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08/03/2013 at 09:03

I get a weird font size when I type, and then it appears normally when I post.  Pfft.

I did an overdistance training run last year; not sure it really did me much good, but the entire build-up was compromised so it's hard to know...

7M easy this morning.

08/03/2013 at 10:49

Well I've decided to  throw the towell in for Spen this w/end. The thought of disappearing out of the house for 7 hours on monthers day is just not viable. So plan B is a 20-22 miler with half at race pace, the a day with the family. Should scrape 50 this week.  

Personally would never go beyond 22 in training.   

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08/03/2013 at 10:50

sorry for the typo- as well as funny font I've lost the ability to edit

08/03/2013 at 11:23

Probably for the best SJ. Get well Soon Gul and congrats to Jools on the call up.

I dont like doing 22s never mind a 26.

8m with 6 x 600 between 1.54s and 1.59s last night, a 13 at pmp tonight and an 18 tomorrow morning. A bit busy isnt it?

08/03/2013 at 11:55
'OO'50 wrote (see)
 The thought of disappearing out of the house for 7 hours on monthers day is just not viable. 


Did you mean Mother's Day or Monsters' Day?

Mennania - Rather than busy, that sounds frenetic!

7M this morning @ MP minus 5. Do you know, I think I'm up for this thing.  


Edited: 08/03/2013 at 11:56
08/03/2013 at 14:12

OO Sensible approach to relations

Menn It does sound a bit heavy

Ant Go get'em tiger


08/03/2013 at 14:33

We decided to have Mother's Day on Saturday in my house.  That is because my wife expects to be taken to the pub for lunch and have a slow leasurely afternoon.  Sunday LSR could be difficult.

14 miles for me in the rain at 8:04m/m and passed 400m for the year which is pleasing given the slow start.


Nice confidence boosting session Ant

08/03/2013 at 14:47

Nice run Ant

Nice milestone Bike it.

Yeh, on review it looks wrong and theres a couple of hard weeks coming up so am only going to run maybe 9 tonight with a handful at pmp and do 18 (maybe 20) tomorrow with 5 or 6 at pmp too. I know I am losing the benfit of 12 at pmp but I ran the half a couple of weeks ago and next week has 18 with 14 at pmp so will hopefully not lose too much.

08/03/2013 at 17:13
Thanks for the supportive comments folks. Solid 2 hr ride this morning followed by a 30min off-road run. Just got back to the drive as the postman pulled up and handed me my new pair of Newton trainers. Quick change and took them for a 2mile spin. Does that count as 2 runs? Anyway, both legs feel fine...
08/03/2013 at 17:16
Ant, will 3:10 be a PB for you?

Good luck this weekend Minni!
08/03/2013 at 20:03

Been AWOL for a while - lots of "life" stuff to deal with -mostly to do with getting it (life) back in order after last year's "event" - mainly involves house selling/buying etc. So, after a 15 last Sat (the last couple of which felt like the last couple of the first 20 in a mara buildup), only managed one outing this week. Felt a bit like a runner, though, instead of a doddering old buffer (although an onlooker may well have chosen the latter). Might be ready for Poacher's grenade in a week or two  . . . .
Meanwhile, would be remiss not to mention the great deeds of our female flyers - take a bow Speedy & Jools !!!
Have a great weekend, all  . . . .


08/03/2013 at 20:11

Slokey - No, my PB is 2:59:06 at VLM 2010. The following two years at VLM were disappointing even though I felt I'd trained really well, so I decided to opt out this year and do my local marathon here in Spain. Then I developed an injury (pubalgia) last May and it kept me out initially for a whole six weeks and then on and off all year. It was a case of two steps forward, three back with my fitness and training (not literally). After trying various solutions an osteopath sorted me out (more or less - I still feel sore in the affected area quite often, esp the day after a hard or particularly long run). So, delighting in the mere fact that I can actually run, I decided to be a bit sensible and approach this marathon with a lower objective but one which is still a big challenge...and get my GFA back! 

I'd actually done 3 sub-3.10s before I finally went sub-3.


08/03/2013 at 20:29

Welcome back Birch

Bike it- you have a missus who likes to go to the pub- be grateful!

6.5 for me tonight- pure junk miles. Poor conditions, poor form. 

08/03/2013 at 21:10
Had a really busy week and not much time to post plus been a bit under the weather.

Ant - I'm sure you're going to do great! But Chandos won't be the same without you.

OO - I ran 6 miles in the grim conditions tonight too and it didn't feel too pleasant. Hope the race goes well on Sunday.

Hope the XC queens do well!

Fraser - am I right in thinking you have a race this weekend? If not get yourself over the moor to the Brough Law Fell race.
08/03/2013 at 21:13





Can i check this chart and how best to use it?  Do you do all / some of your long runs following this and am i right that it suggests 20 miles with 10 at MP+20% and 10 at MP+10% ?  This appears slower than i expected and i'm also unsure where MP comes into play.  Thanks for any help from any out there!  Am planning 22m at weekend, was going to go slow (8min pace) and hilly but this has got me thinking.




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08/03/2013 at 21:14

the pace chart that was shown a few pages ago hasnt copied, not sure why.

08/03/2013 at 21:48

I've pulled out of Spen Minni

08/03/2013 at 22:04

ssc, images seem to be buggers at the moment, and I type small and it comes out normal so fingers crossed. The pace chart is derived form P&D (page 16 of the secpond edition) who say for long steady runs start out gentle but by 4 or 5 miles be at MP+20% and then move up to MP+10% for the last 4 or 5 miles. I tend to get to MP+20% a lot sooner and I also tend to hold MP+10% for a bit longer so for a 20 I am maybe 2, 8, 8 and 2 cool down gentle but not overly slow. A 22 should take pretty much the same time as your anticipated marathon time and I would do 2 warm up, 10 at MP+20%, 8 at MP+10% and 2 cool down.

With this sort of run you do no MP in the session at all.

Blisters    pirate
08/03/2013 at 22:15

Hi gang

Finally I feel that I'm allowed to raise my head in this homely thread once more. For the current season I still feel like a wannabe. Some runs make me feel like it's posible, others make me feel like a fraud.

This week has seen a real fraudulent start with blanks in all disciplines other than cake eating. A short run yesterday helped the head. Today got me a steady 15 miles in 2:05, which was comfortable. There's a few runners' mini-strains lurking, so that's why I went steady and didn't commit for a full 20.

Anyway, cycling tomorrow should completely destroy the legs.

08/03/2013 at 22:24
Sorry OO I didn't realise. It's going to be shite weather anyway!
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