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13/12/2010 at 20:09

Hi Moraghan,

It's the book I used. I don't know the schedules on here, so can't really comment, I should probably take a look at them. Likewise, you'd need to take a look at the book really before forming an opinion. To save you the bother, it has an awful lot of flaws, but is a good starting point for anyone who:

  1. is injury prone when running higher mileage
  2. is a duathlete/triathlete or 
  3. just enjoys cross-training

After a year with it, all I can conclude is that people who can't run more than 40-50mpw due to injury or other sporting commitments shouldn't feel frightened into thinking that they can't run marathon times in this pretty modest range of 3:15 to 2:59 (modest for men that is).

13/12/2010 at 20:17

Shoes - I use Muzano Wave Inspire - for moderate over pronators. I bought a pair of Wave Excelciour (r something like that) cause they were on sale and were meant to be quite light. But they have too much pronation support and I don't like them.

I have used orthotics since June and they seem fine with the Wave Inspires, but I will get a gait analysis done again, this time with them in, as I have been told that with orthotics I should be buying neutral shoes.

I have recently bought some Adizero tempos for faster stuff. Certainly they feel light and fast. I will use them for the 10k, with orthotics to see how I get on.

Edit - Not Wave Excelciour - Wave Alcameys! Thanks BOTF!

Edited: 13/12/2010 at 20:39
13/12/2010 at 20:28
I bought a pair Mizuno Alchemy 9's last month and they are okay, but next pair I'm going to go back ot the Nike Triax as they have been the best shoe for me I think so far - but it's good to experiment a long the way. A lot of the shoes I tried on in the shop gave me very similar heel strikes, so I went for the Mizuno's as they felt the most comfortable and were the right width on my feet. It's amazing the difference in other shoe manufacturers with one shoe being too long and the right width and yet another make it the right length, but too tight.
13/12/2010 at 20:50

Knight Rider.. you have my vote fella.  You have been around this thread for a fair while which counts for a lot IMHO.  Very best of luck and if you do win please bring me back a nice fresh baguette

BTW I like the Triax too though my current faves (in decent non-slip weather) are the Lunar Racers. Light as a feather and as comfy as slippers. 

13/12/2010 at 21:22
Cheers Wardie, got my fingers crossed. I'll bring you back some frsh baguette, althoug I doubt it will be fresh on return to Blighty.
13/12/2010 at 21:52

Just noticed relocation message on previous thread, good idea, much more manageable/followable here!

Had man flu for much of last week so didn't train for a few days but fit again in time for Hog's Back 8.2 in Guildford yesterday.

Finished in 53:57 so very happy with that for this stage in training and being under the weather before. Really nice run, pretty much first 3 miles up hill, scenic but icy at the top, nice descent into a village then finish at Loseley Country House.

Winner finished in under 40 mins which is pretty insane. Enjoying cuppa out of mug from goodie bag now!

Went for cycle and core work in the gym this evening to flush out yesterday. Track night tomorrow.

13/12/2010 at 22:08
Blimey, loads to read back and I'm so tired I've forgotten most of it. Sorry!

I overpronate a fair bit. I run in Brooks Adrenalines but race up to 10k in Brooks ST3s (they're now on ST4s though). They have some support. Adidas Tempos have a little support, but not as much as the ST range.

Pete - I'm afraid I dumped him in favour of Helen. He finished in 1.49 and was very disappointed with that.

*goes over to IE to post a pic of the stopwatch*
13/12/2010 at 22:12

It's a bit blurry, but you can just about make out the turkey.

Mid natter in mile 13, just before the last uphill section. Look at that nasty heel strike!

13/12/2010 at 22:12
*Edit - weird double post thing going on*
Edited: 13/12/2010 at 22:13
13/12/2010 at 22:14
i run in Brooks Adrenaline's too
CC2 - the GT11's are great - got them in NY last week - not out here yet
was super worried as i really liked the 10's but they are great - more cushioned
they will replace the 10's pretty soon
13/12/2010 at 22:51

Evening everyone. 

I had heard rumours of an official sub3h15 thread and thought it would be a good place to hang out.

Just about to start on my 16week training programme for Paris using the rw3h15 plan this time having used the 3h30 for paris this year.

Spend most of my time hanging around the Paris thread but will pop in from time to time now I have found you.

Added my targets in to the list.  Still looking for a 10km in mid Jan at this point.

07.11.10 - SteveC1975 - Regents Park 10K - Around 40 Mins - 40:14 - job done
21.11.10 - AfE - Abbey Dash 10k - sub-39 as a marker/indicator - 38:22 - job done
21.11.10 - BOTF - Brighton 10k - under 40:30 - 40:02 - job done
05.12.10 - GE - Regents Park 10k - sub 38:30 - ?? - job ??
05.12.10 - SteveC1975 - Regents Park 10K - Sub 40 Mins - ?? - job ??
23.01.11- Barry B Gloucester Marathon - Sub 3:15
23.01.11 - AfE - Brass Monkey Half - sub-1:25
23.01.11-  efc-col Four Villages Half Marathon-sub 1.25
05.02.11 - Lorenzo - Thames Trot 50 - Sub 8 hours
13.02.11 - Matchstick Man - Wokingham HM - 1h23m
13.02.11 - SBD - Wokingham HM - 1:24
13.02.11 - BOTF - Wokingham HM - 1:25, but seeing the two entries above...?
13.02.11 - dm1974 - Liversedge Half - 1.29.59
20.02.11 - BOTF - Bramley 20 - sub 2:25
06.03.11 - Scooby - Marathon Catalunya - 3:09:59
06.03.11 - MsE - Bath HM - Sub 1.30
06.03.11 - Joolska - Bath HM - tbc...
06.03.11 - dm1974 - Haweswater Half Marathon - 1.29.59
13.03.11 - Knight RIder - Retford Half Marathon - 1:26.xx
13.03.11 - SBD - MIlton Keynes - 1:24
19.03.11 - Badbark - Larne Half Marathon - Sub 1:30
19.03.11 - Speedy - Stafford HM  - 1.31.59
20.03.11 - FINgers - Reading Half Marathon - Sub 1:26
20.03.11 - Ormeski - Reading Half Marathon - Sub 1:25
20:03.11 - BOTF - Reading HM - 1:25
20.03.11 - SteveC1975 - Brentwood Half Marathon - Sub 1:28
27.03.11 - Keir - Paddock Wood HM - Sub 1:25
10.04.11 - FW - Chris Hoy HM Edinburgh - Sub 1:20
10.04.11 - FINgers - Brighton Marathon - 3:09:59
10.04.11 - Knight Rider - Brighton Marathon - Sub 3.15
10.04.11 - B&B vs MM in the Regency 10k Smackdown! - Sub39.
10.04.11 - dm1974 - Paris - 3.14.59
17.04.11 - Race Jase - VLM - not sure on target just yet, but hopefully I'll be in PB (sub2:39) shape.
17.04.11 - SBD - VLM  - 2:49
17:04.11 - Ant - VLM - 2:54:59
17.04.11 - Joolska - VLM - 2.59.59
17:04:11 - AfE - VLM - 2:59:59
17.04.11 - Lorenzo - VLM - sub 3:10
17:04:11 - BOTF - VLM - 3:10 ish
17.04.11 - kittenkat - VLM 3.10
17.04.11 - Jane326 - VLM 3.10
17.40.11-  efc-col VLM-sub 3.10
17:04:11 - MsE - - VLM  - 3.14.59
17.04.11 - Speedy - VLM  - 3.14.59
17.04.11 - SteveC1975 - VLM  - 3.14.59
17.04.11 - Ormeski - VLM  - sub 3.15
17.04.11 - Pipes VLM sub-3:15
18.04.11 - OsloNeil Boston sub-3:10
01.05.11 - Gul Darr - GEAR 10k - sub 42
02:05:11 - Badbark - Belfast City Marathon -Sub 3:10
08.05.11 - Keir - Essex & Halstead Marathon - Sub 3.15
22.05.11 - B&B - Edinburgh Marathon - 3:09:59
22.05.11 - Jane326 - Edinburgh Marathon 3.10
18.06.11 - Lorenzo - Picnic - sub 4:45
02.10.11 - Jane326 - Loch Ness Marathon 3.10 

13/12/2010 at 23:00
After a week with 2 poxy 5 milers and shedloads of beer last week i got this week off to a cracking start by doing another poxy 5 miler - felt easy enough at 7:10 pace but i'm going to struggle to get many miles in this week as i've got to go to That London and back tomorrow AND wednesday, then use my afternoon off (with 18m pencilled in) to drive to Barnsley to pick up mrs AfE's new car before the snows arrive again on Saturday. Might try and get a few miles in before that if I can manage it, but otherwise it's looking like another low mileage week if the arctic arrives again.
13/12/2010 at 23:42

Blimey CC2 - that's a turkey of a stop watch. Sure has a small screen too. I'm sure it will come in handy for those track sessions!

Hi dm 1974, you've found the right thread for hanging out. I've been on the Paris thread a few times recently shamelessly prostituting myself to try and get a few votes for the Super Six competition - vote Knight Rider. There I go again! If you can put in a good word with some of the regulars, there's a fresh baguette in it for you and maybe a creppe too!
It seems there are quite a good mix of people on the Paris thread. Are there many other sub 3.15 aspirants there too? I think you should get a list going of finishing times like we have on here as a good target to aim for. Just about to start my 16 week plan too next week for Paris (fingers crossed) or Brighton - both on the same day. What sort of milage are you up to at the moment?

14/12/2010 at 08:50

Hi DM and welcome. How did you get on at Paris this year, then?

AfE - so frustrating! London and Barnsley? You have my sympathies.

Speedy. Was Pete disappointed with his time or because you dumped him?

9 miles for me this morning, with 10 x 100m strides averaging 8:13m/m. Horribly damp out there today. I think I preferred the freezing cold!

14/12/2010 at 08:51

Welcome luna man and dm1974.  lm  i think we chatted on the Stratford thread earlier this year.  How do you find the pacing on the First Schedule, i tried it for abo this year and really struggled to hit the target pace on the speedwork.  4 miles slow recovery for me this morning.

14/12/2010 at 08:54
And 8 miles for me.... beautiful run along canal to Regents Park
i do love to get it out of the way for the rest of the day - morning runs are the only way
Client Xmas party starts at 12.30 today with cocktails followed by ridiculously boozy lunch ALL afternoon
14/12/2010 at 08:55
Av 7.55 per mile
14/12/2010 at 09:00

Just considering which energy drink/gel to start using for longer runs and comps and having used lucozade sport before thnk i'm gonna chance to SIS energy gels. Used one at the weekend and thought i could feel the difference (could all be in my head though!). What are people's preferences for this?

Came across Hornet Juice, anyone ever heard of/used it? Looks like another supplement but just wondered if anyone could vouch for it's claims?


14/12/2010 at 09:02

Welcome dm1974 - good to see you're straight in there with the lists!

Wardi - nice to hear from you . What are you up to at the moment?

Like AfE I'm up in London today and tomorrow but that's a good thing as my meeting doesn't start until midday so I don't need to leave until about 10 which gave me time to go for a decent length run and then take younger Lorenzito to school.

Just over 13 miles through the woods this morning - pitch black and very misty so even with a head torch I could just about see 10 feet in front of me (that's 10 feet the distance, rather than some strange animal I was following!)

Fortunately it was a route I'd done on a number of occasions so was pretty familiar with most of the twists and turns in the path, but was good for the concentration as well as trying to wrestle with a couple of work-related issues.

The only downer about today was that having set my alarm for 5.30, I woke up having thought I heard it go off, reset the alarm for Mrs L and was all set to leap out of bed when I realised it was still only 3.15 - bug*er. It's the second time I've done that, but at least this time I realised before making it downstairs. 

14/12/2010 at 09:05

Ormski - I use the SiS gels and they seem to be good.

As you say, not sure whether it's in the head or not, but taking one each hour on a long run (and every 45 mins in a race) keeps me going OK. They've recently redesigned the packaging so they're easier to open with the gel spurting all over the place.

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