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07/04/2013 at 18:00

Gul: I was at Dunbar yesterday (not Blyth), met Minni (good),legs a bit achey from previous days 5K (expected but not too good), organisers messed up the route (bad), but overall pleased with how I went and my time of 39:21.

Speedy: Have patience, you have to get better before you can settle on a new plan.

AR: another long run, how many have you done?

Ant: how are the heels?

Mennania: cracking new PB.

DS2: Your endurance is good, you should be fine for 3:15 with that half time.

A (final?) MP session for me today 9 miles that has left more questions than answers. Just let the legs turn over at an easy effort and didn't force it, turned out at 6:58 pace for a HR seven beats beneath my marathon level. Legs slightly stiff from yesterday, now it's decision time

07/04/2013 at 18:26

Well thats it las big run done this afternoon, 16miles with 10@MP (7.10) with a Hangover lol.

Running mainly off HR(Av 84% MHR) and effort today so i reckon come VLM 7.00-7.10 pace should feel fine, racked up 42 miles this week so the cut in miles next week will be welcome.

Well done to all the racers today, not long now to our respective big races.

07/04/2013 at 19:09

Right then, the important bits first you are all desperate to hear first - For starter I had potted pickled brisket with a red onion marmalade and brioche, followed by black mountain beef traditional roast finished with a cheese board  all washed down with 2 (maybe 3) pints of draught Peroni.

Hmmmmm Peroni...

Race - plan says 13 at pmp so did 3 miles at MP as warm up in what can only be described as barmy weather, 10 degrees (C) full sun, no slaying wind. Took off two layers and ditched them in the changing room.

Given the recent debacle at wrexham half I was first at the line with minutes (several -12 to be precise) to spare. A very slight man (Looking for sub 35) and an even slighter lady (Sub 37) line up next to me and I immediately feel out of place.

Bang (well not really, it was an air horn) and we're off. First K usual mass push past and then settle into a nice rhythm, my slight companions already down the road some 100m or so.

End of first K we turn into a head wind and all start to huddle into groups, my group going about 5 secs or so too slow for me so break out on my own and settle into my own pace(5.57m - HR 165). I am sitting between two groups not making headway to the one in front but dropping the back group off slowly and surely and the status quo continues comfortably till the 4th k marker where we encounter out first incline. Pace drops to 6.20mm (HR 170)as the group ahead strings out and I am then amongst them and cruising - picking them off as they start to struggle with the 10m or so gain. Next gaggle of runners are now in sight.  Good news is the next two K are evil in comparison with 15 m and 28m gains respectively and I push through with a 6.29 (HR 173) and a 6.18(HR 177) respectively ( I consciously pushed on the second of the two as I saw my average time was now not under 38.xx -) I pass the slight lady at the top of the incline at the 7k marker, and am now on the tail of my other slight new friend.

Bizarrely he skips through a bollard and starts off in the wrong direction for a couple of seconds before correcting himself but he is now behind me,(note to self;  keep him there.) 400m down the road is a chap in blue but with 2.5k to ge he is too far away.

Blessed relief as it all starts going downhill from here (in the literal sense). Get back down to the 6.02mm mark(Hr 177) for the next two and am now 200m behind said blue chap who has gone all arms and legs. Push on thinking I will swallow him up and get to the stadium finish with 300 to go and I am about 20m behind him, I chase him as hard as I can but he manages a sprint and beats me by 3 secs at the line. Last K in 5.28 ish(182hr).Turns out he finished eigth, making me 9th overall and 2nd for age group.  The girl I passed on mile 7 was first lady in so I wasnt chicked for the first time ever either. First time in the top 10 too  A really good race for me. On a neg note the beef was slightly overcooked, there was too much butter in the potted brisket and the Brie was too cold.


07/04/2013 at 19:30

Well done Mennania-(Unchicked), im going to concerntrate on 10k/speed work stuff after VLM.

Mmmmmmm Peroni........

07/04/2013 at 19:38

Great report Mennania, although rather confusing when you give km splits in min/miles!

OGL - I quite agree, but the deadline for Edinburgh GFA entries is tomorrow at 5pm. It's in the hands of fate as you need to get your time ratified and be given a password in order to enter. I've emailed them my VLM result from last year, but the website says this process can take 7 days, which is far too late for the deadline. 

07/04/2013 at 19:53

Yeh it didnt work when out there either speedy - Hit the button on the first k marker and it through up 3.42 which meant absolutley nothing. Some quick mental maths and it was straight tho

07/04/2013 at 19:53
Mennania - easily takes the prize for race report of the day........ And a great performance as well.

Peroni........mmmmmmmmm indeed!

Had roast beef beautifully cooked by Mrs DS2 myself this afternoon - lovely shade of pink. Would have taken slightly overdone in favour of a sub 90, but can't have it all and the bottle of red accompanying it was sumptuous!
07/04/2013 at 20:08

I can't match your class report Menn but here goes. I did a 3 mile warm up for my 10k and lined up 3 rows back. When the start came I was swallowed up by many more runners with my usual slow start. Got to mile 1 in 6:11 then 2 in 12:11 then 3 in 18:07. Still well down the field but passing people steadily, especially several club rivals. At the half way we turn back to home with a steady breeze. Initially I slow to 6:15 pace but then pick it back up to 6:00 for the last 2. Finished in 37:46. This is 20 secs up on last w/end but only managed 3rd V50 in a high quality field. Also 1:25 down on last year when I set a Vet PB on this straight and fairly flat course. All things considered a reasonable performance. Better still junior OO ran 52:15 in her first race other than parkuns- respectable as a 15 yr old new to running.

Mrs OO then dragged me on a 5 mile Nordic walk (with poles) and then I did a 5 mile recovery run. Total running miles for the week 55, my highest of the campaign. Still not confident I'm in sub 3 hour shape, but the brakes are on so too late to change anything. 

Well done Menn on a fantastic PB

07/04/2013 at 20:17
Excellent running and racing everyone. Special mentions to:
Minni - hope the new pb removes your fears. Well done.
Mennania - excellent racing and report.
Ant - pleased to see you had a very good run considering your tribulations recently.
Speedy - I hope that you find an alternative to do yourself justice. Such a shame to lose what had been some very good mileage.
I've lost most of the last week to a cold which has really annoyed me. Nothing even remotely faster than very easy. It's only a head cold but it has finally made my mind up not to go PB hunting on 21st.
07/04/2013 at 20:28
Peroni indeed!

Excellent race reports this weekend (and super results too!). Good to see that people are also putting in the training for the post race prose preparation.

Weather update - (as provided by accuweather iPhone app)
Thurs - 18C
Friday - 17
Saturday - 16
Sunday - 13 and overcast with 6km/hr wind Hands up who wants that one!

After watching the Paris marathon I felt inspired to run today so had 30mins jogging in the woods with SJette and then 4 miles on road at ave 7:05mm. Watched the Auckland ITU race which inspired me to go and swim for an hour followed by a hard hour on the bike. Feeling pleasantly knackered.
07/04/2013 at 20:36
Mennania- sounds tasty.

OO- still a great time, pi$$ poor report though. What the hell did you have for lunch?

Hope the head cold clears up Martin.

That's better slokey.

Is anyone else going to add their VLM number and targets to the list, its the only way I'll recognise anyone apart from the purple fairy. surely can't all be knackered!
07/04/2013 at 20:51
Slightly concerned with my lack of MP runs, only 2 decent ones in long runs. One at the beginning of Jan (17 with 8 @ MP) and one mid Feb (18 with 12 @ MP) plus 3 tagged onto last weeks 22 miles.
Plenty of faster stuff and the majority of LR and MLR run at the P&D 20/10 % efforts, but mostly slow runs.

Looks a bit comical considering I'm supposed to be marathon training!
07/04/2013 at 21:03

Blimey SJ, I hope you aren't going to watch any more sport in the next few days!

DS2 - If I don't get into Edinburgh I'm going to wait until I'm fully fit then see what's available, but Halstead looks OK. It's not as far to travel as Kent.

07/04/2013 at 21:08
Speedy- Halstead is a brilliantly organised event. Undulating but I wouldn't call it hilly. This will be my third time there! Lovely rural course!

The roadrunner is 5 minutes from home for me but 17 Laps requires a high level of concentration.
07/04/2013 at 21:45

Speedy - I can also vouch for the fact that Halstead is a superbly organised event, but I don't think it's PB potential as it is just that bit too undulating. When I did it it was forecast to be about 20 degrees and it ended up being about 27 and I blew up spectacularly with cramp. Probably my most painful marathon experience to date. 

Great report Mennania and impressive performance from OO

07/04/2013 at 21:50

Belvoir half marathon report

I don't like to start with excuses, but for the last 2 weeks, I've had a cough/bad sinus. Bad enough at the start of it to stop me running for a few days, but have been able to keep training even though still not 100%.

Anyway, Belvoir half is a good flat (ish) course where I set my PB back in 2009, so was looking forward to another race ther. Felt good on the first mile and this scooted by in 6.15, but didn't feel like I was pushing it (typical 1st mile!). Next 2 were 6.16 & 6.19 and again felt fine and strong. By 5 miles (31.49) there was 2 runners in front (about 100m) that weren't pulling away, so it was beginning to feel like a solo run. We turned a corner at 6 miles and then there was an incline, which was fine, but took me down to 6.31 pace. Went through 7 miles at just under 45 minutes (which would be a PB) and still no one passing and no one in front to catch. Up till then I had been counting down the miles to go which helps and by mile 8 it was just me & 5 miles that stood in the way of a new PB. The wind was now in my face and there started to be a few more undulations. Took a gel at 9.5 miles which made my mouth dry, so picked up a cup of water and took a gulp which was a mistake. Swallowed it wrong & it made me cough like mad! Took a bit to get back into the pace and the next couple of miles felt tough at 6.45 pace. Had a bit of a spurt on the last mile, which had a nice gentle decline to it and managed to cross the line in 1.25.46.

Mixed emotions about the race as I felt really good in the first 8 miles and felt a PB was on the cards, but got stung on the tail of the race. Feel like I am in limbo now for mara pace as Macmillan suggests 3.00.30 and RW calcualtor suggest 2.58.49!!? If I'd got  a low 1.24 I would have been a lot happier having a go at a a sub 3, but now I'm not sure what to go for?

07/04/2013 at 22:11

KR - 2.59.59 of course. Just don't gulp the water!

07/04/2013 at 22:19
KR. Go for sub3. You won't know you can definitely do it until you cross the line so put yourself into the position where you have a shot. Even splits, steady all the way and give it your best.

Speedy, I think that my Mrs wants me to watch a DIY show next... No chance!
07/04/2013 at 22:25

Some great racing and reports to read back on Minni, Menna and OO.

DS2, sounds like the niggles at the start of the race put a dampener on things for a sub 1:30. Ease back into the training and see how you pick things up from there.

Still a great effort KR, and if you are in limbo, do that limbo dance thing and have a go at sub 3.

Moof - same here - I've done nothing MP wise - its all been fast or slow. I've started thinking about it now. 6:40 really appeals as the maths is so easy. 20mins per 3 miles is the sort of thing I can do in my head! (but can I do it in practice?) However, I told myself at the start I don't mind what I come out with so may 'freestyle' on the day (and probably blow up).

OGL - had a look back, and 2013 has 13 20m+ runs in the log. Definitely my favourite run of the week. Good luck deciding on MP. I think I will change my mind every hour between now and the 21st.

Recover well Martin

Late decision, and  Mrs AR and I have decided to stay in London Sat/Sun night to make a weekend of it. Hotel and matinee booked. Need to look into where best for Mrs AR to stand / support during the race. If anyone knows some good spots please let me know.



Edited: 07/04/2013 at 22:26
07/04/2013 at 22:36
KR - you have to go for it. You may never get in good enough shape to attempt it again.

AR - I think I'm not used to running faster yet but I have a sports massage booked for Tuesday so hopefully can get rid of the tightness.

If Mrs AR doesn't mind strolling about she'll be able to watch you pass in several places. At the start, then walk down through Greenwich park to Cutty Sark area then through foot tunnel to other side of river then stroll to canary wharf then jump on dlr to finish. Hope that helps!
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