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06/02/2012 at 22:42
GFA is a walk in the park for us girlies, hence we're all gunning for Champs places instead! I reckon I could run a sub 3.50 mara right this second if you took the snow away.

Stayed up way too late reading this thread again. Must sleep.
06/02/2012 at 22:43
KR - shame to have missed you. Having said that, you made the right decision if you stayed in bed!

RJ - wow. I think if I attempted to run that pace for 20 miles, I'd be foaming but it would probably be my innards exploding.

Ant - I've sent a 305 back to Garmin a couple of times (both after a couple of years) and they've been pretty quick at sending back a "new" one. Certainly cheaper than shelling out another £200. Sounds like you need to be in touch with Umbrellas R Us out there at the moment.

Minni - go easy on us poor old blokes will ya!
07/02/2012 at 02:29

Ant I'm also distraught, nay gutted, about the Garmin. But sometimes it's nice to ditch the timepiece and run to feel.  It's an interesting exercise in stress-lite pace judgement and gets you ready for when the Garmin dies during an A race.  

Not sure how long the battery life is on the latest Garmins, but the older ones seem to have about 8 or 9 hrs i.e. no use in very long events anyway. Conclusion: rely on the rhythm in your head, or something.

AR - "quit talking and get chalking" as they say in pool - i.e. just go for it. The confidence gained from a faster-than-expected half far outweighs namby pamby things like "recovery", whatever that is.

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07/02/2012 at 09:02
Poacher, was your 2:30am post before bed or before morning run? Have to ask cos with you it could be either!

10@7:37mm average this morning including middle 5 @ 6:40mm pace - felt sluggish and hard work but pleased to get it done - think the snowy hills are still affecting the legs from Sunday.

Happy running all!
07/02/2012 at 10:18

After work, and far too icy underfoot to run at that time. I'm not daft.

Nicely paced run BTW

07/02/2012 at 10:57
Ran an easy 3miles yesterday as I could somewhat breath, but leg not so happy. When I called the Physio to ask for an appointment I had to say the 'i****y' word instead of niggle. I will try and resist the lure of running until my appointment on Thursday to keep the problem to a minimum. Normally it is those 'test runs' before things are fully healed that really put me back.

07/02/2012 at 12:39

I have been offline for a few days, we have moved out of home temporarily while work is being done, so no broadband and more importantly I have had to rethink all my running routes!

Brilliant effort Lorenzo, I always like reading race reports. It would surely appear complete madness to non-runners!

Some great long runs in the snow. I was very lucky as rain wiped out Saturday night's snow by Sunday morning, although news reports from no more than 25/30 miles away showed several inches on the ground.

10 miles in 76:19 last night including 5 @ 6:57 pace. Glad to get some quicker miles in as P & D is a bit short on speedwork in the early weeks and I am not sure how much pace I will have for Wokingham.

07/02/2012 at 14:33
Sounds eminently sensible BikeIt, take it easy and good luck with the Physio!!

Nice running CJ, what's your target for Wokingham?
07/02/2012 at 15:53
For anyone entering Abingdon, the entries received so far are now on the Abo website under the "enter" tab and click "check your details" - I posted my letter on Friday and am now on the list
07/02/2012 at 16:01

Bike it - Yes, don't test it before seeing the fizz, and I'm sure it'll just be a "N" instead of becoming a full-blown "I".

Good quicker stuff from Slokey and CJ.

Garmin-less I went out and did nearly 8M on feel, and got home to find the av pace had been 7:18mm but that's all I know - I'm sure there were 3 or 4 quicker miles in there as I was working quite hard at the end, but we will never know as I didn't use any lap functions.Quite pleased, anyway.

The other thing was that the weather was/is absolutely atrocious - I've rarely seen such persistent, heavy, lashing rain. I got totally drenched through, down to my new trainers , and worst of all, despite my best efforts to the contrary, suffered the Curse of the Bleeding Nips. Ouch.

Edited: 07/02/2012 at 16:04
07/02/2012 at 19:17

RJ  absolutely flying,and in those conditions too.

Gul good to see your steady build up, be careful in those fields.

SJ good 10m after your weekends long run, training on tired legs will pay off on the day.

CJ yes a nice 10m also.

Lorenzo hope the legs are getting back to normal.

AR as others have said, go for it plenty of time for recovery.

Ant thanks for the get well wishes, i feel a lot better now so tomorrow i will have a go at a few miles and see how things go. Sorry the weather is bad over there and i hope it improves soon as my good lady wife as booked us an extended weekend away in Barcelona in a few weeks Oh nips= vas

07/02/2012 at 19:23

Evening all - from balmy snow free Scotchland !! You lot do all moan when you get a couple of snowflakes

Hope you get a nice shiny new Garmin Ant - Like a Ship without a Sail.....

PMJ/RJ - that indeed was a Toaming episode. Perhaps if it happened regularly we could call it <<SLIGHTLY OFFENSIVE MISOGYNY ALERT>> your "Toam of the Month" - boom ! boom !

Hope you get your leg sorted BikeIT. Sensible to try to address it head on before it develops

Welcome to the new fellas. I agree 5 -7 weeks out is the time to really try to hammer a half out. In my experience they shlould feel really pretty hard work from the off - almost at a pace that you're seriosuly questioning whether you can sustain in the early miles. Don't look at your watches and just get your head down and try to blast it

Quick 10 from ChrisJ78 - looking very nice

I'll hop over to the Abo page and check I'm on the magic list SJ

Nice little session on the track this aft - usual warm up then 6 miles done as 0.5 mile @ HMP (6.06) then 0.5 mile @ fast end of recovery pace (7.15). Copyright Moraghan but feel free to nick it. Pleased to say I def felt I was holding back for the HMP bits. The little rest last week must have done me some good

07/02/2012 at 20:16
I might well nick it Fraser.

I seem to be struggling to find motivation this week. CNBA hit Mondays easy 5miler and this mornings turbo session. After a day on my feet around a local castle on a school trip I can't find the motivation to do it now either. I think this is partly knowing that any day now my training and hours of sleep will take a massive nose-dive.

But perhaps some 1/2m 1/2mara pace ints tomorrow at the track will see me right.
07/02/2012 at 20:19
Brief but interesting article here about recovery times between intervals:
07/02/2012 at 20:36
Take it easy Keir. Time for a little cutback perchance?
07/02/2012 at 21:17

Checked the Abo list - thanks for the info SJ - I'm on the list too.

As usual some serious work out there.

CNBA is a constant companion this time of year. Before Xmas I was getting an hour during the day twice a week , and I ran one and swam the other - no time at all now, so setting off tonight in the dark at 7.30, minus 3ºc with an east wind wasn't easy. Still, dragged my way round 9 miles - not too quick but did the last 3 at 7:45s.

07/02/2012 at 21:17
6 x 1k tonight with 90 secs recovery, although the average didtance from the Garmin is 925m which sounds more like it as they'd measured the K for the fast boys. Took me a couple to get going as it was such a cold night, and even by the last one my upper body still felt physically cold. Couldn't feel my feet at all for the first few either - the perils of breathable shoes in cold weather - it freezes your toes. Anyway, managed 3:43 for the first one, the second in a more reasonable 3:37 then got gradually faster without really noticing with 3:35, 3:34, 3:34 & 3:32. That equates to 6:26 pace down to 6:07. HR rose slowly to 149 average for the last 2, and I actually managed to get a peak of 162 as well. A few months ago that peak would have been much closer to 170. All-in-all however, a satisfactory session on such a cold night (-4C).
Edited: 07/02/2012 at 21:18
07/02/2012 at 22:29
Freezing cold intervals for me too. We had to cut them a bit short as there was a big patch of ice at the usual turnaround point, so no direct comparison to previous sessions. We ended up with 6 x 0.53 miles. I seemed to be hanging off the back of my usual group and my legs felt totally mashed, but paces started at 6.08 and wound up to 5.55 by the last one (actual rep times 3.14 - 3.08 over more than 800m off 1 min recovery - doesn't sound too slow, maybe everyone else just got faster....)

That session was a total of 16 laps of an industrial estate including WU and CD. The pavements are just lethal round here and the minus 12 we're getting tonight isn't exactly going to improve them. So it looks like I'm doing 14 miles on the dreadmill tomorrow night. Erk.
07/02/2012 at 22:42
Slokey- hoping for 1:32 to 1:33. Need to improve on my PB of 1:34:57 if I am to be confident of 3:15 at Manchester- I amalso running the White Horse HM on 1 April. Autumn 5k & 10k PBs suggest this should be doable, but more worried about weather conditions at the moment...
08/02/2012 at 00:44

Good 10 miler there Chris and nice sub 7 5 miles, looking good for Wokingham which is a flat course - so AVIT!

Blimey Ant, all that running to feel made your nipples bleed, may I suggest you don't feel them when you run. Good sesnory run though.

efc col - jealous of the Barcelona trip. We were in Oxford at the weekend, nice place & stunning architecture. I'd love to go to Barca to see all the cool buildings.

Nice rep session there Fraser. Good to see being under “M's” wing is doing good. I think mixtures of paces like that without stopping is a tough but good workout, as over time the faster pace feels more “normal”.

Chillies, get that CNBA out of your head as that's where it only lurks. It's suprising how you can turn it round when you get out and into a session - got to keep thinking bigger picture and why you are doing it.

Nice reps there BOTF with the progressive nature of them. Also, your HR is quite low for that kind of pace - or is mine very high?

Another good industrial session Speedy. Those ice patches are the worst as you don;t see them till the last minute and pavements are worse at they slope down too. Good speed too.

9 miles tonight with a 1.5 w/up, 4 x 2000m reps with 400 recovery and 2.5 w/down. 2000m reps came out at 7.58, 7.45, 7.38 & 7.37. Started off steady for a change and think it helped the consistency.

Edited: 08/02/2012 at 00:45
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