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02/03/2013 at 22:38

Well, I had prawn and leek terrine followed by mussels and then fresh pineapple, all washed down with a bottle of Ribeiro, a white from Galicia. PMJ, you are invited any time you want. In fact, you all are. Perhaps I have never previously made this clear...

21 miles tomorrow, my last real long run of this campaign, three weeks out. Better make it a goodie.

Blisters    pirate
03/03/2013 at 00:33

Speedy. that's a classic pasta dish, made all the more special if you make your own pasta.

Keir: goose eggs are fantastic, but there is one thing to watch out for. They are very thin shelled, so have a propensity to harbour nasty bugs. I am told to recommend that they are not kept for too long (only a few days) and are properly cooked.

AvO. The flights are almost booked for Semana Santa. Just one question: where exactly am I heading? (yes, Spain, yadder yadder, it's a big old place).

03/03/2013 at 04:43

PMJ and Gul Nice smack down and racing and eating.

OO Impressive parkrun

Moof and Menn Very pacey LT.

Blisters Congratulations on the medal

Good luck to all racers today.

03/03/2013 at 05:08

Now I know where I went wrong:
Brocolli and stilton soup
Steak, mushroom and ale pie
Apple and blackberry crumble
Orange and passion  fruit J2O
Filter coffee
I was obviously outclassed.

03/03/2013 at 09:03

Qute a fun website



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03/03/2013 at 09:05

Morning fellow sub 3.15 ers.

Ok did my first ever 10k yesterday and it was multi terrain.......and maybe i wont do one again lol.

I set of with the target of going sub 40mins however the hard training and 40m miles banked paid end to that.Why oh why did i think a sub 40 10k would be achievable through muddy fields(pure swampy leg burners) i dont know, anyway after the first half of the course came the road and firmer trail sections so i managed to motor on a bit and pass about 5 people in the last few miles with a nice 5.30 pace for the last 0.5 mile.

Ended up with a 42m.26s and 9th place out of 169 entrants, I did enjoy it so thats the main thing.

Maybe ill do a road 10k next time ha ha, anyway i Have Stafford Half Marathon in 2 weeks so hopefully i can put the demons to rest and run sub 1.25.


03/03/2013 at 09:18
Minni, Ant, have a good one
Nice one carbo oader
Run Rabbit Run!
PMJ - keep calm and quaff the 1947 Chateau D'Yquem
Lorenzo - the are a few Ethiopian cookbooks available in the UK but there are also plenty of useful recipes online, mostly posted by nostalgic expats. Most dishes are quite easy but it's almost impossible to make injera at home.
Must get out there time to shift a!!e
03/03/2013 at 09:24

Speedy - we went for a mixture of dishes between the four of us (me, Mrs L and the Lorenzitos) and there was a selction of meat and vegetarian in there. if anyone else is interested - would definitley recommend it.

Poacher  - thanks. Will have a look later.

Congrats on the top 10 finish Carbs - as you say, the most important thing is to enjoy it.

Rest day for me today - enjoyed the lie-in. 

03/03/2013 at 09:45

CL Congratulations on a great time and place on what sounds like a tough course.

23 today for 74 and biggest weekly total.
The plan was 15 warm up, then 5 at PMP with a 3 cool down. I struggled to get the pace/effort up at the start (I think my mind wasa saving energy for the tough bit).

00-05               08:30     HR  67%
05-10               08:15     HR  67%
10-15               07:58     HR  68%
15-20               06:43     HR  80%
20-23.21           08:43     HR  69%

I was pleasently surprised how comfortable the first couple of PMP miles were. It could not have gone any better, whilst I was working for the last couple of miles it was comfortablely hard. Crazy how I couldn't get near that pace on Friday as part of a tempo run.

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03/03/2013 at 10:52

Very impressive Scooby, and well done Carboloader on your 10k and high finish position.

Let me get in quick with shocker run report. 15 miles with a sore head. Too much beer consumed last night, I lost count at 8 pints  to scrape 50 for the week.

Not sure what happened with the parkrun results PMJ I think they had a new guy scanning the barcodes who made a complete hash of it.

03/03/2013 at 11:29

'OO'50 wrote (see

I lost count at 8 pints  to scrape 50 for the week.

50 miles or 50 pints O&O? (I'd be impressed with either)

Nice parkruns there chaps.  Good race results from Blister and Carbloader too.

Impressive progressive runs MartinH and Scooby.

I took delivery last week of an Ethiopian coin, a Birr from the reign of Menolak 2.  I had to do a quick crash course in Ethiopian Era year numbering to work out that is is from 1903 / 1895EE.

Legs decimated after 24 miles of modest hills this morning, including the literary classic of Watership Down.  As I said to my wife when I got back "I'm not even at Drummond and I'm f***ed" (Drummond is the halfway point of Comrades).  12 weeks to go and a lot more work still to do.  Just a smidgen over 60 miles for the week.


Happy running all.

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03/03/2013 at 14:01

Rushcliffe 10k this morning - a two lap multi terrain course. I won it last year in the pouring rain but was disappointed with my time. Having only raced XC lately and not having run 10k pace outside of intervals sessions for a full 6 months I really wasn't sure what to expect. 

I lined up right on the start line, as I believe is the right and proper thing for the defending champion to do. No other women anywhere near. No familiar female faces at all. Hmmm. Don't count your chickens (or Sweatshop vouchers) before they're hatched though. 

Having checked the average pace for my PB (6.18s) I decided to set off at 6.15s and see how it felt after one lap. The first mile was a little quick in 6.11 as I got a little swept along by faster men. Soon two guys running together got themselves ahead of me. They seemed to be running comfortably at a solid pace so I tucked in behind them for the first section into the (fairly light) wind. Mile 2 was 6.16. The blokies were slowing down so I made my way around them and pushed on alone. The paths are quite narrow and there's only room for two to run side by side in many places. In one such place I came up on two blokes who weren't running together, but were still taking up all of the available space. I had to do the arm thing where you stick it through the tiny gap to indicate you want to be through. One of them *really* didn't like being passed by a girl and came charging after me puffing and panting. He didn't last long but it did amuse me. Mile 3 - 6.14. 

OK, feeling pretty good so let's push on through the sheltered bit. Mile 4 - 6.05. Mile 5 6.07. There are a few switch backs so I knew there were no women anywhere near, but nice to have it confirmed with a 'well done first lady... by a country mile!' from a spectator. Last year I let that knowledge allow me to slow the pace, but this year I was determined I was having a PB. 

Mile 6 into the breeze without the two fellas to hide behind was tough, but I was gaining on a clubmate and I quite fancied catching him. 6.12. I caught him at the finishing straight and I don't think he was bothered about being chicked since he yelled at me to give it everything to the finish. That's easier said than done as it's on quite lumpy grass, but still I managed 5.39 pace for the last 0.27. 38.37 on my watch (PB by 50 seconds) and £50 in vouchers for the win. Nice! 

I was breathing hard towards the end, but I was by no means burying myself. I've not had a rest day since 21st February (and that was anything but restful, I just didn't run!). No taper. 72 miles this week, which is actually a little light but that's due to there not being an LSR. 

03/03/2013 at 14:17
My left hamstring cramped up on me whilst out on the beer on Friday night and was a little sore yesterday.
I was out early (5.20) this morning for my long run and the hamy felt ok until the turn around point at mile 12 where it started to tighten up and was really giving me gip in the last five miles. Had to stop and stretch.
Not the best run as legs felt tired from the start and heart rate was much too high for the effort. Not surprising really as I've trained 13 days on the trot and a 24 mile long run off of an 80 mile week has pushed me over the edge.
Rest day tomorrow and plenty of stretch etc will hopefully ease the hamstring.

Taking my son to a birthday party now, in a bloody swimming pool. I'm really looking forward to a load of 7 year olds bundling me. I'll try to keep my cool and not drown too many.
03/03/2013 at 14:19
Fantastic effort speedy and a great time.
03/03/2013 at 14:22
Well done Speedy! That's also my PB although mine was on tarmac and not at the end of a 70odd mile week so I think you've dipped ahead of my time! Super stuff.

Well done on the medal Blisters and CL too.

Keep at it BikeIt. You have the advantage of experience for this year's Comrades.

Impressive MP work Scoobs.

1hr 15m at 8:15mm for me. No dramas.
03/03/2013 at 14:24
Enjoy the "rest" Moof.
03/03/2013 at 14:27

Brilliant Speedy. Great race, great time and great report.

Moof Hope it is just a bit of tiredness and the rest and stretching sorts it.

SJ Good news about the lack of drama. Hopefully niggle free from now on

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03/03/2013 at 15:31

Some superb running here, Moof give yourself a good break and plenty of cake and I'm sure you'll be back in business. 

Incredible effort and grit Speedy, can only say massive congratulations! Congratulatins also due to Carbloader, 9th is a brilliant position in that field. 

Just over 20 for me today, very hilly route particularly early doors so legs felt heavy from mile 7-8. Time obviously down on the norm! I don't think standing up all day yesterday marshalling helped. Oh, and the ale consumed last night. Here's my Garmin Report:

03/03/2013 at 16:07
Fantastic running as ever on here. Especially Scooby and most definitely Speedy! Magnificent PB, great report and seriously good racing!

Will catch up properly later. Currently having a soak after returning from Surrey Spitfire 20. Not too much to report. Set off at 7:45mm feeling very easy and wanted to run second 10 around PMP.

Splits were 76:08 for first 10 and 72:31 for second half for a total of 2:28:39.

Still 10 weeks to go so feeling on track for inside 3:15.
Blisters    pirate
03/03/2013 at 16:10

Awesome 10k there Speedy. You are certainly living up to your name at the moment. PB by more than 200m if you do the back calculation, and top step of the podium, AND a decent prize too.

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