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09/03/2014 at 09:22

Help! Im on holidays but have forgotten my Jantastic password so can´t log my runs. I can´t get into hotmail to check as they want to send a text to my phone that doesnt work abroad. Any ideas? I dont want to let the team down! I´m happy to be kicked from the team if that´s possible. Its 1 euro for 10 minutes on the internet here so will check back later. Pool and bar time!

09/03/2014 at 09:34

Oh my goodness, it's almost sunbathing weather here this morning., Hope it's not like this where peeps are racing today. Good luck everyone!
Badbark - can't they log your runs for you or allow you to nominate someone else to do it on your behalf?

09/03/2014 at 10:38

Badbark - Bite the bullet and email them - it'll be the best 50€ you ever spent! Where are you on holiday? Mind you, at the moment, anywhere "on holiday" with "pool and bar" sounds good!

Mind you, I'm starting to get a bit p*ssed off with this whole Jantastic lark. It sort of pushes you to run when it's not sensible, and now I've had to set my March targets about five times and it won't let me log any runs!

Question - what do I do to stop my typing being in Spanish language default setting? Every time I write words like problema, sesión, maratón, momento, etc. they come out like that...

Still a bit wary of pushing it too much on my comeback legs, so did 10 miles this morning with 5 @ 6:50mm. Felt o.k., although I think I have lost some fitness in this lost week (5 days). Is that possible?

If all goes well I'll go straight back into P&D, but the up to 55 miles plan. I have a 10k next sunday, so I'll do the 17 miler on Friday and generally shuffle things around a bit. Compared to the 55-70mpw plan, this one seems just as intense, but you get an extra day off, which has to be A Good Thing.

Looking forward to those race reports, with or without knickers.

09/03/2014 at 11:53

Most pleasant long run this training plan by far (if a bit hot by the end). 22 hilly miles in 2:57.

Now picnic (with jam tarts!) and a beer or two in the park.

Hope the racing went well for you all!

09/03/2014 at 13:32

18M ground out with a bit of a hangover - at least it was sunny to cheer me up!  Still, brought me up to 62M for the week, which is my biggest week since October.  Hopefully 65 next week

09/03/2014 at 13:35

10k (walled city 10k) raced  this morn , out and back course 1st mile down hill then mostly flat so you get a long climb on the way back in the last mile. No chip timing which was a little disappointing and a bit cold too .

Started of a few rows back from the front and held back a bit the first mile then settled at around 6.25-6.30 /m/miles , Only one person overtook me that I remember and I passed then back later along wit a few others In the last uphill mile then coming into the final straight there were 2 guys in front I was closing in on rapidly but just as I caught them we touched about 5m/mile for the last 0.1m but it just wasn't enough to pass but was fun all the same, they certainly earned their placing  

10k in 40:06 according to Garmin for a 1 min pb on last years 10k (not the same race ) , pleased with that in a big mileage week .

09/03/2014 at 14:16

Just a quick note before I shower and settle down, read back the last couple of pages and then to rugby and beer...BEER! have been deprived of beer for over a week now.

So, first off, Lorenzo some how spotted me TWICE in a field of over 5000 runners at the Surrey Half today, just before the start and at the finish line. What a splendid chap and all round nice geezer he is. Lorenzo, really nice meeting you today and well done with your run (story to come, folks).

My plan A didn't work due to the crowded and slow start, too many hills (especially the last two miles) the heat and headwind! Just a few excuses there. 

So, with conditions not PB favourable early on I knew 1.30 was not on, so I flicked the switch to plan B and tried to get sub 7s. Just about managed it with a score of 1.31 and an average pace of 6.59. Slowest mile was 7.11 and the quickest were two 6.45 efforts.

As I start to reflect on the race, I'm really pleased. Second best time ever in a race that I haven't specifically trained for as Brighton Marathon is the main feature.

The Fetcheveryone stats site I use has my predicted marathon effort of 3.10! With my main goal at sub 3.20, things are looking up. Just need to work up the bottle to go for it.!

Did I mention I'm having a beer?


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09/03/2014 at 14:51

OK, so messed up the 20@MP but not an altogether unhappy outcome.

The splits tell the story:

1    6:05.7    1.00    6:06
2    6:17.5    1.00    6:18
3    6:14.4    1.00    6:14
4    6:19.8    1.00    6:20
5    6:18.2    1.00    6:18
6    6:10.9    1.00    6:11
7    6:08.1    1.00    6:08
8    6:18.6    1.00    6:19
9    6:24.8    1.00    6:25
10    6:20.2    1.00    6:20
11    6:23.7    1.00    6:24
12    6:22.4    1.00    6:22
13    6:27.9    1.00    6:28
14    6:41.1    1.00    6:41
15    6:38.9    1.00    6:39
16    6:32.5    1.00    6:33
17    6:33.6    1.00    6:34
18    6:51.6    1.00    6:52
19    6:48.8    1.00    6:49
20    6:47.5    1.00    6:48

4 laps of 5 miles each, first lap 6:15, second lap 6:16, third lap 6:30 and the death march lap at 6:42.

10 miles in 62:38, half marathon in 1:22:30, was never going to be pretty. 

On the positive side, with Wokingham Half cancelled and a replacement 1:25 up hills into the wind, I now have a decent half time and 1;22 felt really easy. Also, the result is actually faster than MP so really I did what P&D said which was 18 with 14@MP and ended up with 17@MP and a few miles cool down.

Jantastic is fine as I wasn't too far off my prediction and with it being a long run it is only a few % so 96 or 98% will do me.

09/03/2014 at 15:00

Hot on the heels of SB's post!

Had made a mental note of SB's number but with 5,000 people there I wasn't expecting to see him so sat down on a bank about 45 mins before the start and there he was! Always strange to go up to a complete stranger and as whether they are a Sporty Badger, but fortunately he was and a fine chap to boot - good to chat for a while before getting into warm-up mode.

Wasn't really expecting to get close to my Gosport time but hoping for something between 1:27 and 1:28 with the latter as my Jantastic prediction. Very much ran to feel with just a watch as my Garmin is still being fixed.

As SB said it was a bit congested at the start so I wasn't expecting a quick first mile so was surprised to get the mile marker with 6:20 on the watch - time to ease off a bit! Past elder Lorenzito's brass band at the 5 mile mark and got a cheers from them which felt good, especially as there was a slight incline coming up.

Got to 10K in 40:40 which with hindsight was still a bit too quick but I felt OK so there were a few "what the hell" thoughts going through my head, coupled with a "could I get a PB?" thought.

Hit a tough patch around mile 8 shortly after taking a gel and I suspect I slowed up quite a bit, but fortunately the feeling passed and I tried to push on. I'd mentally divided the race up into 4 3 mile chunks plus a bit of change, so I focused on getting to 12 miles in a decent time and seeing what was left.

Fortunately the last swing into the sports stadium in Guildford was downhill and I hit the track for the last 300m knowing that sub 1:28 was in the bag, then had a great tustle with an American girl (instigated by her I should stress!) which gave me a burst for the last 100m or so.

Anyway, ended up with a gun time of 1:27:26 and a chip time of 1:27:13 which I'm very pleased with. Second fastest half (and a higher WAVA than my PB) and bodes very well for London as Macmillan is predicting a sub 3:05 on that basis. And my toenail is still attached to the toe!

Had another catch up with SB at the end who was looking very strong when he crossed the line and I'm in no doubt that he'll hit the target down at Brighton in a few weeks time.

Edit: well done to PMJ - sounds like you had to dig deep at the end there.

Now, with the rugby about to start, where's that beer?

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09/03/2014 at 16:46


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09/03/2014 at 17:23

Nice running Lorenzo, and PMJ that looks very impressive to me. At Redcar I set out to run 20m in 7m/miles and averaged 7:03 for a 2:21. I can only claim to have beaten you in the last mile PMJ with strong finish 6:45 last mile

It was actually great fun running round a park for 20 laps. Good company and great support. Lovely to see Minni though she has a sad tale to tell-   

And the 16 stone giant beat me by a minute- you have to see him to believe it- so here he is on the right- with a tiny Minni on my other side.


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09/03/2014 at 17:51

Pleased you are back running well Ant.  Just keep an eye on the knee (I have a new set of exercises which I'll email you tomorrow).

Ashby 20 for me this morning.  Very warm (which I like) so was feeling good at the start apart from a weird painful lump on the underside of my 2nd toe of my right foot (no idea what it is).

Plan was for 5 x 4m chunks with miles 12-16 at MP and then 17-20 a bit faster. 

The 4m splits were 7.11, 6.57, 6.38, 6.18 (MP), 6.03 (last mile of 5.54). First 10m in 69.22 and back in 63.19.  The last 8 miles were ave of 6.11 for a chip time of 2:12.41.

Very very pleased with that and starts to give me confidence to attempt a PM at London.

Speedy - Shouted "well done" when you crossed the finish line but you just looked at me blankly!!

09/03/2014 at 17:59

No I didn't! Although I was wearing sunnies so you probably couldn't see my acknowledgement!

09/03/2014 at 18:33

Latest list?
Remember the spacing police

Mar 9 - Surrey Half - Lorenzo - 1:25.xx, Sporty Badger sub-1.30 
Mar 9 - Milton Keynes Half - Abbers sub-1.30 
Mar 9 - Retford Half - Knight Rider sub 1.25
Mar 16 - Stafford Half - CC2 sub 1.25
Mar 16 Barcelona - Barry B sub 3:15
Mar 29 - Eco Trail de Paris 80Km - SJ - uninjured completion 
Apr 6 - Lochaber Mara - Rich26 - Sub 3:15
Apr 6 - Brighton Mara - FINgers  TBC - Sporty Badger sub-3.20 
Apr 6 - Paris mara - Mennania - Sub 3 
Apr 6 - Manchester mara - knight rider - Sub 3 
Apr 13 - VLM - PMJ - 2.4x, Ant - sub 3, Bike It - 3:14:59, Lorenzo sub 3:10, Minni - 3:12, Abbers, Poacher - TBA, AR - get past 16 miles, CC2 2.59.59, - literatin - sub 3:05
May 11 - Fred Whitton Challenge - SJ - no crashes 
May 31 - Kent Roadrunner - Gul Darr sub 3:15 
Jun 1 - Comrades - Poacher - Bike It sub 8:20 
Jun 1 - Walled city marathon - Leslie H 
Jun ? - Swim length of Ullswater - SJ - no drowning 
July - Thunder Run - Minni 
July 27 - Outlaw - SJ - 10:xx 
October - Yorkshire marathon - Minni TBC
October 19 - Abingdon Marathon - MsE - to get to the start line injury-free

09/03/2014 at 18:53

Apologies Speedy.

09/03/2014 at 18:56

Nice runs Lorenzo, JT, SB, PMJ, Martin and others

That geezer ain't big, it's just that Minni is, err, mini  

56.5m this week but nothing over 14m. Struggling big time on the LRs.

VLM is not far off. Do we need a separate list?

09/03/2014 at 19:50

Admittedly it did take a few seconds for me to realise who you were, being as you weren't purple.


09/03/2014 at 19:56

Great runs from Lorenzo and SB at Surrey, and a nice 20 miler from MH. Interesting pacing PMJ - I thought you were aiming at 6:30s?  

Congrats on the PB Leslie - a 1min pb during training must be welcoming.

I echo Ant's comments on Jantastic. Woke up in agony on Thursday night with an achilles problem that dogged me for years before taking up running. Well it is back, and my 1st thought was how will I do my last Jantastic run of the week. Slightly wrong priorities! I'll be treading a tightrope for the next 5 weeks. After frenzied heel droops, stretching and rollering I can run easy and will shuffle the schedule to delay/drop any quality.


09/03/2014 at 20:47
A hilly 18 miler today, including a 2k bimble around a junior parkrun with the kids. The hills took an early toll which wasn't helped by sore legs from DIY on Saturday. Quite a bit of it felt like a real plod, but the speed was OK. Regretted not having any gels in the cupboard.

Fleet HM next week; looking forward to stretching my legs a bit.
09/03/2014 at 21:50

I really don't have time to post properly I'm afraid. Sorry! Inter Counties went better than expected. I was hoping for top 200 and finished 134th! Then ran the Ashby 20 today with the last 10 @ MP, average pace of 6.44s on the Garmin. 84 miles for the week. 

Keep on keeping on, but don't break yourselves in the process!

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