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14/08/2016 at 12:42

G-dawg- good track recovery pace,your flying now 

De- sub 3 is only a matter of time,be impatient like the rest of us

Lorenzo-did you catch him on the way back down ?

0053-cracking parkrun

Poacher -big wava and good time 

PMJ- enjoying your holiday in that castle,does it have a drawbridge and a moat too ? 

Plan was 15 easy and was really struggling to get going at the start then saw some fast runners at about mile 8 way in the distance  , 5 miles of progression followed last mile was flatout  love a good old progression run and the longest run by far in months it seems, average  for the 15 0f 7:45 m/mile 

7:39, 7:35, 7:24, 6:46, 6:35, 6 :21 were the splits then 2 easy to give me 49 mile for the week.



14/08/2016 at 12:57

PMJ - sounds idyllic. Have a great time.

Leslie - fortunately yes as I've got the benefit of weight on my side to help me some extra momentum (apologies to any physicists out there if this isn't technically correct). Well done on the 15 miler - always good to have a few folks ahead to try and chase down.

43 miles on the bike this morning but having now signed up for Beachy Head I guess I better get back to doing a bit more running. Will hopefully manage to get some done on holiday in Kosovo and Albania.

14/08/2016 at 14:31

20M today to bring up 68M for the week.  Legs are definitely feeling the increased mileage!  13M yesterday including 10km in 39 dead, so a 29s improvement in 2 weeks.  I'll take that: nearly HM pb pace, and the schedule wanted 5M @ HMP.

14/08/2016 at 20:03

Sounds really nice PMJ. Luxury accomodation and trails! Know what you mean about our trails, far too many overgrown footpaths/tracks (and I'm luckier than many with a national trail and several LDPs nearby). Having said that when I've run places like Sicily there seems to be little concept of public footpaths 

lorenzo - sounds like you also have possibilities for some scenic quiet road and trails maybe. Could kick training off nicely.

poacher - good time and excellent wava!

Leslie - I'm usually happy to finish a long run with miles in 7's, last mile at 40min 10k is really good.

joolska - great mileage, could do with a 68 for confidence myself. Tiring but your reaping the benefits.

Good run at Askern for me. Moving at 6.30s felt nice and easy at the start and over undulating first 3m. But then a sharp climb at 4m slowed the pace a bit especially as even though short it continued steadily up After he steep bit. Some good downhills as payback and just the one further tough Climb. Held on, no heroics at finish but happy with 66.37 (target was 65-70 and once realised course a bit more undulating than I thought at 4m I just wanted to try and get nearer 65 than 70). Not done a 10m for 8 years so a PB was almost a cert, but over 4mins off is a satisfying margin.

15/08/2016 at 13:06

Well done DEoT 10 miles is a funny distance and you hit the target.

39 for 10k off a heavy mileage week Jools looks pretty impressive. Definitely looking strong.

After scraping 50 last week I started this one with a 5 mile recovery today.  

15/08/2016 at 15:40

Well done DeoT, cracking time!

Top quality from Jools, amazing total.

I nearly joined you on 50 for the week OO but my legs were thrashed yesterday and I couldn't drag myself out to do the 2 miles required.

Another warm one today. 6 miles on sore legs so kept it down a bit but with some strong segments. Couldn't believe it was 7.00 average. Happy with that. Perceived effort was an improvement, certainly.

Can't wait for the gym tonight for a good old stretch with plenty of roller.



16/08/2016 at 06:36

GD - good 20 miler - that sounded like tough work. And good pace on your short run.
Lorenzo - good bike miles. Pleased to hear you've entered Beachy Head mara.
OO - excellent parkrun.
Poacher - nice progress at parkrun.
PMJ - nice week living it up in France. I don't have good memories of Lyon - hope you enjoy it more than I did!
Leslie - good impromptu progressive run!
Jools - sounds like things are heading in the right direction.
DEot - great time for your 10 mile race.
Back after a great weekend away. After 3 days off, I enjoyed a slow 8 miler this morning. Off on holiday tomorrow, so no more running for a few more days while we're travelling to Wales! Catch up with you folks in 11 or so days!

16/08/2016 at 08:46

Have a great time Gul!


16/08/2016 at 11:07

Jools great 10k in a longer run.

DE- nice 10 mile on a tough sounding course.

G-dawg - rest when you need to , I only needed 1 mile to make 50 and cnba 

Gul- enjoy your hols and have the odd a lie in 

5 easy yesterday to allow just enough recovery for another track day today. Think I'm getting addicted to track pain 

4x 1 mile with 400m very slow recoveries. I told my legs id quit after 3 reps but the 3rd went better than expected so hung on for a 4th knowing it would be a lot slower but made a bit of a comeback 1/2 way round and clawed back some time.

Splits : 6:06, 6:09, 6:06, 6:18 all in near 8 mile.

Young lad arrived when I was on rep 3 and took off right on my heels ,think he was using me as a pacer but he  had enough after 1/2 a lap 


Edited: 16/08/2016 at 11:09
16/08/2016 at 15:29

Loving CNBA LH !

Great track session there, well played.

Woking are getting beat at home tonight so as a season ticket relegation season witness, I am duty bound to attend. Therefore track session ditched and had to do a road version at lunchtime.

4 x 1 mile with 2 min walking recoveries. Ran up and down the same road which had inclines at each end, so good at the start, flat in the middle and tough at the end. A smiley face profile but a grimace on the runner who was boiling in the lunchtime heat.

Splits were 6.10. 6.14, 6.21, 6.24. So a definite fade but with traffic also a factor, I'll take that. A 1.5 mile w/up and down made it a 7 miler.

Next up, 15 miles tomorrow night, brought forward from the weekend due to a big social gathering on Friday. Will run over the weekend but a few days in Rome next week means a long awaited 4 rest days.


17/08/2016 at 22:37

OK, I'll talk to myself! 

15 very warm miles tonight, 7.50 pace, felt strong despite it being 48 miles in 5 days.



17/08/2016 at 23:36

I'll join you G-Dawg. Decent progressive run for me on Tuesday - unintentionally managing a royal straight flush of 6.75 starting at c. 7:30 pace and finishing off at a shade under 7mm.

Bike commuting today with another 45 miles or so in total

18/08/2016 at 08:58

I also had a pleasant evening run 14 miles up and down the Coast, but nowhere near your pace G-Dawg, more like 8:20 but progressive from 9:30 slowest to 7:50 fastest. The hips are feeling a bit sore today.

Nice day for a bike ride Lorenzo   

18/08/2016 at 12:26

G-dawg nice mile reps and good strong 15 miler the day after ..ouch !

Lorenzo- nice speedy progression run.

0053- nice coastal 15 shame the hip is playing up again.

Was going to do my tempo on the track but decided to try it on a good path instead at the last minute,

2 easy with strides then straight into 6 mile tempo with no rest,3 mile out and back but gps playing up with miles 3 and 4 at the turn saying I was going about 8m/mile when I was going 6:30 ! always happens out there its a gps dead zone for some reason,its at the base of a hill in the forest  then 2 steady to finish.7:53 and then a 7:22 all uphill too as my legs came back again 

splits for tempo:

6;33,6:35 ,6:35?, 6:35?, 6;26, 6:27  finished strong target pace was 6:35 but mile 6 was right in the hurt zone and had no more left 

Hr at start of tempo 170 and Hr at end of tempo 190 bpm.

10 miles in total: average hr 170 and average pace 7:11m/mile. gotta love a few stats !



19/08/2016 at 09:08

Cracking run there Leslie with a good set of splits. I bet you've admired those more than once!?

No run for me yesterday. I had a third interview with the company I've been looking to work for and they offered me the role. Accepted!

Great opportunity, really excited. Things then evolved quite swiftly, I got back to work, handed my notice in, my new place want me to start ASAP, the current mob said OK, so today is my last day!
Off to Rome next week and then start new place the following week.

So instead of running yesterday I hit the fizzy bubbles. Need to get some miles done today, though.

You lot are a well travelled bunch, any tips on Rome?


19/08/2016 at 09:49

Great job news GD - congrats. Rome is fab, groaning with history, Roman ruins, ancient churches, the sheer scale of St Peter's etc etc.  I think you can still get onto the roof of St Peter's to take in the view over the city. Need to be careful around the main rail station. Lots of top Italian nosh.  Giolitti's for the best ice cream ever (nr the Pantheon which is also worth seeing). Enjoy.

Question for SJ and other bike types - on my travels last week I got to see a couple of comparable machines - Planet X pro carbon with ultegra, and Giant Defy 0 in alloy with 105. Both impressive - what should I go for, if I were to go for it?  Also seen similar Synapse but not so impressed. Views welcome.

19/08/2016 at 11:41

Cheers Poacher.

I have the Giant Defy 0 which has a mix of 105 and Ultegra. Excellent spec for the price, the frame is very light for an alloy and the geometry is aggressive for speed! It gets me over the Surrey Hills quite nicely and did me well in the Ride London 100.


19/08/2016 at 12:13

Very impressed with your speedy miles Leslie. I was very flat at the track yesterday and dropped by my pals. If I can muster 3-4 recovery miles today I might scrape another 50 week. Junior has a foot injury so it looks like no competition at the parkrun this week.

Anybody racing at the weekend?  

19/08/2016 at 18:49

G-dawg - great news on the job front and a holiday too.

0053- I'm, sure there will be competition at the parkrun.

Yes I'm pleased with my tempo but thought id better take a much needed rest day today ,don't want to overdo it... too much 

No races for me this week ..

Edited: 19/08/2016 at 18:49
19/08/2016 at 23:08

Great news g-dawg, you'll really enjoy the hol now. If your nearby in rome check out piazza re di Roma area (on the metro), bit less touristy and better prices and food as a result. In the 'square' (circle) pizza re di Roma did great foccacia and most other things too (for a takeaway lunch, goes great with a beer). Some nice resteraunts nearby too. Can't recall name but a great tiramisu in a nearby pasticceria too (shown it by an Italian friend, place was rammed and it was about midnight, they eat cakes/sweet things like Brits drink beer)

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