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24/03/2013 at 19:45

A Sub 38 10K is excellent RFJ - you're looking in good shape for London.  What's your PB and London target?  Fast offspring as well!

The lure of an attractive running mate - you should know better but excellent running Lorenzo,  Should make 3:10 fairly comfortable.

Good long runs from Moof (nice fast miles at the end), Minni, Ant, CL, OO and Jools.

A tough session on your own Scooby

A close escape S-J - hope you get suitably compensated.

20 miles for me this afternoon in 2:35 with the last 7.5 miles at 7:12 m/m.  First time for the hat and gloves for a while but then it was -2.5deg C.  Had some interesting moments on sections of black ice but otherwise not a bad run all considered. 

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24/03/2013 at 19:54

Cheers Moof - I have 4 x 20+ and 2x18 bagged already but seem to have ducked out on all the MP bits. Need to get a good MP stretch into next weeks 20 and others.

RFJ - Missed it before, cracking days running for the family.

SBD - great running.

24/03/2013 at 19:58

Hi, first post on here. Looking for some pretty niche advice.

I am running the Edinburgh Marathon  in late May, currently nine weeks to go.

Training was going v. well up until five weeks ago when I finally realised I had peroneal tendonitis. At that time (14 weeks to go) I was running 35 miles per week plus inc. tempo, intervals and LSR 16 miles five weeks on trot. I had Parkrun down to 19.33, 1h34 halfie (training runs not race) and felt sub-3:15 might be within my grasp if everything had gone perfectly.

NOW, I have only run once in past five weeks (two-mile jog).

If my injury clears up I plan to start running again this Sunday (with eight weeks to go until Edinburgh). I also have a 20-miler booked in, three weeks before Edinburgh.

Getting back to my niche question, does anyone know of an eight-week marathon training restart programme suitable for me? And does anyone have any tips about starting back running again with just eight weeks to go 'til marathon?



24/03/2013 at 20:05

Good run RFJ- great when your kids show promise too.

Mennania, I haven't done any MP sections on my long runs- I consider 8m/m to get a good result. I'll try harder next week

24/03/2013 at 20:17
RFJ, a cracking 10k pb off yesterdays LR, a great run by Lorenzo too.
Sorry to hear about the Marathon call off Ant. A few races were called off round hear, but thats down to weather not a grade 1 cockup.

Having bagged the LR on Friday I was away for the weekend. Found a flat straight and snow free road today to do 13 with 6 x 1200. Felt so wrong on a Sunday.

Welcome Dave, I can't see there being any 8 week plans. Have you been able to do any cross training. Is this your 1st marathon? If it is, and you want to lay down a good time on your 1st, I would probably consider postponing to something in Autumn, or otherwise rethinking the target. I would be looking at stepping back a few weeks on the plan, rather than jumping back in where you left off. This will mean not getting much in the way of 20milers
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24/03/2013 at 20:55

Good to everyone stiil knocking out the training in sh1t weather.

Ant,Moof- Im aiming sub 3.10 vlm, did a 1.25 half last sunday so if i give it some welly i might be in  3.05 territory.I might leave the sub 3 for the autumn marathon.......

Or go balls out......go fast or go home?!!!!!!!!!!!

24/03/2013 at 21:07

Lorenzo that's a cracker of a day, but make sure the morale boost doesn't mask the recovery time needed from a fast race of that distance. You are on for a big one in London, 3.0X??  Did you get her phone number? 

RFJ - rapid, right on the money, excellent work.

Dave S - the primary requirement is to get the injury sorted, better undertrained than overtrained. If you launch into a formal plan, that recovery might be compromised. Why not just start running again gingerly and see how it goes. Not every mara campaign turns out according to plan. Good luck

Ant - basically a bummer of a cancelled race, but you will be back. 

SBD you have got back into shape pretty quickly, nice one

Minni - I'm confused, who is pulling whom? 


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24/03/2013 at 21:45

Thanks Joolska and the rest for advising running on perceived effort during the planned race today.  As it happened the event was cancelled this morning but instead did a 2hr run following the advice and tried to base speed on perceived effort rather than the watch.  Enjoyed it, thanks again.


I;m sure i'm not alone though that i'm gutted to have missed out on the chance for a HM race to give guidance on planned target time.  What next for everyone?

24/03/2013 at 21:59

SBD - PB at 10k is 37:32 and today was only 2nd time under 38.... PB at Mara is 3:13:46 and looking to get around 3:05 realistically (as I know I do not convert very well and have issues with water bottles.... PS well doen on the 20

Thanks for all the commets
Welcome Dave S

24/03/2013 at 22:45

Dave - Welcome, I would echo advice you've already been given i.e. make sure that injury is sorted and then see what you can do in the time remaining (if any). There will always be other races, but let an injury fester and it will give you aggro for months, potentially. 

SBD - Nice going, with very good final segment. I see that your confidence has perked up, no? Quite right, too.

25/03/2013 at 06:50

SBD Very good progressive long run. It is starting to come together

AR Good session on a strange day

CL As has been said before endurance is the key, plus confidence. Sub 3:05 is there if the endurance is.

Dave Welcome, get fit before you worry about anything else.

Rest day


25/03/2013 at 08:14

Morning all,

Sorry, I've hardly been posting lately. Work and family commitments have got on top of me a bit and it's been a struggle to find time to run, let alone post. Have usually managed to find time to read through a couple of times a day and great to see some great racing and LSR's - despite the weather!

From memory (and apologies if I missed anyone or got it wrong) but great racing last week from moof and carbloader and this week, also, from RFJ and Lorenzo.

Bit dissapointed with my training since Surrey Spitfire 20 three weeks ago. Also, made the mistake of not being on here enough to pick up the usual motivational vibes. Anyhow I struggled through just over 20 miles yesterday morning in 8:20 average (first third in 8:40's, middle in 8;20's and final 7 and a bit averaging 8mm. Glad to get it done. Sick of the weather to be honest. Shouldn't we be in shorts and teeshirts by now??? I overdressed - gloves, hat etc and overheated a bit and had no drink. Idiot!

I need to work very hard over the next month if I'm bagging GFA on 12 May!!!


25/03/2013 at 08:35

Jools - good long run - taper almost in sight!
SD - valiant effort - that was always going to be a tough one.
OO - cracking long run.
Ant - sorry to hear you had a bay day - that was always going to be a rotten one after the marathon was postponed. Strange identical choice of adjective, I noticed.
Minni - another great long run.
Mennania - hope you are ready and able to do some running very soon.
CL - yet another good long run. Well done.
Moof - stonking fast finish to your long run.
Lorenzo - fantastic running - sounds like the confidence boost you needed. Well done.
PMJ - clocking up some good mileage.
Speedy - good snow clearing. Hope the lurgy is is on the way out.
RFJ - that's a pretty amazing 10k in the middle of high mileage marathon training - you should be well chuffed and very proud of RFJ jnr.
SBD - good long run.
Welcome Dave. I think you may have to take things easy when you get back into training and be prepared to postpone your sub 3:15 goal. There may or may not be an eight week training plan - but you need to listen to your body and not be rigidly following a plan at this stage. Best wishes.
SSC - good running.
SD - enjooy the rest.
DS2 - sorry to hear things have been difficult - well done on getting those miles done yesterday.
Very impressive long runs this weekend, guys. What a dedicated bunch!
The snow melted yesterday, so no need to run round in small circles today. DId 6 easy miles.

25/03/2013 at 09:14

Gul - Do you mean suspended/postponed? If so, I take "suspended" to refer to something that started but was stopped temporarily, whereas "postponed" is when something never started but has been put back to a later date. So in this case, "postponed" is the mot juste. Thing is, in Spanish everyone's talking about it being "suspendida".

DS2  - it sounds simple, but getting the kit right is really key on the longer runs. I've found that being overheated really scuppers my performance. Even yesterday, at 6ºC, I had a base layer, a short-sleeved top, shorts and gloves, and I would have ditched the base layer and gloves if I could.

This is the time of year when this thread starts getting really interesting, as people start fretting/panicking/doubting!

25/03/2013 at 09:19

Ant - no, sorry, I meant 'valiant'!

25/03/2013 at 09:23

Gul - Heh. Oh, o.k. Great minds think alike, apparently...

25/03/2013 at 10:10

Ant - I meant to say earlier about the 'suspended/postponed' marathon. Terrible luck after all that preparation.

Yes - I'm definitely fretting. Every time I have a poor run I read too much into it. I'm trying to tell myself it was just because I got my clothing wrong. Also, I eat badly on Saturday - went out for my Mum's 75th and nothing decent carbwise on the menu. The positive thing was I did 20 when in previous year i may not have got out there at all. it's this thread that is keeping me at it.

I can't wait until April 21st and i'm not even running VLM. I'm sure being on the streets spectating will give me the final impetus I need for the extra motivation to be there on my 50th birthday. Had confirmation last week that it is 13 April 2014 - the actual date for my 50th.

My daughter is excited as well because she is on the baggage lorries - I'm hoping it will inspire her as well.

25/03/2013 at 10:35

Morning All,

Corr it's cold isn't it!

Busy life continues here and well done to all who managed to get out and Long run at the weekend.

It's been proper cold here but not really had any snow, only freezing rain, you know the stuff that stings your face for 3 hours when you are out doing a 23 mile long run on a Sunday....

So that's my update, 23 miles yesterday at a fairly sedate 8.20m/m. I just couldn't get going pace wise but I think that the head wind may have had something to do with it.

Total for last week was a very pleasing 60.01 miles over 6 sessions. I'd planned on going over 60 so just scraped in thanks to a 0.9mile run to the station one morning!

One more week to go and then it's taper time.

Worryingly though is that I've woken today with a very stiff left Knee, so Vitamin I and an embargo on the planned 6miles recovery run today, hopefully means not too much damage.

Right, off to try and catch up properly with a read back.

Oh, and still waiting for the baby to arrive.....

25/03/2013 at 12:16

Ant, yesterday was a hard day to call for clothing. I had fairly light clothing on the body but padded gloves, neck buff, wool hat and glasses to protect extremities and eyes from the wind at the coast. Hopefully London will be simpler.

25/03/2013 at 12:58

I struggle to keep up with this thread somedays - loads of posts.

Sloakey, hope you get some compensation for your bike - could have been a lot worse (which is no excuse for him!)

Great 10k RFJ

Ant - at least you have a date to aim for now and train towards. Is that beer still umopeneed in the fridge?

Good paced 20 miler SBD

At least you you got out and bagged a 20 miler DS2. Time on feet/endurance is what it's all about.

Nice 23 miler FINgers esp in the cold!

Did 22 miles yesterday morning in the snow in 2.53.02. Pace felt comfortable all the way, even joined another runner for a mile through our County Park. Always love the how far you going mate conversations when doing really long runs. I'd just done 11 miles by that point having run out from Leicester, with another 11 to get back. Legs feel surprisingly opk today.

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