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15/06/2014 at 18:28

So sorry to hear that badbark. Your health is the No1 priority- not worth the risk, so probably for the best. Just get better and find a new target for your undoubted fitness. 

15/06/2014 at 19:59

Badbark - rubbish ROI there for you, sorry to hear that.

Minni - ouch ! glad you walked away from it, cycling is a dangerous game.

15/06/2014 at 21:11

Just did my 2015 VLM GFA entry on-line - have all those eligable done this, it's open?

15/06/2014 at 22:49

Minni - sounds terrible and looks like you had a very lucky escape! Hope that you recover quickly and have the confidence to get back on the bike soon.

Madbark - really gutted for you after all the effort you put in training for this one. At least there have been plenty of successes on the way. Have you managed to find something similar in the not too distant future?

OO - thanks for that. Have got my online entry in - just hoping all the necessary documents uploaded OPK. Might have to give them a ring just to be on the safe side.

No running to report on for me - just 9 miles logged so far this month! My chest / throat infection (or whatever it is) is still there and having been out for a couple of slow 4/5 milers and found them quite hard work, I've decided to lay off the running for the next few weeks and focus on cycling which doesn't seem to be putting my body under the same strain. 

A tad frustrating to say the least, but I could probably do with a bit of a break from running in order to come back rested and refreshed. 

Will be commuting in on the bike for the next couple of days so that's 40 miles a day, and hopefully a couple of long ones over the weekend.

16/06/2014 at 03:36

Sorry to hear about the motoring, Minni. Fingers crossed for a quick recovery.

As I type, most of you should be snuggled in your beds, but I have one more sleep until I start my

16/06/2014 at 03:36

(edited and then messed up to remove improper symbols...)

Sorry to hear about the motoring, Minni. Fingers crossed for a quick recovery.

As I type, most of you should be snuggled in your beds, but I have one more sleep until I start my 55mpw, 18 week P+D leading up to the Humboldt Redwoods Marathon (northern California) on October 19. Target: 3:04 as a stepping stone to sub-3. 

Looking forward to the first workout, which is a rest day. Yay! (I feel like I deserve it, as today's run was 14m with the first 4m gaining 1400 feet, only to lose ~2500 over the next 10. Quads crying.)

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16/06/2014 at 05:02

Badbark - really sorry to hear of your DNF; sounds like an horrendous experience. Hope all is well.
Minni - oh no, that's awful. Get well soon.
Lorenzo - hope you're 100% again before long.
Rennur - enjoy the rest day.
Just a quick 3 mile recovery run today - hopefully I'll be in time to catch the early train.

16/06/2014 at 09:33

Minni - flippin' 'eck, that sounds like a scary experience. Hope you're soon back on the bike, and your physio sorts out your on-going niggles too. Did the driver accept full responsibility?

BB - so sorry to hear that, sounds immensely frustrating and painful at the same time! Have a good rest and recover well.

Lorenzo - taking a while to shift those bugs. Continued healing vibes.

Well done to all the park runners, some good results being posted. And good to see Gul bagging good miles again, after recent frustrations.

Rennur - good luck on the start of another mara programme!

As usual, 10 for me early on Saturday morning, and then cricket in the afternoon. Nothing to report from yesterday, as didn't have the chance to get out.

16/06/2014 at 11:52

BB - sorry to hear that, your training was so strong but your health is the priority

Minni - hope you are ok

Jools - great work on the park run, youre the boss now.   

Abbers - I'm off to Lords this week for a 2 day leadership event, unfortunately it will be wasted on me as Scotsman who knows nothing about cricket!

Me - Like KR, in limbo at the moment so focussing hilss and interval work. Took receipt of a nice pair of Super J33 for fathers day yesterday so looking for ward to test drive later. 

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16/06/2014 at 13:04

Thanks Guys.  Yes the driver accepted full responsibility.  I'm really worried about my knee, which is getting worse by the hour.  As the swelling goes down the pain increases. 

16/06/2014 at 14:55

Minni - Crikey, sounds like a close shave - Might be worth getting that knee seen by someone as a precaution.

Booked the Nice - Cannes Run and sent my form off for VLM so two races sorted in a day. Just need to get some running done..

16/06/2014 at 14:56

PJF - you probably won't mind the fact that the test finishes there today then! Good venue for a bit of corporate mixing though. Enjoy.

Minni - have you been checked out by the docs, or are they waiting until the swelling has gone so they can check what's going on inside?

6 easy ones at lunch. Temps have dropped off a bit, but it feels like plenty of pollen around; itchy eyes now.

16/06/2014 at 16:05

I'm sending magic healing vibes to Minni's knee and Badbark's bottom. 
Hold tight folks, you should receive them any moment now.

Hope you both recover well.

16/06/2014 at 17:05

Hope TAR's healing vibes work their magic.

With about 14 years of cycling commutes I've had a few near misses, arguments and a plenty of sign language but fortunately no hits The only 'offs' have been my fault whether failing to remove my foot from cleats at traffic lights or not paying attention to my surroundings and riding into a lamppost.


16/06/2014 at 17:43

Abbers - how has your season been going ? after a wet start we have got going a bit. the eldest (16) has been playing 2's for his club, he scored a few early on but hasnt had much chance recently. The youngest (13) started slower but has got going a bit now, he has been playing U13s and then U15 when they are short and adults 3rd team for his club when they are short (he is leading wicket taker in that team).

16/06/2014 at 19:13

Minni-sounds nasty get well soon and I hope the driver is being prossecuted  cycling on the road is certainly a dangerous hobby.

I think we need more benches in here for the wounded and injured there ones are full up !

Free space here as I managed to get a short run done today of 5 miles, first since the mara 2 weeks ago .


16/06/2014 at 20:14

{{Chuffing'eck  Minni - LOOK AFTER YOURSELF.}}

That applies to other with niggles

Today's mystifying gym fail was:  well upholstered guy in  a Chelsea shirt wanders in. The shirt clearly hasn't been washed in some time.  He mounts the treadie and sets it to 5kph, walks for a bit then slows it to 2.8kph so he can stroll like a snail while updating Facebook.  Eh?  On the plus side Charleston Girl is back and doing the hand thing so all is well in the Training Camp

5m d&d, pretty hot indoors but 43 degrees outside so it could be worse




17/06/2014 at 05:04

Leslie - great news!
Poacher - you really ought to write a book!
Another 3 slow miles d&d. Better hurry up and get ready for the train.

17/06/2014 at 09:31

TR - a bit hit & miss so far, both with the weather and results! Only played 3 out of 6 HCL games, won the first one but then 2 narrow losses. Pitches are still slow & low which is good for me, but hard for scoring runs. A few wickets & runs so far, but with so many rained off, it's difficult to get into any kind of rhythm at the moment. Sounds like your lads are making the most of the opportunities they're getting; hopefully we'll have a more settled dry spell now and everyone will benefit.

Leslie - good news on the 5 miler. Ease back into it

Poacher - Delighted that Charleston Girl is back in your life. 43 is about 20 degrees too hot for outdoor running!

Gul - ridiculously early, as usual. What time's your usual train?

17/06/2014 at 11:08

Asics J33 Test drive results...

Overall; first time to try a more natural / faster shoe, as I've always run in Kayano irresprective of distrance or run type. Very light by comparison (210g) but suited me as there is a bit of structure to support mild overpronation.

Outcome; Tempo sesh 1.5 / 3 / 1 @ 7:30 / 6:30 / 7:15. Much more natural feel and could really feel the step change in cadence and control as the tempo increased. Will continue with Kayano for longer runs tho. 

Had an eye on the Kinvara 5 after reading an earlier thread on here but is probably a step too far at this stage.  

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