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28/03/2013 at 21:23

Ok, ok.  Major wobble. 

I've had a slightly higher mileage this time and have felt good throughout apart from a few weeks ago when I was struck with a mild lurgy.  I need to sit and look back properly but I've felt good on the majority of my runs.   I've not done so many progressive 20s, which are actually my favourite runs (only done 1, I think) so my longs runs have only been done at an easy pace. (TR will like that!).

I have felt more confident this time round and have felt all along that 3:15 is definitely achievable. 

But, I haven't run any races faster than I did this time last year.  I've done some xc, which is new and of the 3 HMs I had planned only ran one (Northumberland).  Brass Monkey was cancelled and I pulled out of the Meadows feeling ill.   I'm doing a 5k on Saturday and a 10k the following week but these are distances I never do particularly well in let alone when I've not focused on them.

So, how do I prove that I've improved enough to go sub 3:15?  Am I being unrealistic?


11 miles tonight at 7:10 pace.

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28/03/2013 at 21:31

Minni - I have only done one progressive 20 too, and havnt run any races faster than last time, as I did none then and none now ! You have to look back at what you have done and ask yourself how it compares to the training you did last time, its the training that gets you to the relevant fitness or not..................................but, you posted last week that you ran 12M at MP with the last mile 20sec faster than MP, I commented that you hadnt run 12 at MP as you wouldnt be able to do 11 at MP and then speed up ny 20sec/mile. Take the pressure off anyway, who knows what will happen between now and race day and how the race will unfold, just promise yourself you'll do your best on the day and the time will be what it will be.
Target times are a bit of a poisoned chalice at times, who knows how the campaign is going to go and how race day is going to go until you get there.

28/03/2013 at 21:33

just seen Minni's edit - 11M at 7:10 pace what does that eqaute to ? that cant be far off 3:15 pace. Just do what you'd tell your kids, do your best on the day and whatever happens you'll still love em !

28/03/2013 at 21:43

TR - 3:15 pace is 7:26. 

28/03/2013 at 21:44

Minni - I'm working on the principle that 7:15 pace delivers 3:10 so if you've just done 11 miles at 7:10 pace on top of all the great effort you've put in already, you're looking good for sub 3:15. I'm thinking back to the times you've posted in the past and you're definitely much quicker. Relax, focus on the positive and as TR says, just believe in yourself!!!!

How was that bottle of wine anyway?

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28/03/2013 at 21:53

Lorenzo - we've got that thing going on again!  The bottle of wine is going down very nicely thank you.

28/03/2013 at 21:57

Minni - ha you ran 11 mile av 7:10 tonight, and wonder if you should run VLM at 7:26 pace ? Given that 10M at MP is a tough run, and about 12M is the tops you'll do in training, you are wondering wther you can run 7:25s all the way when you could be aiming 10 to 15 sec quicker per mile. Wake up and smell the fitness. Seems to me that wether you think you can run 3:15 or wether you think you can't then I guess you'll be right either way. For me you need to change the mentality to expects to run 3:15.

28/03/2013 at 21:59

Shite day here following my running pal's funeral. No run but a lot of drinks.

I think this is the link for Coniston. I already have a recycled entry from a friend.

Minni no wonder you had a wobble with those legs......


28/03/2013 at 22:24

TR - thank you.  I really value your opinion.  The thing is, that is the mentality I have had throughout but now doubt has been put in my mind. 

I also feel that last October I ran a comfortable marathon (Town Moor) in 3:25 and that was not flat out and off no real marathon campaign, with only 3 long runs.  So I see it that I have continued to build since then and sure that I have gained 10 minutes.


OO - shite day.  Glad you're finding comfort in alcohol.

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28/03/2013 at 22:47
Minni wrote (see)

So, how do I prove that I've improved enough to go sub 3:15?


11 miles tonight at 7:10 pace.

Move along, now, folks. Nothing to see here.

29/03/2013 at 00:05

Minni - I do believe it is your time to get a sub 3.15 next month. Believe in yourself and the training you have done. 11 miles @ 7.10 pace is a very good run  -I'd be happy with that.

29/03/2013 at 05:38

Minni As TR and others have said, everything points to a comfortable sub 3:15. It a case of belieivng in the training. Your training times and runs are improving, there is only one important race.

OO Hope you are feeling fresh after a rubbish day

8 miles with 8 x 100m strides. Now my hamstrings are tight, but calves are fine. I will arrange a massage for when I get home, hopefully just fatigued legs.



29/03/2013 at 06:44
Minni - everyone has wobble mentally at this point in training as you wonder how you can keep a pace for 26.2m. Just have faith in the training you've done, the fact you can still crank out 11m quicker than MP during a normal training week and, more than anything else, endurance is your strength. Have faith; not fear.

fwiw - I don't race in the build up as I find MP comes more from weekly runs and seeing how it feels instead of racing and trusting in calculators to predict times. I'm a realist who believes in my training.

Now off for my final 20 miler with 10 @ MP.
29/03/2013 at 06:53

AR - hope that is just a very minor niggle.
Lorenzo - good couple of sessions. My plan is still to run the King's Lynn 10K (GEAR) on 5th May.
SJ - welcome back. Good news on the foot; hope the shoulder follows soon.
PMJ - high spring tide here too. Nice running in the cold. Hope the ankle is OK. Out for a 0.1 mile run today perhaps?
Jools - hope you can get a bit of rest this weekend.
Ant - very tidy 10 miler.
Bike It - I presume that's 6 x 2 min hill reps and not 6 x 2 mile!
TR - Done over 900 in my Saucony Progrid 9s and yes, they have holes in the uppers.
Mennania - 18 with 14 @ MP sounds scary. Maybe take TR's suggestion.
Minni - you can do it!!!
OO - ((()))
SD - massage should do the trick.
Martin - hope that 20 miler is going well.
Just 3 easy miles for me today.

29/03/2013 at 06:57

It's natural to have some self doubts in this marathon training business Minni but all your training points to a comfortable Sub 3:15

Sounds like you need that massage Scooby - go easy.

Just about to head off to Miadenhead for the Easter 10 - at least it is not snowing

29/03/2013 at 07:00


Enjoy the final 20 Martin.

The easy runs are the most important ones Gul

29/03/2013 at 07:19

Easter greetings,enjoy the Easter runs and races everybody.

Woke up this morning with G clamps attached to calves(well it feels like it), loosening off now.

9 miles with 8x0.5 mile reps 2 min recoverys last night with a few mates.

For the Statto heads, splits were 3.06,3.01,3.01,3.00,3.00,2.59,3.00,2.54 

Its only the second time i have done this type of workout and they seem very rewarding, got to wait till Tuesday to do my last 20+ long run. Still on target for sub 3.10 VLM i think!!!!.

29/03/2013 at 08:53

Good luck to weekend racers.

Sounds like yesterday was a tough day, OO

Sounds like Minni's taper madness has kicked in very early. You are in fantastic shape.  You've been training hard and you have just run 11M @ 15s faster per mile than your required marathon pace.  You are going to smash sub 3.15

12M for me yesterday (as 6 + 6) and then out for a friend's birthday last night.  Shortly off for 13M including a little bit of MP (HMP if the booze last night has had less of an effect than I suspect...)

29/03/2013 at 09:43

20 with 10 it is then, thank s TR and LB.

Minni -  Iw ish I had your training behind me - I would be pretty confident if I had.

29/03/2013 at 10:56

Gul - Sometimes the short easy ones are the most enjoyable!!

Nice reps Carbloader.  Very speedy and will make MP feel very easy.

Mennania - Sensible decision.  No point in risking injury at this point.

20 miles done this morning.  First 8m at 7.08m/m with next 10m at 6.24 pace.  Very happy with that as was aiming for 6.30-35 pace but felt comfortable so pushed the last 3 to 6.19,6.17 & 6.12.   Let the taper madness commence


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