02/2013 at 14:51
Xpost - sounding strong Ant and is this a return to form from Poacher?
24/02/2013 at 15:14
Although yesterday I claimed that Sleaford isn't a PB course, I managed a 1 min 35 sec PB there this morning.

It was a freezing cold morning - though this probably helped as there was a grassed start and an off road farm track section. However, by the time the off road section was over (after about 4 miles) I'd already lost about a minute.

I then ignored my watch and just concentrated on catching the runner ahead (and then the next one, and so on). I was feeling strong and could tell I was running well, so I glanced at my watch at the 10 mile mark and saw that I was now on PB pace.

I therefore threw everything at it for the final 3.1M, and despite tiring in the final mile I was able to hang on and bag the PB. I finished 22nd out of 395 in a time of 1.24.19.

Absolutely delighted and have just enjoyed a very satisfying post-race pint (obviously for rehydration purposes!)
24/02/2013 at 15:17

DS2 - Stop whinging!  That's a great 20 bagged and still 11 weeks to go - how much more positive can that be? 

Nice long runs Jools & Ant.  Ant - only 4 weeks to go? You'll be tapering soon.

Speedy  - well done on the XC yesterday - it looked bloody cold!

Poacher - very nice little race stuck in there.

22 miles at a slow pace for me this morning. Started in the snow but did eventually get better and was dry by the end.  Also doubled up as a recce for an autumn marathon I've entered and has thrown lots of doubts as to whether I now want to do it.  Might see you at the Town Moor yet, Poacher and PMJ.

72.5 miles for the week, which is my highest ever.  Next week won't be as impressive but I have got a HM at the end.



24/02/2013 at 15:19

Jools Very impressive 23 on the back of an up and down week.

SJ NIce sign that the runs are becoming enjoyable

Ant Very pacey and looking good

DS2 The first 20 is always the toughest. All bodes well

Keir First is first, hope you recover well.

Poacher Good to see the mental strength is still there

LB70 Congratulations on the shiney PB. Possibly even quicker on a better course.

Minni Mightily impressive run today and weekly total.

Edited: 24/02/2013 at 15:21
24/02/2013 at 15:36

Well done, LB70.  I suspect the slower start helped a bit.  Must remember that myself next week!

24/02/2013 at 15:38

LB70 "I then ignored my watch and just concentrated on catching the runner ahead (and then the next one, and so on).
In other words, you were racing, you didn't limit yourself, and a PB resulted.
Good work ! 

24/02/2013 at 16:03

Brilliant stuff, LB70! No wonder you're pleased with yourself. I have run 30+ HMs, and in last week's I still managed to ruin it by going off too fast - the classic newbie error. So well done on sensible race tactics!

Good long 'un, Minni. 72.5 miles this week! Lordy. Yes, only 4 weeks for me. I'll probably just do a two-week taper. I have a HM two weeks out, in fact.

24/02/2013 at 16:21

Some great running as always, PB's are always good LB70

Im recovering form a night shift, did 17.5m yesterday in 2:20:49 which inclided a park run and today a very slow and easy 7.25m on the treadmill...

now for some sleep.

24/02/2013 at 16:25

Every week gets worse on here, trying to match yourself against the heroics of others. I feel like the slouch of the thread with 37 miles in a recovery week. 3rd in parkrun yesterday was a nice surprise but todays 17 felt flat and my old war wound, the hip was not feeling good.I should have hung in for 3 more but I bailed out and headed home. Well done all, especially those getting PBs in not ideal conditions.

24/02/2013 at 16:28

Keir - great report on your thread. Great discipline and sounded like you were well in control. Thanks for the advice re: shoes. I was thinking about shoes for the day - that looks the way to go!

TR - I'll trust your words. Pretty much all you have had to say on my training has come through as predicted so I'll try to retain some confidence.

Minni wrote (see)

DS2 - Stop whinging!  That's a great 20 bagged and still 11 weeks to go - how much more positive can that be?

Fair point! Another great week from you. They just keep coming

LB70 - great PB, and good psychology to boot!

Ant - looking good. Motivation must be high now the day is so close.

poacher - a good weekend bagged there.

SJ - nice to be enjoying it.

RFJ - another solid run.

Sorry if I've missed anyone, but I think Jools has put herself back in contention for nutter of the month with that week. Great way to finish it off! But then again Keir - mad!!!!

Edited: 24/02/2013 at 16:35
Blisters    pirate
24/02/2013 at 16:34


Sane bloke has just arrived.

6.6 miles plodded out at 8:30 m/m, wearing lots of clothes. I actually got warm.

You need people like me around.

24/02/2013 at 17:01
Thanks everyone for your comments and thanks Ant for your thoughts on the 5M race before VLM

Early bath for the kids now and then Sunday night movie club before their bedtime (so I can sneak a nap in front of the telly!!) and then beer and a glass of wine or three!!!
24/02/2013 at 17:06

Coming back nicely PMJ. 

Well done Speedy & Lorenzo.  Sounds fun!!!

Always good to break down a few myths TR.

Congratulations Keir on winning "a non-race"!!

Excellent PB LB70.

DS2 - 20 miles when it feels hard is a massive achievement.  The first is always the hardest and with 11 weeks left you are well on track.

More Impressive running, Slokey, Jools, Poacher, Ant, Minni,RFJ & OO.

A very easy 4 miles for me this morning for hard 51 mile week. 


24/02/2013 at 17:18

Nice PB LB70! And Keir, I'm lost for words. I think you do take the Nutter of the Week award. 

Woke up to a fresh covering of snow this morning. Sadly it was covering frozen churned up slushy snow though, so 18 miles was distinctly hard work. Still, it's done (albeit slowly) and that's my cutbeek week over. I don't like cutback weeks anyway! 

24/02/2013 at 17:19

Just back from a nice 22 miler with last 8 progressive , mile 22 done at Half mara pace!!!!!, felt strong all the way.

Anyway thats 52 miles for the week bagged and a record milage week!!

24/02/2013 at 17:37

Keir  - glad you enjoyed it and congrats on the 1st place. Any more planned? 

Cracking PB LB70 - sounds like you got the pacing spot on.

Another good weekend to round off an impressive week for the thread chicks. Putting us lads to shame!

DS2 - I reckon I need some new shoes as well. I tend to buy a couple of pairs at a time to be able to alternate them so it looks like a hefty shelling out of money in the next few days. Fortunately Sweatshop look like they've got some end of line Wave Inspires on special offer.

24/02/2013 at 18:31
Keir. Epic performance .. Will have a read on your thread. Glad you did it now??

Very solid miles indeed from Ant and god to get your 20 under your belt DS2. Lots to be positive about fr both of you i reckon

Congrats on your PB LB70. Like birch saiddef the best policy to ditch the garmin and just race

Sounds like the beginnings of a corner turned poacher??

Keep you nerve OO50. Just keep chugging out the miles and it'll come

Great miles from RFJ and Speedy (would we expect anything else!!)

Very impressive from CL. Sounds like you need to revise your training paces!

Think I saw you today Minni. Were you on the road between alnwick and boulmer with a tall chap in red and a girl in yellow? Recognised the trademark pigtails I think. Looked like you were all gritting your teeth going through a sleety patch. What route did you do?

I chugged along the northumberland coastal path slipping about in the mud. Very picturesque but not the easiest of running. Garmin was out of juice so no idea on pace or distance. Ran for 2 hours 20 or so. Whole system felt a but sluggish so pleased to get it done
24/02/2013 at 18:46

Yes Fraser that was me!  You must have been driving towards Alnwick?  It was a miserable 4-5 miles and unfortunately the first few of the run.   We started in Alnwick and followed the road to Boulmer then Embleton, heading up the coast to Swinhoe where we went inland slightly then up to Bamburgh.  22 miles.  If I'd know you could have joined us but it was a duration run so quite slow. (3:15)  The other two just do whatever I'm doing.  They complain a lot but I don't listen!   That was a busy stretch of road - I didn't like it much.

Cracking race LB70!


Edited: 24/02/2013 at 18:46
24/02/2013 at 19:00
Congrats LB70! Very impressive improvement. Enjoy the wine!

Minni, excellent mileage again. What was wrong with the Castles course?

Well done CL. Such a strong finish is a good sign for spring - make sure that you recover well though after such a good workout.

Thanks for being normal Blisters.

OO, sounds like your experience kicked in and you made a sensible decision.
24/02/2013 at 19:57

Minni tell us the low down on the castles route. Did you go past Chateau Poacher?

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