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27/02/2012 at 20:53
Fraser Wells wrote (see)
Minni - is 2k of beetroot the amount that stretch 2000metres laid end to end ??
That's it Fraser!   NB this is a garmin measured 2000m!

27/02/2012 at 21:20
Keir - that funny sauce stuff is a west coast thing. I believe it's basically brown sauce diluted with water and a bit of vinegar. Nice
27/02/2012 at 21:40
My weekly check in, and far too much running and beetroot talk this week, glad Keir can bring some sanity back to the forum with Chip talk.

A bit of a bad run for me on Sunday. Was planning a 20 miler with the first ten at MP +20%, then the last ten at MP to do a trial at running on tired legs....however my legs were a bit too tired from a 12 mile MP treadmill run on Friday and after the 15 mile point I needed to stop for a minute and give myself a talking to, before managing another mile, then stopped again and repeat. Still I managed to get to 18 miles like this before reverting back to MP +20% for the last two miles.

Lessons learned

- when your legs are tired, don't expect to do such a hard long run and get away with it.
- I need to be mentally stronger, although my legs seemed tired, the fact that after a short stop, I was able to go again for a mile or so at MP told me that it was my brain that was weak not my legs.
- 2 hour+ runs at a decent pace need to have fluid and gels (I have not run with either for any of my runs so far (up to 23 miles) and I think the higher temperatures and faster pace just drained my energy)
- poo problems don't help performance, although i dropped the kids off at the pool beforehand I must have left some at home so to speak, as i needed a pit-stop after 5 miles, and also straight after the race.
- sleeping on the couch every other night with an 11 week baby is not conducive to good training

Oh well, intervals on the dreadmill tomorrow
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27/02/2012 at 21:50

Hi Kier,

This year's North Downs is on 24th June and yes it was me that you were chatting too.

My youngest was a nightmare at first, would have his 10pm feed and generally cry because of Colic all the way through to his 2am feed and then sleep until 6 or 7am. He settled down after 3 or 4 months and both are now good as gold at bedtime (8 and 10 now).

Are you doing Paddock Wood?

28/02/2012 at 06:31
Alun - some good race times there. As SJ said, you might want to consider holding back a little bit more on some of your LSRS, but then again if it works for you...
PMJ - pleased that niggle is history.
CS - good to be able to learn something from  a bad experience.
It has to be salt'n'vinegar with chips for me. I did a 3 mile recovery run this morning.
28/02/2012 at 07:22
You always feel down after a bad run CS but as long as you are not injured and are finding the time to run it should all still come together for race day.
28/02/2012 at 08:19
CS-that is still another 20 in the bag and maybe trying to add some MP miles in the run was a lot to ask for after the 12MP on Friday.
28/02/2012 at 08:30
CS - well done for digging in at the end. Better to have learnt the lessons now and move on then suddenly learn them at VLM.

Gul - might take you up on your offer of an early morning run if I decide to come up the night before. Will message you when I know what my plans are.

Mixed results at squash yesterday - 1 win, 1 loss but I should have done enough to stay in the top division at work. Not aching too much today (which has got to be a good thing) so managed to put the effort in during a 10 mile MP run this morning.

Anyone else going to the Triathlon Show at Sandown Park this weekend?
28/02/2012 at 08:44

RJ - I know why you are saying what you are saying.  I would be saying the same thing to others if they were saying what I was.  I honestly didn't think I would be going as good as I am at present.  I think it has been down to less overall mileage and more enjoyable sessions. Mrs H knows that I find it hard to reign myself in during a race so I will see what shape I am in before race day and make a decision.   

Positive news on the foot PMJ

Chris S - Never underestimate the mental side of things.  When the going gets tough it is your mind that gets you through.  Well done for toughing it out.

Intervals again for me last night 6 x 1000m with 60s run recovery.  Did them in 5.57, 5.55, 5.55, 5.50, 5.50, 5.45. Faster than last week when I did 5 reps off of 75s recovery.  Felt hard work last night even though wasn't pushing it flat out, but think that I still have a bit of Saturday's 20 miler in my legs.  Massage for me at lunchtime....bring on the pain!!!

28/02/2012 at 09:03
Gul - no deferrals, anyway, flight booked ! 
PMJ - pleased it's seemingly good news on the foot front  . . .
Martin - top session 2 days after a 20 . . . .(assuming the times you quote are mm pace rather than actual time taken) 
28/02/2012 at 09:09

Chris - It is sometimes just a lot of hard slogging, and when your head's not up for it, it can be grim. So put it down to experience, give yourself a pat on the proverbial back for toughing it out, and move on.

Martin - Another excellent set of reps. Enjoy yourself at the massage...if you can.

Had a rough night, kept waking up with a sore throat. Decided to ignore it and go out at 6:15 anyway. I've got a HM on Sunday, so decided to do 3 x 2000m @ HMP or a touch quicker, off 400m jog recoveries. Overall 8.3M, and the three reps worked out at 6:14, 6:12 & 6:13mm. Didn't feel I was going flat out so hopefully it's a pace I'll ber able to sustain on Sunday.

I've committed myself to 1:23:30 on Jantastic, but I'm not sure what I'll be able to do as the course is a really hilly one, and one where I have soime demons to lay to rest. I did my first ever HM there in 2004 (1:28:30), but in 2009 I did a PW 1:38xx and haven't been back since...

28/02/2012 at 09:23

Birch, sympathies and good wishes. Fingers crossed that something good comes of it. (I'd think that a get-round plan would be fun if you could fully accept it.)

KR, if this is a democracy (and I know it isn't!), I'd vote for "don't be greedy" in light of your recent fabulous times.

I've missed a week of running, first by lurgy, then by getting thunked in the ankle by a scaffold pipe sliding down the stairs into me. I'm still a good way away from Edi, though, so I'm only a bit broken up about it.

28/02/2012 at 12:25

CS  think you already know the answer to why you had a tough day, little too much of the MP sessions but as Lorenzo better now than on race day.

Speedy sorry forgot to say well done on your 22m at the weekend and your monthly mileage.

Lorenzo always enjoyed squash but have not played for a couple of years,my knees always seemed to take a pounding, nice 10m MP run.

PMJ  yes that is great news,a few easy days to get back into it?

Martin if i had your talent i would give it some, but you have nothing to prove so run VLM at whatever pace your happy with,you won't be 1st or the last fairy to go flying past me in a race

Ant nice speedy reps, likewise for 1.23 half for me in a couple of weeks should give us a better idea of MP for VLM.

Birch your head must be really battered with running or not running ,i do hope it works out for you whatever you decide to do.

28/02/2012 at 12:45
Birch - between us we must have racked up about a half century of marathons....we know that not all races can be speedy, sometimes it can be a powerful challenge just to get round respectably and overcome adversity. The results may say slow run, but we all know when we've put in a shift to be proud of.  Maybe a big one-off overseas race is the day to relax, soak up the atmosphere etc, which is hard to do when fretting about a few minutes here and there.  OTOH, the only thing harder than racing, is not racing!
Edited: 28/02/2012 at 12:46
28/02/2012 at 12:47

Yes Birch.  Definately m/m and not time taken.  My legs tell me that!!!  I am sure that you ahve covered all bases in your head, but have you thought about a run/walk strategy?

Col - The way you are running at the moment I am not sure that I would be ahead of you even if I ran full bore.

Good luck at laying your demons to rest Ant.  Nice speedy intervals as well considering not running flat out.

Fingers crossed Rennur that you are back out running again soon.  At least you have a bit of extra time before Edinburgh.

28/02/2012 at 13:17

tks, all, for advice - it's really appreciated.
Poacher - you're right of course, and strangely, if I do make the start line, then having no particular time goal will actually help for once. And yes, when asked why we still do this in our, ahem, "later" years - you're spot-on again - the alternative is not doing it, which is even worse !  Martin - I hadn't considered that stategy, but yes, it is an idea. Thanks.
Plan to try an outing at the weekend, then take things from there.

Rennur - that incident with the scaffolding sounds pretty scary -  what's the damage (in physical and potential time-out terms)?

28/02/2012 at 13:43

Very swift 1k intervals Martin. Were they on the track ? What's your weeekly mileage been for this campaign then ?

Good display of full frontal bollockage from CS in the face of adversity - some prudent self learning clearly !

Looks like a good HM should def be on the cards for you Ant

We've plenty of time to go Rennur - still 13 weeks by my reckoning.- Keep Calm and Carry On

Good luck with the ongoing rehab Birch

Right- off to do 5 easy/5 steady then some strides in tropical Scotchland

28/02/2012 at 14:34

Mid week handicap at lunchtime, 3.24 miles (odd distance but they don't space the bridges on the Thames to make round numbers) and just a second down on my PB so fright over.

For MsE there is all this chips language fun: a common thing in the USA is a sandwich and chips but they mean crisps so it is a little disappointing and don't, whatever you do, say you are going round the back of the bike sheds for a fag.

Interesting spread of runs for the Marchvellous challenge, Ant that does look a hard one you have picked but it is supposed to be an all out effort and not a controlled pace session. How many of those sub-20 5ks will be PBs, and why is Gul running an extra 0.01 mile?As for RJ,52:59, behave!

28/02/2012 at 14:48

Martin - speedy reps there.
Birch - yes, a booked flight is a good point to bear in mind!
Ant - best wishes for Sunday. Looks like a tough one, but worth a shot.
Rennur - scaffolding poles sliding down the stairs?!! Hope all is well soon.
PMJ - well done on the mid-week handicap. 19:59 would be a 5k PB for me. BTW I'm just rounding to the nearest hundredth of a mile for what it's worth

28/02/2012 at 15:45
Gul Darr wrote (see)

BTW I'm just rounding to the nearest hundredth of a mile for what it's worth

So for clarity, a 5k is approximately 3.10685596118666984808717092181659110 miles so Gul correctly rounds up to 3.11 and others round down to 3.10.

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