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17/03/2013 at 15:53
Joolska-Ha! MP pace I wish. No, after a week of frustrating training with a tweaked calf that was a pretty full on effort on reasonably fresh legs. (Only 43 miles this week)
Nice MP effort from you in your 20. Good discipline as well, keeping a lid on it during a race.
That was me that said Hi just after the start. I doubt you would have recognised me as I'd removed my camels head.

I got there fairly early and made my way to the fizz tent. A nice young lady gave it a massage and told me there was a bit of 'fluid' on the calf but would be ok to run, just take it a little easy.

My Garmin is playing up even after a reset and making sure software was up to date, so after the third time of it asking 'are you indoors?' I gave up and set it as basic lap stop watch. Good practice for London.

Trouble was I missed a fair few of the mile markers so I was a little unsure of my average pace. I'm pretty sure a few of them were missing. Anyway that's the second time now I've ignored the Garmin and just raced it. Both times with PB's.

At about mile 10 a runner said we were a bit off sub80 pace, which I hadn't give any thought to but that did spur me on for the final few miles and felt strong all the way.

So unofficial time of 80.45 which I'm very pleased with. (Apart from those 46 secs!)
Didn't bother with any warm down as I was just too cold and wet, so just got changed and jumped on the bus.

I think the reading HM is way too busy but It's definitely a fast course.

Carbloader- great effort there, let's hope you just dip under. I ran a 3.10 Mara off of an 86 half marathon, although the second half wasn't very pretty due to an over ambitious first half. Perhaps in for an even pacing at a 3.10.
17/03/2013 at 15:57
Nice effort OGL, but that is the trouble trying to keep the reins on in a race. Knowing you can run it faster.
17/03/2013 at 16:01
Sorry I meant SBD. Can't edit on my phone.
17/03/2013 at 16:17

Sunday: Taken down by Moof at Reading

OO - sounds like a top long run - one to take confidence from.

Great control by Jools again running your Half as part of a long run. I wasn't sure but I may have seen you at the start - were you fashioning a particular brand of bag / bin liner!

Great result today Carbloader. Based on my inexperience I would be looking at sub 3:10

Now Moof - different story there. What did the nice lady say? Yes you could run it but go easy. And you go and take another chunk off your PB. Brilliant. Run of the day for me.

I went today, and had decided in  advance to throw everything at it to see how far I could run 6:06 pace (my long term target). I knew I might derail but there was no risk, so thought I throw caution to the wind and find my limits.

How far? the answer was not very far. The early hill did for me, and by mile 4 the game was over. Spent miles 5 to 8 with lots of runners passing me (my time out!), and then got my second wind, and was back on the 6:06min/m pace, overtaking everyone again. Ended up trailing behind Moof in 1:20:54 which is a PB and really pleased with. Need to go away and work on thoe 54 seconds now.

Great day, crap weather

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17/03/2013 at 16:31
Excellent effort Also-ran, still a PB. I'm strutting around my living room with my chest puffed out, I've never won a virtual smackdown before (even thought this is my first one)

I had a look round for a bloke with a black eye at the start but couldn't see you.

I shall accept my small win graciously.


sorry about that.
17/03/2013 at 16:34

Good running by alot this weekend.

That is some weekly mileage Badbark.  Must be gaining confidence from that.

Good MP run Ant.  Keep the head in the right place this week and you'll be fine.

Well done on another good MP run Jools.  All coming together nicely.

SBD - That's still a good time for untapered MP.

Excellent HM Moof.  You should be very pleased with that.

Great PB AR.  Well done.

Ashby 20 mile race for me today. Good to meeet Speedy at the start and finish. Cold, rain and then sleet.  Ran it as a progressive run in 5 x blocks of 4 miles.  These averaged out at 7.12, 7.09, 6.47, 6.37 & 6.15.  Official time 2.16.34 (including a 30s wee stop in mile 2).  Quicker than I was aiming for but difficult to pace properly due to a distinct lack of flat sections.  Felt good overtaking everyone in the last 8 miles and very pleased that I certainly could have pushed harder at the end if I had wanted to.

17/03/2013 at 16:36

Still a pb, AR, and a pretty decent one that I can only dream of!  

The good/bad thing about Reading is that although it's hard to hit target pace in the first 2/3 miles because of the climbs (which are actually the steepest, according to the course profile), the downhills in miles 4 and 5 make up for it and the climb just before 8M isn't too bad.  I still hate the dull bit from 11-13M, though.  

And yes, I was wearing a large, cream plastic bag.  My parents didn't have any bin liners and so it was a bag from an art shop from when my mum bought large canvasses for painting.

17/03/2013 at 16:41

Greetings all,

Moof - Great running for the Half
Likewise AR
Jools - Good LSR with a half
SBD - solid running
Martin H - Nice Ashby well doneAnt - Nice MP run
Carbloader - Good result

22.25m for me today in total over 2 runs - 18m this morning in the wind / rain / snow with 14-17m at MP, the an easy 4.25m on the treadmill thisafternoon to make 62.54m for the week. All going in the right direction here so cannot complain.

Take care


17/03/2013 at 17:11

Good 20-miler from OO50 and nice to see that mileage up there again.

Brilliant HM PBs from Moof and AR - great stuff.

Really well done to Jools, too - you are flying.

Carbloader - With that excellent HM you would be right on the cusp of Sub 3. I would go for it - who knows when you'll be in such good shape again?

SBD - Remembering past PBs is a curse - I know! You have to live in the fitness present, and 91 mins in a controlled HM effort is a very good sign.

Martin - That 20-miler is right out of the controlled running text book, but gets frighteningly pacy towards the end too, so well done.

RFJ - 14-17 @ MP? Great running, but go easy - not many would recommend doing any more than that.

All in all, a great day for the thread.


17/03/2013 at 17:32
moof wrote (see)
1.20.45 for reading HM, calf held together. I'll report back later once I've dried out and defrosted. The coldest, wettest race I've run but well pleased with the PB.


Carbloader wrote (see)

Quick update, manged 1.25.01 could be 1.24.xx i think at Stafford Half 8 minute pb from last year.

Awaiting chip time 

Anyone got any pointers as to what MP should be for london next month?

Well done Moof

Great runs there both Moof and Carbloader. Moof will be a shoe in for sub 3 at VLM off that time: all looks good now so tactic now must be caution and cotton wool. Carbloader 1:25 is, as Jools says, close to sub 3 but it is a bit of a juggle. My first comeback marathon was a 1:22 half and then a full with 1:26 and 1:31 splits for 2:57. If you can get more even splits you can do it but you will need something like 1:28 and 1:32 which means  doing the first half just 3 minutes slower than PB or 1:29 and 1:31 which means practically no tail off as 2 minutes flies by along the embankment.


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17/03/2013 at 17:32

Ant that was only 4m at MP from 14 miles to 17 miles.... sorry for any confusion....

17/03/2013 at 17:40

Another quick update , 1hr.25s dead.chuffed to bits.

Ran in a controlled pace 90% hr max avg no heavy breathing , just exactly as i ran my tempo runs although a bit further.

Now VLM wise , i have a rough pace to aim for at last, maybe 7.00 and see how it feels.

im going to do 3  more long runs 22,20,18 if i can just to work on my endurance i should be ok. I am now however confident of sub 3.10.

For the record i have 2x22 2x20 ,2x19 long runs in the bank this year!.

17/03/2013 at 19:06

Jools  - yes it was you I saw running around in the cream bag. The black bin liner is so last years look. I was sporting a white poncho with '3' on the back. It allowed me to cover the black eye and stitches so as not to disturb the others.

WHO'S THE DADDY! Moof's the Daddy  (but really though, I eased right up as I thought you were on the bench, honest). Also on a high today, and the legs are feeling pretty good.

This time last year was my 1st Half Marathon raced at Reading. I got a huge sense of deja vue all the way round.

Martin, great progressive run on the 20mile race. Another runner who shows great control. Well done.

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17/03/2013 at 19:11

Minni: Am doing Lochaber on 14th April. re Raynauds, generally wear two sets of gloves during winter training, for races the sleeves are rolled up but the gloves are still on and have even started an April marathon with gloves on (but didn't foresee the problems opening capped sports bottles with gloves)

Bike it: Congrat's on being on schedule, is it Comrades your training for?

Scooby: trust your training (and the taper to come) you're in good shape.

Poacher: how long are you out there for?

KR: 19:05 for a parkrun aint that bad, I find that I have to run a few of them in a row to get into the groove of going fast. What other speedier stuff have you been doing?

Badbark: as you say your training is looking good.

Onegear: your answer is in 61:17 miles at 7:27 pace, you need a bit of variety to run some (and only a few) at faster pace.

Speedy: was wondering where you had got to.

Gul: hope you have a speedy recovery.

Ant: get the head sorted, everything else is fine.

Birch: I sense there is still a competitive streak in you, keep fit and well and you might surprise yourself.

CL: nice result, MP will depend on how much endurance you have.

SBD: good time off a big week, shame the sensible head wasn't working for the bigger picture.

Moof & AR: nice racing.

13.4miles @ 8:32mm pace today, full winter kit including double gloves and griptrax on shoes to cope with the thick snow. What's the betting on a scorching hot day for the mara' itself?



17/03/2013 at 20:26
Wow. What a great weekend for the thread!
Super impressive long running yesterday with solid sub-3 form indicated for some.
CL, 3:10 sounds very doable for you. I'd even be tempted to start at 3:07 pace for the first half and step up in the second half to get as close to 3:05 as possible. The trick is not to be tempted to go out at sub3 pace to try to bank some time. That justs ends in a painful day out. Been there.

Superb HM PBing today. Hats off! I'll raise a Guiness to each of you tonight!

Relegated to pool action today. 3.8km in 1hr 12min. Foot still banjaxed.
17/03/2013 at 20:29
PS, that's a very impressive training week BB. You've really stepped up to another level from last year and it sounds like it is really paying off. Shows what hard graft can do.
17/03/2013 at 20:32
Good running you lot, special mentions Moof and Badbark. And some huge mileage going on. Moof that should indeed leave great confidence for 2.5X. Carbloader, as above 1.25 ain't far off, a cracking PB too.
Noce one Martin, very controlled
I plumbed new depths yesterday with a treadmill double, a feeble 5m am and pm. Mind numbingly boring and also hot and humid indoors. It's turned nasty now outside with the sky full of dust, about 36C. Back by the end of the month, hurrah. Enjoy the cold, far better for running.
Actually if it's hot for VLM maybe I will cash in...
17/03/2013 at 20:53

Somegreat rund today, moof and AR fighting it out for glory, and Joolska with time to do her shoes up. Wow how exciting.Martin H I did Ashby in 2007, nice race. I got a similar time andwent on to 3:07 in the VLM heatwave.

Big news here is that finally bought my race shoes. Asics DS racers for £50. Better get some miles in them.






17/03/2013 at 21:15

I'm here OGL, I just don't have much time to post. I read back when I can though. 

Ashby 20 today - 10 slow then 10 @ MP. MP came out at 6.44s, so that's good at the end of an 83 mile week. Bit of a cutback now and Loughborough HM on Sunday. 

Good to see Martin before and after, but it's a good job he introduced himself as I would never have recognised him without the tutu and purple paint job!

Great running today from the Reading crew. 

Ant - good luck with the last week of taper. May you not be visited by The Madness. 

Double gloves, sometimes even ski gloves on top of thinner gloves. My fingers get so cold they're painful beyond belief. 

17/03/2013 at 22:00

another great controlled run Speedy

Can anyone confirm if that was Moof at about 1min17sec in the video? It's nice to put a face to a name.

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