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12/03/2013 at 23:06

Great swim there Blisters- wish I could do that.

8 miles tonight. 1 warm up, 4 flat out (6:10 pace) then 3 down. Average pace 7:45p/m. The pace was in the club GP. All my rivals beat me and I was a minute down on my times a year ago, but what the hell.   

13/03/2013 at 00:16

Gul, never say never. I know a few people can get a way with less mileage (Martin) and going higher has bad effects (Fraser).

Lunctime, see how you get on at Reading.

Ant, I bet it was dark as well out there? Good on you for getting out and getting a decent run in. Just think of that mental toughness needed at the end of the mara when the CNBA fairy is lurking - not going to give up then either are you?

Nice intervals SBD, know what you mean abuot the weather. I'm back to leggnigs and double gloves.

4 x 2k reps tonight at the local park. Still a bit cold and had multiple layers on which made me feel a bit restrictive! Still not too bad times 7.43, 7.40, 7.40 & 7.33. Made it up to 10 miles with a longer slow jog home.

13/03/2013 at 07:14

Sorry to hear about all these injury woes, hopefully things will shape up over the next few weeks. At least with the lighter mornings and evenings we're all getting more chances for enjoyable running. I'm with KR, never  say never...

See I've slipped out of the top 50 on the runbritain V50 national rankings

13/03/2013 at 08:31

Blister Very impressive swimming

OO The 4 miles are still pacey, the legs will benefit from the speed.

SBD Consistantly consistant is the key to all things

KR Very nice reps indeed, especially the quicker one at the end.

15.4 miles at 7:52 mm pace. It felt like I was working slightly harder (sub 8 min miles confirms this) but the HR really struggles to get above 70%, not sure if this is a good or bad sign.

13/03/2013 at 08:54

Ant – I’m following a Brad Hudson plan which has no runs (apart from strides and hill sprints) faster than HMP in the last 5 weeks. In fact I’ve only run faster than HMP about 4 or 5 times in the whole campaign. He says that running faster reps is counterproductive to what you are trying to achieve. Ultimately you are trying to run at a moderate pace for 26 miles so how can fast reps help at this stage? He says that a better sharpener would be about 18 miles at MP +30 secs about 15 days out as it’s closer to your ultimate goal.

10 days out from VLM his schedule has me running a few 2 mile HMP pace intervals.

13/03/2013 at 09:02

Thanks for all the kind words and pep talks! Reading back I sound very sorry for myself, so apologies.
AR - take care of yourself.
Moof - hope that calf is loosening up now.
LR - you might be pleasantly surprised; keep positive.
Ant - biology was never my strong point! You're probably right to ditch the reps at this stage and certainly no point in worrying about it.
Moof / TR - you're probably right about the speedwork. I did 20 weeks of Hadd style base training before the current 10k campaign. I decided to do my speedwork based on my target 10k pace, but looking back I went a bit silly during my cut-back week of all things!
SD - thanks for the encouragement.
Blisters - fantastic swim session. Looking back over the last 18 months of my training, it has been varied. Maybe I didn't drop my mileage enough when I increased the intensity for the 10k training.
SBD - according to P&D you get more benefit and less risk by not doing intervals flat out anyway! After spending far too much on physio after VLM 2010, I've always said that I'd have to forego anymore.
OO - chin up - you'll probably thrash them next time.
KR - you have got some serious speed in those legs!
SD - another good session d&d.
BB - interesting plan - not familiar with that one. Seems to working for you!
Dusted down the bike today and cycled to work (all 0.75 miles of the way!)

13/03/2013 at 09:05

Nice Reps SBD and KR.  I'll be a long way behind you at Manchester KR as I just intend it to be a training run.

Ant - I thought the whole idea of reps in the final stages was to increase Vo2max by effectively boosting the number of red blood cells.  On the downside it causes fatigue so it's a 'freshness' versus 'sharped' question.

Impressive swimming Blisters - do you count the lengths in your head? Probably I would sink if tried did that as I am very good at swallowing water whilst swimming

Thinks are looking good Scooby for you if you can keep such a pace at just 70%.

Gul - as others have said, lower speed and periodicity are key.  Also I think other things like stretching, foam rollering and strength work are critical to some runners for good maintenance.  I for example need to stretch every evening or I get too tight, things start rubbing, I get sore,....

There a few other niggles building up as well - best to get them under management quickly rather than carrying on regardless.

I've got an ultrasound examination of my abdomen today.  I'm busy stuffing myself as there is the requirement for no eating or drinking for five hours before - otherwise I might collapse before I get there


13/03/2013 at 10:21

Hope the ultrasound goes well Bike It. I have an abdomin/groin/adductor issue which cropped up on last nights 14m run. Feels like its not going to get better over night, off to see my physio. I have niggles virtually everywhere now and am hoping nothing goes 'twang' before I get to the taper.

Nice reps guys.

13/03/2013 at 11:17

So Jools, if I spot you in the race on sunday, maybe I can use you as a pacemaker.  My aim is to start at 7.00 mm for about 3 miles, so behind the 1:30 pacers (assuming I see them amongst the crowds), and then speed up slightly to 6:45 pace for the rest. Any other of you Reading HM folks aiming for a similar pace?


13/03/2013 at 11:55

Still rediculously busy at work this end so little time to post although having been following every day!

Time to hang in there and keep faith everybody  We all feel edgy at times. I have had a few minor niggles myself this past week or so as well but think a lot of it is in the mind.

Weather in my neck of the woods has been very strange this past few days. Strong winds and heavy snow in the village where I live and no snow whatsoever on the outskirts of London where I work, just 16 miles away.

Had a very enjoyable 9.25 miles last night at a leisurely 8:13mm over the downs. Some of the puddles were knee deep and extremely cold but at least most of the run was snow free apart from a one mile exposed part at the highest point which was treacherous.

Off to the track for the first time this year tonight for 6 x 800m as part of a 9 miler. Really looking forward to 'trying' to run faster!

13/03/2013 at 12:59

BikeIt Hope it goes well today

Menn Hope it is just a little niggle.

DS2 Enjoy the 9 miler later

My shoulder is my biggest concern, still. Went to doctors last week (5 weeks after falling on it) who sent me for a x-ray and Ultra sound for Monday just gone. Nothing on x-ray but due to being unable to move my arm into the required positions (I swore and felt sick at one point) they could not complete the ultra sound. Pencilled in for an MRI next Thursday (21st).
Frustrated as much as anything, once I decided I was going to go the doctors (all paid for on ships' insurance) I foolishly assumed I would know the problem/solution within a couple of days. I am on anti inflammatory tablets, which is helping me sleep at least.

13/03/2013 at 13:22

Sounds nasty Scoobs - I am just out from under the doctor due to a rotator cuff repair - until youve suffered you just dont appreciate how your shoulder is involved with almost everything you do. My movement range is naff and I am still doing stretching exercises 12 months on.

The race in Wrexham is not super flat but from what they have sent me the inclines appear to be early with the resulting declines later on. I am planning on giving it a rattle(all things being equal).

13/03/2013 at 14:16

Menn - good luck at Wrexham. Nice to have a blast!

Scooby - that doesn't sound too good. At least getting a diagnosis will be a step forward. Bloody frustrating these things. Hope you get it resolved soon.

13/03/2013 at 16:12
Not much bandwidth so only a skim back, seeing lots of top training. Without tempting fate I see not just marginal PBs next month but some very substantial ones. Keep the faith and let's avoid injury. Commiserations to those on the bench.

I have acquired every athlete's dream, an East African training camp. Sadly not the Kenyan highlands but an treadie in Sudan. Feels very safe as the hotel has guards with Kalashnikovs, and down the road there is one of those big jeeps with a chuffing huge machine gun on the back. Indoor running seems the best option.

Take care all and enjoy the cold, forecast says 39 degrees in Khartoum tomorrow, phew.
13/03/2013 at 16:13

Hello crazy gang, nice to see everyone in one piece.....just about. 

I have had a bit of a niggle with my calf,soleus,achilles(bloody speedwork) well that area anyway. All ok just switched a few sessions around ,anyway Got Stafford Half this Sunday and cant wait as it will be only my second EVER Half mara.Target time will be sub 85 mins but ill be happy with a sub 90.

Quick 7 mile blast today with 4 mi@7.15 mp and 3mi@6.30 hmp, i think ill leave the quick stuff till sunday now and just tickover till then milage wise.I need to keep thinking of the bigger picture as VLM awaits.....


13/03/2013 at 16:28

Poacher Maybe they could use the machine gun as motivation on some interval training?

CL Quick as always, you need to hammer the HM and re assess your mara goal, in my opinion.

Menn I forgot to mention the Wrexham 10k to the better half. I will wait for the daignosis prior to committing either way. I see there is still a few weeks for on line entry.

The good thing with them not finding out what is wrong with my shoulder is they haven't told me to stop running.

13/03/2013 at 16:46

Gul - really sorry to hear of your bench status; hope you're not on there too long.

13/03/2013 at 17:37

I'm surprised you can run with that shoulder Scooby.

I've decided to go to the Lakes this Saturday so Sunday holds the prospect of a nice 15 miler in the mountains. That's keeping me going at the moment...

13/03/2013 at 18:33

Scooby- Thats the plan, done 10mile tempo runs around 6.30 pace so there is the line in the sand should i attempt to cross it . However if i blow up im blaming you

13/03/2013 at 19:33
'OO'50 wrote (see)

See I've slipped out of the top 50 on the runbritain V50 national rankings

Down here at 472, just outside top 50 looks good to me. I am runing faster and my handicap is still falling. Need 18:17 at parkrun on Saturday to get it to turn back up.

Lunchtime handicap: 5 miles out, race and then 5 miles back. Got out a meetign late so it was all a bit flat as I had to run out fast so couldn't up the pace much for the race as I had wanted to but a few sub 6 minutes miles (just) are nice to see again.

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