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17/07/2016 at 20:05

G-Dawg - it was deceptively warm yesterday so not surprising you found it hard going.

Nice smackdown win from you OO

Improssive mileage Gul - good idea to take it easy today.

8 hours on the bike Fishy - where did you a mange to get to?

Just over 13.5 hilly miles for me first this morning before it got too warm, taking me up to 41 for the week. I stayed on the road to give my new Hitogamis a run out - there was a deal on via Amazon and I managed to pickup 2 pairs for just under £100 all in. Should keep me going for a few months.

Spent the afternoon over at Bromley as uounger Lorenzito got a last minute call up to the Surrey squad for the Intercounties match and managed just under 9:19 for the 3000m in his first outing at that distance this season. I'm putting it down to me lending him my pair of running shorts. 

17/07/2016 at 21:04

Odd week for me. Tuesday 5k in over 20 minutes, felt just can't be arsed and wasn't helped when my glasses got knocked off by a low branch and had to spend about 20 seconds back tracking and hunting for them. Thursday 2.5k (one lap of the same course we did two of on Tuesday) and I was much faster and felt much better. Saturday parkrun took it steady as I had a 4am drop-off for my son as he set off on a tour of the atrocities of the Second World War but cam out 19.2x which is what I have been doing when pushing recently. Nice run this morning in the sunshine up the Thames.

40 miles for the week, pretty much the same as I have done every week since London with one week off. 1,279 for the year, if I have a solid July and August will be a good total.

17/07/2016 at 21:17

Lorenzo- nice 13 and fast shorts 

PMJ-speedy parkrun 

28m for the week !

17/07/2016 at 22:17

 Need to find a way of cloning Lorenzo's shorts.

Big miles Gul - what's the current A target?

I think OO has already got the Coastal Race smackdown D&D

Busy here but did parkrun y'day, muddy XC but scraped sub 20 for 5th spot and a full 3 min ahead of the next OG50 slacker. Edging in the right direction.

18/07/2016 at 09:12

GD - good 20 in the bag - with all that quality stuff you are doing, you could easily drop the pace a bit more on the long runs I reckon.
OO - you must be in taper mode though!
Lorenzo - I presume that's a new pair of running shoes you're talking about- not your shorts at that price! As for younger Lorenzito - smokin'! 
PMJ - nicely ticking over with a decent parkrun there.
Leslie - saving your legs for the next track session?
Poacher - nice progress. No 'A' race for me yet, but I'm hoping to do a few without piling on any pressure instead. There are a couple of possibilities in September - Thetford Iceni and King's Forest marathons (same weekend - so just one of the two!) And then I'll probably do the Peterborough HM (GER) in October and maybe the Norfolk Coastal marathon too, so I might even need to buy a pair of trail shoes! The only possibility of a serious GFA attempt would be Abingdon, but I'm now thinking that's probably unlikely.
A very slow MLR this morning - 13 miles @ 9:23 m/m HR 127.

18/07/2016 at 10:25

Poacher - nice sub 20 

Gul nice 13m and you are correct ! (did 4 easy last night )

down the track again this morn  ,different session of : 3 mile hard , 1 lap easy then 2 mile hard. 

(6:19, 6:27, 6:28 ) + ( 6:23, 6:26) settled into a good pace after too fast a start but pleased with that 

only 2 walkers round the outside lane of the track well out the way 

Edited: 18/07/2016 at 10:26
18/07/2016 at 14:41

HOT!! Went out to do 6 miles at 7.30 pace, thanks to hills and heat it was 7.32 pace. that'll do.

Supposed to be even hotter tomorrow. Might have to think about doing my 5 mile fartlek at Gul-o'clock.


18/07/2016 at 19:23

Well Lorenzo, I was out for 8 hours, but that also included 4 tea stops in Kendal, Hawkshead, Ambleside and Milnthorpe. I also took in some bridal paths over Borwick Fold and Claife Heights, which slowed me down, but also provided some brilliant views. Nice 13.5 miler and a decent amazon bargain on the Mizunos.

I also had a recent altercation with a low branch PMJ. I was biking and was forced to the edge of the road by some poor driving, taking a smash to my right eye. Makes me look like a boxer, rather than a runner! Good mileage for an odd week.

Nice MV50 competing there Poacher.

Good speed on the track Lesley. I always find pacing is trickier on the track than in a race.

That's a decent flexible plan for the autumn, Gul. And you're certainly stacking up some impressive base mileage.

The heat has only just arrived in the NW GD. You did well to keep within 2 seconds of your target pace.

19/07/2016 at 06:53

Leslie - great session.
GD - yes, it was lovely out there 2 or 3 hours ago! Just think of it as GD o'clock
Fishy - don't know all those places, but I am envious.
15 miles this morning. First 7 @ 8:53 HR 134 and last 8 @ 7:48 HR 151.

19/07/2016 at 08:07
4 tea stops?!
Now that is the way to live!

Excellent win OO and great running from Lorenzito, PMJ and Poacher with relatively speedy efforts.
That's a nice, solid session Leslie - coming back strong.

Fast 2mile swim in the lake last night, just one more splash about and a couple of bike pootle sessions to go now.
19/07/2016 at 08:38

Gul - Finished my run at 06.50. can I be in your gang for the day?!

5 mile fartlek at the crack of sparrows this morning. What an ungodly hour to run fast intervals!
Averaged 7.08 pace on tired legs despite trying to iron them out at the gym last night. It was already warm first thing so it's certainly going to be a proper roaster today.

Take care guys if you're hitting the streets and trails today. Plenty of hydration.


19/07/2016 at 10:01

Some early miles here in North East to avoid the heat. Included 3 × mile repson the track all around 5:20.

You never let us down Gul

19/07/2016 at 12:56

Fishy - sounds like an ideal day. I bet the scenery was stunning. Hope your eye is OK.

More great reps from you there Leslie.

OO - does the 5:20 refer to the time or the pace of your reps? Either way, it's impressive.

Gul / G-Dawg - can I join the gang as well, even if I can't think of a suitable GD-type alias?

Managed a decent effort on a 7 miler this morning: 7:0x pace on a loop with a few ups and downs, getting back at about 6.30am to grab a bowl of cereal, put a fresh top on, pack my backpack and run down to the station before completing the commute with a 2 mile run into the office. Already pretty warm by the time I got in so don't envy anyone who's out there on a lunchtime run.

20/07/2016 at 08:17

Those are the mile times Lorenzo. I was chasing junior who did 5:15, 5:10, 5:20.I could only stay with her on the last one. 

6 easy this morning, still lovely weather here. Off to Manachester this pm for my middle daughters graduation tomorrow.

20/07/2016 at 11:06

G dawg- perfect pacing 

Fishy- nice 8 hr session with decent tea breaks  Hope the eye heals soon.

Slokey- at least the swim will cool you down 

Gul-cranking out long runs like a machine !

0053- that is proper flying 

Lorenzo nice commuting.It was hot alright 28c yesterday 'ere and 20 this morn when i got up.

4 easy yesterday and track again this morn.

12 x 400m all around 1:26- 1:28 a lap with a 1:22 to finish , 


20/07/2016 at 13:18

It was nice jumping in the local lake yesterday evening for a couple of laps, although I did sweat my knackers off squeezing into the wetsuit. Tbh I felt a bit of a wimp as most were just in swimsuits.

A bike run brick session this morning and the legs are starting to feel nice and strong, it's amazing what a taper can do.

Not long now.

20/07/2016 at 14:08

SJ - taper in full swing now!
GD - finishing at 6.50 might just about qualify
OO - 3 x 1 mile @ 5:20 is going some! I couldn't even do one of those.
Lorenzo - well done squeezing in those runs.
Leslie - looking forward to cut-back next week! Good reps.
Moof - think I'll stick to running in the early morning. Looking forward to the impending smackdown.
7 mile recovery run d&d. Had a lie-in and didn't start till 5:00am

20/07/2016 at 22:56

You lazy so-and-so Gul!!!! 

Hope you enjoyed the graduation OO.

More strong reps from you Leslie.

Hope you enjoyed your swim Moof - who's taking bets on the weekend's result?

6.5 commuting miles for me in rather warm conditions today - it was noticeable how many people decided that they didn't want to sit next to me on the train!!

Also, a quick one to see if anyone is interested in a ticket going spare for the Anniversary Games on Saturday - we got one for elder Lorenzito but he's working during the day. It's one of the cheap ones up at the top of the stand but still great views and the opportunity to see Jess E-H, KJT and Mo in the build up to Rio shouldn't be missed so if anyone is interested, PM me (and let me know on here that you've done it) - first come first served!

21/07/2016 at 12:34

Lorenzo - that offer of a ticket is tempting, especially as I expect to be gardening on Saturday
Got my act together this morning and was out at GD o'clock again. Snuck in this week's LR (to ensure an extra long gardening session). 18 miles including a very pleasant lap of the village of Wolferton, which is a deviation from one of my usual routes. First 9 miles @ 8:53 m/m HR 133 and 9 miles @ 8:01 m/m HR 149 (slightly inflated due to another prolonged spike near the end).

21/07/2016 at 12:49
Moof, weather is looking good for Sunday (met office is the most favourable one so I'm choosing that one)

As for bets Lorenzo, is that on finish position, time or potential mishap (categories such as mechanical / gastrointestinal / wildlife / navigation / crashes / cartilage all spring to mind)?
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