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24/02/2012 at 10:38
moof wrote (see)
Rest easy PMJ. Were you planing on wearing the new adidas shoes for VLM? I'm still unsure whether to wear my adidas tempos or go for something more cushioning.
Plan was that. My Nike Pegasus which are my everyday shoes are a bit heavier but very cushioned, and I have adidas adizeros  for shorter races, so the Bostons are somewhere betrween, not as light but more cushioning. I think the thin kwith the Bostons is that they save weight with very light uppers and a good sole and midsole, maybe that mesh at the top is less supportive.
24/02/2012 at 11:47

PMJ - hope the foot recovers - there are a set of tendons which run across the top of the foot and attach to the instep there, and they can get bruised & sore. They attach to the muscle that runs down the front of your shin, which is not an area that is easy to isolate for strenght work - I have had similar pain at times, but was told that the tendons there are tougher than the bone they attach to, therefore they are very difficult to cause lasting damage to. Bloody sore though. 

I'm still in awe of you doing a 21 miler after such a massive run at Wokingham. That has been nearly my total mileage since the race! You're in a completely differnt league to me, I know, but I reckon that might have been pushing the envelope.

24/02/2012 at 14:33

Poacher - sympathy regarding the fasting. I had a few days of the same when I was ill last week, but sadly all the weight I lost has now gone back on. I seem to have stabilised now at around 11st 4lb, which is the same as last year. Those 4lb are proving very stubborn.

Not sure what to do this weekend. I did 10 miles on Wednesday at 8:15 pace and to be honest I don't think I could have gone any faster. I think the speed session the night before after 12 days off didn't help, and my legs were very sore. Then I mised my run yesterday as my 35 minute commute turned into 2:40, and by the time I got home it was too late to go to the club so I decided to just have an easy night. So this weeked I had been thinking about doing somewhere around 21 miles - 3.5 to a meeting point, then 14 with club mates and 3.5 back home. Given the state of my legs however I'm not sure if this is a good idea. I'm still not back to 100% after illness, so may be that's a bit too much. I think I'll decide on the day - if necessary I can cut it down to as short as 14.

24/02/2012 at 17:29

PMJ - you've been training and racing very hard so give yourself a proper rest. Is the pain in the big triangular ligament that runs from the lower part of your lateral malleolus (the sticky out bit on the end of the fibula) and running down to the oputside border of the foot ? I suspect you've just done a bit too much training on tired legs and biomechanics have thrown the foot into poorly controlled over pronation by a degree or two which has been enough to stir up some swelling in that ligament. RICE it and ease properly back and I'm sure it'll be fine

Be sensible BOTF - try to have a route planned with an exit strategy if neede. I have to say 21 sounds a bit too much given the week you've had

Windy sesson on the track for me which felt like hard work. Plan was 3 warm up then 6 miles run as 0.75 miles @ HMP, 0.25 miles easy continuously. HMP bit scame out just under 6.00 pace but fwelt like really pretty hard work. Didn't help that my garmin battery had died and I was having to time myself using phone stopwatch aiming for just under 4 min 30 for 1200m so all a tad inaccurate. Out for dinner tonight so hopefully we'll be getting a good stuffing - fnarr fnarr

24/02/2012 at 18:07

Evening all,

I couldn't be bothered with another crack at sub 3:15 in VLM this year so I decided to have a go at the inaugural Milton Keynes marathon on April 29th.

There's too many pages to wade back through, is anyone else giving it a go?



24/02/2012 at 18:26
Tried some beetroot juice earlier - planning to drink it over the next couple of days before HM on Sunday - it is officially disgusting. Had to hold my nose while necking it down, bleurgh!!! Any tips on what to put in it to make it less repulsive?

Not doing MK Alun.

Enjoy your stuffing Fraser.

PS anyone else running at Blackpool on Sunday?
24/02/2012 at 19:22
Fraser Wells wrote (see)

PMJ - you've been training and racing very hard so give yourself a proper rest. Is the pain in the big triangular ligament that runs from the lower part of your lateral malleolus (the sticky out bit on the end of the fibula) and running down to the oputside border of the foot ? I suspect you've just done a bit too much training on tired legs and biomechanics have thrown the foot into poorly controlled over pronation by a degree or two which has been enough to stir up some swelling in that ligament. RICE it and ease properly back and I'm sure it'll be fine

It is more the inside than the outside, hard to find the exact spot but half way down on the inside where the foot normally thins in it wasn't thinning. I get gout from time to time and that may have something to do with it. Good news is that the swelling has gone down almost totally and I was tempted to go out for a run at lunchtime (but didn't) so am fairly confident it will be a blip and nothing more.
24/02/2012 at 19:40

 Plenty of speedy reps being produced this week,

SJ    try vodka   have a blinder at Blackpool.

PMJ   agree with Fraser you have been training and racing hard, eventually something happens to remind us that where human and gives us a warning, a few days off will do you good.

Alun not running MK but good luck.

A few lighter days for me as i have a club road race on Sunday, a 5m hilly event so i plan to extend the run into 16m LSR.

   good luck to all racing and long runners this weekend.

24/02/2012 at 19:44


PMJ good news on your foot.

25/02/2012 at 06:39
Ant - my daughter wasn't even awake when I posted that message! We went out at about 6:50am.
PMJ - sorry to hear about your foot and ankle. I sometimes get swollen ankles - usually a sign that I've been overdoing it. Just read the update - good news.
Birch - that's great when you can share something together like that with your daughter. Mine are only 13 and 10 at the moment; hope we remain close. Still praying your knee will improve quick enough for you to have a good crack at Boston.
BOTF - 14 sounds more sensible.
Hi Alun. Not doing any maras this year, but would be interested to hear what MK is like, so please let us know.
EFC - Col - enjoy the hilly club road-race / LSR.
I did an 8 mile progressive this morning with the following splits: 8:59, 8:33, 8:24, 8:01, 7:50, 7:38, 7:09, 6:18. Breakfast in bed then off to help at parkrun as a volunteer.
25/02/2012 at 07:31

Welcome, Alun.  Enjoy the concrete cows

Slokey: a smoothie bar in town does a nice beetroot drink with ginger in it so perhaps blitz the two together?  I think it might also have lime juice.

25/02/2012 at 08:43
Thanks Col and Jools for the suggested extra ingredients - don't think I'd be able to sell many in a cocktail bar however.

Alun, just thinking about it there are quite a few new marathons recently, last year Liverpool, this year Manchester, Preston, Lancaster, MK and probably others too. A good sign of the growing popularity of marathoning and more choice for us

PMJ, good news on your foot but don't get over excited with it and keep taking it easy!
25/02/2012 at 11:04
But Nottingham full marathon is cancelled this year. Along with the Mansfield and Newark half marathons.
25/02/2012 at 11:22

Ashton Court parkrun for me this morning as part of a 12-miler.  PB for the rather testing course is just outside 21 mins and I ended up with 21.03 according to the Garmin.  You've got to love a course where your splits are about 11.30 and 9.30 (mile splits were 7.38, 7.04, 5.48 and then about 5.45-ish for the last bit)  It certainly blew the cobwebs away and reminded me of the lung-busting pain for attempting 5k pace uphill!

25/02/2012 at 11:59
Nice one Jools - I bet you were glad the downhill bit was the second half.

Welcome to Alun - good luck with MK. I'm not doing it, but did the half there a few years back. My recollection is that is pretty flat, both in terms of terrain and in terms of atmosphere.

Gul - solid progressive stuff there. How far are you from Sandringham? Looks like I'll be up in that neck of the woods in a couple of weeks time.

Fingers crossed for you PMJ

Nice relaxing day for me today (not!)

Out of the house at 5.30 for a 20 miler, then quick turnaround to take younger Lorenzito to football. About to have a quick kip, then off to Twickenham for the rugby (a mate texted last night to say he had a spare ticket) and then a mad dash back to go to a Quiz Night.

Like others, I'm also in two minds as to what to run in at VLM. Every marathon I've done previously I've done in Wave Inspires but bought myself a pair of Wave Elixirs (lighter but less support) for shorter races.

Is there a danger in having a go at VLM in these? I've never done anything more than 10 miles in them. Would it be worth doing a long training run in them, or save things up until the big day?

25/02/2012 at 12:21
I'd wear them for a 20 miler first Lorenzo, you might find they rub after a couple of hours, or you can really feel the lack of support/cushioning.

I've dropped down from the Brooks Adrenaline to the Ravenna for marathons now. It was a bit of a risk I suppose, but the only issue I had at Abo was sore glutes. I reckon if I'd trained further in them I could have elimated that on the day. I now have a shiny new pair for VLM, so will wear the old ones for longer distances (barely been out of the box since Abo as I didn't *need* new trainers at the time).
25/02/2012 at 12:21

Lorenzo, advice seems to be to do at least one 20 miler in the shoes you intend to run the marathon in. You don't want any mind games on the day. Nice early one but I find it hard to see how in a day as busy as today you manage to post here as well!

It is sad to see old races such as Nottingham marathon being cancelled but it is all down to commercial reasons. We are very much a minority: the majority of people in a race are social or casual runners. Last Sunday at Wokingham, there were 2192 finishers and the person 50% down (1096th) was 1:46. I'm not trying to a line between serious and social runners as there isn't such, but a lot of those people have different expectations from a race to us (well at least me).

For me, I want an accurate course on a fair and flat surface with good timing and inclusion in po10. I have no desire for a commemorative medal nor a technical t-shirt, or a goody bag or mug or whatever else. It seems that there is a vicious circle so organisers have to attract more and more runners to cover their increasing costs (insurance, marketing, police for road closures, port-a-loo etc etc) and so they have to attract a wider audience and then they need to put in big prizes to get highlight runners and then club athletes seem to get left out somewhere along the lines. 

25/02/2012 at 12:34
That's where races like the Derby Midweek 5k come in. 50% of the female field finished the 5k in under 20 mins in February. Costs £3 for both races (mile and 5k), no prizes. Sadly doesn't go on Po10 though, it has the other (cheaper) permit.
25/02/2012 at 12:39
Cheers for the advice. Will probably try them out next weekend as I've got 20 milers pencilled in for the next few Saturdays.
25/02/2012 at 12:55

Nice session Fraser.

BOTF - Go for the full 21 if you can.  If it feels too hard at the beginning then bail at 14.  You may find yourself well rested and raring to go.

Don't be doing anything daft like rushing back too quickly PMJ.  Bigger picture and all.

Nice run Gul.  That is one of my favourites.  Good for pace control but also good for the hard finish.  Excellent final mile!!!

Welcome Alun.  Not doing MK I'm afraid.  Good luck.

Nice parkrunning Jules.  Sounds like a horrible first half.

Well done on the early 20 miler Lorenzo.  Enjoy the rugger.

20.25 miles for me this morning in 2.37 at 7.47 pace.  All felt very easy and was holding back all the way round.  Was always going to be an easy paced run after a couple of harder long runs over the last couple of weekends.  Felt as though I could quite easily have done another 6 miles on top.  All looking good for a pootle around London in two months .  After a massive breakfast bap at the local farmers market, food shooping and shower it's off to watch Leiceter Tigers and then back for England v Wales on Sky+.

Good luck to everyone running and racing this weekend.

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