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20/06/2014 at 17:11

Hi all,

Got back last night from my 6 days in Eire and I am sick as I have been for quite some time. Caught the man flu on Monday, it ruined my holiday and it's still bad. Did 40 miles last week for my biggest week since Feb and zero this week but hey it's only running and see it as a mere blip.

I just read back, well skimmed over & see Badbark had trouble in the 100k. Sorry to hear that BB, you worked so hard for that but hey you'll come back stronger I am sure of that.

Hope you all have a nice weekend, me, I am off to die somewhere.

20/06/2014 at 18:51

Thanks for all the kind (and very amusing) words of encouragement everyone. You guys rock and have made me feel much better about the DNF.

AR – What about covering the Garmin completely and just running to feel? Then you can look back on your performance later. You might surprise yourself.

20/06/2014 at 21:06

I might add that as an extra loop just for a laugh Poacher.

Glad to hear you are mentally ok Badbark. How is the other end? Are you still sat on a doughnut shaped cushion?

Get well soon GM. 

20/06/2014 at 21:08

Minni, how is your recovery going?

20/06/2014 at 22:06

Oh that's just great!  Badbark is mentally sound while I have been scarred for life with horrific tales of bleeding arseholes.

21/06/2014 at 06:26

Mennania - hilly 8 sounds promising.
SJ - sounds totally insane - good luck.
Abbers - hope you enjoyed the rest day. Saturdays are usually my longest run of the week day, which always start early, and this Sunday I'll be up early to prepare for preaching later in the morning.
PMJ - you might be too busy baby-sitting the grandchildren by then!
Poacher - dreadfull.
GM - sorry to hear you're holiday was ruined - get well soon.
12 slow miles this morning to finish super cut-back week. 15 weeks to Maybe-able-thorpe.

21/06/2014 at 06:49

You finished 12 slow miles by 6:30am Gul- still doing the early shift I see?

TAR- Did you actually had a lie down on the pavement- how odd? Maybe the race itself will lift you above where you think you are. If you are running well below your best, then time probably isn't going to be great in any case, so I wouldn't worry about being sensible.

Amsterdam for me all week. Trained reasonably well but gained a few pounds as usual. Let's see how the parkrun turns out. 

21/06/2014 at 11:36

Gul - "15 weeks to Maybe-able-Thorpe" . So it is !

20 this morning, in case I decide Mable is able, but didn't set off (6:45) until after Gul home and hosed  . . .

21/06/2014 at 11:46

Birch - with your casual 20, you are really scaring me.  It's 17 weeks until Abingdon and the furthest I've run is 12.  And that was an accident after I lost my way in the local pinewoods. 

Yes, it was a rather melodramatic lie-down, OO.  But it seemed my only option at the time.

That looks quite an undertaking, Slokey Joe.  But I thought your body was falling apart?

21/06/2014 at 12:29

I must be getting greedy, as I feel rather disappointed with 18:11 and 4th at the parkrun today. Conditions were perfect and I had a fast start, leading for a bit (which never happens), but tired in the last mile and settled into a comfortable finish.


Edited: 21/06/2014 at 12:30
21/06/2014 at 12:47

OO - Goes to show you how hungry you are for these fast times. Still a very good time. Well done!

Gul - Nice to see you are back to doing what you do best..... running lots of miles before every other sane person wakes up and thinks about heading out for a run or turning over for another hour's sleep!

Birch - Bread and butter to you, these long runs.

TAR - I am in the same boat as you. Longest run I have done is 10 miles and my marathon is the same date as "Maybe-able-Thorpe". Was planning a long one this weekend (anything over 10 is long for me) until I caught a nasty virus.

Succumbed to the illness today and went to the quack and she said it was a bad chest infection and gave me some antibiotics to help clear up the gunk. Je$u$, I spent virtually the whole night coughing my guts up. Horrible, but one positive is my HR colleague said that I may be able to reclaim my holidays back if I was ill and the doc back dated my cert so hopefully that will work.

Hopefully I will be able to commence marathon training next week.

21/06/2014 at 13:08
OO: you're setting yourself high standards these days!
Gul: the man who never sleeps...
GM: get well soon

Cotswold way relay recce for me so 13.5 miles with lots of hills, whilst carrying a rucksack. Pace not impressive (8.45s) but hopefully with my race head on and nothing to carry I can go a fair bit quicker next week!
21/06/2014 at 13:38

TAR, yes the body is falling apart but we don't let things like medical realities or the laws of physics stop us from doing something stupid do we? By the way, I've also been known to have a melodramatic writhe around on the ground too. 

Bike this morning - 95miles nice and steady 


21/06/2014 at 14:47

BB, such a tough break. Hope you are feeling better. You'll be back soon (and better than ever!).

GM, hope you kick the crud soon.

A lot of really nice racing going on. You are a seasoned and competitive lot!

Not much to report on my end. I'm just finishing my 4th week of reverse taper per P&D. Fitness is intact and feeling relatively well recovered. Only hitch is my left PF has been niggly. I've had issues with this on/off for the past 2 years, but it never gets carried away (my fizz is never concerned and it plateaus w/out issue). Anyway, am a bit worried but will see the fizz next week and see what the recommendation is. I was hoping to jump right back into training for the Oct. 19 marathon. Hopefully that will be possible (Maybe-Able).

21/06/2014 at 15:35

Nice biking SJ
Nice recce-ing Joolska, sounds like a challenging event, you will glad of the recce and much faster on race day
Nice speeding OO
Nice early rising Gul
Not nice gut-coughing GM, get well soon.
TAR that number of weeks is plenty - better undertrained than, ahem, overtrained

Decided I may-be-able to extend to 10m on the treadie, accompanied by Lady Gaga at ear-splitting volume.  40m for the week, all indoors, very dull. Today's gymfail was the lady power walking at 6kph in jeans and baggy cotton blouse....with a handbag. You couldn't make it up.


21/06/2014 at 17:15

Did she hold the handbag the whole time?

VT, assume you have tried the usual calf stretches to ease it off. Another approach is to sit and cross your leg over the opposite knee so you can reach your foot (ah, those were the days, I can't even put my own socks on!) then stretch your big toe back towards your shin with your hands to stretch your PF. Do it a few times and repeat up to 30 times per day (!) - I saw this a while ago and advised a mate of mine to try it and he had good results. You'll probably get funny looks at work though if you're bending your big toe back every 20 minutes.....

21/06/2014 at 18:20

Bad news GM, I think I'm getting man flu too. 

How does that work Jools- is that the distance you share with a team or each runner does 13.5 miles (I hope not )


Edited: 21/06/2014 at 18:21
21/06/2014 at 20:00

I've got a man cold, if that helps

She carried the handbag for the first 10 minutes or so, then realised the error of her ways

21/06/2014 at 20:11

Did she have any gels in it?

21/06/2014 at 20:17


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